Previewing Louisiana's big baseball weekend

Deuce & Deke talk Louisiana college baseball and reset the stage heading into the final weekend with Mark Menard.


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Oh and also we talk to Nick Cannon. Got the duke in the house took 601870. Takes deuce at 87870. He orders happily respond to you. Operating jaguar opinion photos online at WW dot com do you think it LAQ. Goes on to win the SEC championship double lead to a national championship for the tigers in baseball. Cast your vote online at WWL. Dot com have you heard enough from the outspoken global ball. Marketing genius scientist the bit overbearing. Control pop. Cast your vote online at them with that's one thing but talk about act actually emulated this out we'll go to Vegas but the off and get his thoughts on preakness. And more than numbers out at the over under total college football win totals Alabama. It in and hand is there regular season until as through twelve regular season games Ohio State is eighteen and several of the teams in hand in hand in that mix including border state. And Wisconsin. And see it's. Luke got it right. It's in the top team it is Alabama and a hand Ohio State eighteen and and in teams it went to with a man handing the Florida State. And state USC Washington Wisconsin Oklahoma. Several of the teams ought in the Nixon nine millions that is the ending ascertain Clemson. Who will rule L issue missed in Oklahoma State. And Virginia Tech now sports book has. Eight cat. It taken out are now limits on window right now. So meaning that is so what they're talking about I guess when you look at standpoint. Right now with so much uncertainty. You look at that those totals you probably get some good odds I have report of the entire list on some teams that probably down there the list. And at seven maybe eight win. A year at duke targets in Gaza on that article at that hour no limit on the win totals now this does not. Include. Conference championship games ball gains and all LP this is just the rig that seat death to me that. Who showed just how much more dominant Alabama induced. Owning bake it could it didn't do mold be the winner. Agreement hand morning Hillary only got two or recklessly gain and and you talk about a half again you know on the solar what did you think about the new englanders is take the wind on twelve. Which is a limb and hand that's the high asset wanna say we've seen at a sixteen games. But that's incredible but Alabama's ten and a half and it's whales that as a major. That's even better at the California below to the south where some athletic conference and they got a they got to covers tournament going on over Wesley Merrill stadium now are to losing had teams gremlin and so when they got knocked out tolerated by. I know. Alabama State was a defending champion from last year engine whoever wins the select title they get automatic Saudia Arabia they get an automatic B its own you know the conference champ I think it was Jackson State. Had a good team nearly 13 plus games but New Zealand get a mean you know. It's whoever wins their conference title in their plan over and Wesley barrel and I think Leo it'll be decided tomorrow that's one of the first. You know automatic DNC comes after the NCAA you know most of the other time and start following week. And Oakland today Canon Mary what five NASA Jim Jim brings an LSU and the coach birdman he was so appealing in standing in his acting. Skipper of book coach rod to Cano who's a little under the weather this a lot boats. Well coach Kate on as he deals with that he. Guilt issue with the Sullivan jaguar expect to be out phones we go in fiscal missy for Raymond Raymond thank you for calling WW. Yet what a bat loosen. Upward to crack and a man when you substituted gallery. On the robot and you know. Our meaning he he he I mean even you know Raymond you know like when you get to key is. And you like to firecrackers the all excited images so you just fizzles out. He does count in an Italian territory was say he got onstage he he may be shot you know he didn't even know what he was totally discount. But they NUM street gallery in the face but you know count on Manhattan. Well yeah. Do dual threat that. We got a commitment to you your money. Not. What you say they would do well. On his boat we wrap idiot do many ship is now up and be quiet because you don't ever. And not even. Gina trot go to India and able to deal. But. Site. That you don't. I would drive on Wednesday and they'd read them aren't as stated amount would be but it does say. You need to be spared that are put a beer and our opponent. The team party. Matt Cain he'll get it back east Georgia and the other guy and a gap from. What. Are some good when. That we meet your. Do you look at that game. Diego game lived Anderson met maybe ten years ago you heard game plan to Ayers and there. Right now you may give a look he'll blood you'll game plan of James Harrison and both those guys. Meant that dale was hurt last year he was a starter but he got hurt. AJ Klan feel being. And aids weekly. And and and did fairly well he can play all three of those positions. You know they have spent the money. It just had worked out you know of the date they spent the money definitively. You you look at bird you know labs that we know how that situation turned out. It is it would what you expected. Lashing you have to really give Peco to create Robertson Mason far those guys really helped but you know I I understand what you're saying as far as. A team having to game plan to get the team that they game Blair right now is Q well it's cam George. To Angel game planning and would formations. Would give him Carl you know to say hey look. Let's make sure we can take his dad out of my formation last for him but teams are game planning for Kim Jordan on certain situations. So you know. It's hard it is hard to take one player away. When he plays well all once I it it's really hard to take a Michael Wei an update that's what to say yeah. Yep went out. Like that made it did not want and I like him back. To get. Him. Looming. I I I I understand I think a lot of fans of the week we get bella but I will say this a lot of times. Just to be indeed take it would agree to sell just kind of be open minded. Just because of that don't you know try not to comment that stigma label them just because he might not have been honest auto artist somewhere else. And I mean he's not upgrade here. You know any even if they came here an inning in what not a story here is spewed Armenian over greats of the overall unit you know so was because I remember a may issue we got a lot of the same thing. When the Saint Paul Michael and Michael Marty. And they also brought in makes DuPont. He looked the though it's got me please in the Nate stoop ball was an upgrade so you know it's not just about the front black guys. Like Doocy you've got to get the whole feet deep three that. It okay race there thank you so much for the call we appreciate you this goal to bay saint Louis the John John getting it thank you so called in WW though. Who. What but this thing and and I think the statements are a lot of people yeah yeah one of them out being predicted honorable and and it an editorial. But when he got it for fraud directory. Ezra. Optical equipment right now he came on strong on the second tapping it and our own mail in the. What elderly is minute maid came all week. Jim and the paper came on what is to come out when he got one I mean people. But I think that they need help Indonesia. And stay out. They'd have a series because of. It's it would be able to elevate him and when people keep people healthy. Maybe not that you figured that's legal residency because they got it slows the world debt. Y need it and I. Don't know if they have a real good this year. Well I'd say it's gotten bold hope you're right in I was hailed as a key you know you you obviously got to see. What she owed them was happening we all knew which Oden was or owning camp in the Caribbean to TK mean. Cause it was his entire career to heal you know not just what you it's on banking and you'd like to have those guys do in its policy and on not just a game here Dave but when you look at the end of the year when he and the state. In this season when he was the scrapbook in the sake. Total gain too cute lost to injury. You want to know would be a small it's certainly allow smaller it was in the year before and as. That's come back players in quotas they on this. Which ended up how many gains eat you know combined with the team you missed throughout the season due to team into I don't want them to love. Shown Rankin is his ability to be able to penetrate. His first Depp gives him such a great advantage in being you know Sylvan is not six X Jack you know he's not 65 GAAP. It decides he he he plays those size but he strong. He is great strip when his hands where he can get his hands inside he can do a swim move he can uses power when he needs and but this is first you know he's so explosive would dispersed themselves. Go to toward written makes him where he can slide outside and and whenever they wanna move him to defense of me in and you know just in all a looker too. Where he can rush from outside. That is Deuce McAllister on disability it got a lot of calls and allowed tech to get to and will get the our stake on the weekend. And mom and dog gets us a preview of College Baseball Allstate College Baseball has come up next on WW. And welcome back. Always Deuce McAllister I'd be Bellamy LHU baseball woods on the network in about 32 minutes here. On WW tailback go to the phones we go and let's go out to aids day on Gulf Coast eight date thank you for calling WW. The case do Israel to. So just to comment on that last caller about. And the money on the but if it doubles that and think. Alex oak where there's probably take a lot of attention off. That'll. It's a big group. Anybody is really. Predict well. Well. Banca no I do I think we know. Alex's big position was hill. You know talent in the course and we're counsel for immunity can stay healthy that's a question mark in you know from the saints. Out of that position get a look at his position instead of just one person. You know from the saints and I'm hoping that I get ten it will sex. Out of that that position you know opposite of camp. KM should be able to get back you know Palestinian. Six himself. And if you can get from the inside. From your tackle positions from militarily and and and ranking and then. In my two. If you can probably geared. Ten sex amongst those three that you're talking about from your defense to lie and the amount of sex that you have for me hold defense last year that you know Lee you're talking about from your defense a lot of Malone. You know you should be here giddy he should be able to produce. Thirty to 35 sex and and help help there's going to be critical. You know right and got hurt missed half of the year book you know Alice can be healthy. Man even if it's at if it's 56 you know now I felt good cop he can come in and produced soon to re sex for you for the season. You you get something from your rookies. That that that have been drafted those gas can come in 236. Now that number can get up to where DA he didn't have to blitz you know he can be creative but at the same time he knows he can get pressure from their front four. Yeah on the limited use that this account you know he'll be tomorrow will you be out location where you can see meet dues on location them all and MetroPCS. Seven Nan nineteenth and then ninety Allen got in Henry. You'll be out there from noon to one stop on by MetroPCS. On Allen god they have reduced to free black eagle teacher in order grant me full ball just tall. Some black and gold football with the saints' all time leading Russian it's Deuce McAllister and mark it battery and MetroPCS. 7919. Allen drive from noon 1 PM take out deuce court with WW yeah welcome back more calls more text. And we'll get the view from Vegas on the preakness and eat all the way until I was in college football is getting some. Big money laid down early on as they guessed at the Kampman did most people can go with days. 500 books all right that's coming up let's look at the bottom Allen who's with Don aims but first though forthcoming is a CD it's a and welcome back do you think an SEC each image it would lead to a national championship for the LSU baseball team gain too. Of this series they can clinch the series with Mississippi State tonight. Which on the network in about 23. Minutes speaking of College Baseball again Louisiana's as I have a handful if not more teams. In lines for regional beards as we come to the final weekend of the regular season next week this conference tournament. And Dan we had a selection show on Memorial Day that Monday. Mom and dog gets us in tune to state College Baseball more you have the people. Thank you. A possible five teams being projected into the the bigger the larger regional bracket. But first let's that a look at this weekend LSU leads all Louisiana schools in terms of RPI as they usually do their number eleven in the country. 37 and seventeen they beat Northwestern State on Tuesday of course had a big. Series with the bulldogs of Mississippi State this weekend they are up 10 in this series after last night's. 321 victory. LSU trying to position themselves for a national seed. He won baseball dot com is actually projecting them as the number rate seat at the moment so if they continue to win out. They have a shot to win the SEC they would certainly when the SEC west and that would position them quite well. For a national seed heading into the SEC tournament. But they got to get. The rest of the weekend taking care of and they do sit in a three way tie atop the SEC right now. With one win on it under their under their belts already over Mississippi State two games left to go. They'll play game two today at 630 and we will have that for you right here on WWL. Pregame coverage starts in about 23 minutes now elsewhere in the state we go over to Hammond with a southeastern lions. Sits second among all state schools and RP either number thirty in the country at 34 and eighteen. They lost to southern miss on Tuesday no shame in that southern miss a very good ballclub this year. But there at home this weekend hosting Seton Hall they dropped game one of that series last night they'll play game two today. The mag knees cowboys have been high in the RPI rankings all year long at one point theory that head of LSU they currently sit at number 36. A 35 and seventeen. He lost to Houston cougars on Tuesday but without a conference series this weekend to close out the season their hosting Lamar and there up 10 in that series. With a game two tonight against the cardinals. Louisiana Tech bulldogs. Matching mag knees as record there also 35 to seventeen and as such they sit right below them and RPI the cowboys are number 36. The Louisiana Tech bulldogs are 37. No midweek game for the bulldogs are on the road this weekend. At Middle Tennessee State. In Murfreesboro Tennessee and currently they trail that series and 01 after dropping game last night they'll play game two tonight. The rage in cage of the Louisiana Lafayette also firmly in the top 64 and RP item number 48 in the country. 3320. And one on the season they also had no mid week game there on the road this weekend up north in Louisiana. Playing you'll Monroe and they are up 10 in that series game two on tap tonight. Now looking good across the state in the city of New Orleans not so do the tooling green wave. Sitting at number 85 and RPI. Likely not going to make determined unless they win their conference tournament that starts next week they're 25 and 29 on the year they did beat UNL on Tuesday. But there on the road this weekend at Memphis and they trail the tigers 01 in the series team to come and today. And you know privateers. Dead even at 52626. And one on the year. But considering their opposition. There are PI has really taken me that they bring number 125. In the country they did lose to the green wave on Tuesday in this weekend they have a series on the road. Closing at the southwest conference late. At Northwestern State and you know leads that series over the demons wanna know if they had double header today to close that theories out. And and look forward hopefully to the south a conference tournament we'll see if they can weekend. Terms of projections. Does or first group of projections every week this is as of may sixteenth that's the most recent ones they have they have five Louisiana schools. In the national tournament going to regionals all over the country. We have Alex you hosting a regional in Baton Rouge. As the number rate overall seed according to. And Jackson's state. As for the other schools in the state Louisiana Lafayette they had been having all the way out to the West Coast. Against Stanford at Stanford hosting a regional that would include cal state Fullerton. Other raging cajun is a view view I Lafayette and Yale. On the southeastern Louisiana heading to Hattiesburg for regional at southern miss. Southern miss would host Mississippi State southeastern Louisiana and Wright State. Louisiana Tech they had them heading west to Fort Worth four regional at TCU the FT CU as the number seven overall seat. And hosting Houston lot tech. And Jacksonville in that regional and then there's meg niece who could be the second team out of the Southland Conference they have been headed to the middle of the country Norman. Norman Oklahoma the Oklahoma Sooners hosting a regional as of right now Corbett. And Oral Roberts of course no. No surprise as to who they have as the number one overall seed that will be Oregon State who haven't and magnificent year. In beaver country their top eight seeds or Oregon State North Carolina Texas Tech. Florida global Kentucky TCU and LSU. In that order as your College Baseball roundup are back now to Deke Bellavia and do some accounts. All right mark thank you very months and then next we'll get to some more calls gift of the our take on the week he. Can we see a number Hollis make another run at the Triple Crown the second leg demolish the preakness. We'll talk about that and we'll give you input the more takes coming in at 870 eights and college win totals out a corner Vegas LA she who is at nine when you don't have a lot on Monday show sports talk continues on WW. It is a second or running. Of the Triple Crown lay it is the preakness the 142. Preakness Stakes. Tomorrow he would have us talk about it will receive a horse who won the derby continue to make the trek toward another Triple Crown winner of the are they just rheumatologist now. The August is kind of the bigamy in the spring when you think about it of odds on the come out good then just a moment. But oh how much money is wagered on the preakness let's say verses the derby. A lot less. I mean. A lot I'll be wars and did this all these streaming is it really attracting now trying to. Com or possible Triple Crown contender. In the preakness. A little bit more action. Conference call. Because they're and BA playoffs is NHL player also there's a lot of people in the ball at this time that the that action compact. I'd say maybe. Kentucky Derby try to be around because the Kentucky Derby just one of those you know. Coming toward me you know where where again people that normally want to have to do you wanna be cheer for a worse. And most people stop what they're winning and look up their screens to watch it was three minutes on a winning company Kentucky Derby. Now we really mean we've. The preakness. And then we'll talk you know when life Triple Crown horse and I think that the light is going to be betting action and I think most will be. But of course and can't be looking for sentimental you know with get a Triple Crown winner so it'll be interesting. One. And with the preakness in. Went into. Paper which usually do well and so we we should give it. We streamed or classic vampire up at the top I believe. The our readers a day be the biggest comes out on the you know CE CD technology they operate several all the books Venetian Cosmo in result among others in Las Vegas casinos. And they came out with a win totals Alabama ten and a half the mothers there but. This is Bob Arnott those limits on the win total flat wise up our dollar limit on win total this earth. Yeah great question in the bait. Company dinner numbers. And I always tell I'd better if you wanna know where books so vulnerable to check the padding. There release in the world take 50000 dollars on and they'll gain on Sunday afternoon in all this content at times and now I don't really care. By trying to you know thousand dollars. Wanna college basketball over Honda or baseball hold down there in May have to get approval. Because they have much confidence in number. Coupled with is not enough adding action to all show our money you know it's it's been coming out. Market where shops are gonna try to it when we do. As he can win total this forum now in less penal matters. Coming dramatic change on them when their team their CD their college cup most people don't wanna try out their money first 678910. Months. Com this sport any day. Accomplish short. Take it being eight and noted and that's why can't small limit state farm now complex at the feet and get nearer as they do competence in the ratings that states. Start to see what these teams are like come in and the limits increase and as more a number. Also at twenty feet limits sparked increased because there's more competent when we see one booked just put out on number don't pay too much attention to. Even really like to charge in there that are respected. Because the what would lower limit you know until more of that number I don't put too much not gaining. I via our final question. Hair was Golden State what will be the numbers that if we get these two in the finals how much is Golden State to pay about. Iguodala all the states that going to be prohibited paper obviously it's gonna come down to help these conference tournaments on meet Arnold excuse me. A plane now is the sweet almond Golden State's. Bill going to be obviously that the paper I wrote down here saying good to two when. 250 daybreak come and see where the betting market take it now Cleveland. Came. Here so I'm hoping gonna give you much value on either these two teams even think that books. Leave it. Or not even though everyone wants defeat Golden State's first Cleveland. The playoff had not been good for the bouquet all the results haven't been good for the book and just couldn't handle all that much. Consulates that. Final will attract some action. But they're not gonna give you much value on the feeling that all the state will be the papers as he touched off partial. We are Huckabee but kibo which you are social media. Check me out likely underscored gambler Greek underscored gambler on Twitter and I'll be passed along what I'll bet on the preakness is well tomorrow. The are you ought to name a toxin. All right coming up next LSU baseball tonight after the game. You should check out a doll Christian and set but double coverage and you have land FaceBook updates. And it during the game. And so to mount WB a radio FaceBook follow Christian hints at onto news went thanks so much to mob and -- and Don Angel issue baseballs that makes. The great Deuce McAllister AD accounts between 62 DeMar MetroPCS on airline grab seven and nineteen. In a battery from noon until one of these will be out this to stop by say hello to the great deuce take it to the house thanks ought to call us thanks on a Texas WW you know the big gates avenue loves somebody. Love each now we out.