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Kristian Quick Hits: Saints "solid as a rock" after 0 and 3 start


You bet it stings.  You bet it's a big blow to a team that wanted to use the turbulent offseason as fuel to the fire, but the Saints remain steadfast in their belief they have the right people to climb out of a huge hole.

"Every Monday I go in and see Mr. Benson on top of other days, and this organization -including Mr. Benson- is as solid as a rock right now, and we're all in. Everybody's together. Mr. Benson's together (in this). He realizes the situation, and he feels good about the way it's happening. Obviously he doesn't feel good about the record, and we don't like it for him and the fans. Everyone's trying way too hard to lose these games, but we're going to get it fixed. We're going to get it fixed one day at a time and as a group." interim Head Coach Aaron Kromer declared.  "We're that close."

While they might be close, the Saints simply aren't good enough.  Kromer added that it's as simple as execution as to why the Saints are struggling. 


After back to back weeks of allowing an opponent to rush for more than 200 yards on the ground, the Saints defense is clearly in the crosshairs of fans and experts.  "It's not the scheme, Spagnuolo's scheme is sound," said WWL NFL analyst Mike Detillier. 

Well the question becomes is it the players?  It's one or the other.  If it's not the scheme, it has to be the players.  The Saints lack that difference maker on defense.  Sure, they've gotten by in the past without one, but when the offense gives up four sacks, and doesn't secure a first down for the entire 4th quarter and overtime; the defense will be and is exposed.  The defense was on the field 90 plus snaps during the loss to Kansas City.  That is way too many snaps for any defense. 

Payton Factor: 

The Saints refuse to use that as an excuse, but clearly this team is missing the presence of their emotional leader.  Sean Payton has presence that is irreplaceable with this organization.  It's not so much on game day, but throughout the week in preparation.  It was no more obvious than Sunday when the Saints called back to back time outs and were assessed a delay of game penalty.  NFL rules prohibit teams for calling back to back time outs.  The Saints won't use it as a reason for their struggles, but it's clear to me that is the main factor.  I'm not saying the Saints would be 3 and 0, but I can't help but think they would be at least 1 and 2 with Payton.
No Way in Green Bay: 

It's easy to make the argument the Saints don't stand a chance this week on the road against Green Bay in the majestic Lambeau field.  It's one of the toughest visiting venues in the NFL for any team.  At 0 and 3, it's daunting to think the Saints can go on the road in that environment and beat one of the best teams in the NFC.  "I refuse to say we don't have a chance to win in Green Bay," said Kromer.

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09/25/2012 1:52PM
Kristian Quick Hits: Saints "solid as a rock" after 0 and 3 start
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09/25/2012 2:07PM
Season unfolding by design of the NFL
The absence of Coach Payton is not an excuse, it's the design the NFL created for the Saints 2012 season. By design of the NFL, the Saints are in a funk that prevents them from being competitive this season. It's not an excuse, it's reality brought to you by the NFL. The NFL is the wizzard behind the curtain that determines how things unfold. They have all the power. Just look at the replacement official debacle (sp?). The fans need to rise up and put the NFL in its place.
09/25/2012 3:07PM
This article has no facts-no new information, and once again is just a recap of stuff that has already been pushed out by several media outlets. Why does Kristian keep getting more projects? He obviously has nothing to offer with this article...maybe hecan go out and swear they will get if fixed, just like the info he leaked on Brees signing 6 weeks before he did in fact sign...Kristian experiment should be over
09/25/2012 3:31PM
Shouldn't have messed with the G Spot
What's wrong with our Saints? It's simple...management messed with perfection! Perfection you say! Last year that offensive team broke almost every record in the book. So, what do they do? Oh yea, they change things and let the best guard in the league leave...we'll be better for it they think. Shouldn't have messed with the G Spot. An analogy and a few facts...I have always had younger guys come to me and ask advice about women. See, I have been with hundreds of women intimately, not proud of it but it's true. The reason? I don't mess with perfection. I learned many moons ago when you are in the throws of passion and she is getting close to climax and responding vigorously ...KEEP DOING THE SAME THING THAT GOT YOU THERE...TILL IT"S DONE!!! Don't let the excitement and sounds going on make you go faster or switch moves and be cleaver cause you can lose it in the process. It's hard not to I know but DO YOUR JOB...you will thank me in the long run! Steady as she goes...Treat the G SPOT RIGHT! It will pay off in the end! A. MANN
09/26/2012 12:57PM
Your not doing your job!!!
These are more than words on a sign. Everyone, do your job. Yes, even you Drew. Stop trying conduct the post game interviews like you are the head coach. And Kromer, be the head coach!
09/26/2012 4:27PM
Good Article
I thought Kristian made a good point that any defense will eventually break down if the offense keeps going three and out.I have not heard anybody else say that.I didn't expect the defense to be great this year, but I thought the offense would be exactly the same.Zack Strief is letting everybody get to Drew.
09/28/2012 8:49AM
OC needs to adjust
the offensive coor needs to adjust during the game. if you see that your tackles can't keep a guy out of the backfield on pass plays, get him some help...chip with a tight-end or something. He did this same thing last year when they played the Rams. The issues is as much coaching as it is players play.
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