Is this Watergate all over again?

Thursday, June 8th

One caller says this is Watergate all over again and that President Trump is breaking Constitutional he?


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A from the West Bank Vanessa welcome deputy well. Oh. Goodness oh. Our Internet. Personal opinion. It's. Like all or on CN itself with its. And as far all Obama did call me. Classes are on classified information it cheap Indian. Hit. Tennis and they won two disinformation. And it's. Time to do. Okay. And the not a nation in the government. At all people call it stage is whatever. And it's. First call genie cannot constitution. It all happened to spot it's just even people. On. Everything personal attack. What do you what do you think what do you think for a is doing breaking the constitution. It. He's on span would mean. Most there were those that there are many people who said that about President Obama. Well that's true true. Try come to it and what I did these press. That he can come in and do whatever he wants would not questions. Well that's one impression amnesty crushing you know once I don't come. Step into the American people. You know can't. Do it you know bring him. The ball on the boards and get people. OK when the decision. To any action yeah. You know. People and people to government and educated. Parts and what they're supposed to do to. That Derrick Derrick if they're educated people are not educated in Indian government Vanessa I really appreciate your call and and you know this is something that is going to be brought up a lot. You know deep president took trump makes an innocent mistakes because he's a businessman now. And who is president of the United States.