Pot Pizza

WWL's Dave Cohen and David Blake chat about a medical marijuana dispensary creating a culinary delight for patients who don't want to smoke their pot or eat it in the form of sweets.


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In Quincy Massachusetts they've come up with a solution. War of people who have conditions. That there prescribe marijuana for but they don't like to smoke it. And they don't like you did in sweet treats are carries out there to concocted something yet these are the two most popular ways. For folks to consume marijuana medical marijuana. Is either smoking in a reading it like brownies or something like that now when I'm Massachusetts medical marijuana dispensary is created a culinary delight for patients who don't choose either goes. They have made a candidates and is. Pizza are effective at all and it is getting rave preview stuff. I drag six inch. Cheese pizza geez come on put it on the the six since he's eight Zacks sell for a 38 bucks apiece. To people who have medical marijuana cannabis at its very murder we have to go to get this. Quincy Massachusetts Oak Creek area that's right they did though. Those legalization. Of that are well this is dramatically up with a medical. This this is a medical marijuana dispensary doing as they see you can't bring your own toppings if you want pepperoni years sauces or whenever. One other thing all the people with state issued medical marijuana ID cards are eligible to buy. The pizza is. If you just not easy go up there and that the thing I love about it is it's killing two birds with one sound. You take care of your need for marijuana I've the other medical condition that justifies it. And you solve the munchies problem become what the marijuana in one's tells all there you go to get your pod. It impedes. At this McCain's tough act. Oreo border award at the edited. I realize the deployment of more prisoners here on WWL they'd be back with more information. I'm the expected testimony today from former FBI director James thome on Capitol Hill before the US Senate Intelligence Committee. On what the president's that how we said it when he said it. And what that may mean for the investigation into alleged Russian interference in to the United States. Election for president law also have updates for you throughout the day at the top and bottom of every hour. As well as James company's entire testimony live right here on the radio starting at 9 AM and video at WW well dot com.