Wikileaks ... Good or Bad? Trump says bad ...VERY BAD!!!

Todd discusses what Wikileaks published about Trump and a couple of callers put in their two cnets on how they feel!


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And welcome back don't forget coming up this afternoon LSU in the college World Series. There continued to play that he won it's Saturday against Florida State University. So they're playing organ state the beavers today and that is. Going to be a big match up 5:30 pregame 6 o'clock first pitch because both teams are on. Winning streak cell issue is he says seventeen game winning streak and Oregon State. He 22. Game winning streak on the lost four games all season as a coach pulmonary said the Los four's so. They can be beat. We have a chance. And he was joking about it so you're telling us there's a chip. Is basically what he said all right let's go back to John industrial age on I think we got two phone there on. Yeah I them yeah I can hear you now okay go ahead which which. Erica. I don't have a floor. And you're telling people are and classified information. And you don't have a source. Art. I disagree about putting. He brings out your sources are unclassified in. So cal which are source because they're making. Me more big deal. If so. If the president was under and investigation. What does it matter at this point if you let that people knowing who your sources. I mean it's not it's it'd it'd. I want to sources that I mean it's cot side. That's a different situation. Though love easily construct that jets or confusion. And just fight against each other further political. And I don't like being manipulated. Politicians actually ordered me. And I don't I don't wanna be manipulated and I actually throughout the at a time you've given me information that incorrect. I think up fine and there. Because union to start checking your sources and that is going I mean you're about to be responsible. Boy. Teller a note going on in our country and you're not doing so I think firing. Her. Are you talk about you personally the media that that puts them a cut all if you're syndicated. On our. I try to get I try to get as many facts as I can and sometimes I can't find them and sometimes a little bit and I've got something wrong John. But what I'm saying it. You don't want earned. They're cute that you give that information okay. And then you need it we need to have some recourse to stop this stuff. That that is a part of all part of freedom of the prestige. That they don't I dinosaurs. Are. While then we just as you can have it both ways as wooden thing. Where you have you have the media controlled by a Vigo or you reports. Actually care about flies because our investigators say I'm agent named sources and then and then out there on who you're source says. And I can go. Well they don't they can ask but. But they don't have to deal of those sources because we've seen people go to jail for not giving up their sources. And don't put it it's on. I yeah. Aren't in yet. Her daughter or rather. I'm just beat and the final battle as a good. But the thing there. To hold you responsible. When you do irresponsible. Or. And and it. That's like crying fire in the year and so he. Some have vault have lost their jobs by putting out false stories are related proven false and notice hired him anymore is it for is being reporters that mean that has happened. That's a very that's an excellent take care of the problem. And I think that's fine if you contain you know he'd wait aren't well I mean our remote straps absolutely. I don't want freedom law. And are allocated difference between freedom of law and freedom of speech. And I don't believe for mobile and I think ally ticket keeps telling that same line. Leo freedom of lying also be freedoms the and I mean there are you don't. Our. Dog if I tell you you know if you like your kids allergies up league east. Whether he's right or not he's got the Freedom Party to decide it. Catch you if you're but I posting went. I understand were saying if you're if you're supposed to be trusted news source in your doing it then we got to. OK. And I I think were on the same page on which is. Having fun playing doubles with our. Current and important right John excellent golf. Our thanks for you know will take a break and be right baca Chris. Sin LC hang on a good view as well as the person calling it a lot of techs also final four to 60170. Or you could tech city 78 Seve will be right back starting for Garland on WW well. And welcome back to WWL. 504260187. He's a number calling detects an 87870. Tonne and for garlic got a text that says. Trump decided to attack American democracy in American democracy decided to attack trump right back surprise surprise we were warned. That trump was not qualified to be president. Well the played devil's advocate for that according to the US constitution article two section one. These are the qualifications for president which. Prom mat so I don't know which are considered to be qualified that's up to used to what they are qualified but basically to be president of the United States. It just says no person except a natural born citizen or a citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption of this constitution. Shall be eligible to the office of president neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained the age of 35 years between these older net. And been fourteen years a resident within the United States which he had. The only amendment to that has been in the term limit amendment no person shall be elected to the office of the president that is the US constitution amendment. It's. 22 section one. Or ratified February 271951. Overs and chubby elected the office of the president more than twice. And no person who has held the office of president or acted as president for more than two years of return. To which some other person was elected president Shelby elected to the office of the president more than once so those are basically altercations. Yet be over 35. Born in this country. I've lived here for fourteen years as a natural born citizen. Been a resident for at least fourteen years so that's it. There's no qualifications about going to law school was no qualifications about. Offices held previously or being in government before. So. Again he met the qualifications. If you wanna say to be president whether. He met the qualifications of what we've previously seed is to be a president. Then maybe you've got an an argument there let's see let's go to Chris and oral take Chris thanks for call to be Nabil. Thanks for and yeah I do think leaks can be a good thing. For example if they polar. And unknowing public during an election. A large portion. The media it is colluding with the political. Party. Exact example from the point 160 election when WikiLeaks released John pedestrian emails and it was on news essentially. Puppeteer. A large majority of the mainstream media he did his agenda across to lie to make it seem like there are. And I also against him against Ernie and Bernie Sanders correct. Well most of them is again Sanders to read it cheaper and yet that her that. The cheaper and standard and beat the owners who donated to the DNC. Because well. Speak for Bernie Sanders. And the attendant made it look like or support the cultural every time they had a article adult child patients and mole wearing. Oh big redneck GO how infuriating that would. But it and Chris Chris here's the point it didn't work because trump got elected. And nothing done to stop our owners are now in doubt you but even if they even if they held them responsible right now it's still wouldn't change the outcome of the election is what Johnson. Well it would help and to alleviate some disgusting rhetoric that's being poured on on trial because mainstream media is still in debt that it DNC. And you think your partner. I don't I don't know I am to be it continues to have court and court packs because. It. And Chris. Chris yeah yeah because Chris Chris let me let me let you know now Chris might ultimately club to explain. They have them on because they represent that side and that we have the heritage group on the represents the other side. John Podesta was not held accountable for his nets doing. And and saddened I need to know that to me to hold them accountable that's up to if if this investigation is. Harry Rosenberg said it can go into that way and they can hold him accountable if they want to. But he did see you too on alert the public that he now works in Washington Post which is sort or. A lot of and and I think that's. Then that's been said before and that's why send it to you believe the leaks. So again. That information is out there. So do you believe them or not. Do you think they're good thing or not only one event a figure party or not. We'll take a break be right back in wrap it all up starting for Garland Wanda did a deal.