Steve predicts LSU will beat Oregon State at the CWS

WWL's Dave Cohen and Steve Geller look ahead to the Tigers and Beavers in the College World Series.


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They've gone Steve Geller with you on your radio. Your critics on the sir which of the teams that is held the way things streak. Will continue their streak tonight in which one will see it and when the LSU baseball team takes on the Oregon based Oregon State baseball team in the count two answers. You know a lot of talk this year was how the LSU tigers. Finally developed that third starter and acting this is where we're really gonna see it come in to. That big T. Moment forest where we've seen now a freshman pitcher and Eric walker gain some confidence over the year have that. Belief in himself that he can start in these big type situations for the LSU tigers. Organ states coming injustice hot on their pitcher though that might have been starting this game. Our war was not will not be joining the team he had some issues both stemming from some child abuse. Our windows child abuse allegations when he was. I younger and younger person and since that it is for a again he opted not to join the team so they're pitching staff is a little bit weakened heading into this. Both teams very similar except that may be the beavers don't have as much pop. I'm still go with LSU I got to like the way the tigers are playing especially these culled from behind cardiac cat victories that end up you know tugging at our heart strings Alicia just seems like they're doing no. Rome right now and I am hoping and really think they're just gonna continue that way right now policy used to starting pitchers. On Saturday night which was unconventional unused somebody they've been doing about. You seem calm and very Paul on out all the stops on all the tricks do and everything he's got to do to get this team victories in Omaha. An interesting decision that now what's. The ball in the hands of a freshman. To pitch this game tonight.