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Randy Moss a Saint? Why Not!

Imagine Randy Moss wearing the Black & Gold...hmmm.  5 years ago I would have said hell no!  Today..I say "Why not?"  The 35 year old wide receiver says he's coming out of retirement after a year off in 2011.  Would you add Randy Moss to the Saints roster?  I would!  He’s a future hall of famer; a 7-time Pro Bowler; and has over 14,000 receiving yards in his career.  Plus, it won't cost much, and we saw what Moss was able to do with Tom Brady and the Patriots with a strong locker room intact.  Yes, Randy Moss has been a cancer on some teams, but he’s been downright fantastic on others.  When he's interested, Moss is an absolute nightmare for defenses.
Moss texted NFL network analyst Heath Evans that he can still run a sub (4.4) 40 yard dash!  If that's true, why not take a look at him?  He'll be cheap, motivated and he wants a ring!  The Saints can give him a shot at that!  And, Payton and Brees have that magic ability to get the best out of an aging player.  Case in point, Darren Sharper.  If the Saints lose Marques Colston to free agency, it would definitely be worth it!  So what if he's 35, you sign him to a one year deal and cut him if he doesn't have anything left.  I can't believe I’m making an argument for Randy Moss in a black and gold uniform, but oddly enough...it makes sense.
Does it make sense to you?

SOUND OFF below!  Do you agree with Kristian that Moss could have a place with the Black & Gold? 

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02/15/2012 10:01AM
Randy Moss a Saint? Why Not!
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02/15/2012 11:52AM
Randy Moss
I say sign him on! He's always been one of my favorite players - he will be good for the team, especially if Colston leaves.
02/15/2012 1:06PM
You make a somewhat good argument but he needs to be a team player.
02/15/2012 1:59PM
Randy Moss
We can also sign Randall Cunningham to throw him the ball
02/15/2012 2:27PM
No Way!!!
There's no doubt that the talent 'was' there, but the Patriots didn't trade him for their health -- he's way too unpredicable to for the Saints to give any half-way thought of signing him, much less a serious one.
02/15/2012 2:31PM
Age isn't the problem...
The black and gold will be left balck and blue if they go that route. Moss is nothing but talented trouble.
02/15/2012 5:42PM
randy moss
would you prefer for him to play for the Packers or 49ers and torch us....he usually has a great game versus the saints....i say sign him...
02/15/2012 9:43PM
Maybe he should be with swamp people
He has rabbit ears and alligator arms. He hears the footsteps, scared to be hit & he will not go after the hard ones anymore. No,,, do not take him. Great once, no more. He has lost his edge.
02/15/2012 11:39PM
once great,now a usetabe
I dont care how good he once was, he is now a 35 yr.old has been. If he had anything left,the entire N.F.L. would not have passed on him for the season.
02/16/2012 6:19PM
Moss Don't Fit
Randy Moss does not have the right attitude for the Saints. He will be the Jets Holmes of the Saints.
02/18/2012 11:31AM
Do What!
We are going to keep Colston - Brees will make sure of that!! Sign Moss to our Practice Squad!!!
02/18/2012 4:11PM
Look at how Moss has been giving up on each team he has played for. He is like Ocho Cinco this season. WASTE OF CAP SPACE! If Moss signs with the Saints, they'll be the idiots of the NFL.
02/20/2012 9:59PM
Y not?
Either colston or meachem are out so y not give him a shot at the league minimum
02/24/2012 4:39PM
Bring him N 4 WorkOut
He gave up on the Patriots because he took that coaching staff, that locker-room, and that QB for granted. They did it the right way, the Patriot way, and that's the way the Saints do it. He got used to it and took it for granted, got sensitive because he stopped giving it everything he had, Bill Bellichek sensed it and started treating him accordingly. He thought he could just go to any other team and be an instant upgrade, but did not stop to consider the quality of the coach and the locker-room he was leaving behind. That's why he has consistently hinted at the fact that he misses playing for the Patriots and Bill Bellichek. There's no way we can keep Brees, Nicks, and Colston. No way. All 3 of them want long-term, big-money contracts, and we can't give it to all of them. The next best thing is to keep the best of the 3, and that's Drew Brees and Carl Nicks. I see the chances of Colston departing via Free-Agency as EXTREMELY LIKELY, more likely, in fact, than keeping him as a Saints. It doesn't matter what Brees wants, he can't make sure of anything if the Saints don't have the money Colston wants. And he won't take less money, he's already said that. If Colston leaves, and I think he will, bring Moss in, sit him down and talk to him, then let him run some routes for Brees and see what you think. No harm done there, and yall would be the idiots if you say even that little bit isn't worth it. If you can get even 5 TDs out of the guy, its WORTH IT. He's not gonna cost much, the Saints need to restructure Will Smith's contract anyway, and if Sean Payton is convinced Moss will come in and work, then Sean can offer him, as the best offensive mind in the game who runs the best offense in the game, a chance at a ring. No need for a big contract, sign him to 1.5 - 2 million if they're convinced, and plug him in. What does Sean Payton love to do? Attack the seams with multiple vertical routes. What is Drew Brees EXCELLENT at? Pin-point accuracy on the vertical routes. What does Randy Moss do best? Run the vertical route! You're a fool if you don't see the potential here, and if he shows any sign whatsoever of being anything less than a full team player, if he doesn't give it his best and pulls up on a catch-able ball or some other such nonsense, he will be gone with the quickness and Adrian Arrington or Joe Morgan will be plugged in. They won't be idiots if they sign him, they'd be geniuses if they are the ones to spot what's left in his tank and use it to their advantage, and if he happens to fool them at first, it won't last long. Either he can play and contribute or he can't, and if Sean Payton wants to find out which, trust me, HE WILL!
02/25/2012 3:43PM
Loubreesianan in ATL
Hell yeah...give Moss a one year deal..you can't teach the natural talent he has...Sean & Drew can help him return to greatness..The Who Dat Nation is the Promise Land for outcast.
02/27/2012 11:52PM
Moss or Henderson
It's the deep threat from the outside that Moss could help with. Henderson just doesn't seem to be getting away from the secondary the way he use to. If Moss can run a sub 4.4 he may be able to stretch the field for Graham and Moore. When I look at Moss coming in as a 3 or 4, I can't say I don't like it. I just don't see the Saints doing it.
02/28/2012 1:58PM
Maybe not that crazy
The Saints have signed controversial players like Jeremy Shockey and Sean Rodgers and made it work. You might question their onfield contributions before you could find anything to point at off the field during their time wearing the black and gold. Moss could be viewed in a similar fashion.
02/29/2012 9:16AM
Don't go there
Moss has been trouble on every team he's played for - in the Big Easy he would have way too many distractions to perform on Sundays - and he's old!! Once Brees signs, Colston will follow (part of Brees's negotiations include keeping Colston and Nicks). We will lose Meachem but still have many weapons for Mr. Brees to throw to!
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