Tigers and Tropics

WWL's Dave Cohen and Chris Miller discuss the tropical system heading toward the Gulf and the LSU Tigers taking on the Beavers in the CWS.


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Chris what is your critics on the floor of the house looking forward to making it but it tasted so I don't you know I'm glad you saved my but there in the college World Series who's going to win tonight between the LSU tigers in the top ranked Oregon State Beavers we're going to Oregon State. They've only lost four times and Ellis who has gotten hot winning seventeen straight organ state is 122 straight. You think that the beavers are actually the hotter team right now. And you think not that you're picking them to win because you want them away and and I'm rooting for them I'm just into my head here maybe LSU suffers a setback tonight but you know. It is double nomination at this point yeah it's not the end of the world and it wouldn't take them out of the college World Series or just make the road. Two victory more difficult I chorus for next based on everything he's looked at. That Oregon State will win tonight now because he's a beavers fan but because that's what his brain is telling him not his heart.