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Kristian: Trading Jimmy Graham may be Saints' best move

Tune in to "Sports Talk" today from 4pm to 8pm to hear Kristian and Bobby discussing possible Graham trade!

What if I told you the Saints should franchise tag tight end Jimmy Graham then promptly trade him?  Blasphemy? Hardly. Graham is one of a select few players in the NFL today who is worth at least a first round draft pick and is not a quarterback. What player is more replaceable than Jimmy Graham? Yep you heard me, replaceable!  The NFL Draft class of 2014 is chock-full of talent at wide receiver and tight end.  Don’t forget, the Saints found Graham in the third round.  And Seattle won the Super Bowl without a dominant tight end with wide receiver skills.


What is the greater need; a tight end who plays receiver, or help on the offensive line?  Maybe a cornerback who can cover to play opposite Keenan Lewis? Or, perhaps another dynamic pass rusher like Khalil Mack out of Buffalo in the draft? Losing twice to the Seattle Seahawks probably taught this coaching staff some valuable lessons, and one thing we know is that Sean Payton learns fast.  Defense -- the kind of defense Seattle plays -- will win more than it will lose.  Seattle validated its defensive model in 2013. 

The Saints should spend their money elsewhere.  They have a franchise quarterback who needs offensive line help.  Thirty-seven sacks last season prove there’s room for improvement in this unit.  Pierre Thomas, Mark Ingram, and Darren Sproles would like to see some sort of upgrade in the front five too.  Re-signing Jimmy Graham may mean the Saints couldn’t retain one of two veteran free agents along the offensive line. That’s not good.  

So let's think this through. Where is Graham’s real value? He presents matchup problems for the defense in the passing game. But just like a center in basketball, Graham needs someone to create scoring opportunities for him. He isn’t the offense; he makes the offense better… much better.  Jimmy's not a requirement, but a luxury.  For a while, I've said Graham needs to be paid.  The question on the table now is, should it be the Saints who pay?  The Saints just might be better served by a Jimmy Graham trade for a first round pick, maybe even a first and third or fourth. 

The salary cap presents a number of challenges for GMs and coaches who would love to retain superior talent while shoring up the weaknesses of their teams.  With the exception of the quarterback position, and in the Saints’ situation, specifically Drew Brees, nearly every other position can be viewed as replaceable, interchangeable. As an aside, the recent CBA seems to have done more to shorten the long-term prospects for veteran players, who seemingly deserve to be highly paid, but find themselves on teams who can no longer afford to pay them.  It’s almost a situation where too much individual success leads to being released because retaining them is unaffordable. 

Some team will pay Jimmy Graham. He deserves a big pay day. I’m just not sure it should be the Saints.  The 2014 NFL Draft promises to be one of the richest in recent draft history, and for the price, those rookies are a bargain.  Seattle and San Francisco are repeating their draft harvests of recent seasons.  Russell Wilson’s contract pays him less than a million a year!  

Loomis, Payton, et al., are among the best talent evaluators in the league.  That’s a fact.  I can’t help but believe a Graham trade is a real possibility in their thinking. The organization would surely come under criticism for letting an All Pro tight end leave the building. However, elite tight ends don't win championships.  Elite QB's and defenses do. The Saints won their lone Super Bowl with an aging Jeremy Shockey at tight end.

The Saints would be better served trading Graham and reinforcing the offensive line, defense and wide receiving corps.  Let someone else overpay for a tight end who isn't much of a factor in the running game and sometimes disappears in big games.  Against Seattle in the divisional round of the post-season in 2014, Graham was targeted 6 times with just 1 catch.  Graham has accounted for 41 touchdowns in his four seasons with New Orleans.  That number could just as easily have been spread out between three or four players.

In the final 8 regular season games of 2013 Jimmy Graham only surpassed the 100 yard receiving mark once. Let me say that again. Jimmy had one 100 yard game in the final eight regular season games in 2013.  What's more, in the final five games of the regular season Graham failed to reach the 100 yard receiving yardage threshold.  It’s worth thinking twice before awarding him top tight end/receiver money.

Graham played in two playoff games in January.  He tallied a whopping 4 receptions for 52 yards and zero touchdowns.  So, in ten straight games he failed to go over the 100 yard mark.  Far from clutch.  He's freakishly talented, but would his value be any higher to the Saints than right now?  

Pull the trigger.  Make the trade and make the team better.  Jimmy Graham is excellent, but not a franchise changer.  The Saints already have that player...Drew Brees.  The Saints can add by subtracting with Jimmy. 

02/26/2014 4:56PM
Kristian: Trading Jimmy Graham may be Saints' best move
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02/27/2014 9:21AM
No Way!!
I will be very upset if Grahambo is traded. We need him!
02/27/2014 9:32AM
No trade
This is simple as you explained yourself. Jimmy creates problems for defense. Take him away no more problem ever if you upgrade line and receivers. With him you need some help from receivers and line. We have done our best picks from late draft rounds and undrafted free agents. Do this and your win a super bowl. Remember the start of 09.
02/27/2014 9:36AM
You can do it
Saints should pull the trigger on this. For as many advantages that graham brings to the table they are not enough to offset what multiple players could bring in lieu of resigning him for an absurd amount of dough
02/27/2014 9:43AM
Trading Jimmy Graham
Ive been saying this from the beginning.He makes Brees worse because he will always force it to graham instead of just going to open man. Review all of Brees's int's,over 1/2 are trying to force to jimmy
02/27/2014 9:43AM
I would consider it but only for the right deal.
02/27/2014 9:45AM
As much as it pains me to agree because I love Jimmy but it does make a lot of sense. I would hate to see him go but if it would get us a few extra draft picks to help with the defense and O-line I am all for it.
02/27/2014 9:46AM
Something to think about
A big part of a tight end's job is on the line blocking. Could some of the sacks be attributed to Graham being lined up as a receiver and not on the line blocking ????
02/27/2014 9:47AM
Have you lost your mind
Have you started this conversation just get a response? Draft pics, while individually good players, sometimes come at the expense of the cohesiveness of the team. Graham is what the team needs and late Draft picks don't constitute failure for the team.
02/27/2014 9:47AM
Trade Brees and Graham
Bring in Young qb and new wr load up on Defense
02/27/2014 9:48AM
Something to consider
I would hate to lose Graham but you made some very valid points. Bree's window is closing fast. We need to surround him with good players both offense & defense.
02/27/2014 9:49AM
I love Jimmy
But Kristian is right. In the current salary cap system, its very very hard to pay the guys who deserve and keep a competitive team around him. You HAVE to have a very good defense to win a title. Breesus can only take you so far. Check the XLIV team.
02/27/2014 9:51AM
I love Jimmy
But Kristian is right. In the current salary cap system, its very very hard to pay the guys who deserve it and keep a competitive team around him. You HAVE to have a very good defense to win a title. Breesus can only take you so far. Check the XLIV team.
02/27/2014 9:54AM
Take Emotion out of it...
I would hate seeing him in a different color jersey... but if we was "unstoppable", we would have been in the Superbowl. Brees is the irreplaceable one. We need to find a way to make the TEAM better while we still have Drew.
02/27/2014 9:57AM
Are you crazy
Trade Jimmy Graham ? You must be vacationing in Colorado and hangin around the new weed shops, no longer a fan of yours, are you crazy ?
02/27/2014 9:57AM
Very Good Point
Defensive help is needed and so is offensive line help if you can get a 1st rounder for him now is the time. Hate to see him go, but he is more valuable now than 2 or 3 years from now. Not to mention risk of injury. He takes a beating across the middle and this will not last forever. Ask Shockey.
02/27/2014 9:58AM
To much money
Don't break the franchise to keep a bit player. I like Jimmy but I can't justify his contract demands.
02/27/2014 10:00AM
Interesting points
Tag him and see who bites on a trade. Saints would need a top ten 1st round plus a middle round pick. Graham has been a beast for a few years. He creates matchup problems but teams are figuring out how to slow him down. He makes great catches but often goes down after a hit from a DB, that shouldn’t happen to a tight end with his size. As you said, run blocking is also an issue. When he is in, teams know it’s going to be a pass play 90% of the time. Keep in mind, Brees only has a couple years left but with Stills, Joe Morgan coming back and maybe a good mid round receiver, JG loses value to us. So tag him, put him out there and if we don’t get what we want, hope he has another solid year so his trade value stays high for 2015.
02/27/2014 10:01AM
Trade him!
He isn't worth the 1.5 good defensive players we could get with his paycheck.
02/27/2014 10:02AM
I've considered this cause imo no olayer on a team is untouvhable for the right price excelt an elite qb. But ur theory is just flat out stupid. Unless they give up a top 5 pick plus more then this move is just dumb. Just a first rounder? Trent richardson went for a first rounder. I agree that this shoukd be thought of but we woukd have to draft an elite offensive weaoon such as watkins to help our offense. U say we need to focus on the oline. Seems to me we really only need a rt and this is one of the deepest tackle drafts in recent memories. We can get a very good corner or tackle in the first 2 rounds. If we draft well keeping jimmy would be ideal. Just a first rounder? Lol. Flat out dumb..it woukd take the farm to move jimmy.
02/27/2014 10:03AM
Jimmy Graham stays!
He is awesome. The idea of trading him shouldn't even enter The Saints mind.Get rid of some them bench warmers!
02/27/2014 10:07AM
good bye JG
Trade him for a good corner and another pick.Drew will have to start making better decisions if he is gone.he is a good player but we would be fine without him.we do not need another hostage taker. Drew was enough.Be real careful with the cash.
02/27/2014 10:07AM
For all of u couch gms I guess theblions shoukd trade megatron as well. He makes a ton of miney and they can't get to the super bowl. Uf u knew football u would know that u can gameolan andtake a okayer completeky out of a game. Graham has only begun to see what he can ddo in football. Wantto see something bad. Watch how bad our offense will be without graham. Colston Iis slowing down but is a solid player. We don't have a deep threat to open up the offense and bkow the top off the secindary. If the price is right then yes trade him. But slap urself for mentioning just a first round pick.
02/27/2014 10:09AM
not Enough
I agree! He's not on the field every play to be paid that much money!
02/27/2014 10:14AM
TEs don't win championships
Agree holeheartedly Kristian. Love Jimmy Graham but it his agent's demands don't fit in the budget. Let's see how loyal JG is to DBrees and this organization as he says he is. Here we go again !
02/27/2014 10:15AM
Russell Walker
Hell no, do not trade him. He is part of New Orleans now. He is one of us. Our brother dammit.
02/27/2014 10:21AM
Y'all better NOT trade Graham!If he's traded,think about it,who is going fill that gap?KEEP GRAHAM IN NEW ORLEANS PLEASE!DON'T TRADE HIM!
02/27/2014 10:23AM
Chris in St. Rose
I would hate to see him go but can't argue with a thing you said. The worst mistake the Saints could make in this situation is to over pay for his services. He deserves fair market value as a top 3 TE and nothing more.
02/27/2014 10:31AM
Jimmy Graham
R u insane ?
02/27/2014 10:31AM
The Decision
The Decision falls upon Jimmy Graham. If he seeks excessive money in general, the decision is made for all of us. If he seeks winning stability through the course of his career, he will not seek excessive money as a Saint. He will make the decision for management. Management will maximize returns (success), period.
02/27/2014 10:35AM
let EM go
He's a decent player against subpar corners. But when a good corner plays him physically, he becomes a non factor. He did nothing in the playoffs. Get some corners or some o-linemen. Drew can't throw from his back.
02/27/2014 10:37AM
wants to much money
We need more help in other areas. We can find another tight end. this draft is loaded with talent. Jimmy disappeared in the big games, and I question his blocking..
02/27/2014 10:37AM
We need offensive line and defensive backs . If a trade will help saints than do so. If we lose more lineman to sign him like what happen with breeze trade both if it can help saints strengthen the team.
02/27/2014 10:45AM
OH Hell NO
02/27/2014 10:48AM
Are you serious?!
You say trade or basically get rid of jimmy due to the price tag hell have...what about Pierre Thomas who's salary combined is both mark Ingram and Robinson salary? You get rid of graham and he'll go to a divisional rival and well be forced to play him twice a year!! I'm sorry but you do whatever it takes to retain jimmy! Restructure drew, colston, lofton, or Grubbs do anything to keep him
02/27/2014 10:50AM
Bad move
Jimmy Graham is an offensive weapon on the field capable of scoring every time he catches the ball.bottom line the Saints cannot replace him with a tight end that is as athletic .Sure professional Football is a business but this move would deplete the Saints of it's explosive offense.i think it would be a huge mistake if the Saints were to trade him.
02/27/2014 10:50AM
Sign and trade him. One trick pony is week. Think about it. What kind of team will we be of we sign this guy to the contract he's wants? The patriots do this all the time and remain one of the best teams in the league
02/27/2014 10:52AM
Unseen Factors
I agree with you on all points, especially your highlighting his performance later in the season. But there's one big factor you're missing- His plantar fasciitis. Given the closed door nature of the saints locker room, who knows how much that hindered his performance, and if history is any indicator, it is normally a fairly debilitating injury, even for a quarterback (Eli Manning). It would explain his inability to have any affect in the running game, and also why he couldn't get off his blockers effectively. If the plantar had no effect, then you're right. But, it's hard to tell if we're working with all of the facts.
02/27/2014 11:03AM
how many players are we willing to let go of to appease jimmy graham. Remember guys, Drew took us to the super bowl with a bunch of young, no name guys, a stud o-line and a stud defense. Im not saying i would miss jimmy, but he is the hottest free agent on the market right now. I think it wold be better for our team if we got some low price talent out of him. He is replaceable.
02/27/2014 11:11AM
If they can get a 1st round pick plus an additional pick, then I would say go for it. He is a great TE but that is what he is, if they could get him for top TE money then I would say resign him but if he wants top WR money then trade him.
02/27/2014 11:12AM
Sad but true
We got rid of Reggie and did just fine, and hes just one of many ghat qe jabe traded or let go. saints are always contenders. WHO DAT!
02/27/2014 11:20AM
Invisible in big games
I would disagree with you had Graham not been completely shut down against New England and Seattle twice. Had he been capable of dominating in those games we would be holding Lombardi #2. He fails in the biggest games but wants to be paid like a wide receiver. That is crazy. Get good value for him in a trade.
02/27/2014 11:21AM
After further consideration
Let him go! The numbers say it all. He was a NONFACTOR IN THE PLAYOFFS . Horrible whenever anybody decent covers him. Get Drew more time and he can make more completions to other players and probably pick up a defensive player or 2 and go all the way!!!
02/27/2014 11:28AM
makes since
I rather see them beef up at the ol lb and db positions that way we are almost solidifying SB 49 for us
02/27/2014 11:30AM
really think about it
If we trade jimmy we willwill have one TE on the team. Think about it you guys, if we trade him we'll have to replace him.We picked up jimmy for that reason from jump. The second thing to think about. Let him go and Watson is on his on. Watson is great but not as fast bigger and stronger as jimmy. Jimmy poses a huge threat when ever we play any team. Teams hsvehave to have to cover him with at least three players and still have problems bringing him down. Takehim away and every team will have an hugh jump on us. Let's face it dress as awesome irreplaceable right but the fact is his interceptions was on him forcing the ball out when we coulda had jimmy on oline blocking to give dress more time. If we trade him and ends up in our division.
02/27/2014 11:40AM
Just like the title says! WE GOTTA DO WHAT WE GOTTA DO to build a franchise and we can't do that without protection for our STAR/FRANCHISE player Drew Brees. Trade Jimmy Graham and Pierre Thomas and see what we can get for the two of them. Togetheror separate.
02/27/2014 11:42AM
I smell trade also
Wanna stop the Saints from running? Follow the opposite side Graham is on. Saints wont run to his side cause he cant block. Wanna stop Graham from taking over the game? Get physical with him. He dominates lesser talent and comes up short against the bangers of the conference. Paying him wont make us any better, but multiple draft picks along the 0-line and the defense would.
02/27/2014 11:44AM
not a wise choice.
I highly think we should keep Jimmy. Yes he deserves his money, play the man and use him on o-line sometimes. Watson is great we shouldn't rely on Jimmy on moat snaps. Use him on almongst the offense and any defense wouldn't know to cover him even more. We shouldn't concentrate on using him as TE or WR. He's big and physical for a reason to block in the slot a decoy. Teams predict him because the team use him for just receiving. If we trade him we'll have more problems then trying to find a match up problem.
02/27/2014 11:57AM
Get rid of Ingram
short yardage situations, he gets pushed backwards. Cadet imo is wayyyy better! Ingram is not worth the Heisman pay that he is receiving! I'm not saying he is a poor running back, but he is not for the Saints! Same as Reggie Bush! He sucked w/ the Saints but has indeed found a home in Detroit! So Ingram NEEDS to GO! Im sure i will have a Lot of hatters for this but it is indeed the facts!
02/27/2014 12:10PM
Either move him for a high 1st rounder in this years draft and go for KMack.. use the 2nd 1st rounder on OL beef they need to protect Brees and play better at the ILB position period
02/27/2014 12:35PM
Stupid idea.
Jimmy Graham is the best tight end in the league. And Drew Brees won't be around as long as Jimmy Graham..that's the dumbest idea I've heard today.
02/27/2014 12:43PM
Trade him
See what he does with out a QB that can get him the ball, as for instance, Mike Wallace.
02/27/2014 12:44PM
Y'all do know they have that NC TE who is the next Vernon Davis. Can run catch & block. Love Jimmy but I think trade is a good choice yet with a small chance of happening.
02/27/2014 12:44PM
HE doesn't show up when it matters. I agree, trade him. We need help elsewhere.
02/27/2014 12:46PM
smart move
gotta turn graham loose. offensive line has declined last several years and brees has been getting hit and sacked more and more. saints need to bring in young strong talented offensive linemen. that will help improve passing and running game
02/27/2014 12:46PM
Bye graham
He's not a franchise type game breaker . He's not good blocking, he's doesn't go for the ball as hard as a player wanting his type of money, physical safeties and corners dominate him..... Get what we can for him while he's a hot commodity because tearing our team apart for his greed and need for personal wealth ain't worth it. You see what players are in it for te glory of a Super Bowl come contract time and he's proven he wants money over a ring .... Na na na na hey hey hey good bye graham
02/27/2014 12:51PM
Can't the Aint's just get rid of that washed up, OVER rated interception throwing machine Drew Brees. Would free up a ton of $$$.
02/27/2014 1:07PM
What are you people talking about?
The problem stems from Drew's massive contract. We have been on a decline ever since he became one of the highest paid QB's. Brees has maybe 3 good years left and you want to get rid of a young talent like Graham, so in 3 years we are rebuilding instead of reloading. This would be an easy fix if Brees would take a pay cut. He hasn't played great since 2009. Don't be fooled by the passing yards because we rarely run the ball. Brees is a Hall of Famer but because he deserves to be paid it should ruin the team? Some players work well in a system and others make a system work. There's a reason Graham has the most TD receptions by any player the past few years. Our issue isn't on offense, we had no issues running the ball against the Seahawks. Our line played very well towards the end of the season. We just have to RUN more to protect Brees. Getting rid of Graham will not help resolve the issues that the Saints have.
02/27/2014 1:14PM
heard it all now
No way.......who on offense has had ANY production ....without jimmy there's no problems g err defencesto just slaughter us......payton goes with him if this trade hhhhh oones down
02/27/2014 1:14PM
It's amazing that people say Graham is greedy and selfish when it's Brees' contract that is really hurting the fabric of the Saints. You do realize Russell Wilson doesn't even make 1 million a year. Bress would easily make that money up in endorsements. Why is there no outcry of Brees' selfishness even though he has been the cause of most of our recent lost, with numerous multiple interception games. SMH, people see what they want to.
02/27/2014 1:33PM
trade him
They just push him around at the line and he is no longer an issue. Seattle and SFO prove that.. He's not worth the money
02/27/2014 1:51PM
May just happen
As much as I love my #80 ... we need help in other areas.. .we may have to sacrifice Jimmy for the help we really need. He will get paid... I'm not sure that he needs to get paid from the Saints!
02/27/2014 1:55PM
I don't think we should sacrifice Him.........
02/27/2014 2:09PM
Jimmy graham
What about Odell Beckham? It RARELY happens, but hometown boys are awesome. HUGE draw. They'd probably have to pay a pretty penny, though. Might be out of the Saints league.
02/27/2014 2:10PM
No one player can make or break a team. While I like Graham, I would trade him for the right player, if necessary.
02/27/2014 2:16PM
three words, ARE YA'LL NUTS!!!
02/27/2014 2:16PM
Job well done kristian
boy u picked the right topic to light up the boards you might as well have said fire sean payton
02/27/2014 2:17PM
Move him
TE don't win championships, especially ones that are only factors in regular season games. Good coaches can stop any WR/TE threat. Unless you have multiple threats. It's very hard to coach against great defenses.
02/27/2014 2:18PM
Trade him..
Kristian's argument makes sense. Trade him, we need depth more than we an over-priced TE. Graham is top-tear talent, but we need to get Brees better protection and an overhaul in the D. It's best for the team.
02/27/2014 2:19PM
excellent coaches
We have continually gotten great pics late in the draft... JG pulls defense... O line needs work.. and now our geriatric D is gone...Loomis and Peyton...DO YOUR JOB! Grahms value does not only measure in yardage.. he's the threat that D's have to double... I agree with the theory. But its more of a loss than we think!!
02/27/2014 2:24PM
What dey got
Any player is fair game for trade.The Answer is clarified in the question."What will we get in return" Simple
02/27/2014 2:27PM
I agree with entertaining the thought of trading Jimmy Graham, you have to think Big picture, not just one player. I can't 100% say that without Jimmy we will be better, but if I were the GO or Coach I would at least consider. I really study football and I could go game by game of Jimmy ' s production but if you co-signing on Jimmy because you are emotional about him being a Saint than it would be fruitless anyway!
02/27/2014 2:33PM
I agree!
Should Jimmy be paid YES! Should it be by the Saints NO! Where was he in the two games vs the Seahawks? Drew tried forcing the ball to much to him. And the pats CB shut him down. So what I took from that. A big pysical DB can and has push and shut jimmyGraham. You get more role players. Our coach and GM can find hidden gems in Iundrafted FA. Or late rd pics. The only issue I see is why would a team trad for him when they know we can't pay him next season and he could be a FA.
02/27/2014 2:36PM
big fan?
Trade Jimmy & we will ALWAYS root for the team the aints are playing against!!!!
02/27/2014 2:47PM
Drew isn't the problem
Drew Brees makes what he makes for doing what he does. He put up great numbers, even with a sub-par o-line sometimes. I thought this article was insane when I started reading it, but it does have some merit. We do need help in the secondary, and the O-line. Drew cannot afford to take a beating next year. I think we should keep Jimmy though. This was only his second year. I expect him to get even better.
02/27/2014 2:59PM
Freakin nutz!
You must be freaking nuts... I just bought a Jimmy Graham jersey!!!!! No I'm just bull spitting! Kristian that sounds like a well thought out plan that help the Who Dat nation out for years to come. The Saints need to strike while the iron is stillhot. Cause if the iron gets much cooler it may not as appealing to other teams. Seattle has proven that a young team can go far. Let's do it! Just keep him out of the NFC South please!
02/27/2014 3:09PM
Tag and Trade, Now
Jimmy Graham is a match-up nightmare for defenses. Unfortunately, in big games, the NFL allows the opposition to mug Graham and pass interfere him on every play. It is time for Coach Sean Payton to redesign the offense, yet again. Trade him for a first and third and pick up multiple impact future starters. The NFL has caught on to our prized toy. Time for some other team to be attracted to their new shiny object. I thank Jimmy Graham and all the former Saints that have contributed to our success. Graham will always be a Saint. Best of luck and make the trade.
02/27/2014 3:15PM
Saint GM
Jimmy needs quite being so self and be a saint.
02/27/2014 3:19PM
Good point
As talented as he is, he does fight for the ball. Watch him close; if the ball doesn't come directly at him, he doesn't go get it. At 6'-7" and a former basketball player, he should be able to go up and get the ball from the smaller defenders. It doesn't happen enough. he doesn't leave his feet as much as he should. I say get the best deal, trade him and let's add playmakers to the defense and upgrade the offensive line. Because this year, that line was "offensive".
02/27/2014 3:21PM
yall crazy
If jimmy disappears in big games,why isn't it brees fault or the o-line? That's what's wrong with the Saints they're always letting their best players go a LA dome patrol, Willie road,Carl nicks, bushrod. Keep doing that and the one ring will be what we'll always have
02/27/2014 3:23PM
Re: Good point
That was supposed to read he doesn't fight for the ball. And whines too much when he gets bumped a little. He better get used to it. mant teams will try to pattern their defense on Seattle's. Especially their secondary.
02/27/2014 3:58PM
High 1st round will be hard to get.
Graham caught how many passes in the playoffs? 3 receptions against Philadelphia; targeted 4 times. One reception against Seattle--targeted 6 times. He doesn't play well dinged up & he doesn't like serious pressure from corners like Seattle's. The league catches on fast. I would take a higher pick than Saints' 1st round in trade for Graham. Saints are good at drafting & signing undrafted free agents that they develop--like Graham. I will be surprised if Saints can get a high 1st round pick for Graham. If they can, Saints better jump! Saints need to get a good tackle & a good cornerback. Peace out.
02/27/2014 4:02PM
Bird in the hand , better than 2 in the bush
he was clearly hurt toward end of season!
02/27/2014 4:12PM
Please don't trade him love him big as the world he is great player
02/27/2014 4:39PM
Jimmy Graham is way to good for the Saints to trade him that is a horrible idea
02/27/2014 4:55PM
Yeah right
You're an idiot
02/27/2014 4:56PM
Who Dat for life
If the money not there give him up but at the same time they play him to muh they was on him i think one more yer wit us he need to take a pay cut,in one who not doing nothin need to be cut
02/27/2014 4:58PM
cut your looses
trade both Brees and Graham for younger QB and receiver who has more skills than dunking the football after a TD
02/27/2014 5:12PM
Keep him
02/27/2014 5:18PM
If WWL trade you to a Lake Charles radio station for a bucket of peanuts. How would you feel
02/27/2014 5:22PM
trading jimmy
do it u can get a better tight end who not scared of seattle defense
02/27/2014 5:38PM
Excellent point made!!
We have more pressing needs, example o-line...I heard people say we over paid Bree's, w/out him we are the Dallas cowgirls. The only lineman we have are Armstead and J. Evans. There was no pocket for Bree's to step into to make his throws. 09 season the line was the Bomb. We need a another edge rusher, hmmmm J.J. Watt. Perfect trade I think.
02/27/2014 5:56PM
face the facts
the offence needs revamping i.e. Brees needs to go. Graham is easily replaced with the talent coming from the college ranks
02/27/2014 6:27PM
Good point Kristian
I never thought of the trade approach in the contract negotiations. I see it as a real possibility.
02/27/2014 8:07PM
greedy graham
Graham really has a ego to think he is evena top 10 tight end. It would be brilliant to trade this softy.
02/27/2014 8:15PM
Get another rookie Tight End
We can always get another rookie tight end!!! There are plenty to choose from this year. I am one of the biggest Grahamanator fans there is and would miss him dearly but there is talent out there that can help Breesus both with blocking and catching theball. I think a great trade for some top draft picks to get another great receiver opposite Colston, a pass rusher and some O-line help would be great idea. SUPPER BOWL BOUND!!! WHO DAT BABY!!!
02/27/2014 8:25PM
Greedy leprachaun
Graham is offspring to barrac Obama and Lillie leprechaun. Green charms to him send him to Green Bay packers
02/27/2014 8:25PM
Did someone eat the whole bowl of stupid this morning???
I think the saints organization and the entire world learned a valuable lesson when Mike Ditka put Ricky Williams in a wedding dress and sold the farm to get him in the first round. So now you are suggesting we trade a proven NFL superstar for an unproven college prospect? Sounds like someone ate the whole bowl of stupid this morning! But great story!
02/27/2014 9:39PM
Trade Brees and Graham absolutely
Drew is way over paid, threw at least 2 ints per game usually one went for a TD. His better days are gone. The reason there is no offensive line is bc they over paid Drew, how dumb ! Graham shut down when the little cbs were rough w him. he's good but not worth the farm.
02/27/2014 9:42PM
Kristian you have gone totally MAD....dude that stuff will make you NULL AND VOID!!!
02/27/2014 10:13PM
WWL Tade
Trade Kristian to some radio station at the North Pole!
02/27/2014 10:19PM
on the fence
You might have a point. Some tough decisions have to be made.
02/27/2014 11:58PM
Trading Jimmy Graham
I think it would be a bad move, but maybe if they trade him they should look for 5-6 draft choices from the 3-7 rounds. The Saints seem to hit the jackpot in those rounds, but fail most of the time on their no 1 and 2 draft choices....Mark Ingram, Charles Brown,Cedric Ellis,Patrick Robinson, just to name a few.
02/28/2014 1:19AM
Well said
New England was the beginning of the end. When Talib showed everyone that Graham could be a non-factor by pushing him around, Graham's numbers started to suffer. Tag-n-Trade him.
02/28/2014 1:34AM
Stay with us or hit the road
Im tiered of making these players all world, then they want to break the bank. It' got to stop now. The Pat's say good bye and the young guys fill in nicely.
02/28/2014 1:44AM
All of you who is talking bout we "NEED" him...apparently don't know football....jimmy would not be the player he is now in any other system in the league.... Str8 ^.....the Saints used him very well... I mean hell y'all acting like an offer wasn't put on the table...they was planningon mmaking him the highest paid "TE" that he don't want..... For some reason he want WR money....12 to 13 million a year is not earned by him....its easy to do what he has done when there's SAFETIES and LINEBACKERS on him....WR's makes plays with CORNERBACKS on them...jimmy haven't done that....example New England & Seattle put COTNERBACKS on him.....check the stats....and we still have a young Josh Hill who I think have nice hands and Ben Watson a crafty vet on the roster.... And I think if you use either one of them like jimmy was used you would get at least 80% of what jimmy did.....let him go....get the draft picks....and word is St.Louis is very interested
02/28/2014 2:31AM
Two 1st rounds and a 3rd
With cash consideration, all in this year's draft. One of the picks has to be in the top 5. This would give the saints three (3) 1st rd picks. Then trade Sproles and Thomas for 3rd & 4th rd picks. This will rebuild the team and fix the salary cap for years to come.
02/28/2014 2:42AM
2 1st cont.
Trade or release L. Moore(wr) and B. Bunkly (dt) for mid to lower round picks. Build the team with athletic, size, speed and aggressive players. Than it's S. Payton and staffs job to coach them up.
02/28/2014 5:38AM
100% Agree. Can't afford to pay two players that kind of $$. We are already hamstrung by Bree's contract. Which he isn't playing up to. Jimmy play his "wide receiver" card, trade him for defense fast.
02/28/2014 6:05AM
Jimmy Graham ' the Man!!!
No way Jimmy is a part of NOLA now! Drew and Jimmy are a great matchup! Get rid of others Jimmy is worth every penny! Love u Jimmy!!!!!
02/28/2014 7:23AM
t rade him
People, we would have to trade him to a division Rival for him to get there and the saints wouldnt do that. He gets shut down in every big game, trade him. The saints find gems in the draft late every year, they will find more.
02/28/2014 8:13AM
Let him go. No OL no CB no Super Bowl
People stop being a fan first. I love Jimmy to. But he will not be the reason we will win another ring. Tailb found the blue print how to stop jimmy. Take a 1st and 3rd rounder for him and move on. Drew contract will hurt us for a long time,so we better take advantage of this Jimmy business now and trade him just like jimmy Johnson did with the Cow girls to win all them Super Bowls
02/28/2014 10:06AM
Everybody's a coach!
Ummm...I don't believe Sean Payton gives a poop about what anybody has said here. I prefer Belevdere in my dirty martinis because in MY OPINION it's the best vodka - but I'm sure the V&S group (the manufacturer Absolute) would disagree. This is so stupid! The Saints' organization does not care what any of us think. That's why they make a salary too.
02/28/2014 1:36PM
There will never be a trade (does anyone understand what that entails?)
1. Saints have no Jimmy Graham to trade. 2. Any contract that Jimmy would sign so they could trade him would create too much dead money this year to trade him. 3. Cant Franchise tag him and then trade because just the TE tag is 6.7m, as soon as you tradehim that is guaranteed and becomes dead money... Franchise tags of 6.7 (TE),11.6 (WR), or the 10m signing bonus for a contract ALL become dead cap space this year if any trade happens.
02/28/2014 3:23PM
No way no how
It is foolish to trade someone who has 41tds over the last 4 seasons. PERIOD! He is a proven commodity and behind Brees is the most valuable player on the Saints. Drafting a stud in the first round is a coin-flip. If you think about the Loomis/Payton era, think how many busts we have drafted from the first round. Are you willing to give away Graham for a player who may not pan out? Besides, who would be the #1 receiver threat if he leaves? An aging Colston, Morgan, or Stills? How can you trust any of them? I say cut Moore, restructure Pierre, Bunkley, and Grubbs, pay Graham $10 mil a year and draft a cb or Wr in the 1st round. I would love to have OBJ or Verret
02/28/2014 4:12PM
Good trade
I strongly agree with trading him, but I think our front 7 is solid! How about getting a Sammy Watkins or a darqueze denard? Not Mack!
02/28/2014 4:13PM
Watson is better
He can block but gets no love cause the passes go to Graham. The Rams have been. tagged to pick offense with both first round picks this year. They would probably gladly trade them for a proven like Graham. That would give us #2 & #13 plus #27 in thefirst round.
02/28/2014 8:02PM
Kam Chancellor wants him to stay
Jimmy is good. But when anyone physical lines across him he vanishes. Kam wants him to stay cause he's your only threat and he can shut him down.
02/28/2014 11:08PM
He is Sean Peyton's guy
This is exactly what I've been thinking all year. Drew makes all receivers better. However, just like Ingram and Shockey, SPeyton favors Jimmy. Just think back to the comments he made when we drafted Jimmy. Imgrahm has not impressed and Shockey waspast his prime. For this reason I believe Sean will continue to keep bad players just because he likes them personally. No matter how bad they play or how much it hurts the team, if Sean likes you , you stay.
03/01/2014 6:57AM
Good idea
It all depends on how the first round pick that you got for him works out.
03/01/2014 11:09AM
To much money. Need help on o line and dline to improve pass rush and running game
03/01/2014 7:12PM
Remember the cowboys of the 90's
What helped build that dynasty was the Hershel Walker trade. This is the saints chance to repeat history. Get good value for him get what we need and let him go
03/01/2014 7:37PM
That's right
Wow if we could trade graham resign the talent on the Offensive line and then we could get someone like Beckham in the draft plus the corner help we need and keep Jenkins another first rounder we have got lots of time in when he's peeking in his career We won the Super Bowl without jimmy and the Reggie bush / sproles roll was a bigger factor than it was this year. And yes Watson is a good tight end and not a liability in the run game. It would be nice to keep him but he wants to much and we can get allot for him
03/01/2014 9:25PM
if as one person said, if jim
stays just because sean likes him, send them both packing. we can lose without them. did not win championship with them.
03/05/2014 10:07PM
Complicated situation
Not facing Clowney twice a year is more important than keeping Graham. If rams want to pay Graham and with their draft picks trade back the saints cannot turn that down. And if Houston doesnt want to draft Clowney, then they will lose one of the three QBs as Oakland, Cleveland/Jacksonville, and the saints will take them(saints will for leverage) if they trade their pick to Atlanta. The game has changed, we cannot let Clowney go to Atlanta.
03/06/2014 8:10PM
Trading Jimmy Graham
If Buddy D were still alive...he would call Kristian a "squirrel". He is the Saints most effective weapon...and with the team supposedly looking to get rid of Sproles, Thomas and Moore, who is left? They need to think about Drew Brees taking a pay cut. He is on the down side of his career and he contributed a lot to the last season swoon the Saints had when he was throwing interceptions at the worst time in the Carolina and Rams games...his arm strength was never the greatest and last year on deep passes, either the receiver had to stop to catch the pass or it was short...ie. his passes to Sproles and Meachem in the game against Philly....
03/06/2014 8:13PM
Trading Jimmy Graham
If Buddy D were still alive...he would call Kristian a "squirrel". He is the Saints most effective weapon...and with the team supposedly looking to get rid of Sproles, Thomas and Moore, who is left? They need to think about Drew Brees taking a pay cut. He is on the down side of his career and he contributed a lot to the last season swoon the Saints had when he was throwing interceptions at the worst time in the Carolina and Rams games...his arm strength was never the greatest and last year on deep passes, either the receiver had to stop to catch the pass or it was short...ie. his passes to Sproles and Meachem in the game against Philly....
03/07/2014 10:52PM
If we trade Jimmy
We won't be able to see him eat gumbo off of Kristian's head.
03/09/2014 5:37PM
You make a great case and Graham certainly was not all-pro against the better teams coming down the stretch. If the Saints get the 'right' players for their needs in exchange, then deal him!
03/11/2014 6:45PM
A lot of money
It's gonna be able to get 20players
04/20/2014 1:19PM
Give it a rest Shorty
Everybody already knew what your opinion was about Jimmy. Fact is he's the best.
05/04/2014 3:41PM
Salary Caps Will Increase
Keep JG he is a TE everybody wants and we have him.
05/05/2014 5:22PM
Trade Ingram,Not Graham!
Are you outta your mind?Trade Ingram and keep Graham!
02/28/2016 4:56PM
Good call.
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