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The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Thursday, August 17th

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And then. Yeah. And. Where I get that from that that that the dead dead dead dead but above puppets the smoky voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris. And it's time now for the food show every afternoon and I mean every afternoon one seven days a week now. We sit down we talk about food. And cooking and wine and beer. And everything it's delicious. And we talk about that day every single day. Because every day brings us new things to eat new things to enjoy it and go we'd like to get the people who are responsible for putting all that good food in front of us. In our show it's it's great. In we were sort of forest when we were you when we moved over to this HD thing. About six months ago. Everybody was a little worried if we completely moved from one radio station to another and you didn't even have the same spot on the dial with to get lost well we found out that. You don't have to keep them interested but today you don't. And it also has given us time that we have not been taking for a long time in that is. Two as of people who are in the business to come on the program and to shoot the breeze with this for a while that's what do we do in the first hour every day. We're here for four hours you know. And do you read that of the first hour we always have somebody on. Here in the studio to talk about. And that guy today is ideal McClure. Who has been in the Barbeque. Business for quite a long time and you probably hate this. But the one that I think I heard you say once I kind of have a amend its old. Cash. Of things I heard various people say in the restaurant business. And with the thing you've told me was this was when you were just getting the Barbeque thing going them that you were kind of working out of the the Donte' street right right across the street from from brightens. And you're working on it pretty hard and I remember it was really great everybody's talking about it. But it was silicon a tougher deal than you thought it might be on the line every member of police hit me until Mina to Everest mentions again it was. It cost me 75 dollars to feed each customer. Yeah that the do you remember that. I still yeah I do. I didn't exactly have portion control. It was just so what would make him the best we can do it here it is but it fits the immensely. Unprofitable. So that took awhile but you obviously come through that. As with any new restaurants there's bumps there on those first few years and yeah. I'm not gonna say am I immune to those at this point I'm six years and to do on the barbecue. Professionally. Where now located in a brewery which has been a great. Team up so this I would think so. Beer and barbecue it goes well it sure does you this we just had the guys from Zola. Brewery over here. A few weeks ago this is it's on choppered to a street pretty close to. Two Napoleon is in between Jackson and Louisiana all okay right it's yeah right at the block between seventh and eight I pass in front of it. All the time but for some reason I never see it even them with if I'm looking for. But but it's an interesting operation because it's both the beer I mean they're doing their beer thing and then here you are doing media. The Barbeque thing in the U2 it's totally separate businesses right. Absolutely yeah absolutely I'm I'm one of their tenants and SP. They've built a kitchen out for me and game via smoke house out back to them at that sin. And I sell barbecued everybody and they sell drinks and beer to everybody hopes and it's good to get a job it's a good team. BI a lot of people have told me that over the years in there it is. You know we can we came out of nothing with barbecue here in New Orleans site it was a desert their fur real elevated the that there was a long period of time when the only serious barbecue place in the city. With seal herald's Texas barbecue you remember that indeed it was originally our era. If they were in Metairie that's the one everybody remembers but there are original location was on. Were on. Saint Claude a little bit past the lesion fields and a little heat and a kind of nothing Lee neon sign. And Harold himself was a back there are doing and all he can he came on the show a couple of times back in the 1980s. Leaving tonight and he. I ask them okay so what's your W barbecue sauce recipe and seraw Mecca. I said OK well tell me anything about it so we can you know latch onto it some kind of way he said Cobb. This is a secret to make a barbecue. Sauce and it's this. You've got to kill it. I say to you gotta what he said you kill you put all those tomatoes and everything in there and then he just let it cook. Slow for a long love. And time until it's dead. It got Kelly and I kept Theo we kept played with that the rest of the hour and but that his son took it over from him. You know he was retired or. Or whatever around what time was that this would have been around eighties manes may be. OK I always I only found out about it when I came here to the total he'll look. And we would make afternoon drive south there at least once a week or every couple weeks now. To get barbecue because there really was not much at that point always Tipton county on magazine. Which still has slowed the title for the longest restaurant named its ever been on top of the restaurant review I've written. And it was. Talk. What what was it Tony of Tipton tipped the Tipton county Texas. When Tipton county Tennessee. Pit barbecue that whole long line there. That was a big name yeah yeah and a pretty good though. Absolutely absolutely and now that was a slice is now wants flying burrito there on the hot spot. Right by whole foods. But they would take drives out. I don't even remember the little street name it was about two blocks from where that Corky Solis which. Fully chain restaurants as much as I can. Well that would wasn't a chain until that when opened. Oh really yeah the original court peace and I I mean I know this for sure because I I got to talking with the guy who owned it. Back and forth all the time in and used to tell me absolutely everything so he. They said. He was wondering if it would do if it would work if barbecue would work in New Orleans. And that place in Memphis it would it was way beyond just working they were. Packed house all the time I've been and there are and it's incredible I unbelievable and analyze just lots and lots of barbecue but. Anyway he. It and it was the first time that the the court these guys had moved out of at a Memphis at all. So that's second location that turned it into a chain before that it wasn't a change if they shot one down it was back to not being entry. I'm up confusing isn't a little little yeah. So but but still back then that wasn't much for a city of this side. Definitely and all of a sudden. Things started clicking and finally I don't know who to put the blame on over who would give the credit to. But it all seemed to start happening slowly but very insistently. And it kept growing and growing and it's still. And now now this is a reasonably decent barbecue. I want putted above a decent we've got some real quality stuff. I like. I mean there should have definitely been other barbecue joints along the way. But for me it was the joint that really brought Barbeque and two are completely agree with. I was driving out there all the time they bring in big Tupperware container so I can take a bunch home with me and not have to drive twenty minutes across town that. It was definitely worth at a still other thrill of speed Jenny over there great yeah. Still still smoke and as they say. They certainly are I'm glad they ultimately moved into a new location that was a little. The other one was and a great man and great atmosphere what it four for certain kind of people I mean. You and me. I mean we both know. If you're looking for barbecue you don't go to was spiffy looking hell heavily design place with whom you know live folk music adds. Stuff like that it's got to be it's got to be a little on the rough side. Hi my only. The only thing outlook for his pitch roll and yeah realized smoke coming out of the building that's not happening and and they don't have a giant pile of firewood and keep drives. That the one. Method of telling whether you had found a good barbecue place was a friend of mine named Frank Bailey used to write. Column here in a while it's about food news competitor room mine. But a nice guy got to know him pretty well he I think he lives in in France now. But he was from Texas originally and we were talking about barbecue once and he said you know it's really easy to find a good barbecue place in Texas all you do is you just. Head out on the two lane highways stay off the interstate two lane highway and you rolling down the highway and if you see a kind of a shack. That in the back of it is you that you see maybe half a dozen. Old refrigerators. And they go there because you'll pulling into what you find out is that the the refrigerators. Have holes punched in the bottom where the compressor used to be and that's where all there but what is and they had the shelves already in the middle of the the refrigerator and they put all the all the mile there and then they would just slammed the door and had some. Some vents in the top spook and and that's where they would do all that barbecue in these old refrigerators. Sounded good to me. Sounds pretty often. All that I've ever refrigerator are Q why did ice I I I went to a place once that had tool refrigerators outback it was just outside of Abilene Texas not believe chances to two places. So anyway so allies say you're impressed by the the guys over at the joint. It's where really discovered brisket for the first time yeah you know grown up in the southeast I grew up in Pensacola we were all about whole hog. And ribs and pulled pork it's very regional the regional. It always had won boy it's up it's very regional that's what I was trying indeed. And every region of course things they have the best stuff. I have fought for a. For a few years I was a judge at the American royal competition in Kansas City. And I told the guy next to me that I you know this is the first time I'd ever done. A barbecue competition had done a lot of other things makes it it's not to let me tell you. How how it's gonna be we're gonna talk to that guy over there I'll tell you before we even start talking to a boy heals. He'll say. Well I am thinks life see that guy over there he's. At what he's making it really really code. Being really barbecues though. What I make is real true barbecue they all say the exact same thinks it. Everything except there is is in authentic and there is is the real deal. A I must've heard that a hundred times I've encountered at a little over the years well or what are you from originally you twit me did you tell me the solar Pensacola Pensacola right you're just. Well that's not exactly a barbecue kind of a place either or is it. Not really not generally. We we. Had several family parties grown up early couple things and I guess that was my first real experience. Outside of chain restaurant swimming in sauce ribs yeah. Oh well that's what we used to consider barbecuing this city of course energy and that made the what you qualify as New Orleans style barbecue literally our ribs cook an increase offs I've never heard anybody say that but it would make sense to do because it was pretty distinctive that it was a very good after have a conversation about what. What can we call New Orleans barbecue since I first started doing this and there's never been I just out of that one day basically. One of the other places a Seattle wa was and sisters yeah and her her ribs are like that. There's there's they got a ton of sauce autumn that fallen off of around there absolutely delicious. But I went with a different style barbecue once I got into it a little bit and just thinking about it and talking with people I think that that's what you would call New Orleans style barbecue. Make sense to me it's certainly for real and you are sauce down here. There you and I have are having this conversation and I've never talked to about it before but I always knew about it though over the Orrin Claiborne avenue yep yep yep and a well icy and always have just rolling right along there. And then again I tell you with it was just all of a sudden and see solution an explosion and then we had the guys who were doing. Trucks food trucks and pull Barbeque and some of most of those actually. They still worry about food trucks but that was going to be an invasion of perfectly good restaurant business that would not come into the restaurant but what actually happened. Was that just let everybody who built. A food truck wound up transferring and into brick brick and mortar place. That was my original plan out to go. Food truck but then I remembered how much I don't like sweating. And DNN one of those things all summer didn't sound too appealing to me. And then I found that space that they used to be and on magazine and it was good for Arnold awhile then found the brewery found me basically in. I like being in under roof. I won't lie MLS I think the food trucks serve a great need in this brochure they feel a little pockets where there absolutely necessary and some really great food has come out of. And it and other parts of the country. It they really follow fulfill. And an important Misha a month my son lives in Los Angeles. And he was working with the movie business for a long time. And everywhere that we go. There would be food trucks not one not two but by. Fifteen album. With everything you could imagine always New Orleans food was one of them though. They'd always be a truck that had red beans and gumbo and the whole range of. Of course you're welcome it because ethnic everybody else's shoe correct the that we feel about it. OK so now there's been this explosion a barbecue in the city yet. Tracing backed out my in my feeling the joint really set the tone for god. And this isn't just located in New Orleans has become a national thing anybody wants to open a barbecue or whether it's this American is anything you can demand absolutely you know but now you can find really great barbecue and pretty much every state in the union via. Yeah that certainly seems to be true you know what I ought to be saying this and I'm not saying it if you have some thoughts about barbecue. I if you do it yourself at home you're like a certain shops that does it. Closeup and tell us about it we'd love to know I mean we don't just sit here a couple of experts telling you stuff and then you stuff it down you. The back your brain and that's it forever we'd love to hear. What do you love there in terms of barbecue. Could world look at you know whenever I hear but some good I go look at four Gypsy will receive but it really is. But though let's take a break. And Tom that Morrison's food show here. Our program today is sponsored by calf face beside you ever been there and kept pace pieces of very interesting restaurant it dates back to. 1857. If you believe started out as. Either of that no one is clear about this but it was either a ball are. Or it was a coffee house in its earliest days but he evolves over the years into a real full service restaurant and became the place where. All the heat up the company ups in the shipping business which was all right there on the French market just right across the street from them. That's where people went at the end of their day which was about one in the afternoon. And and that's just how everybody Sarkozy started at 1 in the morning. And it was a big part of things and then it closed at family you couldn't keep it going. And went away for awhile but just sat there and doctor Larry hill came along institute hope. This would be the perfect place to do. Kind of something new where you would have a casual approach to food. But it would be very good quality food in it would be served trail very well and we'll try some new things one of the things that they tried was. A wood burning or charcoal burning they did it both ways. Grill to do fish with and no one had been doing that around New Orleans and or had been doing it. Until I guess maybe before the civil war or something. But it really took off in the next thing you know we had mr. Beason Clancy's in the upper linemen and a coach rose and all those other restaurants of that caliber. And but it is largely started over there. And it. And it kept pace peace and they closed for a while after the hurricane but they are back in spades nowadays and two and a great job. They are. Oh they are kept based Isa. They are open for dinner Wednesday through Saturday it's a great date place low lighting the music you can actually stand. And the food is terrific and very creole and very at the same time burial can. Dress up you don't need to put it would be you'd get your money's worth out of about tea that kept face pizza SPI SA I felt that. Funny name it would it took us awhile to figure it out but we've we've learned that it's Croatian. Like everything else and wants within each and again you know. Betsy will take a break and we'll come back but more the food show after first please this. There are a weakened from yesterday. It's next Wednesday night it's gonna be a trend knots in the over there in the hit I hit InterContinental Hotel right off point for street right. On. Uncle right on seen Charles. And looking forward to that too we're but 234. Sold out on that and also. I have. Three HD radios they really are free they are not trashy cheap by any things. They. Will be given to you for nothing. The installation. At a mobile one is also free. And the only thing you might have to pay is it the way your. And ten is set up by the way your electrical system in your cars set up they might need to move a few things around in that might cost a little bit for the hardware in the time. But that's the only charges on the installation. And the radio itself a free and I'll tell you more about that later. But I hate what do you what do you think go to Neil Neil. McClure here. With that would you what's the name of the place doesn't have a name McClure spot Cloris okay that's it's too easy eight at the Texas style your name on it I can't walk away from the oil that's a good idea. Let's let's talk to a couple people you might not at all okay. Let's see oh we have calling us on the blue phone. It's still hello still high you've been. Fine how you signaled guy you know I know. Got a question and fire away person you got my attention with the Bob if you for routine. Excellent that's. A port boot team slash. Official map food. Oh yeah. Absolutely so and so we actually brought some yet that was obviously in Canada. And my life just so what was it so when I told us that you've got this she said we're going. Excellent so will be inadequate the other question I have actually is. Do you ever do bird and. I've always got him available when we start cut into that first brisket and a day are any of the new Burris gets for me burn ends are. Maybe two orders per brisket. I can use the whole back end of the brisket which is all nice and fatty and it's got some burnt. Edges around it but the best of the best comes from the very top of the brisket. And it literally is out pound of meat at at the you know today said Iran among all the time I have to use that whole back end and that it's. I don't do that on. On any kind of daily basis occasionally you'll do a special where I have a bunch of Burress gets come and out. And we'll have quite a few orders but he had asked orderly. OK so so it can get there early and and password and as a possibility. I make it. Indeed you know our lunches can be. Very few Burris gets especially here during the summer or not. Not everybody's on a common for a big play in the heat in the middle of the day. But on the weekends we've got a lot of risk is thrown out so there available get the good. Well I appreciate that and some political you've backed that Huckabee next week I got convention next week but my wife and I are starting. Our new eating program always eating by the alphabet. Oh okay how does that begin a we look at. Acropolis you know all icy. Commanders in Denver Broncos ball excellent I love this idea. Yes so that we're gonna go the FDETC I've been to a lot you know just I think undated the op bit already. But we're gonna start so that's sort of the. Where you're always welcome here at Q thanks for the questions. That guy. He is one of my shining examples of our callers he doesn't call all that often for them apart from the minute few months. But that he met his wife on a radio show they got married as a result of talking on a radio show. So that's one let's see also. We have somebody else on hold its listening Greg Greg welcome to the food show. Eight on our I'm doing great money. I have a question for Neil go ahead. You know it's. Our call directly Purdue barbecue one debate our debt there like Katrina or. Are there they were open before yeah I think so. They were you considered. That we have some. Of quality barbecue I doubt you kind of considered. Forefront of the whole movement back there what you think today out of court just I sell now start to gain some traction. That's a hard question that is that is a hard question to answer that says clearly there and I I've got barbecue from him several times over the years. But it doesn't fall into that more. I don't are. I don't wanna come across as the testicle but they don't have the pit billowing smoke there's not yet our dog. Definite come it's a commercial smoker that they've got in there. Which I've used before as well as I used one for a month and Gulfport after the storm feed people. It makes really great food but I am totally different style. Now. And that wave in the country these days or stick burners like guy. Who's. Yeah I agree if I were talking with some friends who are disgusting. All the wonderful quite as Albert somebody mentioned hey what about the debate around over a decade and thought about it click yes that's true. And but you know I'm not that big thing either but it is I mean maybe they were. Kind of on the. They certainly contributed something because they had presents they were all over the place. I've gone out of state to win I'll say this form there. They're probably a lot smarter about the business and that I am a but it's about mcdonalds to which there. When ice here but he appreciated your quick show if you wanna call us and talk about barbecue. Numbers 26063682. X 6368. All right now you get right in its Neal McClure. It's Bob McClure is Barbeque on the job but to a street. Midway moralist between Jackson avenue and when you say. Where in between seventh and eighth today okay to get to us easily on the lose you know or Jackson. But keep your eyes open for it it's it's not really really obvious it is if you are looking for it. But not much signage via via but it does enough to get the guy in the backseat to. Look. For the giant red building were attached to the brewery and its city blocks though. If you just look and for the giant red building up until I find it via. OK that's good to know. Let's see. We were just talking brisket for a minute there and the first thing that comes to my mind whenever I think of brisket. Maybe the second is for a while I was doing a a barbecue operation for this school that my my both my kids went to. Across the lake. And with some other dads who were involved when it. And no we routinely did at the festival every year but 750 pounds of brisket which that's a good amount gives media credentials I think is because I was the guy who caught it all up and watched it. And why did they bring them that there was a Reese oh yeah. Brisket. Seems like. It's an a no brainer. That it's it's something that it's very simply just too slowly put DeLeon mode given a lot of smoke don't over cook it too much. Know that it's gonna stop. Cooking all of a sudden for no apparent reason and then it starts up a little bit later and I don't know if you ever notice that but it always happens to me. And anyway. It weighs. Brisket was the scene it was very bad thing in some ways and then our were a guy who I think of as a real thorough. Told me that he had the same problems that haven't felt bad about it cents but that any Flynn. Over that the beat GW fins. For a while they had a barbecue joint a block away with a great name do you remember the name I don't yeah it was. As C finally an imminent. It was it was on it reveals street right off Bourbon Street it was pre Katrina it was I think it wise yeah I think so. And the name of it was. Who world drawing a blank witness it but it was a cool very clever name an economy in a minute. Anyway what the reason I bring him up up up at all is that he and I were having a conversation on the year when it was really a by. The seafood place right time but we he said you know. I made and in eased some unbelievable number of pounds of brisket that he had done in this lifetime and he said. I still have no idea how any one of them is gonna come out at all completely different it's the hardest thing I've ever cooked in my life yet that's exactly what he said and if you believe me he he says seriously good shot. He was the executive corporate executive chef for Ruth's Chris Steak House for a long time so not a fool. And definitely knows his way around McDowell yeah always hang out but Deb. Every brisk and I do. It if I only know it's done by its feel I can take it temperature on. Every part of the brisket and have no idea as to ready or not yeah it comes down Alec field. It's it's absolutely maddening. Anyway I was glad to hear that from a guy considered BO real professional and business I almost have the same boat by this place in my head. Let's see it when you go to calico voodoo kind of place and it's got kind of a cajun name to a two it is. Size depth of club called zydeco it's almost as I'd keel site acute that it you thank you and it's got a great name for a arbitration if that's pretty. Yeah at and he did he turned out some really good barbecue there. Which was funny for a seafood guy to be doing but he really it really work for him for awhile but then. He said he just was too much work it's a lot I don't know it's not yet run on the run and it can be on fire her up to eighteen hours a day yeah. It's. It's hot. Miserable work as. Well the other a lot of people who do hot miserable work. For a long long time ago for one reason just people and to limit the ones. That this press specific occupation. That I've noticed that this. Is people who work behind the scenes in restaurants who wash dishes wash pots and hands clean up everything and then have it all come and out there. You appealing a million Tripp he could that. And I am laughing but those people have a way of staying at the same restaurant they've worked for for 20304050. Years. And I'm not exaggerating you'll find him if you look for and you'll find people who have been and it. Wherever a lot work with them more than a mainly as they're they're usually really wonderful people absolutely there's something about just the I've got to get this done part of that job. I still my favorite job in the restaurant. Is washing dishes to my original ones from an early eighties while. When when I'm on the closing shift in the kitchen that's who I automatically go to Washington the dishes as. It's a project to get it done you know put their way in. It's did it easily nothing to think about via. So I the airline pilot of the often heard is that that same kind of feeling makes a lot more money but. Good but the Kelly case he has to get from point a to point B and if you land the plane it's. He's done everything he could possibly do. That stuff that's that could we get back to. I don't we start talking about iris which we had been on the topic of the barbecue explosion downtown we are starting to talk about that it was a joint and others kind of lead the way. About six and he years ago I started to pop up a couple other people started pop ups including the guys over blew open and outlook. A brick and mortar in doing great business and put now great food. We've recently had we do. Now and oh yeah. We hear it we don't have the goal we just have to stop this will be bad but close enough for me got you all right we will take a break we'll come back with more of the food show in a moment after first police have a word here about Frankie and Johnny's. Frankie of have been there and that's sort of in your part of the world and a company there for Tony's opinion well there the Euro like a lot of New Orleans people. For awhile I puzzled as to why it was that they open that place in 1942. Right in the middle of World War II. And how that happened and then our producer. Not. That our producer on Mondays and Tuesdays. And anyway he told me that they dug yet. He said that he went on their website and and explain that ball to him and and that was it in 1952 that was huge amount of marine. Manufacturing. That was going on right there on the riverfront which was two blocks away. And they did a huge amount of business all the people who worked on the air on these long long shifts so they could eat 34 voice right and and the bowl of gumbo and they did. And it lasted a long time. Then even when the New Orleans neighborhood restaurants started disappearing here and there they hung on for a long time. When it became impossible to find boiled seafood restaurants that we went to a long period the away hardly anybody had boiled seafood anymore. They just kept on doing it. And then they got and unifier than me and another fire than they have another problem and clothes for awhile but. David McKelvey to rescued David McKelvey was several second in command guy. Who would go in in and fix things when. That is the venues weren't working or whatever it was he devised the original Nolan menu. As well as a re doing that the del Monaco menus that was one of the projects. But he decided to go out on his own and that's what he has done. He went in there he did not change everything to make it look like margarine is a lot of us say and it but it was. Who is it feels good and great oyster bar lots of seafood. Boiled seafood. If you're looking for it they always have an unless it's not a failed to anybody. A great place to go for all of the New Orleans food that you love I know I love going there and it really looks great lately and after the renovation it has become even more. Family friendly so don't hesitate for a minute to bring the kids. You know they've got burgers have got Costa they've got spaghetti and meatballs you know the entire range acute food says he's got that covered. And a fun kind of place Frankie and Johnny he's the air at 321. Arab bella street that's just off. That's us all day long and we're here every day for hours today about nothing but food. Only into wants to get away with that. And it is a service well it's great having you here talking about the food seen around town. If you've got some thoughts about barbecue we've got one of them premiere barbecue guys in there and our city here gimme a break. Odd though you know you are at meal McClure. He is Helio runs a place over lunch up to a street the corner seven that oil between seventh and eighth to have this straight Andy yeah. And anyway. That's right immediately adjacent to the Knoll a brewery so you can go in there and get some of their good stuff which there's quite a bit. And just a smell that smoke and there it is. I hope you smell it it's Ron and all day you know what are you what what you would kind of would do you use pecan mostly a little bit Hickory thrown in there and oak. Would love I occasionally it'll match apple. From my guy out and upstate. Upstate New Orleans out of Mississippi this. He's like midway between here in Memphis any occasionally comes down and sells us stuff at the farmer's market brings me all the woody can. But it's the con. You know I'd say almost exclusively most of their time that's. What we've gotten. And it's and it's similar to Hickory it's the same type of tree basically. And it's a nice mild smoke. And I'm not trying to feed June. Smokey. Food. The smoking as the process that certainly has the flavor of smoke and it led. It's a clean burning fire so it's really just about cooking with indirect heat. Without the smoking would be very good. So you open up the pit in the temperature in the middle of the Pitt is what it should be to 25 to 225 us what you say you know it's OK fluctuates a lot with the style I do that's one. Down falls of being a stick Byrne is. Every law burns different that's true. But we keep a pretty consistent I got a couple guys help me on the that they do a great job done. We're fairly consistent you know anywhere are at same iPad runs between 220 in 240 most of them not so in that windows all right. Now when it's competition time I won't leave aside themselves out of state that bush better pitcher revolt that has really turned into big deal happening around town it is hogs for the causes really one of my favorite things that I do all that everybody loves it and everybody. Everybody is involved in it and say if it would only stuff operating. While we just really have something this year we got lucky out fairly nice and dry we got a new place outage you know lake front. I think they were ninety teams this year and it was and this clinic crowd. It is from something that started with a couple little pits on the fly. And a few dozen people it's turned into a massive festival. Now. Well and a great fund raiser because it's it's this musical like. Constantly Owen on in the whole thing it's it's a hell of a party is good as anyone in in the city it is I look forward to a more than just about anything in town are equally to you enter it I am Ramallah Amman a team not. Not undermine name I wanted to be more in the background just them doing some of the cook and on a couple items and share on the lowdown all of that. Our team is hog that nation. Ha ha all of that nation's hog dat nation or all of that debt Deco assay of course hog detonation well wind up. Why not. Sounds good to me we're generally close to one of the big stages and pretty big setup and so on Athens. It's a good time it certainly has a great party well you can always race a couple of bucks here and there. With food. And seems to be the way to do things and Saint Louis tonight. It's it's certainly awakens people. And gets in the do some things that it does not have other wise and so. Well anyway so. What any plans for the future as few expand this or are you even thinking about expanding. I'm always thinking of something different my restless soul is. Yes essentially wanna get back in my number can border. Don't really feel being pushed it is that right away real close to pay well I quit date they. They probably like having you there a while wahhabi and there I mean I'm bringing my own crowd they're bringing a crowd for the beer. We have a lot of parties have got a lot of private events space it's a great setup on the outlook and get out of it by any means plus I've got keys to a brewery. I mean what I try to but now. Well there's I don't know why this seems to be quotable at this moment particularly but the if you all go around the Napa wine country. I guess any part of the wine country in California Garcia a little signs posted all over the place in just about every. Every when you go to every point or you go to and it says. It takes a lot of beer to make a good wine. So there goes that is so what they do all right. Sent to bases set about cook and by takes a lot of beer make really good brisket yesterday. And well anyway so. So it and we we can just expected to be there for the for the foreseeable future when he you open. Every day of the week. Seven days a week seven days a every day of the week. Yes it's seven days from eleven and 9/11 till nine I sometimes a little later on the weekend this. You know there was another. Barbeque in brewery. Combination that was not far from there I don't think it was the same one where it. It it was a great product but. For the life of view you could never figure out when they were going to be open looks completely incomprehensible. Barbecue joints are notorious for some silly Ehlers you know well you know I guess it comes with the territory. It doesn't mean there. Occasionally we do you close one day a week or so to do other pop ups. Most recently we're back to doing a Jamaican pop up on Tuesday oh yeah. One of my pit guys. I shaft name handy to grange does incredible Jamaican community commit somewhere up on the East Coast that had. Just one of the best reputations and assemble a minute Jamaica a couple of times once you cook me some and I was blown away and we started doing a little pop up it's got a great response no real plans for that other than maybe once a week cabinet sit around. This just for the fun of it. Well age eight who I think would be welcome here I remember the first time I ever went to Jamaica back in the mid six mid seventies. And I was astonished by how much they are food was like our food. There's a lot and content Indian and an infected stroke all the Caribbean just almost anywhere you go our foods got a really big Caribbean influence there. You know there. The C there was one other thing I wanted to ask you but before we go enough to have just forgotten and again that's what they get forward. Putting something on hold it never really stays there. I understand that yeah the twelve well what are you gonna do but that. Glitzy. What do what do we now that the talk to always I know what it is here's here's what's going on right now my wife is sitting at home listening. She probably book this with you did she she didn't know she she thinks you're great and I'm Marianne and she's a real barbecue night she loves barbecue she's got my food several times I know. And die anyway so I can hear oh hear us. Yeah talked about us and Asia as well let's. So Yemeni side dishes over there. I do indeed and let me back that up a little bit. When I was getting ready to use start doing the pop up and really right after Katrina. We took along a road trip went to. Basically every barbecue region out there and all these legendary places across the board just had terrible sides they were all out of buckets and came out and just yeah. Our new come and and then and having been in New Orleans for how I've you know since ninety. I couldn't get away with that. Every chef I've ever worked for a would beat the heck out of me a palace servant and coleslaw. So. My whole life I've been leaning towards opening a southern place so I've played with southern sides. For years and years and years everything from scratch and basically threw some of those end to this next once I got out barbecue can't. We do great Collard greens that's probably my favorite time student molasses and of course again Mac and cheese and my baked beans is more pork and beans at this point. It's pretty heavy on the meat side well. And the balls are really up through and some jambalaya you know we've always got little bits of sausage and brisket and pork and chicken and. Yeah the sausage thing is that's a big eat my wife loves sausages and window whenever we fire up the grill for any reason at all there's always going to be like more sausage on it than anything else. I'm a fan and it's. Now that it yet they are the Thaddeus piece of meat cook so of course they're going to be the Morse. Flavorful if you make your own sausage and you get it from somebody I do not creel country makes this oil that's a pretty good place to get Fonda some good stuff over there. Real happy with the shore Reese that I use. All right that Neil McClure thank you for coming on thanks for having me was granted on. And oh keep on barbecuing in you can tell you a few fans that I live with that really loved getting all the time so appreciate every chance we get it. I we will take a break. How many how much time do you need. Ronald okay and it will be back and other I'm Tom Fitzmorris. In case you are looking for a McClure is barbecue. It says that's what it's gold McClure is it is immediately Jeff adjacent to a big big building where they brewed Nolo. Beer big red building it's on chopper to a street. Between seventh and eighth streets and they are there every day doing real barbecue and IE. Who would say that for quite along time it is have been number one in my list of barbecue places so good to talk to him and a long time. He talks my wife alive because that is my wife just loves loves loves farm barbecue and but who doesn't these just but everybody seems to. 2606368. We have us something coming up involving the New Orleans opera. And whenever they do something whether it be. A big production or. Some other event going on. We always ask him if they've mind coming over and telling us a little bit about it. And we will have that guy Robert Lyles who is the director of of the opera. And if you are saying you civil why in the world what I wanna listen to anything about opera even if you're not an opera fan. It's something ought to go to once in a while maybe not all the time but once in awhile. It is. Different and fascinating. And we'll be talking when him in the second hour of our program. And if you missed any of the first hour of our program it will be. Once again on the year. In an hour from from from about now. Because we give you two shots to listen everything. DD DD would also have to tell you before you rollout here at least for the moment. The I have this up brands or voice. Are among all of the poor voice in which is that they do they do all the conventional once they do muffle that is they do we even burgers and and and the pasta. Kind of things that involve. All hoping to put on a poor voice in which went there on past instead and lots of good daily specials. And plenty of things to explore over there. And they have two locations one of them is in Metairie 3929. And so are thirty and 39 veterans highway just off Cleary. They also have another location in Kenner. And that when delivers all around Kenner but it's also in west esplanade just off of what Williams boulevard in Kenner. That's the food show coming but we're coming back but more of that after we check the news from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system. Here on 105 point three WW LF MHD. Two. State Toobin thank you.