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Kristian: Saints cut roster to 53

Well Who Dat Nation, it's the final trimming for the Saints, as they have to cut the roster to 53 men today. I'll be updating this blog through the afternoon as word leaks out about players who didn't make the cut, though the Saints don't officially have to turn in their final roster until late Saturday afternoon. 

Final update:  Click HERE to view the full, final 53-man roster...

Check back here (and remember to hit "refresh) to get the lastest on the Saints roster cuts.  And, if you're keeping score at home, Click HERE to view my full roster predictions...

2:00 p.m.  - Saints will cut CB Chris Carr, per a league source

2:40 p.m. - Saints will waive QB Ryan Griffin. If he's not picked up by another team, he's a candiate for the Saints practice squad.

2:55 p.m. - Fan favorite WR Andy Tanner will make the roster, per my sources.

3:05 p.m. - Saints will release LB Ray Shipmen

3:10 p.m. - Saints release WR & special teams ace Courtney Roby.  Wow - A bit of a surprise move.  It shows they want a pure receiving threat, and they've got other guys who can fill his role on special teams.

3:38 -  Saints waive TE Keavon Milton.

4:16 - Saints release Andrew Tiller

4: 35 - OLB Jay Richardson cut

4:39 - DT Isaako Aaitui cut

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08/31/2013 2:17PM
Kristian: Saints cut roster to 53
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08/31/2013 3:17PM
Hope RG4 makes it through.
08/31/2013 3:23PM
The other tanner
Andy tanner. The brother not chronicalized on biopic FULL HOUSE makes the team it seems like. Two thumbs up for this one
08/31/2013 3:27PM
super saint
I hope Sean is right about cutting Roby. I didn't see anybody that can replace him. Wasn't the best route runner, but he has speed and hands.
08/31/2013 3:31PM
Toby cut no surprise to me with other WRs emerging. Sproles returns kicks . Just wonder who will take that ace gunner role is my is my only concern
08/31/2013 3:33PM
next man up
super saint, they had a few guys that did really well this preseason on returns that are gonna make the team at WR's. Love Roby but he was expendable
08/31/2013 3:39PM
Not Surprised about Roby
Not a surprise with Roby, He's a great special teams player, but that's all. Tanner can play Special Teams and play WR if needed
08/31/2013 3:40PM
Ryan Griffin
Come on RG4!
08/31/2013 4:27PM
Tanner has great hands, I think He will come away with some clutch plays this season.
08/31/2013 4:31PM
Ryan Griffin
They will regret not holding on to RG4.
08/31/2013 4:33PM
Seneca Wallace was ran out because he was threatening Drew's job.
08/31/2013 4:35PM
No one will pick him up
No one will pick him up so he will be on our practice squad. I believe He has potential for the future.
08/31/2013 4:37PM
Griffin is good, need to replace Daniels, as heir..Like they seem to be trying to keep the best a atheletes, natural players of the game and Who Dat, types that showed the passion to be members of da Saint Nation!
08/31/2013 4:37PM
Seneca wallace
I heard Seneca was threatening Kaepernick's job too, that's why they cut him. LOL
08/31/2013 4:47PM
I thought
I thought Richardson did well, am I thinking of another player?
08/31/2013 4:48PM
Y did they cut jay Richardson he made plays????
08/31/2013 4:52PM
Lol, guess that why SW is not in Seattle anymore either!!!
08/31/2013 4:58PM
Not sure bout Richardson cut eirher: KG had him locked in on prediction roster. Did Avaris make some off the bubble steps, or maybe another wrinkle..i don't know either..
08/31/2013 5:01PM
Richardson cut
Cuting Richardson can only mean someone with more skill was pickup
08/31/2013 5:02PM
Cowboy Bob
All things aside we got to have D -Who Dat
08/31/2013 5:03PM
Rufus Johnson didn't make the cut either, i wonder if they will try and put him on the practice squad.
08/31/2013 5:18PM
WR Parker
i understand he is cut also....didn't he do some kick returning?
08/31/2013 5:21PM
ESPN is reporting this?
Saints moves: Released WR Courtney Roby, DE Jay Richardson, CB Chris Carr, S Jim Leonhard. Waived QB Ryan Griffin, WR Preston Parker, FB Austin Johnson, WR, Saalim Hakim, G Elliott Mealer, TE Keavon Milton, TE Michael Higgins, G Andrew Tiller, C JeremiahWarren, LB Ray Shipman, LB Rufus Johnson, DT Isaako Aaitui, S Jerico Nelson, LB Baraka Atkins, T Marcel Jones, CB Korey Lindsey and CB Jumal Rolle. Placed C Eric Olsen on injured reserve.
08/31/2013 5:23PM
For all those who question the moves of coach payton just remember we were the door mat of the NFL before he got here. He turned us into champions
08/31/2013 5:35PM
Northshore Who Dat
I really hope RG4 don't get picked up sorry Courtney Roby man we love u best of luck and thanks for all the thrills over the years Congrats Big Andy Tanner WHO DAT
08/31/2013 7:00PM
Tanner over Parker, that's just crazy and with all the injuries at OLB & DE why would u cut a play maker like Richardson. He will be on another team by Monday.
08/31/2013 7:16PM
Contendiente no mas
Another great season of football is upon us.
08/31/2013 9:09PM
We had a chance 2 c Mr Benson boogie n d sunshine won't it b special 2 c him boogie n d snow......go 4 d Lombardi......''WHO DAT''
09/02/2013 12:53PM
The Best or Nothing!
Mercedes Benz 2013 campaign is a perfect match for the 2013 Saints who play in the Mercedes Benz Superdome
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