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Dave Cohen - Bio

Our webmaster asked me to write something for my bio page, and I struggled with what I should say about myself. 

My first thought was to write something like… Dave Cohen is a dedicated, award winning, veteran broadcaster and family man. Dave joined the WWL team in 1997. He is a proud father of four children and the husband of a wonderful, loving wife.
Then I wondered if that was what people clicking on my bio page really wanted to read. ‘What do they want to know about me?’ I wondered. I started thinking about who clicks on bio pages, and why they do that.
Bio pages on websites usually talk about how great someone is and almost read to me like an obituary. I am not ready to be dead, so didn’t really want that. I also don’t especially like to brag about myself. I love talking about my kids’ accomplishments, but not so much about my own. I prefer to let my actions speak for themselves.
Who am I? I’m a guy who loves his family, his work and his community. I enjoy going to work each day because I feel that I am doing important work at one of the best radio stations in America. I am honored to help inform and entertain people every day. I am humbled to get to play such an important role in the lives of so many thousands of listeners. 
As much as I love my work, I also love leaving the office each day because it means I am going home to my family. Like nearly every family, we have our challenges, but there is no feeling better than walking through the door and seeing the people I love the most on earth. We eat dinner together as a family almost every night. I cherish that time.
I guess I should also mention that I grew up in suburban Chicago, attended New Trier High School and then went to journalism school at the University of Missouri. After graduation I moved to Longview, Texas and worked there before taking a position in Alexandria, Louisiana. After moving to greater New Orleans, I immediately fell in love with this community. This place has so much personality! There are thousands of boring places you can live around this country; New Orleans is NOT one of them. You could never describe this community as dull. That makes it a fantastic place to live. It also means it’s an unbelievable place to work in the media. I think the passion for New Orleans comes across in my work. People often tell me they are surprised to find out I didn’t grow up here.
My bonds to this region were made even tighter by “the storm.” I stayed here through everything Katrina had to offer. I witnessed and reported to the world what happened here. I saw the worst nature and human nature could deliver. I also watched humans at their best. While there was death, destruction and repugnant behavior all around; there were also angels on earth selflessly giving of themselves to try and make things better and help their fellow humans (even those acting like animals). I could have easily left after Katrina, but refused to go anywhere. I wanted to be a part of and a witness to the revival of such a wonderful place. 
I hope if you came here looking to learn more about me, you got the info you wanted. If not, email me at dave@wwl.com and ask whatever questions you have.
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Dave's Headlines
Killed on TV

VIDEO: TV reporter shot and killed on live television

A TV news reporter has been shot and killed while on live television in Virginia. Their suspected assailant is also dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Watch the video...
Category Two

Hurricane Danny weakens to a Category 2 storm

Hurricane Danny weakened from a Category 3 to a Category 2 storm late Friday night, as it moves across the Atlantic far from land. The hurricane's maximum sustained winds late Friday had dropped slightly to 110 mph, down from near 115 mph hours earlier.   Read more...
10 Yrs Later

New Orleans a shining star 10 years after Katrina

In the days after Katrina, the stars over New Orleans seemed to shine brighter than ever, with no city lights to obscure their view. Read More
Katrina 10th

Residents across Gulf remember Katrina's might, recovery

With prayer and the somber ringing of church bells and the uplifting sounds of brass bands and music, residents across Mississippi and Louisiana today will pay homage to those who died in Hurricane Katrina, thank those who came to rebuild and celebrate how far... Read more
Erika Forecast

Erika falling apart, could reorganize and hit FL panhandle

In the tropics today, what was Tropical Storm Erika has been downgraded to a trough of low pressure near Cuba, but the National Hurricane Center expects the system to become a tropical storm again Monday and head for the Florida panhandle.   Read more...

Longtime Saints recall the team's role in Katrina recovery

Coming off a career-threatening injury, Drew Brees had little choice but to sign with a downtrodden franchise in a disaster zone. Sean Payton became coach of the Saints only after being passed over for the job he really wanted in Green Bay.  Read more...
Erika Forecast

Erika forecast to hit Florida

Tropical Storm Erika is bringing wind and rain the islands in the Caribbean and has already proven to be a killer storm. "On the forecast track, the center of Erika will move over the Dominican Republic today, move near the Turks and Caicos Islands tonight, and move near... Read more
Katrina Lessons

Emergency planners have learned valuable lessons since Katrina

The director of the Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness says the state is in a better position to respond to a Hurricane Katrina like event.  Read more...

Blanco looks back on the 10 years since Katrina

Many people are reflecting back to 10 years ago when Hurricane Katrina descended on the Gulf Coast and caused catastrophic widespread damage. Families throughout the New Orleans area were displaced and people all over the state were opening their doors to evacuees.  Read more...
Bush Back in NO

Bush returns to New Orleans for 10th anniversary of Katrina

Former President George W. Bush is returning Friday to New Orleans — the scene of one of his presidency's lowest points — to tout the region's recovery from the nation's costliest natural disaster on the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  Read more...
Obama in N.O.

President Obama arrives in New Orleans for Katrina anniversary

President Barack Obama travelled to New Orleans today for the Katrina Anniversary. Reporter Andrew Beatty of AFP was the assigned pool reporter. Here are excerpts from his reports:  Read more...
Boil Advisory

Boil water advisory for Gretna

Gretna authorities say e. coli has been found in the city's drinking water.  They have issued a boil water advisory. "The City of Gretna received notification that during routine water sampling testing by the State of Louisiana, e. coli and coliforms were detected... Read more
Erika Forecast

Erika forecast to head near Florida's East Coast

Tropical Storm Erika is forecast to move through the Caribbean over the next three days and then approach southern Florida. "On the forecast track, the center of Erika will move near the Virgin Islands later today, move near or north of Puerto Rico tonight... Read more
Get Out!

10 years ago today, the evacuation was underway

Do you remember what you were doing a decade ago today?  Most people from Southeast Louisiana were running for their lives, and more than 200,000 would never return to make New Orleans their home again.  Read more...
Ebola in Apes

UL research center testing Ebola vaccine on wild apes

Researchers at the University of Louisiana Lafayette New Iberia Research Center are testing an Ebola vaccine for wild apes. The Research Center says Ebola is one of the leading killers of gorillas and chimpanzees.  Read more...
Erika Forecast

Tropical Storm Erika forecast to move near South Florida

The National Hurricane Center says over the next five days, Tropical Storm Erika will move through the Caribbean and then off the southern coast of Florida. "On the forecast track, the center of Erika will move near or over portions of... Read more

Cooler, drier air making people happy

Southeast Louisiana woke up to lower temperatures than we've felt in a long time and less humidity too. "Beautiful!" one may exclaimed in downtown New Orleans,  "I'm going to ride my motorcycle." Another woman said, "I am walking to work today."  Read more...
10 Yrs Later

Our technology will be better in the event of the next big storm

Do you remember what type of cell phone you had during the days after Katrina?  Did it work?  Service was spotty, and it seemed hardly anyone could get through. While there was such a thing as texting, many were not familiar with it... Read more
Not as Hot

A bit of relief from the heat for most of Louisiana

Most of Louisiana gets a bit of relief from the oppressive heat that has been plaguing the state over the past few weeks.  State Climatologist Barry Keim says a cold front began moving across the state Monday night.  Read more...

New Orleans releases ''Resilience Strategy''

New Orleans officials today release a plan to make the city a "global leader in urban resilience." 
It is the city's first Resilience Strategy and comes as part of the observance of the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  Read more...
Erika Forecast

Erika could be a hurricane near the Bahamas

Tropical Storm Erika is moving through the Atlantic Ocean toward the Caribbean.  "Some strengthening is forecast during the next couple of days," according to Hurricane Specialist Richard Pasch at the National Hurricane Center.  "On the forecast track... Read more
No Hero?

Man who tackled shooting suspect: I'm no hero

It was a frightening and dangerous scene: A Louisiana state trooper lay bleeding on the ground as a man rifled through his pockets and tried to take the immobile officer's handgun from his holster.  Some distant bystanders had waved Robert LeDoux over to the side of the... Read more
TS Erika

Tropical Storm Erika develops

Tropical Storm Erika has formed in the Atlantic Ocean far from any land. Right now forecasters do not expect it to become a hurricane. WWL TV Meteorologist Dave Nussbaum says, "Once it gets toward the Caribbean it is expected to... Read more

Man describes tackling trooper shooting suspect

The good Samaritan who helped capture a man accused of shooting a state trooper said Monday that he was first warned off by bystanders but charged up anyway to try to help the trooper in distress.  Read more...
Driver Dies

IndyCar driver Justin Wilson dies of head injury

IndyCar driver Justin Wilson has died from a head injury suffered when a piece of debris struck him at Pocono Raceway. He was 37. IndyCar made the announcement on Monday night at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Read more...
Armed Robberies

Councilwoman: Armed robberies are ''unacceptable''

The recent rash of armed robberies in New Orleans has residents and officials demanding something be done.  "This is unacceptable," New Orleans City Councilwoman Latoya Cantrell said in a statement.  "Over the course of about two weeks, there has been an alarming... Read more
Danny Fizzles

Danny downgraded to a ''trough''

After growing into a category three hurricane last week, Danny is now just an area of disturbed weather. "Reports from an Air Force hurricane hunter plane indicate that Danny has degenerated into a trough of low pressure... Read more
Trooper Killed

Louisiana trooper dies after weekend shooting

The Louisiana State Police trooper shot Sunday has died. "I am very saddened to report that Senior Trooper Steven Vincent has passed away this morning from the gunshot wounds he suffered yesterday in conjunction with a traffic investigation... Read more
Gov. Race

Governor's election is two months away

Louisiana's gubernatorial primary is two months from today and there hasn't been much action among the campaigns. University of Louisiana Political Science Professor Pearson Cross says the one word he would use to describe the race up to now is lethargic.  Read more...
Danny Fizzles

Danny further degrades as it falls apart

The National Hurricane Center says what was a major hurricane in Danny, will soon be a "remnant low" in the Caribbean.  "Reports from an Air Force hurricane hunter aircraft indicate that the maximum sustained winds have decreased to near 35 mph... Read more
Cop Shot

Police: Man who shot trooper told him he would 'die soon

A man accused of shooting a state trooper with a sawed-off shotgun told him afterward, "You're lucky — you're going to die soon," according to the head of Louisiana State Police. Senior Trooper Steven Vincent, 43, was fighting for his life after being shot in the head... Read more
10 yrs Later

New Orleans rises decade after Katrina, but gaps remain

As people search for words to describe New Orleans' recovery a decade after Hurricane Katrina, they sometimes use words verging on the Biblical - an economic and cultural resurrection, a rising from the ashes.  Read more...
Food Comeback

Blame local restaurants for the success of N.O. since Katrina

A main part of New Orleans coming back may just have to do with New Orleans restaurants standing the test of time and refusing to give up.  And you can thank New Orleanians for supporting their favorite eateries whether it was the... Read more
Booze Sales

Should restaurants serve booze when the kitchen is closed?

A battle is brewing over the difference between a bar and a restaurant in New Orleans. The City Council is scheduled to consider an amendment today that would let restaurants serve booze at times they are not serving food.  Read more...

Cops looking for Bourbon Street stabbing suspect

The NOPD is asking for the public's help finding two suspects wanted in connection with a stabbing on Bourbon Street. "The incident took place this morning, August 2, 2015, in the 800 block of Bourbon Street... Read more
Six Shot

2 victims and gunman dead, others injured after shooting in Lafayette movie thea

A gunman opened fire at a movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana tonight. Two of the victims and the shooter are dead...Read more...
Less Clout

Louisiana losing clout in Washington

Louisiana has seen its influence take a serious hit in Washington. According to The Hill, a Washington, DC newspaper, Louisiana's congressional "Clout Index" has fallen from 4th to 30th now that Mary Landrieu is no longer a member of the Louisiana delegation.  Read more...
Jindal Poll

Jindal ranks 13th in Iowa poll for Republican presidential nomination

A republican presidential nomination poll conducted by KBUR/WAA in Iowa, places Governor Bobby Jindal in 13th with 2 percent from likely caucus goers. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker leads with 18 percent.  Read more...
Party District?

Night life in New Orleans' Warehouse District on the rise

An increasingly popular stretch of Tchoupitoulas in the Warehouse District is about to welcome yet another nightspot. The Tchoupitoulas Beer Garden is scheduled to open in mid-August at 840 Tchoupitoulas as a year-round, Oktoberfest-inspired drinking hall.  Read more...
Bow & Gun

Louisiana hunters can now carry guns during bow season

Louisiana hunters are now allowed to carry any firearm of their choice during bow hunting season.  In the past, hunters were only allowed to carry a .22 caliber pistol loaded with rat shot that could only kill small pests.  Read more...

Tigers and Cajuns to meet in the Super Regionals

It's LSU and UL Lafayette in a super regional series this weekend at Alex Box Stadium. Both teams advanced out of their respective regionals, the Tigers defeated UNC-Wilmington 2-0, while the Cajuns defeated Rice 5-2.  Read more...
Tigers Win

LSU advances to Super Regional with win over UNCW

The LSU baseball team took the lead in today's Baton Rouge Regional in the second inning and never looked back. The Tigers beat UNC Wilmington 2 - 0 to advance to the Super Regional round of the NCAA Baseball Tournament.  Read more...

LSU in Regional finals postponed to Monday

Officials have decided to postpone LSU's next game in the postseason to Monday. The regional final will be played at noon.  Read more...
Jindal vs Obama

Poll: Obama more popular than Jindal in Louisiana

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's approval rating in Louisiana is at an all time low according to a new survey. Bernie Pinsonat conducts the Southern Media and Opinion Resarch Poll. He says they found Jindal got a 31.8% positive job performance rating from likely Louisiana voters.  Read more...
More Fast Food

Burgers are far from rare in Louisiana

America's largest fast-food hamburger chains have found a friendly home in Louisiana.There are 6.3 McDonald's restaurants and 4.1 Burger Kings per 100,000 residents in Louisiana, the fifth- and second-highest rates, respectively, in the country... Read more
Early Risers

Study: Morning people are healthier than night owls

You've heard the term "nothing good ever happens after midnight."  There may be something to that.  New research suggesting that being a 'morning person' can help keep you healthy. The study shows 'night people' are at a higher risk for several unhealthy conditions... Read more

#1 LSU takes the series from #2 Texas A&M

Number one ranked LSU and Texas A&M played another classic college baseball game on Friday and for the second straight night the Tigers came out on top. The Bayou Bengal bats erupted for four runs in the 7th inning to erase a three-run deficit... Read more

Durst indicted in New Orleans

Prosecutors in New Orleans are turning up the heat on millionaire Robert Durst.  A day before a crucial hearing on extraditing the wealthy heir to Los Angeles, grand jurors have handed up indictments on gun charges.  Read more...

Man survives 66 days after boat flips in ocean

A man whose family reported him missing at sea more than two months ago was found floating on the overturned hull of his sailboat 200 miles off the North Carolina coast on Thursday, the U.S. Coast Guard said.  Read more...
Moving On

Humans hardwired to handle a breakup and move on

We appear to have a mechanism in our brains designed to pull us through a very tumultuous time in our lives.  St. Louis University researchers suggests people will recover after a breakup. 
Tax Hikes?

Louisianians want budget hole resolved with cuts and tax hikes

How do Louisiana voters want the more than one billion dollar budget hole fixed? The 2015 Louisiana Survey reveals that 83-percent of Louisianians want the state's budget deficit to be resolved through a combination of spending cuts and tax hikes.  Read more...

Abita Brewing contributes to U.S. craft beer growth

Craft beers accounted for 11% of U.S. beer sales volume in 2014, marking the first time that segment reached the double-digit mark, according to an annual industry report. And local brewer, Abita, did its part to contribute to that mark.  Read more...
Pels Win

Davis scores 43 as Pelicans beat Bucks

Anthony Davis matched a career-high with 43 points and also had 10 rebounds, six assists and two blocks in the New Orleans Pelicans' 114-103 win over the Milwaukee Bucks on Monday.
Eric Gordon added 16 points for the Pelicans, who have won two in a row.  Read more...
LSU Wins

Tigers cut down Lumberjacks 8-1

New first baseman Danny Zardon crushed his second home run of the season and four LSU relievers combined to toss five innings of one-hit ball as LSU (11-1) downed Stephen F. Austin (4-9) X-X at Alex Box Stadium on Tuesday night.  Read more...
New Career

Edwin Edwards going for real estate license

Former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards is making news again as he plans to seek his real estate license. The former four term governor and ex-con says with an 18-month old child and young wife, he would like to make sure there is a nice nest egg left behind... Read more
JP Mardi Gras

Pictures: Fat Tuesday Fun in Metairie

The cold conditions couldn't keep revelers away from the Metairie parade route.  Check out some of the sights along the way...
Parade Changes

Weather moves parades

Predictions of nasty weather Monday and on Fat Tuesday itself prompted Houma authorities to move three parades scheduled on those days up to Sunday, so four were rolling.  Read more...
BP Trial

Trial ends over how much BP should pay for Gulf oil spill

The latest phase of a trial to determine how much BP should pay in Clean Water Act penalties for the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill — which could reach $13.7 billion — ended Monday, but a decision from the judge is not expected for months.  Read more...
Crawfish Time?

Louisiana's favorite crustaceans arriving for Christmas

Mudbugs are beginning to pop up in Louisiana. We're beginning to see crawfish advertised at metro area restaurants and grocery stores. "For a lot of producers, crawfish season has begun," says Dr. Greg Lutz, Crawfish Researcher at the LSU Ag Center.  Read more...
Random Cuttings

Woman cuts random victims in the French Quarter

New Orleans Police say a woman with some sort of blade stabbed or cut two people in the French Quarter in what appears to be unprovoked attacks.  "The NOPD is asking for the public's assistance in locating an unknown female... Read more
Freezing Again

Another freeze warning through Saturday morning

"Another unseasonably cold night is expected tonight as cold high pressure settles over the area," the National Weather Service said in a Freeze Warning for most of Southeast Louisiana Friday into Saturday.  Read more...
Peterson Plea

Peterson enters plea bargain in child abuse case

Minnesota Vikings star Adrian Peterson entered a "no contest" plea to misdemeanor charges in his child abuse case today.  The judge accepted the plea that was part of a plea bargain with prosecutors.  Read more...

Causeway crash kills worker, closes bridge

A fiery crash over Lake Pontchartrain killed one person and shut down the southbound Causeway Bridge Monday afternoon. Officials say one vehicle had to be pulled from the water. A body was recovered in the lake.  Read more...
Frost Sunday?

Cold air pushing in, bringing frost to Louisiana

It looks like the coldest weather, so far, this fall will hit Louisiana this weekend.  CS Ross, with the National Weather Service, says a cold front is moving through the Bayou State today. "Ushering in a much cooler air mass for this weekend.  Read more...

Dierks Bentley headlines Orpheus

The Krewe of Orpheus says country music star Dierks Bentley will ride in the krewe's parade in Lundi Gras night and headline the 2015 Orpheuscapade. "With over five million albums sold, 11 GRAMMY nominations, membership in the Grand Ole Opry... Read more
Ebola Concern

LSU worker to stay off campus after trip to Africa

Louisiana State University says an employee who trained Liberian police officers to use protective clothing has been asked to stay off campus for three weeks — the period during which Ebola virus symptoms could show up.  Read more...
Teacher Sex

Police release report on teacher sex case

Police have released the arrest report in the case of two Destrehan teachers who allegedly had group sex with a teenager in Kenner. The report shows that the teachers allegedly, "had consensual sexual intercourse with a 16 year old juvenile."  Read more...
Bodies ID'd

Family IDs bodies of woman, child found by highway

Family members say the bodies of a woman and a young child that were found in the grass along Interstate 10 in New Orleans have been identified and are the pair who had been reported missing since Saturday.  Read more...
Bodies Found

Dead child and woman found along I-10

New Orleans Police are investigating after the discovery of the bodies of a child and a woman along Interstate 10. Officer Hilal Williams says they bodies were at I-10 W along the Old Gentilly on ramp.  Read more...
EJ Shooting

Shooting near East Jefferson High School campus

One person was shot near the East Jefferson High School campus as a football game was wrapping up Friday night. An email from the sheriff's office says, "male victim, non life threatening injuries."  Read more...

Shots fired during chase on the Causeway

Police say they chased an armed robbery suspect on the Causeway late Saturday night. Witnesses report hearing shots fired. Cops closed the bridge in both directions.  Read more...

4th of July Events

From the City to the suburbs, Southshore to Northshore, Eastbank to Westbank; there are celebrations for Independence day planned.  Starting JUne 29th and running through the 4th of July, there are all kinds of events.  Click here to read a list of the celebrations...
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