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Favorite Sport?

Pro football is a fan favorite

The favorite sport of Americans remains Professional football, and is followed by Major League Baseball, College football third in a recent poll. Nationwide, over one-third (35%) of adults who follow at least one sport say professional football is their favorite sport... Read more

Who Dat Nation looking forward to first home game of 2014

Your New Orleans Saints finally return to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome this Sunday, after opening the season with two straight road losses. The Who Dat Nation this morning is looking forward to the Saints getting halfway out of the hole. Read more...
No Vacation?

America a 'No-Vacation Nation': wired, tired and not taking time off

Surveys find that 40 percent of American workers leave vacation days unused - three to seven days on average. Why do we do it? Tulane Business Professor, Mark Rosa, says part of the reason is fear. "People don't want to take off. They're worried about their jobs... Read more
Killed Mom?

Daughter, boyfriend accused in JP bludgeoning death

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office says a 34-year-old woman from Terrytown, Louisiana, and her 26-year-old boyfriend have been arrested in Virginia and are accused of killing the woman's mother in Louisiana.  Read more...
Big Swing?

Analyst skeptical of poll showing Landrieu losing support

A new poll conducted by Fox News shows Republican US-Senate candidate Bill Cassidy with a substantial lead over the incumbent Democrat Mary Landrieu in a head-to-head match-up. The survey shows Cassidy with 51% of the vote and Landrieu with 38%... Read more
4 Years Ago

Fourth anniversary of capping the BP well

Four years ago today workers were able to cap the BP well that created the largest environmental disaster in the history of North America. Executive Director for The Coastal Protection Restoration Authority, Kyle Graham, says, four years later, most of the oil has been removed... Read more

Federal agency can look at rig owner's role in BP oil spill

A federal appeals court in New Orleans has upheld a federal safety board's right to investigate the role of Transocean Deepwater Drilling Corp. in the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil disaster.  Read more...

Suspect, person of interest, sought in French Quarter beating

New Orleans Police want to know the identities of a couple of men involved in a French Quarter aggravated battery. It was caught on tape Tuesday night. Read more...
Belly Fat

Belly fat is on the rise

A government study says Americans bellies are expanding for both men and women. Read more...

The FBI arrests man threatening to extort local student

When 50-year-old John Michael Fowler arrived at Armstrong International Airport, he probably didn't expect to be greeted by FBI agents, but he was. Read more...
Malaria in LA

Malaria, not ebola on ship from Africa to New Orleans

Health officials have identified malaria as the cause of an illness that hospitalized at least one crew member aboard a ship that's now docked in New Orleans. The Centers for Disease Control says at least one crew member of the Liberian-flagged ship, Marine Phoenix, tested positive... Read more

Louisiana men make 33 percent more than women

New Census data show that women in Louisiana are paid about two-thirds of what men are paid -- the nation's largest gender pay gap.  Read more...
Baby in Bed

LSU expert: Don't let babies sleep in your bed

Nearly half of all parents share a bed with their newborn baby.  A new reports says if you want your infant to live, don't do that. LSU Health Sciences Center Pediatrics Instructor Jennifer Kelley says an estimated 45 percent of families co-sleep.  Read more...

Hollywood South wants its own study on tax credit program

With Hollywood South overtaking Hollywood, California, for film and TV productions, even the Golden State is considering tax credits like the ones here. But tax credit programs like that have come under fire recently. Read more...
Happy Wife...

Study: Wife's happiness more crucial to marital success than husband's

When a wife is happy with her marriage, that happiness boosts her husband's overall satisfaction with life, no matter how he rates the marriage himself. However, a Rutgers research study says the reverse doesn't hold true.  Read more...

Report: critically ill patient taken from freighter has malaria

Jefferson Parish President John Young says a federal health officials has informed him that a critically ill patient taken from a freighter docked in Belle Chasse has malaria, WWL-TV reports. Read more...

Health officials, Coast Guard to board ship docking in New Orleans

Health experts from the Centers for Disease Control,  members of the U.S. Coast Guard, and government epidemiologists will board a ship scheduled to dock Wednesday night in New Orleans East.  Read more...

Louisiana's prison population on the decline, but still the highest in the U.S.

A federal report says Louisiana's prison population fell two-percent last year, but the state still has the highest incarceration rate in the US, well ahead of Mississippi who is second. Read more...
Singles Scene

Social media and how singles are hooking up

A new report finds that Louisiana has a greater precentage of single adults than any other state in the country. Read more...
Charter Flights

GOP leader presses for more Landrieu flight detail

The chairman of the Republican National Committee is calling on U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu to release all records of her taxpayer-funded charter flights for an independent review. Read more....

Do you tip your housekeepers when you stay at a hotel?

Marriott hotels have announced a new initiative, encouraging hotel guests to tip the housekeepers who clean their rooms. Read more...
Single People

Louisiana tops nation for number of single people

According to a new report with data compiled from the U.S. census, Louisiana has the most single people in the nation. The Martin Prosperity Institute study found 55.7 percent of adults here are nor married. Read more...
Low Polling

Jindal not deterred by low presidential poll numbers

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is not concerned about poll numbers that show him receiving little support when compared to other potential presidential candidates. Jindal received only three percent in a recent CNN poll of New Hampshire republican voters... Read more
Teachers Quit

Louisiana teachers still retiring at a high rate

Louisiana schools are still seeing a higher number of teachers retiring compared to what they saw three years ago. Nearly 3,000 kindergarten through 12th grade teachers retired during the fiscal year that ended June 30. Read more...

Is brain-eating amoeba in your water system?

Another water system in Louisiana is dealing with brain-eating amoeba. The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals says as they step up their testing, that's bound to happen. Read more...
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Favorite Sport?

Pro football is a fan favorite

The favorite sport of Americans remains Professional football, and is followed by Major League Baseball, College football third in a recent poll. Nationwide, over one-third (35%) of adults who follow at least one sport say professional football is their favorite sport... Read more

QB to QB: Brees expects valiant effort from Vikings

The Cajun Cannon Bobby Hebert and I held our weekly interview with Saints QB Drew Brees on Sports Talk.  “It is a thin line between being 0-2 and 2-0. We feel like as a team we have made the necessary corrections and look forward to getting back on the field this week,” Brees said. Read More

Kristian: Saints are focusing on the details

The little things get you beat.  A play here and a play there in the NFL really is the difference between being 0-2 and 2-0. The Saints say the harsh reality of their 0-2 start is about paying attention to the little things. Read More

Steve: Sit Em or Start Em? Fantasy football, week three

SIT EM: Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo - While the St. Louis Rams offense is abysmal, their defense is lethal.  Tony Romo will be under plenty of duress in the Edward Jones Dome Sunday. Read More

Anthony Jennings needs to find another target outside of Dural

When something keeps working, why fix it? When you know that something won’t work every time, that’s when. LSU’s aerial combination of quarterback Anthony Jennings to receiver Travin Dural has been a goldmine for the Tigers so far this season... Read more

Payton: With Ingram out, Saints other RBs ready

New Orleans' running game has been the least of coach Sean Payton's worries during the Saints' first two games. The coach expects that to remain the case, even with his most productive rusher, Mark Ingram, sidelined by a broken hand.  Read more...

LSU - Mississippi St. Preview

The early season performances of Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott have gotten the attention of LSU coach Les Miles. "Dak Prescott is as good a player as there is at his position in our conference," Miles said... Read more

Brees defends the reputation of the NFL

The NFL's image is suffering because of the Ray Rice domestic abuse case and now Vikings star Adrian Peterson is facing child abuse charges. Saints Quarterback Drew Brees says unfortunately the perception is NFL players beat their wives and children... Read more

Kristian: Saints RB Ingram played most of Browns game with broken hand

Saints coach Sean Payton announced running back Mark Ingram had surgery to repair a fracture in his hand. “There was a fracture, it was displaced, so it wasn’t something he could put a cast on.  Everything went well. He’ll be a week to week player.” Read More

Steve: Know Your Enemy, week three - Minnesota

The Saints look for their first victory of the 2014 NFL season Sunday when they host the Minnesota Vikings. There’s no place like home, as the Black & Gold’s last defeat in the Superdome came on December 30th, 2012 to the Carolina Panthers. Read More
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