Will Mitch Landrieu be remembered as a "Dictator" or will there be a statue erected honoring him for removing controversial historic monuments?

Will Mitch Landrieu be remembered as a "Dictator" or will there be a statue erected honoring him for removing controversial historic monuments? Hear what New Orleanian Frank Stewart Jr thinks about the mayor.

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And welcome back into the think tank glad to have you with us on this Friday morning and our biggest news story certainly in New Orleans it's also a large new story across the country now the whole nation is watching Tennessee wins lasted the controversial. Confederate monuments will be removed in the city of new wall and so we have reporters out there in them to a school will be talking about is scheduled for later this afternoon. And then press conference by the mayor Mitch Landrieu. I done this how are really didn't wanna get into the merits in the discussion of whether you'll four against keeping those I think that is been hashed out and talk now to. A degree where I think people really town. And I just wanna get. Your perspective on what impact this will have on the legacy of Mitch Lander. And that's not ready opinion poll question I mean I believe that he owns this that he is them the big guy behind that without his. Assistance input art take oval what do you wanna call it level would have happened and we're asking you do you think he's going to be remembered as they dictators you've been called. Or will he be remembered as an honorable honorable mayor what is that cast your vote at WW dot com it's a parity opinion poll question that. Just to kind of put this whole thing in perspective I've been hearing pros and cons and know people that don't see it is isn't it org that is really not factual and is a lot of that discussion on on. But I think all of them the best comments that I heard come out of this whole issue. Was delivered by former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice. And here's what she says she said sanitizing. History. To make yourself feel better is a bad thing. She went on to say that we need to keep history beat forties. And you tell your children what it was about and explain that you don't put past history in front view in the future. And you also brought up a really good she says their ancestors according to the constitution in this country. Were considered to be only three fifths of a man. She said in 1952. Are dead had trouble even getting to register to vote in the state of Alabama. But then in 2005. She a black woman. Took an oath of office for the highest positions in this country the secretary of state. That oath was administered by a Jewish woman. That is one generation. A huge current. She says that is the true story of American and that we should be celebrating that. Instead of becoming divided over some monuments what they mean when they issued. Knew that being said let me introduce I guess frank Stewart frank thank you for joining us. Don thank you line and I thank you very much for that information you'd this year it would Europe listening audience. Condoleezza Rice whom I had the pleasure of the is an outstanding. Example of the problem that we have right now or forest. With Mitch and I know Mitch well out there have been. For under the Landrieu family for a long time and supported them moon and I will both graduate graduates so I know. The land who bought family very well have supported not only merry but. Such system Matalin who is a judge now. And I can only to have working in the early childhood. Effort right now with a cousin. And our AM roundup and all I can say is it's it's a shame. That we citizens and I'm 81 years old I don't mind don't have been a lifelong citizen and resident of this area. I don't really feel that it's fair for an individual. You mentioned the word dictator as I have because unfortunately. In the democratic process. We elect a person to be Al leader and ten and then mayor. And unfortunately. A mayor has a responsibility. Of doing what the majority and that's the word is the majority of my public wants to have done. And unfortunately. He has not gone wrong with allowing an election to be hand I. Donna went to see Mitch. Three times. And I had a private visit his office is goes back six months ago not long ago. Unfortunately after the South Carolina horror. While the incident where one individual was guilty of really causing a serious problem. And bringing up. Again not an issue that is not an issue because today and Condoleezza rice's said it will just when I heard you say just now. This is not a racist issue this is a situation of the past where we have had. We're very positive. A positive evolution. Not a negative evolution we have grown together as in the country the greatest free country in the world. And god only knows nothing happens overnight it takes time for history to evolve. A game. You're reference to Condoleezza Rice is absolutely perfect because it if you could put that had been in bold print. Before every voter and every person in this whole debate of whether or not the tent down history. I think that we would have an issue. Mitch has sees this as an opportunity politically. And hazardous and that would mean three times what he made it very clear. That he wanted to pursue this because he had and when not told an acid Mitch do you realize how much it's gonna cost. Two movies statues and take them down and so on he says I have someone. Assistant that is gonna pay part. And how how I'll handle Latin at Sid. All the taxpayers are gonna have to come out with a lot of money. If you don't have someone it's gonna pay parties is why have someone. Later on in my second visit. Unfortunately the bids and prices came in and it was so high. Over 600000 dollars and now it's going to be much more than that no find them now do time. In the depends on how much he says it's been celebrating I understand he's had a he's scheduled applauded this afternoon to celebrate after his conference. But I've I hate to say this attacked tea. Is paying the cost right now. And what it's gonna cost is something I'll also admit that the solution has to admit I'll put up the money. Don't put. Large morons plaques can put eight football in size at the foot of each one of these memorials of these great generals. And our great president of the of the confederacy. Many years ago bees being honorable. Sensational. Leaders of our country. Every one problem. Russia will put up. Plaques at the bottom of the statutes and be able to tell the history that has changed from segregation. And slavery. And all the horrors of the past because I have never in my life than a segregationist talks. A prejudiced person die and what Condoleezza Rice says enough. And I had never heard this before so I really command you have heard it for the first time a few minutes ago. But to have. With the dish with the lack of discrimination. And have a female Jewish. Oh lead be responsible in whole life what what she did is is absolutely one and has a African American leader. She is the living proof that we can no longer a prejudice nation would no longer a nation of slaves they no longer a nation. That does that takes advantage of people. And Mitch is taking advantage of all of us because what he's doing is spending on tax money right now and he's putting it forth. In such a way that is nothing more than an attempt to make a name for himself nationally. I'll read his in his interview with the New York Times or read his interview with the Washington Post. And what Mitch is doing right now is crude supplying our reputation as a wonderful diversity as a place where everyone wants to come. And I and I really. I can understand how long Lida a mania. Can go on racquet. And portray us as a racist. Community. That it and that he needs to involve himself in to it and he's totally responsible if you say there's no two ways about it. But it is to take that attitude of tearing down these three monuments to make a name for himself. Is is I would say simple. Idea and have made a comment to somebody the other day yes sets another dale come. When Mitch will meet Lee and Oregon and Davis. Faced a fates. But unfortunately I think it'll they'll be in different places. Franks they would they were gonna take a break there was gonna Condoleezza Rice is a woman I have the utmost respect him when Curtis to make those statements I was totally mesmerized and said you know on. She's Macon sent Sweeney to celebrate not become more and this will be right back talked with frank Stewart the author of an open letter to mayor amidst land drew in the advocate. We'll also bring you into the conversation a Bible for 2601878. And you care to send this attacks please do it responsibly no texting and driving 87870. Will be. And we're also asking you to cast your vote on on WW all ready opinion poll. Asking you this question how old mayor Mitch Landrieu will be remembered as it dictate all will they even be a statue honoring him for removing controversy you'll historic monuments. We actually simplify the vote dictator 94%. Say he would be remembered as a dictator is 6% say he will be remembered Aniston horrible may cast that vote. At WWL dot com. In this past Tuesday's. Advocate you can check go back get the on the wall and advocate dot com. And you'll see on open letter to mayor Mitch Landrieu this was the second from frank Stewart who has what this on the air Ben bag and also wrote it. Our response to and edit editorial than an opinion that appeared in the in the New York Times with regard to PT Bora garden they're both side by side in the paper if you wanna look at him. Frank you know I've heard ms. Landrieu make what I consider some outrageous statements and I almost didn't believe my ears when I heard him yesterday. Say that these monuments. Where the cause of our best and brightest of the city of Lee. I can't believe he made that statement. Don I I can only respond much sand. Mitch is kind of habit of saying a lot of things that are not true and it. I hate to call him what you would define that as the double last. Mitt says what's pleasing to him and what he wants to accomplish he says he has a majority of the voters but when I went to his office. And to me if you have a chance to get out of this controversy while if you put this operable. He gave me ten reasons why he couldn't put it on a ballot. But guess what you know done. I'm a believer in the fact that whether it will it was a way and he could very easily. He Tony's that you can't put some Alabama and balance punches it's a contest between. People want candidates running for office. Or tax issue and so on but he could very easily appoint an individual. And let the public choose the individual to be the person to make the decision and of course that would beat Panama two. Making the decision whether to keep reminding missed a lot of build look at you'd be electing one that's part once we get are against it. But I said Mitch. You can put this on the public referendum and we you don't handle this any other way you're not a Democrat you call yourself a Democrat. But you're not letting your citizens make the decision. And of course. As you just said right now Mitch has a lot of things he can't cities that I have 68% of the people follow me. As admits capable. Yet and a wonderful and Don that you that you take in this poll right now. I was unaware of it but I can promise you I haven't voted yet but I mean vote talk. It will put today out. Frank you know aside from the OP race in history vs the offensive line angle of this. The financial just blows me away 600000 dollars was the adjustment but I don't know of any government project at a McCain Meehan and under budget so it's going to be over and above that I got thinking got to throw in the the added police protection is safety that's going to be involved in in the storage in this. This thing is gonna run out of gas and I'm no mathematician 850002. Million dollars. How could this be done on this emergency basis as has got to be done right now. When people all over the city of talking about crime and seats in the streets that you can't drive on and in bad schools. How bad could that money have been spent and as it was so easy for him to go out and recruit that money in rallied the troops forward. Why Tony do it for these other ariz. Don you said it well in many American Manger again because I think you really speak for the majority. Of the citizens in this community and I commend you because again I've been. Of the citizen of this city of 81 years I have a magnificent wife. Of 55 years and she's lived it I mean she is absolutely upset. Over the fact she used to be of a good friend of it she says you don't wanna talk to him anymore. But Mitch is is that type of person he's really not interested in anybody else right now but his political. QQ you you had a poll few minutes ago when you were talking about what they can remember Mitch has. I have a net addition besides dictator. Political opportunist. He's a political opportunist that sees an opportunity. And I have I have to say with the help of a friend who opened the paper this initially and now. Achievement had the gall and the audacity. To ask me would I be a contributor. To help pay for them who the monuments. That's the type of personality you're dealing with. I would only hope. That apple would have a job Mitch goes too wrapped his term limited position right now. Or whatever a other job but he hasn't political life slate elected. They understand the nature of the kind of person that they're electing all hiring. Bitches I think established the legacy now and a very Leah. Indication. If he wants to go celebrate today. Achievement of move in the with a pool monuments I'm sure he will have a great group of people that that'll applaud him. But I can promise you it is not the majority it is absolutely. Election would taken today. Your nanny would. Frankly we've got ended new York College on this CBS news heartbreak thank you for being with this and thanks for your efforts on this I are down below to add some up. And we also have a text message board and 8787. They always asking you reminding you text responsibly use a designated driver if you going to be texting. No texting and driving we also have up ready opinion poll question up about mayor Mitch Landrieu. Do you think he'll be remembered as a dictator or is an honorable mayor aren't. I think you all the blowing up my poll here I'm never seen this happen is a 101%. Saying dictator and 3% saying I'm rumbles on its honored for sentiment quite sure that. Balanced out but that's just the way the numbers. Frank Stewart has been whether some Franca and so we had the break for that CBS news update that it comes in like a train and bottle get off the track I get Ronald but I I didn't wanna cut you off and you've got a little bit Morse. Don you vert sign and I appreciate that but I understand. And I'd like to just say that they're coupled specific things I'd like to talk about it suggest just very quickly. There's still something that we can do I can promise you this isn't over yet and it won't be over because. There's a tremendous majority of people who wanna see the statute back in their place and would only hope. That we can accomplish that there's a petition that has been started. And that it only requires 101000 voters which is not a whole lot but right now we can get 101000 voters to call. The public bowl and I'll give immunity the current number is WWW. Dot saves. No law. Heritage. Dot org. That's WWW. Shave Nolan heritage. Dot all our. You can call and you'll get the instructions of how you can put your name on this public boat and and hopefully the outcome is going to be. That we will beat prevail. In in getting double publicly because that's what this would be all about. Is that he would quote require a public vote then we know we literally. How many citizens deal that the monuments really should not have been removed and taken down so please consider. Calling that that then mine and and and put your name on the list one other thing constructively. Dissent suggests. Right now the house bill number 71 which isn't. In in the congress right now open in Baton Rouge and is still being debated on normal with a jobless senatorial committee and not. But I hope everybody listening this would call that senator. And ask them. Aerial put this on and in a committee which undoubtedly is very biased and prejudiced in one direction. And it should have been another committee and I have to tell you that the we have our work cut out forest but we have a tremendous rich response from the east. Legislators that we have in Baton Rouge so I'm asking everybody to call. This senate bill on their congressman what heavy and really let their feelings be known. Done again an edgy content lie and get wound up very easily it is. I hate to say that the emotion of this whole issue. It's so destructive could not citizens. A city is gonna celebrate 300 years and I must say game. That we're traverse city where city that lives all for the popularity. Of bringing conventions. And all of that one couple events that we have here. And if we can't allow that to be destroyed. By a person who's looking out for himself trying to make a name for himself. I would say this that is manageable wants to use me as Leo. As a reference in his future job on I can promise you he ought to put me down and I'll tell on the type of person that. Hiring or electing. Packed and probably should Mitch has made his legacy and you ask the question at the open of the problems all even remember Mitch from his office based. I think it speaks for itself and you'll hear it very clear so. Outwardly let let you ask me the question have been talking amok well minute and I really like to have you ask me whatever you want. Well frank I guess that's kind of above it really you've covered at all and you gonna a good job done and thank you so much you mean you could be out station if you wanted to mature a concerned citizen very concerned and you've got involved in this and I think you're looking for the right thing. You're not taking a stand on it which is doing is saying let's let the people decide what they wanted and when and that way it's done fairly and equitably when I. And and done with not a racist community on the handle one of them though. It was reported to be that went between lieutenant governor. He had made the suggestion. To put the confederate flag on license plates to. Now I can't verify that but active period that the report that is coming in and that it would if it's true. You you'll really verify the fact. Mitch Dutton. Tell these two faced in fact when he was confronted with the fact that he put it on the a proposal for the license plates the confederate flag he said his response was out change. Well I hate to say this but. Hope you'll change your game and that will be hailed restore law. The history and the magnificence of the mine it's that we've lost. It's it's a crime chain we are wonderful community and hope we continue to get every convention every organization. Every event whether it is Super Bowl. Then everything that law and stands on its own important. To have an image and bitch is such crowing image and trying to make a racist Asia something that was not a problem. The avalanche many many years we had four African American. Mayor as they never had a problem with any of this packed up talked to a problem. Sydney but now let me put it on the national historic write this these monuments. What are hypocrisy. I hate to say it but that's a good word that people are focused on. You can't be a public leader and be hypocritical. And and I say that very sincerely. I like Mitch I have a great friendship with being on Churchill and now because he's not going to be in my. My right at an and one that same rap he dispute his rant at me and that of responding. So I'll hope. I hope we can go on in the future I don't believe in having an idol of people I do not. Haven't seen prejudices against male female. Young old old white black. Question. Jewish on any other state. A low life and I can promise she is so it saying that the cease somebody beats old so if crime make a name for himself. Dinah I know you've got to go in hope. And a thank you very much for this opportunity to at least expressed poppy. Frank thank you so much giving withers is very clear and obvious to me you love this city in you what you wanna see the best for that's again we appreciate you coming to O'Leary and thank you frank Stewart when we come back after this it'll be your time I got a lot of text messages. I got a lot of phone calls we'll try to get as many as we can and you listening to the Friday think tank I'm Don Dubuque. Good Friday morning from the big 870 WW. I welcome back into the think tank in asking you to weigh in on opinion polls gonna change the top of the album or asking you Mitch Lander will he be remembered as a dictator amend or all will he be remembered as an honorable mayor. 96% of those responding say dictator 7% say honorable mayor you can cast your vote at WW dot com. Thank all of you for those many many text messages that are coming in at least I think so. We do give via telephone calls preference but I do wanna respond to just one of these tax. And that would be text or 7443. The answer is know. Let's go to Jay in Slidell who has been on a full point five minutes plus. JJ's. Online to poke AJ go ahead. Jay you there. I don't think we have Jay let's go to Rick on the West Bank. While working area is. You know. Our. Now I know a long wait but thank you know what we're. Stoic. And Taylor mayor the first few things geared you know we're getting a fair or read or it's an accurate arms and all of you know you know no rational. Tight loop program. Yeah Bob it's exactly. Column you know. It really failed public rent like cameras. In the streets deals like this. So approval opens it is. Approached her record their first answer you know what a terrorist. Problem and both during. And they are. Obama administration they're excited to go that route. And it's unfortunate. All of there. And I don't understand like all other few words you know legal. All you know group or other in the coming in relation. They are there are some other places who has similar instances that have taken place and you know if you wanna take this is on Mitchell Andrews effort to. Feather his nest in advance his political career I guess you could pass that along to the other elected to fish is who have bonded to. That's that's what do they are a little bit that really. They'll be an hour was that there were to be new crop marks. On it really looked from the history of the essence and like. You know maybe columns of those Bobo. Rename them those street sure all of you know you closely associated with a letter to maybe broke him and urged collector competitor using. But for practically circles in. An adequate. Yeah it is I'm gonna miss it because of nostalgic reasons I mean I grew up in this city and you know when I got out of basic training in the military win and all Louisiana you know we agreed twenty years later. To meet and the ball places we pick police are on show a lot of people have a lot of memories of it but. You know I'm not gonna really miss that I can't say that admissible what's got me upset more than anything. Was to be able come up with that much money that fast until rice is gonna push a million dollars when you put the whole total. But not be able to take care of so many others sorely needs. Needed innings in his. It's hypocrisy what I always believe circle you know they're not Laporte. Probably so now they tried to our Seabrook Briggs in net networks. Thanks a day we appreciate you calling you page. I just got to wrap up this hour we come back we gonna take and the looked at the national issue the whole trump thing going on tick foray trial attorneys gonna jaundiced. We come back after the top of the hour news you'll listening to the Friday think tank on the big 870 WW.