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Kristian: Do Saints have enough gas in the tank?

The Saints locker room had a touch of an auto supply shop to it this week.  Sure, there were helmets, shoulder pads, cleats and laundry bags... but the players also had 2-gallon gas canisters at their lockers.  Is there enough gas left in the tank? Does the Black and Gold have fuel for the fight?  Will the Saints run out of "juice" against a gas-burning sports car offensive attack from the Eagles? Right now, the Saints are topped off and ready for an extended road playoff push.

The Saints have everything to gain and nothing to lose.  They're 2.5 point underdogs in Philadelphia.  The Saints are the sixth seed.  New Orleans hasn't won a playoff game on the road in the history of the franchise.  The Eagles have won four straight games at home.  The Saints defense can't force enough turnovers to make a difference.  The Saints have the highest home/road point differential in the NFL (16.5) this season.  No way they can win, right?

Not only can they win, but they can turn the playoff picture on its ear Saturday night.  I can't really rationalize the reason I'm picking the Saints to win this game, other than history has to break at some point.  Oh, plus I think the Black and Gold are just a better team.  Did I mention the Eagles score too fast, and the Saints possess the ball for over 32 minutes per ball game?  Typically, for teams facing the Drew Brees-led offense, their strategy is to keep him and his array of weapons on the sidelines as a specatator.  The Eagles average under 27 minutes in time of possession per game.  Brees and company will get their chances to zero in on the leagues worst-ranked pass defense.

History says the Saints can't win on the road, evidenced by their 0-5 record right?  Or does it?  History has a strange way of repeating itself, and also has a strange way of making prognosticators look foolish.  Be careful when lumping Saints teams of the past in with this one.  I've grown increasingly optimistic with this match-up.  It's tailor-made for them.  The Eagles are not a bruising, physical team on par with San Francisco or Carolina, and to a degree, Seattle.  The Saints have the playoff experience over the Eagles.  Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees all struggled in their first playoff action.  Nick Foles will make his first post-season start against New Orleans.

I don't just like the Saints to win. I like them to win convincingly. I saw a team this week that has truly embraced the road mentality needed to go on the road and play well!  I also saw an offense in the week 17 season finale that resembled more of the 2011 record-setting offense than at any point this season.  Brees spread the football around to his vast array of weapons.  The Saints operated with great rhythm and tempo in that game.  Plus, they changed their pre-game meal, the flavor of the Gatorade, injected hip-hop music at practice, and they switched up the "routine" (yes, that last comment was dripping with sarcasm). 

New Orleans 27-14 over Philadelphia. Sequel in Seattle, anyone?

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01/03/2014 10:49AM
Kristian: Do Saints have enough gas in the tank?
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01/03/2014 3:54PM
Mr sonlin
You're on drugs
01/03/2014 4:16PM
No Drugs
Kristian tells the truth, Saints just the better team!!!!!!!!!
01/03/2014 4:37PM
Saints Win
What I saw in the Dallas game it apparent the Saints are the better team, they can only beat themselves.
01/03/2014 6:52PM
Who Dat!!!
He's not on drugs, He's right!!!
01/04/2014 6:09AM
"New Orleans hasn't won a playoff game on the road in the history of the franchise." Oh really??? What do you call Super Bowl XLIV? We won that road game! Who Dat!!!
01/04/2014 6:24AM
Rock on!
Well stated K-Dog.
01/04/2014 7:34AM
"Forced to Change"
I see a win. Too many people telling gem they can't do it. You will see the Saints come alive on the road in freezing conditions.
01/04/2014 9:30AM
History says the Saints can't win a road playoff game because they're 5-0. Well history also says up until about 6 or 7 weeks ago, the Eagles couldn't win at home because they'd lost 10 straight at home going back to last year. And then lo and behold, a 4-0 run. If the Eagles can get a 4-0 run at home, the Saints can do it on the road and bring back another Lombardi to the Big Easy.
01/04/2014 12:45PM
I Believe!
If you think Payton doesn't have a game plan, you're sadly mistaken. 31-17 Who Dats !
01/04/2014 2:32PM
Same ole saints
One and done folks!! It's to cold!!
01/04/2014 5:11PM
We're a better team
We will win...Saints don't like labels so they're going to prove most wrong. WHO DAT!
01/06/2014 5:14AM
we did it
so much for being on drugs must of been baby asprin,rock on kristian
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