General Lee is coming down today

Friday, May 19th

The statue of General Robert E. Lee is being removed right now at Lee Circle.  It’s the last of the 4 Confederate-era monuments targeted for removal.


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He rarely go. It's Friday afternoon. Finally here. It's the beginning of the weekend. And this is so we start our show every Friday afternoon. We've got a lot to talk about let's see. With the talk about the on monument coming down the final one were to talk about president trump. When this might be a really good data get into the history if interest rates were somehow I have a feeling might. Might add Covert to evict. Hey we're gonna talk about today it's Friday so you know we might Debbie a little light hearted at times. I'm scoot to the afternoon right now reach over crank it up this is what you had been market for. This free for all Friday our show this afternoon which means roll review some of the topics we talked about this week although the topics that we're gonna talk about today. Are there to topics that we talked about all week. The monuments and president trump those were two topics are just dominated the news there were few other things it went on to it. This was pretty much hit so as you know the statue on property lead the general from the civil war. Is something remove right now. We circle. And this is the last of the four confederate air monuments targeted for removal. Monument will ultimately be gone. The passionate debate is she is not going to be offered figures are pretty general thing you've told us our. No matter which side of the issue Iran with a confederate monuments. Will you end the fight. Or continue to fight on. They're shipping your Margarita where such every inaugural dot com. So in sports we often talk about poor losers. If there are poor losers and there are four winners. There is something to being a good loser. There's also something being a good winner. We talk about how player or team. Handled the loss. And is always a lot of criticism of those who displayed. Bad sportsmanship. After a loss of bad attitude. If a player doesn't shake if a key player doesn't shake it out the team's hand. If they just walk off the field we talk about that is where sportsmanship. It's easier to be a winner than it is to be elusive. The celebrations of victory naturally directs that behavior. But it's also not easy to be a good. Winner. Being gracious. After a hard fought battle. That you win. And Beecher. Being gracious after a loss can be challenged by gosh we saw this after the presidential election. Why did anybody think that everybody was gonna be happy. If we stay on the two candidates. In a very divided country. So somebody wasn't going to be happy. Same thing with this. If you did not get your way. Are you ready to move all. It doesn't mean that you lose your conviction. It doesn't mean that you. Give up what you believe in. Are you ready to move on to. What's next. And if you were on the winning side of the monuments coming down. Be honest. Are you gonna be a gracious winner. Or will you. Pound your chest. We do you think OK this is the beginning ballots go for all of I don't even know we're all of it means. But in the minds of some. There's a lot more to come. So relating this to two sports. Whichever side your own. I would love to talk to those. Who were either willing. Or not willing. To be good winner. Our good loser. And also those who are going to be a poor loser. And to pour winner. This is part of the conversation about. Uniting. If you wanna join us with your comment. Our numbers 260187. Perry code 5042601. In seventy. Text number 877. From New Orleans might get under the W a good afternoon. Want to Robert. Churchill. But mark McCord and donated darn book. Whenever I'm Mexican American. Optional war. Expect from. Autumn. Election mean by one more time. You. Make or. Q will it go. Well I mean you know I guess the question is. Is is is that what have to insist is that what we do. Is that where we go but you know a lot of people have wondered why the name your has taken on this challenge. I respect people who take on challenges. Bite. This was a challenge they did not need to be taken on at this point OK so the mayor didn't get a spot. Yesterday we talked a lot about it. The mayor's. Motive. And I don't know what it is but it may be fairy very personal. It may have more to do with his personal life and with his political life. And you know when when you've got something to drive you personally. Very personally. That drive you even more and what goes on at work. The the other thing that we spent a lot of time talking about yesterday. Was the idea that there. Are coming down the last one comes down today. They're taking it down this afternoon the mayor's gonna hold a press conference this afternoon at 3 o'clock. Does the mayor have. National political aspirations and Mike is the mayor trying to impress somebody else. And if he uses the city. Whichever side of this debate bureau if he uses you. For personal and political gain. You were used. For Metairie Davey joined ever WL. It's. That they're not at least in order people. Are actually a couple. I'm gentle and it helped a congressman Eric records out there anyway. You know the vote there will help orient to four hours where it would go. To Iraq. You know in what distinguished academic go straight to that. And I hit a if people vote or cultural. Struggle you know you want to reach out now wait. Tricks. That you. It could be. You know people understand that. Think it was. Appropriate rule and if you know you. Today. It's. Oh what happened. Now it's not a parent you know you you you hope that John pitino bad karma comes to no Steve I appreciate you calling you all the bad karma comes to to those who. Who'd do things for malicious reasons and and to use a city to use an event and I'm not saying that taking the monuments Downey is wrong don't misunderstand. But to do that to catapult yourself either personally or professionally. I think is wrong with it you shouldn't use people if you're a public servant. Or you're really lying. Acting like to republic server in your early care but I think you care about the people and where they can get you in your personal life. And also in your professional life. There are presidential elections in I ran. So I thought we played a song about I ran by A Flock of Seagulls. We had songs about the Middle East back in the eighties now. I guess with the Iranian presidential election I guess they only have to worry about the their own government debt tampering with their own elections I'm Scooter Libby to Akron WL. There are winners and their losers in politics and in life in general and if you're on the losing side if you want and the monuments to stay out when you've lost that fight. Are you ready to move alone or we could you will you continue to fight that's a pretty general opinion poll right now 82% say continue to fight on. In fact that could go for either side. Because there's decide that as the monuments taken down the supports that it wants to go into other things so this a question does apply to everybody. You continued to fight on now with the monuments are down and general poverty fees coming down this afternoon 82%. Say yes Tony 6% say. They're ready to end the fight and move on giving your team by going to our web site WW dot com from lake view earnest welcome to the show. I valued at that the blood of this is corrupted that. I bet it 9% on. And you've been. Does that now. That EGG ago that. General. Is different the only. Was highly decorated. This Circuit City and it states only. In the war against Mexico about what toward peace stability. And I could walk away. Denying that state America. Well artists or somebody does something really great in their life you you don't always judge them by value judge somebody also by what they did toward the end of their life and you know you could have an outstanding citizen who commits a crime and if they commit a crime yup well we know we're not gonna do anything when I can think badly about this person because of all the good things they did. That's not the way we think. You right Butler and you're good at solicited. I decide. To put them neither side. Always have a good future always appreciate the information from New Orleans Terry your endeavor to do well. I've worked all your appreciate. You cover this story and I I can move ball on. I'm very. The scourge that what it doesn't our city a figure that the that the created that. Should have been done. They need to be done. But I would really love one day it goes one on certain club it's totally closed. And know what the reason and rationale. That. Well and find out Terry I mean will ultimately know after he gets out of office we may know before then that we will certainly know after Landry gets out of office. And I'll tell you what's at stake here. He may leave the city. But the legacy of his name. His dad's name his sister's name you know that dilute the legacy that really the legacy of Moon Landrieu dear father. Is is going to be based on what Mary and Mitch do. A cute story about her question for you and restore at all. That the monies which could be from donations and I'll listen to the different reports. I'm understanding that it's it's public money that's being used what where he has it. I hear the same things you hear. But if tedious if if they're so assured that it's private donations. Then how did this conversation even eat it happened I mean the mayor's gonna hold a press conference about 3 o'clock we're gonna carry that live whenever that happens this afternoon. As so I don't I don't know that this was part of our show yesterday. The mayor appears to have deceived. People on both sides by talking about what he would do with a monuments after taking down and who's gonna pay for taking a monument stay out. And and at some point. We have got to figure out as a society how to figure out away on a mass level to hold politicians accountable for deception. Well I really just let's and then I really think we were deceived and there palms. I am anxious to hear what he has certainly. Terry I appreciate the call and from a town Jason welcome to the show. Teachers who spoke will go over early on and not consumer is and obviously he was they had taken down note. Typical onkyo and he's very excited to business list Tuesday today. And but this is just beginning. Home bred to he would governor. And try to contain steps in Paris to predict that with Paris. And we also asked schools. Oh jesuit. Credible and to line those systems again. Will you avoid Daryn Robert. Hatteras or the Cincinnati hasn't changed we avoided. That have been if you're really true to your callers should you boycott Robert Daly boulevard. A little little book that it wouldn't. And says today as well. While but in the meantime it's still laying that should you boycott. Don't like up there were. This that this is a very busy in port Orleans and we are this is just the beginning. What was see how it goes. It. Aren't so you hear a debt to this is just had to get and we we've we have heard that from not a super antic and I know this is just to begin. But when they start talking about changing the name of Tulane University because it was tied to slavery. I'm gonna say something that I've been saying from the very beginning of this this debate. We are all tied to slavery. There are African Americans living in New Orleans who if you go far back enough they are tied to the African. To the Africans who sold slates. There are blacks in this city directly tie to the slave trade. In terms of those who sold slice. So at what point do we drove along. And end. I'm a big supporter of the the statues. I understand that I grew up here they're they're they're a part of you or they were part of new worlds but to come down. I'm OK with that. Because I understand that you know okay this was offensive to a lot of people. But at some point. Don't we draw the line because why would you give so much power to the name of a street. Having a pop monument to somebody in a statue is differ from changing history and is it not. If you are most stay with a sign scoot in the afternoon. And we're just getting started here's our CBS endeavor WL news updates. I mean let's not look at it that way. OK you know one side lost. One side lost in the debate over keeping the the monuments out. Can you be a good loser. But also the. Question begs to be asked. Can the winners because winners. I'm getting a number of checks about a coloring or just a moment ago Jason. Who and says he knows Malcolm super talked him today in a consumer where's the that they had taken down Nolan. And evolve I am OK with taking these monuments down at some point we we draw a line a what you remember what we're talking about right here now. On May the nineteenth I want you to remember that we talked about this today they took down the statue of Robert. And somebody called the shell and once again. Promoted the idea that it's not stopping here. And this guy Jason said. Day. One to change the name of Jefferson Parish of Frederick Douglass scare parish. And your appeal to the governor. OK let's think about. How the monuments were voted to be taken down. The monuments were voted by the city council of New Orleans. Representing the people of New Orleans. And I'm sure that super. And a caller Jason. And people. Who share that kind of attitude toward Dennis. I'm sure they would argue that that's their decision. That's reflective of the people of New York's. So based on their assumption. But they have a right to to do this. Dan the name of Jefferson Parish is none of their business. The name of Jefferson Parish would be up to. A vote. By the Jefferson Parish council. Not outsiders. From New Orleans when he to come in and change and thinks outsiders could not come into new war what's. And demand that. The statute remain up. And I supported that decision by the City Council. As a representative of the people of new worlds. But I don't see how you could then. You would be a total hypocrite. And lose credibility. If you then turned around and thought about how you can go elsewhere. And demanding changes. You see this is about being a good winner. Not just being a good loser. On the West Bank gay welcome Debbie of you well. You don't. Guard and we'll don't go on doing. Okay the top of that you. Logical. Mine and the you didn't just. To. Were not torture more intelligent and in the. Now where I guess I'm just stupid. Well I'm not much of that problem should Obama not playing well. I know what got you before. Yeah amateur are. Read nick just hit it on the gitmo and the reason we Mon ami that you can acknowledged that it. It is people that are incredibly important decode a bit and then at one donated this money this caricature tomorrow. Yeah you know he knows that money was donated by businesses. Or not not I've straighten this little. Get involved people. OK okay so long and let me point this out your case so. You know you give your opinion I give mine died when you give your opinion I don't say gee again I thought you were more intelligent and that. Not accuse anyone they have big ball right back to execute it. Our middle. What do you think I'm not what you would tell me I'd like to explain what we're really cannot consistent. Okay usually. You want you know you're in its current now right it'll you'll. Do to get another Somalia all and and they won't be more to come into agreement. No I don't. I don't agree with me I understand maybe you're confusing understanding with the long laundry I can gain by gay I am consistent with this and I have been a long. I understand both sides of this issue I understand this the statues are offensive to people. And I also understand that there are some people who are not racist who just want to maintain. On history. I'm not saying moderation at all. I'm not going into the hole and congratulations. At all because I don't believe English and Hillary. Like this you day. Well a signal to all this time idiot and it is time for us to reassess history. Mean the way history has been present it has been clearly unfair over the decades. Mean it's it's appropriate that we reassess something that history. The group and you don't you have a band. You're never been apoplectic medal and it intricate and open up the world round. Do you think I support that. I don't support that. I do everything I can't on the show to talk about totally calling it that gay I would think that because I'm not like you hang on the second. I would think it because I'm not black. Somebody like yourself would absolutely love me because I go out of my way to be. Fair and to be equal and to do the best I can and to understand the other side. And I get called all kinds of names because I don't stand up for white people I would think people like you would absolutely embrace me. While the client version of over. Use of paper until you've got to drop. All of them all go whoa wait wait no wait wait. Timeout timeout. Time around the timeout to timeout. That is an absolute insult to me. While I'm sorry you cannot you cannot tell me how I do know that your opinion is wrong. Well I except it. It is wrong I appreciate the call. That is one of the ugliest things anybody's ever said to me on the show. Because I have gone out of my way and I actually be criticized. Because I have not become prejudiced because for black guys. Jump the downtown at 4 o'clock in the morning while I was walking to work to do the show for Tommy Tucker when I was doing that I shale. People were mad at me because I did not become prejudice. And I constantly over the years since then a few years back I constantly being told well I assure you feel different about blacks now. No I don't. I'm not going to allow. Those four guys. To represent an entire population. It's not fear. Any more than its fair for the stereotypical white guy to represent all white America. No I didn't change my attitude. And chain and anybody who thinks I did. If you are no statements. I'm scooter the afternoon. And we'll be back sadly this week and yesterday we learned that Chris Cornell. Sicker sound garden. Died and they're investigating is still as a suicide. Terrible loss. Will be back on WL. It was on this day may the nineteenth back in 1962 and I just just a match in this. A politician is married. Any has a girlfriend. In this case as president of the United States. John F. Kennedy. His wife Jacqueline is there. And even though most of us did notice the time. The president of the United States girlfriend. Came out and sang happy birthday to him on this day in 1962 here's Marilyn Monroe singing happy birthday to John F. Kennedy. Can you imagine. How Jacqueline Kennedy firstly he felt. Can you imagine if that would happen today. You know. They beat John F. Kennedy. Didn't live long enough for some with us to come back and haunt him. Because. That is haunting. You know for the negative comments and again it and for the naked text that I receive. There are so many more that are kind of like this when. Text reads from a black man love how you handled that last stupid caller. You always have been fair and consistent. What he's do keep up the good work and record called a caller stupid. But I was insulted. Did he he he's under the impression that I change my opinion. Of blacks. Because I was shocked by four blocks. And I have done nothing since that event. To talk about how that has not changed my opinion. Of blacks or anybody generous welcome to the show. About facts it I have to agree that you lost that. I had enabling. And engage on this and you know it would only be to flee and am confused feeling hot and something but I mean just because of the I'm not listed unit though don't you hate all white people. Me. I judge people on an individual basis not on column that splash. And that's if yes I agree with you on that doesn't cut it a little odd. Now I just wanted to say that accounts city cabinet office and I can't. Where the monument would be taken. And this lady told me. That. What will they get to be public and by whom. He didn't tell me that and who would who would vote on that proposal. She can almost of the City Council. But I personally feel it's simply didn't get a chance to even vote on whether they come down at least each Atlantic and Chile can vote on winning you know. Well you know Genesis and its gonna be interesting to see how this this place out I'm going to college if you are on hold for just getting started hang on. The the general the general property Lee statue is coming down this afternoon in the last of the four confederate. Arab monuments are tagged for a removal so it's on it's it's coming down. And the name is scheduled a press conference this afternoon about 3 o'clock and when that happens we're gonna carry that live on our show this afternoon. I'm scoots I'm glad to with a secure our whole state witness for coming right back with more of your comments. It's free for all Friday a and we're gonna let's talk about will be back. On this day may the nineteenth 1979. This album breakfast in America by Supertramp I had number one on the album chart it was. A monster album in 979 this is one of the many hits. Up from that album from Metairie Cassandra your endeavor WL. Hi I'm gonna. Do you. But at the fact he's at a on. Yeah. And that place. People. Let me. At. Some of these people. Now you don't people who. Eat at that brought up. And mine. I mean. I couldn't stop them. You. Wouldn't inaction. Are they if they think they are then they all are but it might not seem that way to you. The on it didn't see that at all nothing principle to. Recede because it's not. Well it has certainly been adopted as a similar itself but I I do standpoint Cassandra I'm gonna have to move on to the news I appreciate the call. I got a text here it is says EU will not call that African American caller stupid because he's African American. Now you know honestly I get a lot of stupid white collars and sometimes some reluctant to call him stupid so it's not that I'm afraid to call an African American a couple of stupid. I just trying to get away from calling caller stupid is an of the way to imply the same thing without calling him stupid. I'm scoot it will be back.