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Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, June 17th

Eric White and CT Williams explain this inaugral fishing rodeo while Dennis Breaux explains what's new in equipment to fish it with


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I welcome back to a lot of broadcast as we 100 dollar crow we're here for the first ever. Inaugural inaugural you can save the earth. Annually timid because if it's if there's only one year he can't be that it's argue that say if they that if they can intent on leave for the second year. And it's an annual so intentions. How can go on again intent nine tenths of the law. Stick with me Keaton analog stuff I had so that would ever won it is we hear about Rick's cabaret pews boarding it's got together with this on. They found some guided a team up on Gilligan's Island meeting him see his name is six team league big fears he's joining us now shaking his head. Understand though you had to ride herd on those wait station's staff girls who. And we have them in check last week. We'll let you know I left office at the festivities early last night. I guess it went back to the house just get a good night's sleep come back and finish it today. Strong. It's it's this is probably the Hoff this. Way master tournament director and C job I've ever had Liza well. The categories. You know we just heard he but about events that have multiple categories will we got to. The biggest show. Heavy string of three rigs under 27 inches. Maine that's a lot demand constant rodeo but at the but I tell you this story. It in the biggest weasel fuel to the drought right now and be viewed live at C. But it's only two and at count it will end broken it and it's gonna go. That the other story that I think really interesting is that all three births per second and third place on the three red fish. And I actors. Not a power boat in battled out and but the biggest fish within sight of the marine. You know this might brings its awesome that we might have Kai actresses may. And match. It can all. Especially in this nephew. Someplace else that's on whole. Problem so well this. No I think the marine worked beautifully Boyd you've got a lot of opportunity you know bellicose famous for its battery PH and and you certainly seen that on the on the board believable. So I just fun to watch yesterday you know you're in the 10 with the bull ring as the rocks the places you know where we find some great toy accurate if and it it turns out that the coming from. Right on the Marino here and and it could be good it's a solid and an eternity he sees them seriously. The and usually have the habit fished. Jack's idea. I think it's a think it works. I like different categories you know like seen different challenges to keep the same thing used to seeing people in the same places. Like to mix it Opel but I think that figured that compiled with. We've got a little it's a little tricky right now. Part of what's happening is actually in turn three and today or yesterday and then they bring. Three more morally and pick the best that those six. We may adjust that next few little bit but. Bad you know. It's like rexrodt he technical tropical plasmas biggest fish gets the money along it's easy enough. Oh calculation about. At. Some geographic limitations. That. Could be Christmas to. Weed and driving you believe or not he income. You know the way you booked into it but these days you know. One of the fifteenth in the teaching industry is that is that the team on they. You know it was a day when you left in and look I'm I'm going way back in understandable but one vote today at four cylinder engines and out the big engine. Calm you stayed in the area you've launched from you finished what shall you fish they'll what you people. He'll be now. You know I can I can be. Amniotic both your island McNamara and an Aussie guys out of this. Coming coming through you know you you pitch anywhere. Think they have changed option you remember the old nine point nine everybody has an appointment. Nobody understands why atlas you'll look if you didn't have to register less than analysts right here in after register those lessons into. And and I still had little fifteen that it runs like a cup and if you remember fishing callers. It used to be classified section in the times Picayune in it was called. Fishing call notably warning this before pickup trucks got so popular but nobody hat trick truck you'd need a truck that read. Not just like trot apple boat. And they had what they called Phishing qualities rule to. Rusty on the so mom didn't have back floors in the like and you bought that the efficient as it is and you had to nine point nine while you bowl in the wrong and everybody rented boats just the well and there was a booklet categorical clocked out. Yep that's collect up. To John go to Google Talk to the most thing displaced due cousins. Which was replaced but tight which is Dan noble right and it was right there at the highway eleven originally bought those legal lake's beautiful whiskey is alive well and not the polls. And you brought jumbled up one as a six and nine. You put on that skip that you but in Britain and you caught drop she came back and really the game aggregate vote they deliberately in one box. Voted full plate to in his. Yeah that was a lot of places biblical West Bank opinion nine. Just bring in the mode. Taking you rock trial in the flat flat think that beyond memory chip or for a while as well. You know place this you'll believe this but. Probably for a lot you know places them in the sections. Rice field canal. On the rim Tia rivers he never used to be called team ripples there was little woman named Clarence and we. Owned that place was called in the guy came up. It's still the need is still the there. And it was a miscues but you brought to vote. I know Mike Benjamin Jones here and there but that ASEAN members Clarence and I emailed my. From them they've been on the use you to. Holes all. I went there one day Tony is wrong with these weeks that would be you. Or boxes. Down low round moccasins did me in boat docked in the hospital it's all was cool like the size. There were number it's happened at any time. It. Yeah the massive. Less and less every time. What what a place that comment thought the Mike about doing that he's and events are often to more this thing I mean it's it's the ball are there now but he didn't do a page out there and maybe that's you know liabilities would you now to great idea but this a few places rent not. You advantages they duke. They do a kayak rental and they do it kayak tour as well we'll bring it actually bring you to the to my cane which it'll buy you look at home. And into a two war just real knowledgeable about an area technical science. Class the line if he then. We'll see Q what is the view from here as far as jobs the MC way master whatever else finally gave you for the we get a wrap it up here. We've won this afternoon. Once the once the scales close I think the the is that the host gonna take down to the end of this evening with the awards ceremony. Rio and so we're gonna handle the umbilical side. You'll once. It's a great event that it's gonna grow I think it's you know it it it goes to which if it. Prize at critical proceeds are going with patient and that's that's a great causes for the go a lot of good and now. You can see anything get bigger and bigger. I don't know what the final count is now and 75 that it. It was guys look. As little mountain in the it's this adjustment on boats and first year. That's not bad at all so what's up next big fifty. Oh oval at the smaller and yet Leo we've done. We've we've right now you know we have to meet you we you'll ones 6 AM Saturdays in the news Thursday but it is non fiction or Finland beat him BO report. And a good news is it that we just I mean shifts and papers. To get in the league tolls Lafayette. Albeit it will small footprint in Baton Rouge and in Biloxi Gulfport. So so this is gonna tip of the coast goes to all this mean more travel agent is metro. And so it that we we will definitely have what will have people in those areas. Any reports that the in keeping those days full you'll just fueled speaking in late show you do get good route really trying to be little more information watch sports seasonally. But seasons go put conditions. In and help people like you guys you're parents Louisiana. Help people to to make that decision on where to go on the put more efficient. On the trends on the audience what they want what. You know unfortunately it's spots you on Wednesday awards. And we then will we spent a lot of time on on own own own. Being one for me to be BP you know. How many times someone goes to me it says something that clearly shows they don't understand the movement they don't understand. We're the mood is cool and the peacefully equal annual and understandably you need to be on. Every made it to get from moving him. I. And you can't pause an ego Alley and I went out there everywhere. I think if people understood conditions. And big movement more conditional better than they do a whole lot more than if they just want to go to your spot. You know people off thing believe that official like cattle. This centenarian Grey's it'll move they just sit me a spot to fish today you know they realize that this thing is so dynamic in mobile and like CT says you know on the website will have some money log on him wanna know where to go efficient as he's gone the next day. It's like wow if you just took the time to understand the equation that made that but good but not good because it has a tree ordinary. It's a point if it's good for a reason and they are 101520. Other spots in that area. That has the same conditions that you can make it official that you can understand the equation. And you know you. We try so hard to figure the fish out some of these fish don't even know. Themselves they just do what they do you know they own them making and then there's the calendar that this thing go by but as far as is as our prospective. If you understand that equation of where the pitching and be and why that's what makes the spot good it's not just the spot. Well a lot of people say you know anybody can catch fish finding them is is that real Chu now president of the visual words spoken. In that they say they'll builds a bananas a bad luck on a boat which ought to get into what we call them all brag. You'll be on it for weeks weeks and then you'll get in the boat 1 morning and somebody jumps and valuable we will be back early today. I'm in words I didn't do them victimized. And you know he brings up an and it's a select gentleman jumped into his boat with three bananas and yet it was glaring at me doing. Better put extra the FB. Now I have won once this superstition and that's the first yes there's. Lot banana it's up with that stuff you can have bananas on the boat that's fine but it's at first we eucalyptus but the but it throws pol these kids. That's the old Izzo and I going to be good I know one guy in particular who it's it's what's called cycles of map. If he sees it and it's ultimate not matter what I always have been man is he's convinced it's done. And and I think X Mike at one that CCA. In the first issue on the first can. Is there any reasoning behind that is there any logic or is it justice superstition is is. It's after the speckled Trout the field and off. All you can do is go by track records and in my track negative it yet with official at first guest of course but if it. I mean I mean I had literally like. Off to the lefty before we go to that point over there but it's that it threw it at this a no word about the food to bring on the boat but. At press caskets and make me nervous than any it may be hit OT that we. I. Seek the pleasure talking with you good luck on epic mission advancement and not gonna get involved work in a row. And will also lucky lush with a similar to wrap up our broadcasts if for all illegals by quick we have a lot of good fission reports its funds and good communication from some listeners. Excellent view that Jack being captain Jack talking about bill crow law on assisted the future of the news and some of them. Attendance season and how to get out this division one of the things I think he says that impressed me the most casting what you have off trees it. Tips and advice and I don't think you can do anything bad and help people find stations. You'll find those customers very appreciative but one thing we did not talk about is what used to go get them so we have to do that right now. Tennis pro is joining us he's with Frontieres sales and marketing group. And he's also a member of the rated nations made a profit rises are talking about a rubble guy good to have you with a status tells what products you guys. So frontier we have a number of different products and hunting fishing and outdoor product gear but. One of our biggest Lawrence's dial. The neighbor and I was around for an exit they make fantastic products and we've had some changes. Can I play Houston we we we've got some fantastic products command so oh. Our biggest prize cheers for the launch of the new BG everybody knows the BG it's the old black and gold Iowa the wooden handle. We still silicon album but we have our newer versions of EG it's updated its lighter. It's just a super real and you know we've been. Selling like crazy it's it's one of the hardest spinning reels right now. So that's one once you've been this excited and we prepare some really great rise this salt is rod. The air next rise so there's a lot of great options you can that you can use force and it just fantastic. Spec what are red fish ride wherever when do we make it all into an eight as in size so you can hit the rigs with adults them. And I look. I'm sure it does a lot of research and asked for feedback from the customers what do you all see in the print what are the saltwater fishermen Haskins. Lightweight that that's one of the biggest ones that that I hear. And and B list and then. We're actually be launching four or five news spinning reels this year. And we kind of discontinue some older reels and coming out with them again. They're going to be about 20% lied and there were before 20% smaller. So we are listening and and we are innovating and coming that was so great products this year. I'm sure you get a lot of requests from people like to use brave raider line is the thing now is open to an application when Monfils woman is actually better. But what do you suggest for somebody that's gonna fish with that real thin but super strong Braden lines. Yeah I'd like to use a thirty pound parade. I use dial actually makes or breaks college Avery we have before carrier. Which is. Very similar to power pro an and a carrier that stirs let the super slick. It's very strong comes in multiple different colors but thirty pound raid is kind of what everyone goes to. Just depends on the application like you said. Any difference that you would would suggest in a real to finish the parade as opposed to monitor Tillman is a certain things that you would look for it. Characteristics of the Rio. Well with RPG's if you look there's there's a rubber backer our school. This helps with its board your real a lot of you gotta put you know electrical tape around there's like that help. Biden to that you know and that parade with this new design it that real specifically made for breed. And you don't need that back. You know the real is extremely important piece with mission but basically it brings the line in and out. Rod is really what you whip the fish and catch the fish what's the latest rods so we just. Release dates rock called the sultans. That ride is really specific to our insurer market. And becomes a multiple different actions in length and all that. And what we have right here this is our new. Elite series rod and are to to answer the real. So what we basically did we went to all arm the members of our lead staff so Brett Eller who came at their place this year at the the classic in Texas. That's actually his right right there so. Each. Fishermen met with our rod designers and design specific rod for a specific use that we have a drop shot rally the top order probably digit rod. They got this delicate rod designer and tell them I want a seventh degree I wanna seven Warren whatever the action might be. And in the real that's our new to two SB so it's got RST spool which we have and are hiring and this d.s. Gazillion. It is a minimum minimal backlash. Real when you said it sees specific rule we're using. You will not backlash it it's fantastic real. And now every single die approach is using those in the boats and a great thing is you can get into a rod reel combo for 340 dollars what are. Are pros are using so it's it's a lot more economical for the average guy to see what. Those pros are using in making actually go out and buy that product. Just tuning in we'll talk with Dennis roadways with front is sales and marketing group that represented the Iowa line some really fun products. Keith Dennis. When I'm in an on Cowell wasn't always like this but its recent Chris Roberts showed me about Holden. Your finger underneath the line especially you know salt water fishing with a with a date can't see it really feel that and now it's happened now and I'm looking does does it. Is that changing error or anglers looking at that who Wear their fingers fit right there where there and this finger can reach in and you'll that line backers. That's someone I feel Ron not put a real law and I have to read that line avid. Our I had the exact same habit you wanna beware if you every single sensitivity you can and I'm actually seeing less people doing it now with a rod innovation. You don't necessarily need to fuel the ride because it's with a few of the line because. The rides become so sensitive. That you can feel all that action just in upon me your hand with these low profile reels. You can Hewitt in the real. Dennis what is the balance of sales fall between spinning rod reels and make casting real small long time. In this area has been Ludwick king but I think a lot more people going to make him. Yeah I'd say it's about 80 each morning. During Israel's yet yet it was point whereas it is. Now with the introduction is new to to a for 200 dollars you can get a real. That is minimum backlash. That's been the biggest. Issue with getting guys from south Louisiana especially southeast Louisiana. To use Andy Katz is because that the backlash issues now when you move further west towards Lake Charles you see that list. Those guys that there's a lot more bass fisherman and they tend to use more big cats and spinning but yet H when he in the New Orleans area in the southeast Louisiana area but. They castor coming on strong I mean it's this number one growing segment of my business is that they cancers especially with this news to. I've been amazed options with some professional fishing guys that could not throw a big test in which just makes me. But they just die hard with that's been Soledad the use and never went to that and for that very reason backed it backlash scared some avenue at the outline of that isn't what causes backlash to what what helps him. Well a lot of it's the weight of this war. And you get that that energy going out when he hits the water the sports. Still then into it can speak your line. So a lot of guys they have a tendency to really whip that ride is a used to throwing a is spinning ride and that's usually what's gonna cost the backlash. So when that lure hits the warn you when elementary to a slow it down. That has to stop it now let us that would with this with this to two SD it's got a very very lightweight spool. And a special attractions and that's proprietary to die within your brake system. So it actually senses when that lower stops. It'll actually stopped idea. The sport has been. You rent for the manufacture where somebody's season approaches you lose que les -- is carries both the two that's the end our lead series rot they also have. Pretty much every size of the army EG that you confine. They have hard tire and our lines there one level on steel. So we have a couple we have quite a few other lies to win most popular ones right now is email wars there on the Carolinas. They have been actually fantastic plastic ruler. These particle they elastic. Proprietary rubber. That you can literally tape or their trip inspection act about 36 inches. They're tough and we note down here when efficient on her pop incorporate the birds. We can go to were left and right with these you can you can go full day when I haven't changes his team is there one enormous popular. Lines we have just launched. It for. In partnership with evergreen the new Jack hammered Saturday. It was warned that the big keys that Brett opera site success over the classic and it's been huge success force the chatter -- been around forever. And I got a team that brought so much fun the judgment yet wreckage hate hate Saturday. Yet the chatter baited is being in the you can take off the main lord and input any kind of lord and south Louisiana you know we customize everything so that chatter they'd really really the top seller in. I see a lot of reports coming in a lot of candidates on either the red fish ban everything. That's who's got a couple minutes left let's get them sue on you had to tell us about the books yeah exit. It's a government Democrats is in the blind that we represented. Wanted the best hooks in the industry's super super tough. One that the key things about it they have a very strict manufacturing process. A lot of other companies they go when bail outs to outsource multiple different factories and make this stuff. We're very very strict with most Japanese companies. They are very proud of what they put on the market. That is by Iowa got a cop sees the same way very gracious stringent process to make their products but super tough. And they make. A huge assortment from your your your in shore to hear your crop be too. You know bass fishing you name it offshore votes they had. And it makes a fantastic products Dennis Wright talk with you could be arrested today at somebody's come and ultimately comes out about decent shore sure I've got to die what tense it up about got. You know samples of pretty much every insured party could possibly want to come touch it feel it's been at where you wonder. I don't keep them music's going embodies compress the wrap up its been great for hours to like about you wanna like people who combine that way it's going to be until 2 o'clock then moved down rigs can operate tonight that you awards presentation. We'll see you next week on they stalked and also most official report absolutely done the they wanna go on the web site. North or if you're dot com everything you need to know about north toward an accent that exists at that name at that ride. Ask her thank you for joining us on this Father's Day weekend to get the take dead fish in nothing you can give more than -- time is more precious and spend it would dad and you make some of the great we'll see you again next week with the addition of more outdoors. 105 point three FM HD tail and live streaming down on the outdoors guy that.