What's going to happen with the box office?

WWL's Dave Cohen and David Blake make their box office predictions.


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A lot of it may be going to the movies is what are we got well the current number one movie in the land is guardians of the galaxy volume two and during two straight weeks at number one part of another 65 million. Last week found snatched king Arthur legend of the sort the fate of the furious and Beauty and the Beast so a lot of repeat customers. In the top five where we get some big new movies this weekend there you ago a another prequel to the whole aliens Ceres. This one as alien covenant. The crew of a colony ship. Bound for remote planet discover an uncharted paradise none more so they thought he had. So this is. Michael fast spend their Katherine Waterston. In this one's that's. Probably the biggies this weekend but tyra wimpy kid the long haul another in the a series of diary of a wimpy kid movies opens up. That's APG rated family comedy. And then there's one of them teen in book movies coming out. Everything everything is the PG thirteen rated drama romance about a teenager who lived a sheltered life because she's allergic to. Everything but guess what there's a ball way. I'll hours no one out into the world. To see. And feel everything because the boy has. Apparently ignited that fire and up and moms and so they got those of the three new movies. Did things that alien can be guardians absolutely. A look at the and they know no doubt there were NATO allies and yeah I guess in our two weeks and rose and number one night. And who browser could be a little closer than we might sag but. They've been run a lot of spots on the alien movie iron and a pass they've been very successful guardians of that two week run them out of my biggest fight but. You think that alien covenant will be number one come Monday clutter up.