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Garland: Is there a looming economic crisis around the corner?
Should we be celebrating a thriving U.S. economy, or worry about a possible economic crisis around the corner? Some headlines I've seen in the last few days: "US stocks tumble as volatility returns," "This is the most dangerous stock...
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Garland: Is Ebola a real problem now or still just hype?
Are fears about the Ebola virus becoming a worldwide pandemic warranted or not? brightcove.createExperiences(); After today's news that Thomas Duncan, the first patient to be diagnosed with Ebola in the US died in the Dallas hospital...
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Garland: Can Louisiana protect all its residents?
The simple answer might be no. A new study from Tulane University says many in unprotected areas will be forced from their homes, and that parish and state leaders don't have any idea how or where to relocate them. ...
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Garland: Why are we making rape victims pay for their assault?
Why are women who are raped and sexually assaulted receiving huge hospital bills for medical treatment they received after the crime? It may be hard to believe, but it seems to be true. Our esteemed state leaders have been sending hospital bills to...
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Garland: Should Americans worry about Ebola?
Should the Ebola virus be a major concern to America and us Americans?   What about the CDC's initial concerns over critically ill crew members on a ship headed to New Orleans? The Marine Phoenix spent a short time in Panama and the...
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Garland: Are we fighting ISIS or ourselves?
Are you ready to put troops back on the ground in the Middle East?   The latest polls shows 2/3rds of Americans back attacking ISIS militants and almost 1/3rd are ready to deploy troops.  We’ve spent two trillion dollars getting the...
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Garland: Louisiana doesn't even look like a boot anymore
What will save Louisiana’s coastline?   The situation is desperate. In an article written for Medium.com, Brett Anderson explains how the iconic "boot" shape of the Bayou State may be outdated. If you re-drew the maps today and...
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Garland: Is ISIS building biological weapons?
After the NATO summit, President Obama declared: ISIS must be dismantled, not just contained.  He said NATO agrees, and the international coalition needs to take immediate action against ISIS.   And, what if ISIS has the ability to engage in...
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Garland: If we want to 'close the border,' someone tell me how!
As the war over illegal immigration heats up, we hear more and more calls for "closing the border.”   These calls follow years of both sides saying we couldn't build a 650-mile fence on our southern border. So once again the...
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Garland: Do we pay for a cell, or a pill?
“Neurocriminology” is a whole new field of research that deals with minds of violent criminals.  The big question -- how much of who we are and what we do -- is because of our brain chemicals?  Through years of hosting the...
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