The truth is only thing that matters

Thursday, June 8th

Someone is lying but who? Everyone should care regardless of party affiliation about what is the truth and what is not.


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But somebody's lying. Either call me lying or president truckers lying we don't know yet. Here's a part of what to fired FBI director James Kobe told a Senate Intelligence Committee earlier today about to Russia interfering in our elections. There's should be no foes on this whatsoever the Russians. Interfered. In our election during 2016 cycle they did with purpose they did it was sophistication. They did it with overwhelming. Technical efforts. And it was an active measures campaign driven from the top of that government there is no fuzz on that. You know we talked about that too though a lot on the show and I even wrote an op Ed blog about two doctors that the process. Russia did not interfere or meddle in terms of actually going into the machines and changing their votes as far as we know. But Russia planted fake news stories this is known from US intelligence. They planted fake news stories. In an effort to affect the opinion of voters. That was a way of trying to. I just the outcome of the election because Vladimir Putin it's known that he was on. He was not happy with Hillary Clinton he was not happy when she was secretary of state so he was seeking revenge by doing whatever he could to help trot. It might not have been so much that he loved trump as much as he hated her. Now. Did it truck campaign assist in any way in helping Russia planned these stories. That is the ultimate question. And it seems like there's enough evidence for us to have an investigation. Let's see who's flying into the truth is what we really should care about.