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Garland: Remembering C.B. Forgotson
C.B. Forgotston is dead.  It’s a loss that few outside of his circle of friends and family will notice and that’s as big a tragedy as his death.  C.B. absorbed a lot of hate and anger in an attempt to make our lives better. He...
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Garland: Let's put mass shooting reports in a 72-hour can!
In the film days of television news, when a camera person or reporter made a report in advance, we called that “putting it in the can.”  So how about we put reporting mass shootings in a can that we can use over a 72-hour period, which...
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Garland: Has political correctness gotten out of control?
Do you hesitate to say Merry Christmas out of fear it may offend somebody? Do you consider yourself politically correct or incorrect? A sheriff in Harris County Georgia posted a warning sign – “we are politically incorrect.”...
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Garland: Can refugee vetting process really screen out terrorists?
Can the United States' refugee vetting process catch terrorists?  Is it even practical or even possible?  Syrians have to be “vetted” for two years before getting permission to come to America. President Obama vowed to veto a...
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Garland: Americans increasingly reject organized religion
More and more Americans are rejecting religion, especially the Millennial generation - people born after 1980. A new poll from the Pew Reseach Center gives us the following results to pick over: The share of Americans who say they are...
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Garland: Nothing simple about New Orleans' crime problems
Are crimes going undocumented because police response times are so slow?  Are NOPD crime numbers “artificially low” because crimes are labeled “unfounded.”  Who should bear the brunt of responsibility for the problems...
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Garland: Gun store held accountable for criminal misuse of guns
Jurors ordered a gun shop owner to pay nearly $6 million to police officers wounded by a gun bought at his store. You agree with that?   The case involves a negligence lawsuit filed by officers against Badger Guns, a shop in suburban Milwaukee...
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Garland: Does Donald Trump's tax plan really add up?
Could Donald Trump’s tax plan get him elected?  "It's a tax reform that I think will make America strong and great again," Trump said Monday.  Trump’s tax plan calls for the rich to pay more, corporations to pay...
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Garland: Superdome - symbol of Katrina destruction and New Orleans rebirth
In telling the story of the recovery of New Orleans after the biggest disaster in the history of America, we had to talk about the great healer in our community – sports!  The focus of our conversation was a symbol of Katrina destruction, now...
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Garland: If Katrina recovery were a football game, this is halftime
I was back at the Katrina 10 Media Center at the Sheraton this morning with another show full of people I really respect and think have done great work not just for themselves but for the whole city of New Orleans. In one hour today, I spoke to Lt....
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