River Shrimp And The Far East

The meal discussed is River Shrimp that morphs into trips to teach cooking inthe Mid and Far East for restaurants and the troops.


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Welcome back to the food show my name is Ron the gourmet waiter I'm filling in today with Tom. For Tom Fitzmorris and I've got a great guests sitting right next to me here. He's leading authority on cajun and creole cuisine and culture shift John falls welcome back Jeff falls thank you so much nice to be here with everybody. Great we were talking about down the river going up and down and you mentioned something earlier before we got on the air about river shore. Hello mark how are you kidding me backpack well you know if you grew up on the Mississippi River between they've Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Chances are pretty good up to about ninety years mid sixties. You familiar with river for a up and down I mentioned entries today because. I have two little young nephews. Who. I'll just happen drive up to my brother's house. And they were building trap boxes Cyprus for shrug boxes that we we used to build them back in the nineteen early 1950s. And Louisiana riverfront that that that live in a Mississippi River. Our Sweetwater Schramm and they're very they're prevalent what in what we called it June rise when all the waters. When all the snow is melting in the north and that water is common on the Mississippi River and rivers at its highest. And flowing it's class it is. Then the river trip up here and riverfront can be about the size of your middle finger you know it's a pretty nice I'm sure by can be very small. But they are extremely sweet and a role. Eggs at the riverfront a real delicacy. And we didn't know anything growing up in salt to Louisiana on growing up on a river in teachings Irish we knew nothing about salt watch. We knew nothing about trumpeted Gulf of Mexico. All the shrimp we knew was that we eight Trenton to. When a river was. And we would ball trapped con of that a big country in the backyard or. Are we would especially. I'd do riverfront and eight planet can also roll out valid talented and riverfront counsel role river shrimp gumbo. It was a delicacy and then all of a sudden note that you all the chemical plants on it up on a river and boat traffic got really heavy come in Wendy's big ships up in non riveted become oil in and fertilizers and all these things. And a river a little scary but in my day as a young bar. Growing up in the nineteen late 40s50s early sixties that was the Mississippi rebels while swimming hole. And nothing pleased those more and be able to drag these wooden boxes. With these wire Combs. We would bait those box that would it's watermelon no vegetables and time tough and street and river. And every morning we'd raise them and pick up about five pounds. Of these beautiful riverfront and you're an hour talking earlier. That I went to my brother's house in here is my little nephew is building Nash Fred boxes and it reminded me. About that great delicacy that I'm sure are so many people listening to out right now let's say and we hadn't heard a riverfront and and probably 1520 years. But I but I look enough to say 8 am last night in a cell and Basil without water that riverfront of the Mississippi River. Okay earlier. You and I were talking about how you had gone to a different country we're talking about Russia at this as the summit dinner. What's what's been happening with Afghanistan and Iraq. What you know is just another example. My goal very early on it started about stardom early but probably mid eighties very early and it is. My goal is to bring in Louisiana cooking worldwide. I just wanted to do it Paul Prudhomme had done such a good job. Of bringing cajun. To the forefront of media when he blackened right fish. And always be useful sought after to come and tell the story of cajun and blackening around the world. It entice that group of us young shift to say. Well worlds would be placed and we should probably all jumpy and to do our best to bring our message of the uniqueness of cajun and creole was pleased at the world. Paul has his style I have my style that body has Jerrold stock. So long. I decided since Paul was doing so much in the United States that maybe I should try to bring in Louisiana cooking gold. That was a big Hamid Yahoo! Bob Barr grownup in the small Louisiana think long and bring it all it would help her. But. I realize that. My wife told me in fact I'll never forget about New Year's Eve that year we were talking about it she says world want to do. And so I'm gonna do an online any money at you said you just wanna do. Just figure out that's what you do. I decided to. Reach out to some of the big hotels Hilton international. I'm sure that in all key agent who probably they would like to see. Anywhere America a long story short a phony getting calls. First one was first one was Japan. And I got a call from the top. Cleo court. Hotel in Kyoto Japan. Asking if I would come in do cajun food farm in a rash thoughtful one month. I couldn't believe that calling coming in and of course I'd never again. I'd have been on overseas point so I jumped at opportunity and went to do it to Japan. Open always had a restaurant called feet landing east. And it was a gigantic success. And immediately before I left Kyoto Japan. I got a request from the Taipei Hilton in Taiwan. Say what you bring you defeats landing used to a loss in due cajun cooking here so I realized I was on to something that point that it was a great desire. To alarm about cajun creole quizzing him in all of these countries. So since I've been in Japan and I was on my way to Taipei. I just decided well why not look at the rest of the world and I have a restaurant defeats landing. And in the swamps of Louisiana. It's right now on a plantation country what better. What better place to bring to the world and and cajun cooking so that was two of the first time I took a took it to twelve countries. I opened the future landing and twelve. Countries of the world so by doing that of course I ended up having great opportunities. To do cooking and many other places. Including for the RUS forces in a war is okay is this how you began food manufacturing. One it was certainly. Not the reason I did it but it certainly assist and a lot and I got called tip. Asked if I would I got called Fort Hood Texas. But one of the generals from Louisiana who is on their way to the war zone on it wheat to Afghanistan. And asked me to do gonna win Danner for the troops in there I am his hand at Fort Hood. Saw us and of course I went to Fort Hood Texas did is standard is very emotional visit at the beginning of all troops over the course. And a after the dam that general brought me onto the tarmac when all the troops and he says chef we thank you so much for doing this gone away Danner. But wouldn't it be nice if they could eat this food. In this new bases in Afghanistan. And asked that if you could make it happen will be. Well they've made it happened unit at. They'd be held my feet at a far. And I am proud to say that. Among some of our greatest accomplishments and not the money we've made it. Restaurants we go play and are the books we've written. My greatest accomplishment really has banned the gift to bring in Louisiana food to. To places and I know it would have never gone had we not done in a war zone was once a top five years. I brought my shifts team. And I brought 5000. Portions of food. To Afghanistan and then time right where we where we fed troops we flew all that I am. Put on all. The flight gear that troops swearing in. Had to troops in a war zone and came back to Louisiana and we supplied all that food right out of my manufactured the agent. And Thomas and dale so it was agreed on a great honor to be able to. To do that. And because of that of course. Newspapers wanted to write about it magazines started to pick it up who is this. Who's this guy in Louisiana. Did do Amaral was doing great work he would just on an island Food Network. Now the not a spotlight was on the we channel pol peppered all Madonna magnificent job. In his work bring in you know Louisiana cooking globally. All around the US and now are common at the international stage to be able to do work so. And because of that. I got a call from bishops and who's now to seize from bishop of Baton Rouge. And he has evolved might be interested in doing little dinner folk group coming to new law. Pope John Paul. Was coming to new artist and he wanted to know if I would do. A dinner for Pope John Paul here in new law of course house only to do it caps ball you know wanted to do it. But before that actually happened. We got. I got a call from the bishops in John I have a little prompt mob some at a restaurant who's from New Orleans asking why there are not doing this dam also issue. There right. I mean just imagine. If the Pope was coming to Dallas and they'll. And Chester new artist who's come to the dollar to build the nude and instead of me I'll be. I'd be devastated. Posted the sheriff's anew on its a riot I think they should be doing this damn. And I had created is seven nations Danner a chef from each of the nations that founded Louisiana that's what else do portable. Anyway it's sort of bishops say you know what John. If you walk away from and I promise you get a chance to do something far both about five years later. I was able to I was called upon went out to bishop Stanley odd bit of bishop monitor Baton Rouge now was actually an American college antibiotic and and they asked if I would come and do a Vatican State dinner. Because I'd given up 21 here so that kind of gave me I was feeding troops I was feeding about a kind. I think you know we just need to keep boring in Louisiana cooking globally. And it has been my greatest gift I think we don't do it opted to do just. Thank you you listen into the food show I'm Rhonda gourmet waiter I've got my special guest here chef John false. We're 105 point three Debbie Debbie LF MHD two.