Peterson ready to run for the Saints

WWL's Dave Cohen and Steve Geller talk about the Saints aging running back and the praise he is getting.


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Gave NC review on your radio a lot of people were raving about Adrian Peterson at 832. And how he is looking in a saints uniform. Yes it's amazing how much we've heard from the players. You always hear from us watching the practices that are non patted. It's hard to tell anything really right now but you've heard from Drew Brees from Cameron Jordan in Geneva Colorado. That Adrian Peterson's work ethic and his dedication and what he puts in is on rival to anyone right now on the team and really feels like here's a man who has something to prove that he is still. By a ball. And vibrant and that he can still get it done. In the NFL and I am hoping that he continues. That kind of drive and determination. And really makes a difference for the saints on the field. Stiller Lane Bryant feeling good at least about Adrian Peterson and the saints offense thank you Steve.