Is the special counsel a witch hunt...or a hunt for the truth?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Friday, May 19th

Bob in for Tommy Tucker.  Bob talks to Robert Hogan, LSU Professor of Political Science, about the latest with President Trump.


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Also talking about what's going on in Washington right now. Do you think net. This is a witch hunt. Oral hunt for the truth of what's going on and helpless decipher all this is Robert Hogan professor of political science at LSU. Robert shall call you professor. Robert. Horry on and it went on. I am and what you look at has trump done anything at all. Because when people talking about impeachment as the broken the law shall bed that there's any grounds for impeachment. Did you were breaking the law is not necessarily. A requirement war. Impeachment. Put it that way I mean impeaching. An elected official and ultimately moving. Camera from office is you date a political decision that it may. Often however in the past when that has been successful or when it's been tried it and usually involved. On some sort of criminal activity or something that it is very close to criminal activity. That would now you know and and that is putting a lot of people are going to be talking about coming weeks and much and probably year. These are investigations vote in the house trying to receive. The investigation. That is would be the special counsel has spent. I'm appointed an outside the Justice Department to investigate. Who got. And in the visibility is going to be a story that continues for some time and that this is going to be in the era of the discussion for your time. When when you look at this what one thing that he is accused of doing that if it plays out that it's a 100% accurate. Can you give me one thing that. Would be the biggest of the biggest stick against him. I think that so far from what we know I think probably the biggest thing would be obstruction of justice. If you. In which he was trying to get called me to just stop investigating. Plans are to Russia if there's a you know recording. Some sort of conversation in which he is speaking partially or we're just saying hey layoff might. Something like I'm would be. Canceled or smoking gun. That would that would be something it would would get a lot of attention in you know one of the big things in the during the Watergate. Here are there impeachment. Articles of impeachment of org excellent they've won obstruction of justice. And that is that is something that's been a lot of people don't look look unlikely. And this is something that I think that that would really. Cause some problems. If the president if it comes out that the president simply told Coleman look if you can get discount rate. Or is that is that breaking the law. I don't I'd I don't know on. An expert on the constitutional aspect of that. But it certainly looks. And I like that. Did this is this is something that could be used in an impeachment proceedings. Now the Republicans are going to be very well to do that would be the one responsible for. And right now the Republicans on Capitol Hill while there's little squabbling behind seen. At tropics and you know there's this constant. This sort of news stories coming out of the White House. No one. He's talking about adding even the Democrat or are reluctant to use the word impeachment. At all. And the Republicans. You know don't be average didn't shared when trait that has. If they wanna giving of their agenda done to president who's not under the shadow impeachment. This thing is really as a potential trip to stall. While any legislative successes. Four or truck. In terms of health care and and the thing that I think a lot of Republicans are a lot of which as you know taxcut. And you know these things are gonna be blocked if we're talking about it peach. The president thank you for being on the show let's hope the tigers can win again tonight. Here and I'd.