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Deke: Great Saints player nicknames explained

A nickname is defined as a descriptive name added to or replacing the actual name of a person, place or thing - a familiar or shortened form of a proper name.  
In covering training camp the last 12 years, I've come to learn that if you're not excited, energetic or hyped about what you are doing then you probably shouldn't be there. The idea is to come up with something that is relevant, meaningful and worthy of writing, talking about and reading. So in my personal blog today I wanted to focus on nicknames. Sometimes when you're at practice, you don't need to open your mouth to learn many things - you can just listen closely to the things that are happening around you.
"Where is Westbank at?" "C-Lo get'em ready!" "Goodie you got it?"  I hear stuff like that yelled on a daily basis. C-Lo is LB Curtis Lofton. Westbank is Saints CB Keenan Lewis.  And of course Goodie is center Jonathan Goodwin.  

In sports, nicknames are as common as balls and whistles! Nicknames in sports give us a close feel or connection, something we sometimes become accustomed to - they are a part of the game.  Since I’ve been covering the Saints, several nicknames have stood out to me the last few years.
Like "I-Hop" (Carl Nicks). Carl said people called him I-Hop because he used to pancake-block opposing linemen. "Chunk" was the name given to former Saints O-lineman Jermon Bushrod.  Bushrod was called "Chunk" because he was a chunky fellow back in the day.

And of course, "City Champ" is one all Who Dats know. Hall of Fame great Rickey Jackson was called City Champ because he used to say "Before you can be a state champ, a national champ or a Super Bowl champ, you gotta be a city champ first!" 
Longtime Sports Illustrated writer Peter King was checking out Saints Practice Today. His Monday Morning QB online column is perhaps the most popular in all of sports today. So far, King has visited the Bills, Giants, Ravens, and Eagles, and his next stop will be to check on the Carolina Panthers. “I don’t get out as much as I used to, but when it’s all said and done, I will have watched 24 teams practice during training camp,” King told me and Bobby Hebert. 

The first few days of camp are in the books!  Now two more full days take place before the Black and Gold have their first day off on Wednesday.  


On a lighter note, I’d like to give a much deserved thank you to Justin Macione. Justin (we call him J-Mac) is a football communications manager for the Saints, and sometime during today’s practice, I dropped my medicine near the Saints practice facility.  For those of you who have followed me over the years, you may have heard me mention I’ve had some health issues to deal with.

Being away from home, all my medicine is accounted for each day, and to lose it... well, for those of you who have to take meds on a daily basis know what I am talking about. To make a long story short, after practice I could not find my medicine and I drove all the way back to the Greenbrier from Lewisburg and looked all over the field and the facility. As I began to get into panic mode I get a text from Justin - he said he found my bottle of medicine on the ground.  Whew, what a relief.  Thanks J-Mac, I’m truly grateful!

I am also truly grateful to all of the kind folks up here as they have been treating us great. I do miss home but at least it’s nice to be around good down-home country folks.  Til next time – Who Dat! 

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07/27/2014 7:56PM
Deke: Great Saints player nicknames explained
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