Micah Gibbs:The Tigers Are Ready For Omaha

LSU assistant coach & hitting coach joins Kristian and Seth to talk about LSU's road to Omaha and what the Tigers expect at the CWS.


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I aerial. Double coverage on WW LI MF and dot com diving in and L issue hitting coach Micah Gibbs at Micah Gibbs on Twitter I Micah so first off thanks for joining us and what what's the mood like around this team just you know didn't home Augen settled in there what would what are you guys though I'm sure they're fired up the players in and the coaches as well. Another murder that it then we just got anger earlier today. Apart so recording university and are that the good thing about being your cup they've already pointed out and they all land. Outdoor by the William and all that were trying to. Oddly didn't you were thing is I'll run it down now on court a lot of restaurant though so no literary side they no OpenId you guys get them. Pretty cool gear that they have been would help put on in Iran all that up so our guys are really started and not really took back the murder ditto. Michael you talk about just the kind of hitting surged that this this offense took on in the last month and a half of the season win when you guys got hot at the plate offensively. You know two at the end of April and it's Carly still happening right now neglected anything change are resistant. Was a confidence thing always that O'Dell how this happened so quickly. I think a little bit earlier in the oval but of everything has been but I. I don't want copper all fall and early in the year there and the gain but no. You know what one more report we it'll all orbit the fault. Are returning to all the all. On the darker turn not a they ownership of the team and were cut toward the Arab. And that at nine mayhem wind up a war in darker I didn't inserted I'd like whopper or coming around the our arch and it will really. Are they can know whole and then Ottawa on. And it got out of the work the other and a lot of through the media. And I think the bigger than him and we talk about it. Pretty much ever date nor does. They don't want about it I'm particularly when we it would have a candidate that what you were written an actual record of that that and there on the momentum. And I want about it aren't that. Our Olympic recruit a guy like. He can hit a seven run home run at a I don't want it to the other 100. But it does and it you have to and they're in the moment although it recorded at that well. Michael one of about Zach Watson and obviously get it CNET that regional area four home runs he's he's hot a second the played his whole lineup is but. He he made a comment the regional that. You're aware of them during BP before the game for the regional start and cut stress until we keep two hands on the back has that really made the big difference in his follow through. I think I think it's more they employ when you're out of making sure that they don't recoup their. The only mediator but I didn't gain award about that and don't worry that they'll. Cuba on edit that the ultimate that irked me about all I don't want so there's more under these. Don't rural. Nature didn't keep them both and both rewards are all. Resilient little ball as well awkward Berger got all the way a lot better. And I'm double happy that's not our Kamal. I don't know they don't but he shouldn't. Or when they don't that the port ball. Micah Gibbs on double coverages is a baseball coach hitting coach for LSU baseball. Michael scatter report here on this Florida State pitching staff they had some ups and downs that won their last six been pretty good. That would be I'm assuming they're going with we're all Lugar another pardon I got there early what you. Our planet to the figured you already while strike now now or walks. He's a analyst crap people were hurt it changed both are important organ Earl which draw it. And that although what that change of parts though that it is usually about. Seven irons are about ninety but the overpowered. Or use that changeup so by the way the ball off and the thing we saw a lot of that was. In the in the story but he's not a urgent double that. Are mature part scored that you die off balance then. Well Oakland or got a product. That never like not to mention the candidate who has about why and for their short. Again then and only in could debate security situation where you were bumpy road runner on. See out of the sim mobile that. What a what you see out of some mobile and. Are they never got a call from the spiritual walk out of a and the dark two Brothers one older I don't know too little bit. Column. Order guys or not on record who are or why it died Abdul blue waters are. How are you look wider war off of that Nicole and I also wouldn't change a little used. Are you powder or go to gun yet most here to baldor cute considering it down. At some point gains it wouldn't quote you away. But on October that really were Jala. Our problems why were striking and as a poet spinach it's just out of her standard. We're kind of died were that water that the data will really good line and off the the one that's not just missed them out of his opponent norm alternate at. It's good stuff it's Micah Gibbs on Twitter at Mike he gives. So you'll Chico in camp obviously off from the 09 team and our producer here apparently got to get a advanced out here for a new guys' guess is staying at same hotel. You did in 09 do you think this you guys being there together and on nine and together again here guiding this young team that's gonna have. And a positive effect. Like the big storm hit the big thing with live in here. They interrupt I realize that they that they OpenId the way the pitcher mound. The ten to. The same game abate at remember the other more and let up but are in that sport but I think heroic proper and literally. We are excited about the way the wind him up in that they're not are very very well or are not well that you can use the most. That they are adequate and I'm a little public and alerted on Oneida this year or at all. Our work quite the same. Were in the cockpit arm or no not at that game I like to know about it and also order and waited in Aurora. You know not a murder but they open this year. Micah Gibbs and Mike gives on Taurus is the baseball coach hitting coach for LSU baseball. Mike as an advice and ash comma a nerd question if it's like if I can basically. So right handed throwers right and then their lefties in a box and like a guy like Greg Dyke mean for example he's a right fielder goes right handed but that's all on the left side. Is there a reason internally that the right I dominance that makes. Right eighties better hitters from the left side is that an MM EU and I'm trying to say here. That's Tom. You were here so I actually from a lot are brought a dominant right or. Are that it's not what you UK so much better that way. I'll now for a fortunate that it on our daughter and all were doing opposite almost and that. I don't look natural order on the panel that let. That it is it weird because a lot of darker that's older right at lower in the notre. It was you or they're not on what to roll right into it. Which is strange to me you've been interviewed every bit. Remember. What are dominant but it just one of those. Our equity involvement. Pale Micah Gibbs and Mike also. Michael compares ski. Got hot here. Recently down the stretch and he added a late kick to to his swing and on the left side what was the thought process going in that. There was one of those things where. About it right handed at the beginning of the year are strong role that went right on right where you balls and I got other art or an area and you and I at these. Barbaric it idea that he goes back. The switch hitting every arena on it and it is I think that report the ball away. So we gotta back switch hitting it and I don't like it is. Are ready at a rapid like they're these days you a minute through our model and other big. Quote forgot who looked like it been. Are like their events or what school hour is what it's the iron about that all white. On the left side or are we ordered short period you're in the article of the wall Niedermayer were on import orders from the door open a pretty cute. There's a lot more fluid and or what you do without firing a all the better that we had a good regular unleaded regular. Into them to regain. The dollar goes go very but it also good review what we did regarding you know what I mean to him a really good bad or does not want what the promoter and they've been burger successful. Mike a final question of Korea earlier in the year when when the offense wasn't put not the insane numbers that they are now. I'm sure you might have heard it there was there was some criticism surrounding you in your first year than hitting instructor. Do you think that maybe got blamed too much and also maybe perhaps in too much of the credit now let out of there having success at the plate to make is a couple aunts. Not not at all I'm I'm I'm very open the record the look that well that but he better short. You're on top of the are pregnant are regarded but the big bigoted all the experts are good guys they're the ones that are going out there and swinging the bat the men do whatever it thank him. Armed and let it be happier the way the guys have been bitten too. Let those W rhetoric you'll probably go about sports but our our report from the outset that. Epic that's that mean you're gonna be a hero on upbeat about the re older Koreans. Mike a best of luck to you Saturday night and a tires meant urgent visit. I either goes Mike who gives hitting coach for the LSU tigers at Micah Gibbs on Twitter says Dunlop Kristian garic you're double coverage on WL IMF and the dot com.