What's next in the NBA Playoffs?

Deuce & Deke discuss the NBA Playoffs and how much of a foregone conclusion a Warriors-Cavaliers rematch is.


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And good evening and welcome to an abbreviated edition of sports talked a great one Deuce McAllister will be here with this in a few moments. If you'd like to jump in the conversation. With anything related to sports. 260187. Or you can text us at 878. And youth act social media and deep in the count the 26. Q2 with all outstanding Russia or the new one thing. All ready jaguar opinion poll was online at WW dot com fitting that we needed in regulation baseball tonight. And that's the way at all. LA issue can win the west tonight that your mom and on thing. And the way things are looking I would I would go here just not that you're gambling you. Going on them to him if they win tonight on the beast guaranteed high. The outright regular season. And we know it adds to their resonate. Top. RP guy. Wins vs teams in the top if the in the RP guy. You arisen is being a national seat in the end. And some say what you wanna be in the top but then also you look at the way the brackets shape now you know where he won't be you know. 12345678. Because remember those seeds hold true. When you move on to Omaha. So in the one. 45. Bill once. 2367. On one side. Not to know Asia where seven SEC teams. Head regional host sites. And a few more. And today. Into super regional sites. So SEC strong Ian and you could go in you look into this week in the matchup Florida Kentucky LSU Mississippi State. So would an SEC championship. Lead. A national championship boiler if you. You can cast your vote online. At WW Rio. Dot com. Also we'll talk to Vegas front is round two of the Triple Crown. Always seek. The Kentucky Derby winner continue his dream no pun intended. Into the second leg of the trouble the all Vegas will be witness also would give the almost total. And get his numbers early on Vegas has put a cap. A 500 dollars. Or anyone wanted to get down. Go to to. Complain that the how you say it. If you. In that mood. Putting low wage. On college football right now the totals have been released Alabama leads the nation. They're total is it ten hand. That is. What this ceiling is this ought Vegas is right now. So yeah more than likely. You did cannot ban odds probably bet on the giving Alabama lose. Or not. Wincing games. It's only been twice in the save and there and they haven't. That's on a minute you're down to have won eleven on thinks no more than three maybe just the two in which they didn't win team. But. In those numbers reflect just regular season now that does not count as a conference championship that does not count as. Playoff bowl anything like that that is strictly your twelve games and a half it's an Alabama. Ohio State is eighteen and so we're both teens are at the nine and a half more Wisconsin. Florida State is in their naics. A couple of others and in as LA issue in several teams in the nine way until so give the all stake on that. Also recently knew odds came out again they have a reshuffle the deck so to speak twice. Cynthia Beltran on NFL enormous and we'll get a look at hockey because of the Cobo hall longer shots in hockey still alive especially a team. The levee north of here. That being the Nashville Predators. And if you wins away from point to the couple went away from going to the Stanley upon that would be huge for the city of Nashville the Tennessee. 260187. You can text us at 870 eights and so take a look at debt momma dog it's a skull later in the program. If you have a full look at baseball. And right now quality. The health of baseball in the state of Louisiana yeah you know you can get casual fans don't have it adds to the numbers go to RBI. You can do it it'll come out division one based on a show you the RPI ratings. The way things are set up. You look at it in a high volume of Louisiana teens into regional play not as many as last year. But right now and this in just winning a conference. Because meg niece. Is a hair in the south and in more likely gonna win the south and regular season title that bodes well for them. But they don't have highest RPI. Is SE. SE hasn't Ohio up yet so both of those teams are really inland. And have it finish of all to Gideon that would be too. LA she was in Louisiana Lafayette again on the congress to me is it Louisiana Tech has a very high ought Pia. Going in there as well so would take a look at our pad the numbers what is on the line this week in in what team do a few teams in the state they need to win. To get into this conference turn it. So they had to be do you think you'll with supporting NATO team you know I don't know but I will tell you that. I think that the people who dear that's in. Look every day there was a good robbery in Louisiana. Among the hockey team. I mean you had a keen PH in debt brood. The at the branch here. And I skated Olympia. Ellis Ellis some good stuff man I mean that was that was good the idea the concept of the yen was a good. Concept you know start local. You bet through its fans coming in you don't have to people that racial angle all the time you have people that Google a list chickened out. But as hockey continues. To come down to the south more. Atlantic's animated rated and men's the men's and best at times. Dallas. Go to the fan base but Nashville is known to. Do you draw you you know more more people that follow it now so I know about the people who used to watch the Branson Jordan I don't know it's an oh. Strong enough to support. And HO team you but I think we have fall more people that like NHL. Like hockey and respect the game. It just the masses that would be don't care about that you know it's easy to dismiss something. Bet you don't particularly careful or don't Milan about. What do you see those big guys out there. Movement in group and own one maybe enhance it believe. It is is phenomenal those are some athletes. So it's interesting question but I just I don't know the way the way the market is here in New Orleans Sunday we have one group in Rio long term support a basketball team. Lot of empty seats there. So we had bet to get to you two picks. In the cause when the second leg of the Triple Crown a four look nick college. Baseball and the state this week in two main UN though locally here. What happens with the Southland Conference teams. Trying to pad there is amazed for the post season. Southeastern mag knees. Nickels and LSU and Mississippi State. Andy cannon is a great story at local guys doing well last night and explain. First pitch boom. But he settled down and went but went the went the distance in LA she became a beat with a victory but tightening clinched the west tonight with a big through Mississippi State which O'Neal issues with that were picked six. A 631. Pitch. Due diligence momentarily. Sports talk. Would you rate when Deuce McAllister Deke Bellavia till 6 o'clock tonight here on WW. And welcome back. The Kasey Kahne and by the aid their takes in the huddle he is down. In the bottom of the blue we said yes they can't get on a United States map and you look at Louisiana weighed down there and ill when it just breaks off and he's he's he's seen those in the blue with water. That's where he to a highly once thoughts down in grand now with the black and gold Phishing event this week in would have went to saint alumni and cause a lot of new saints play as it is through active as well casing cannot imagine that. Can be a lot of reminiscing going on the next couple a date. Got down there yet obviously a lot mom and dad had a car oregano and a student that would trouble coming. Our man traffic is crazy today. You ought to block of street that you. Take it and now I'm. You know appear around and trying it but you know you gotta go to the flow in just a you know all don't. Yeah I'd look fresh operate. Your Britney you know it's out there odd ball in his. I think he adamantly. I would he'd do it right. But but they're paying he did BO marketing genius. And battled some Alder there and that makes it absolutely absent. Larry Coker and I think the pre EE it's a great opportunity. Prince gone ignored makers that the pressure. That that's more pressured anyone even. Or when your market like Los Angeles and expectations. By. Can pull out a provided the lottery. I mean it's unbelievable but. I don't know I'd look at him. Being supportive over and and now and I would never do that apparent now the support of my ticket. But I mean is almost like putting undue pressure. Are forward expectations. It's you know like Erin could direct your questions. Family was not involved this much. That could Reggie Bush. I. Come into the street apparently. And Reggie should legitimate NFL player he held the paper noble but he wasn't Superman. I mean does so look at. I'm. You know could be an outstanding player but I program and developed and I cannot idol Pete is that you come article brought. Yes and I did I wanted to Bobby go before we get to a CBS news you know what. What is Jeanie buss magic Johnson and we know we're what are they thinking about this because this this is a package deal regardless if you know. Missed the ball is allowed on the premises of one of those things. He he's going to be in 084 for a no doubt about it and we talked about you know the two most hallowed franchises without question in B eight. Fifteenth sixteenth out of we're talking about you know lakers and the Celtics off. I'm ot M as this continues to develop and you know as we CD's players work out is it pretty close is it you know he's the ball clearly number two from what I understand falters clearly number one. But it's going to be interesting to see. You know what don't they could decide to do because this is just not an ordinary ticket too if ball is is the guy they want. The from the get go. Go to the while malls spotlight work against parameters. About. Are you involved are not. You're the leader that mean. Caught magic Jack and in charge it's so like different than a cup checked. And upheaval in the subject North Carolina and in. Every for an Arctic you know you associate with basketball. You know the bottom line. It. But didn't have limitations and the bottom line at which you do in the court and it deals with nature itself. Case began by the indicate again it was C on Monday. This does he donated a water burn you now. All right. I pokes to get too caught up with a local news update in the moment with mr. Downey is the first step here is eight CD ends up. I hands. You. Guess this is kind of compatible in the way you go to it can be as something news you know. Early stages says dated basketball. Pop Warner football and you get into you know in there Ruth high school. Sometimes you seeded Japan it's obviously very active. In the young athletes lives. And a passing that Enron that. I not I do kind of and to not critically careful that the coaches in this thing and its coach and although genome. And it just makes about it and comparable. You know Hamas and there's not a import. But to me at that Dan I don't think it's you know everybody needs and though it used the pan. I woke months on an almost emails with GM it's me it's it's disrespect to coach first of and two it's like. No houses in prison. Where music good. When you you please all you had its meaning. You'll ethnic dreams of being the next. Reach out that's. What have you whatever the story may be. It can be overbearing. Now the ball ball. I would have to be someone that. Followed. His. Children. At that level to see if he's always been apparent it was kind of like not that I don't have beginning to describing. To parents and listening out there right now can be any sporting community to be any any competition and it can be a spelling B it doesn't matter marbles. Competition breeds intensity beat duke who's gonna win is going to be when it got to be looser unlike what you see now on TV. Where the on the lamp that are right in the middle land everybody don't win everybody and get a trophy. You know the team that loses a Super Bowl don't we. I'm sock. Allen had to see if mr. ball was like that. I'm not gonna say he was just because I see him now because opened to this point. I didn't hear anything I didn't hear a lot about the fall ball like when the the ball reversal coming up that they did junior high EU or things of that nature and in the much about it. That now it's you know. He's drawing attention to his brand ultimately we will see. If that translates. If it turns into remorse and two dollar signs that's that he wants to do. But I I do agree with Stephen Jackson. And you know they they talk about a lot of people have. Bad regardless of what it's. Need to be done. All how it received. A what is stated. Ultimately. The ball Brothers when they get out on the court. As can be used against. A means can be summed in the date they're gonna have the Buick because the the players the suns the Q and so to speak of the ones that are going to be out in the heat of the battle. With a problem and look alike missed the ball ball ball on not. He had stopped yet and he's gonna keep going I just find it it's almost like it's like a Steven Spielberg. Well I'll postpone. In the John Singleton these great. Movie people Tyler Perry is descriptive. Then no one could follow. In its in whale La de LA Hollywood. The lakers. All they take him we got a text earlier develop a good is when he came from I think it's. 2592. If I'm reading this correctly is he. Allowed a ball. So good that you had to take him at two I'm just curious. That to meat is a whole thing. Here we talk about ball at number two does he automatically go to the lakers the days pastries and balls in the were about us. You know we're going to LA. I don't know that. But I know Magic Johnson is a dad it's always been a winner. He's been around winning people. And he's gonna do his research. And right now. They haven't in any camps here other than the gas you know what college. They're gonna stop going to Chicago where they do all the work and out before the grand drafts of a 21 of vote next month. It's going to be an RS to see if he clearly is number two of all ball and does he go to the lakers if he doesn't. And will there be any fallout. Now I don't think we need to compare this to a someone that's got into trouble. All four of the court sort of speak or feel it's like someone they got into an incident that won't lower their draft status however. It's a fair. Parallel in comparison. To say. Okay what comes with the package and some would could settle ball ball back each. He would if he can be found a digital locker room you know is he can be won't negate the coach's face. Why do you do this at my son doesn't live in the ball left wing and right. We have addressed him. Now the make about that and I'm sure they are so we'll see how that focuses. More tentative as we get close to the Dre. 260187. You can text us at 878. Cent gain two to nine east finals Boston and clean and visiting this is a series tonight in the Boston does a win tonight it's so I tend to agree to what a lot of analysts have been saying between Wednesday night and now. At Boston's big shot. Is to get ugly. You know. Boston Mikhail. Changed bird most of my bird but you physical Wear them out promo game of the big JR Smith kind of hinted that he's expecting some analysts. Are expecting that. I didn't think that is where a big Boston has to do something. Because. They tainted that mean they lose tonight is no way I mean. And basically if San Antonio loses game three you talk about two team to go into the finals and not neither have lost the game in the post season. That's it out to be up all this go to matter for Johnny Johnny thank you for calling WW ago. It's. Right. There. You know. How about that all of you know when you go back out with a W. The ball back brats go. Out. There won't. Cry out. Actually in the way. Call the chocolate. At that rate in. Law. So that the two men doesn't you don't always desperate you've been all in the foreign minister say that. Only part of the you know like up Bobbie it is that dammit. Lot of traffic down hasn't it hit down around up there. So that that's that's would you wait don't hold blowing down the CNN. All come on dude don't hang up now. Spotlight collier at union and the fame you to Canada now. To come home and UA don't hold their loan to say yeah it's kind of one of those things you know when you you practice all the tan and basically you're on in the lights come in. The small ball he failed pokes he'd been taken and he did you question him why you don't hold that long you got on the window you'd tell mop board up I want to talk about hockey because we read a text earlier. And someone text us. About do you think eight in eight to eighteen could make it in New Orleans. And so he feels malt malt monotonous the walk and talk. Aug Bora extraordinary sports he's a Jack of all tree mess that now. He's deck trait he did was talk hockey he comes in most talked about some modest use you know on the come. Yeah I was Zachary detected just came what a yeah you you expect it. Would take a time out we'll come back. Deuce would be in the house. As the interests and to deduce who take on it. The coast deuce honestly. Played at a very how level. At the highest of levels in college and pro. And he's got some sun coming up too as well. So what role does it can't play. In the south like is you know an X actually. The successful athlete. I would imagine that there you know their pants that kind of Samper used a caution is set a bravado. In trying to keep the key aides and members are not going to be anybody humbled. The cause the hardest thing to do. Is not to handle criticism. The hardest thing to do is to take on race and success. That's fall Holler if you look at over the course of time athletes whereas men happened when he had a lot of success especially young ages. When they're told since they could basically. Ron in Walt good to get the greatest thing since sliced bread. And you know this man get this preferential treatment. That's a lot harder view which seemingly. Ban. Criticism. And not having success. Will be in arresting. To see how this pans out on the ability at this is sports fell on WW. And welcome back. Deuces and houses out of phones ago a mid city for Raymond Raymond thank you for calling WW bill. So Raymond your dad. In the in the house honestly. Ramon brokering in the hole within four million mommy he might be. Which you know the Bluetooth or something but we'll take making ordering and in just a moment deuce what's happening on main Tenet took this afternoon and Jarno was gone on after and then it and know. Joke until want to committed to illustrate out committed. I tried to get to do set so I took out talents and innocent introduces dale on the backs uncle you know caught them macros that don't don't industry because that's a word intro stuff and I can't cross the bridge and you know it was. The bed it was as he tried he's only and then stay out of wherever there are things to keep the patients. And you'll get frustrated too yeah no doubt about it. Back to the phone to go to chase has a question for the great to taste you'll always deuce on WW. Good you don't. And it takes one and what made Rick you. They. Did. You are. And I wanted to say you know. I'm. And there. Properly can put meat but it. You caught the eye of the and the read out on a quarterback. Now thinking. You know. You're gonna. Get noted that that the cockpit you know. And the town black men the ball. Cannot seem odd that these current that it needed to go out there. And it goes out a couple of yeah they're. That would that would change it now. But. They earthquake. And the next. Per share it was Jason you know the great horned. We we will talk about competition are always it's better now but the the best players the guys that really exceed and exhale and they compete against themselves. You know you always look editors say look as the expectations that I put myself no one else can ever get close to what I expect out of myself and when you get a guy that walls compete against himself. It's it's it is perfectly is perfect steps you know the perfect game. We we we think about it it's elusive there'll always be something that you can improve all. But the best players they competed against and sales it's not about the other team. Now for me is a coach or administrator or whomever a pant. When I get a key like that that I just try to feed more information I mean because now he's going to want a exhale and implement anything he came into his game. He is Deuce McAllister and dean McAllister 26 of the stalls saint nick is deuce he today he's very active. On Twitter come on back Raymond jog in his cattle this is what stopped going to 6 o'clock tonight on WW.