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Kristian: Robert Meachem to re-sign with the Saints

Update:  It's official, Meachem has re-signed with the Saints for a one-year deal, likely at the league minimum.  It's a bit of a surprise for me that they're signing him before week 2.  Since he is a vested NFL player with more than 4 years, since they signed him before the first game, they're now on the hook for his entire contract for the whole season.  

What I think:  I think it would be low-risk, high reward. They can release him at any point (if they sign after the Falcons game,) and he's very familiar with the Saints system.  He knows Drew Brees, and maybe he could make a couple of plays a game.

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09/03/2013 2:52PM
Kristian: Robert Meachem to re-sign with the Saints
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09/03/2013 3:09PM
Meacham Signing
How come only a couple of plays a game you think? Is he not in his prime? It definitely seems like there's some issues ever since he left. Any word on his decline in performance?
09/03/2013 3:14PM
Good move!
It's all about chemistry and Meachem has it with Brees. I was sad to see him leave in the first place and never thought it would work with Rivers. Now, he's back home in a system he knows all too well. Also, can't hurt having another veteran to help groom the young guns. 17 is back and I'm glad he is. There's no place like home!
09/03/2013 3:19PM
Who goes?
so does Tanner get screwed again?
09/03/2013 3:31PM
Meacham Signing
If he is signed, bye bye Tanner
09/03/2013 3:41PM
In the words of Spud....
If the Saints re-sign Meachum....Andy Tanner will be a 'gone pecan' Where ya at Baby!
09/03/2013 3:41PM
Make da move in 2nd wk, up sides many..and a Saint back in da fold. If helth issuse kept him from winning a job in dat SD, less than stellar wr corps, he can retire at home, like dey should offer Devry!
09/03/2013 3:43PM
Practice squad bound
09/03/2013 3:50PM
They kept Tanner, they didn't have to at cut time, so this is not a given, for they had options and lots of tape on players round the leauge and vets never resigned from last yr.
09/03/2013 3:56PM
Does This Sound like a good idea?
Kevin Acee of the Union-Tribune San Diego believes the Chargers must let WR Robert Meachem go at any cost. A person familiar with the situation told Acee that Meachem’s body is “broken down.“ Acee adds that Meachem is no longer able to “separate, runs poor routes and has undependable hands, and he has no business being on the field.” Meachem, 28, admitted that he gave up on a ball thrown by backup QB Charlie Whitehurst which resulted in an interception. He also ran the wrong route on a previous play. San Diego signed Meachem to a four-year contract worth $25.9 million and included $14 million guaranteed in the hope that would be able to mitigate the loss of Vincent Jackson to some degree. Clearly, that hasn’t been the case. Meachem is owed $5 million for the next two season with another $6.5 million coming his way in 2015.
09/03/2013 4:10PM
Meachem back,Tanner will stay
Now that Robert Meachem is back,Andy Tanner will stay.If another player or 2 gets injuried,Tanner will step up and Meachem along with the WRs will help Tanner become a good receiver in the future.
09/04/2013 6:56AM
Bad move
I rather see Kourtney Roby on the field than Meachem, and did the Saints consider him a bust at one time?
09/04/2013 10:06AM
Not a big fan of the move...
Meachem showed flashes, but never lived up to his first round potential. He was an expensive bust in San Diego, and I'm not pleased to see him back here taking snaps away from guys like Stills, Toon, and Tanner. Maybe he deserves another shot, but he could have found it elsewhere. Just my opinion.
09/04/2013 10:07AM
If he can help, let him stay. If not, let him go...
If Meachem can keep up, I think he deserves a shot. If not, signing him was a bad move.
09/04/2013 12:33PM
I think the move is a smart one by Payton. Bringing Meachem in will only make this team better. He will also make these up and coming receivers in Tanner, Toon, and Stills better. Besides, I know that Meachem might not be a fan favorite, but the guy did make plays for the black n gold....don't believe me, just look at the Redskin's game in 09...WD4L
09/04/2013 1:18PM
He was a part of that magical SEASON! WHOOOO Dat Baby
09/09/2013 1:10PM
it is about time so
i think it is bye bye toon
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