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Spud 'Toon: Pucker Factor, Part II

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Spud Cartoon: Pucker factor!

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Spud Cartoon: Payton's Back!

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McConnell Family Pics
What's In The Pot

Kentucky man kills wife who had cancer

A man in Kentucky shot his wife of over 20 years because he says she asked him to 'end her pain' permanantly. The woman was dying from terminal breast cancer and was in serious pain according to friends and family. Read more...

Most Americans don't want an attack on Syria

Latest Pew Research poll shows that the majority of Americans do not want airstrikes or any attack against Syria by the United States. Read more.....

Should the Army pay for Bradley Manning's gender change?

The Army has said they won't provide the hormone therapy he wants to start changing his gender....do you think they should? Read more....

Did these mothers go too far to protect their kids?

Two mothers in two different parishes have been arrested for confronting kids that were either bullying or threatening their children....did they go too far in their protection? Read more....
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