Fishing Delecroix with Captain Jack at Sweet Water Marina

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, June 17th

Don and Keith interview Captain Jack of the Sweet Water Marina about fishing the Delecroix region


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Anke it's logical soliciting Keith we get right to get a tutorial on Delco island efficient 101 with captain Jack pain. Operates the marine you also operates a guide service and wonderful place to fish all four seasons of the year you can catch vision built some places of vision really dries up and go the way it becomes a ghost town and when a month now LeCroy actually. Blossoms and really really comes. But Jack it's Youkilis. Thank you as good habit that is born. Jackie went out yet trip yesterday you now working with the rodeo for you for the U Rick's cabaret in if you lose boarding it's not widget trip guest. We had a pretty good trip we caught very follow forty trials of red fish. Wasn't wanted about a trip to went to the outside fished out around I'm banks and on the call a lot of fish that a day before. Caught some crazy when yesterday it was supposed to be six that's well it was. While the Tony Bob I guess I'm not sure a lot of get the win the wind speeds of Webb amendment. It was it was a challenging day but we still had a great day we had fallen. So basically station now at this time a year for Trout is going to be outside that's going to be best. Pretty much to outer edges you know late camp Foley Campo Grover Bailey caliber so drone today. And if he can make it about the weather permits they catch you playing fish are allowed edges how efficient yes live bait plastic. Nomination won't officially charted mine and I'm senator Tom amused allowed Sherman trying to give them every advantage to catch some of those of fiction all official. Bates were great for the guys that really know how to work debates and spoke with. We have customers that you know they trying to learn and they wanna have a good Tom option on the way to go. Would you say is to break down on its own people are getting problem verses the red nation in the past this area has changed in. There's so many more people than it comes in advance patient red fish in the interior more chances to catch up. All everything is as changed tremendously would dollars fresh water as you you know pumped into this regional. No one out when asked Otis we won't always. Like you said earlier is that it's them plays that you can catch fish all year long book it's gotten a little bit more challenged with so with fresh water company but. You know to bass fish and gotten really great. It's always been a good beneficiaries. Though for a while but all the red efficiently they tolerate the French war a lot modems but throw Campbell as you know. Some Thomas is like a Trout or adapt and that a fresh or because it's too late they have no choice and it's like if you check the water's salinity though the end of by you right from marina. It's sometimes. As those who bought 1000 high sometimes four bullet in on outer edges. Well some guys the cute other Daytona and while bus don't colony checked the water was going to bought 1000 out there but there was still catches but dutrow. Would you know dog grows a great spot in the ages got to adapt to to what you got with the you know which you've gotten you know we're going to be deal with some fresh water fall. Looks like a little while they sitting in a close smaller growers cut down if they shut that down efficient again expected though growth stands trial. Ration or talking with captain Jack paying owner operators Sweetwater marina also has a captain Jack's fishing charters. You know Jack we got an earlier report earlier this morning I was talking to captain Couric's chancellor actor run and gun whale in the west and on the state out poly count issue when they have just had a tremendous amount of fresh water caused by rain. The wind is not been in this favored they can't even get live shrimp and any of them marine is how much of the challenges of keeping you shrimp live via that you in this bracket watered. Well dished. To shrimp you know you would think the Burr of would wanna be with a -- these are high but it seems like this year the collective punishment right in the body right in front in the marina witches. Unbelievable hole we still haven't ought Tom Cuban will allow you to do the fresh water to fresh water somebody was telling me doesn't hold. So the oxygen at the brown shrimp like when we catch him and and that's what amended tanks and trying to get them to live we have had some issues with the shrimp vision you've really got to brings much harm from Bure is he told me he called 500 around this. Yesterday and it was they have to keep fifty pounds allow. So it's it's just rough and tough for everybody else would debate situation. And it and brown from an incident like that salt water and we have a lot of fresh warning you'd think. Action right here front the marine Columbia big deal but it simply is a tremendous this year it's called on all bait fishermen and the marina owners that are trying to do the best they can not disappoint people allowed Sharon. Not have an on it's it's just been a little bit of a challenge this year. Yeah a lot of people rely on those laws front in fact I know people don't even fish and a lot of trip become available at just don't like news and plastic. Keith and I were talking about some of the challenges and tips on advice would keep him you triple live once you get him what do you tell your customers to keep this triple live longer. First they may need to get all as much water as they need for months on tanks because odds are salinity levels we've that we Edsall keep everything at the right mixture. And you know a lot of people have these re circulate palms sweating just saw a pop the fresh water in touted by you taken it on a good thing Palmer of fresh water into that system well. What did go to their shock and shrimp because there ardea once stable you know situation when a certain salinity level and and they've stopped all but all pro quarterback and that. It shocks amendment. You know you have a problem Tony oddities if you get the water from. Put a little icy water. Make sure you gotta go ball and system and man is some guys use the pure oxygen system which really helps out tremendously would. You know the best thing to do it as though you well without water water of the calls in the they would give as much what did you want to we want to what they keep measurable and have a good day and Jack if somebody wants to switch over to the plastic what are you favorite plastic base petitions go. That he noted shrimp creole corolla matrix shared an enemy need Toyota's attitude colors on the news and then you know cause a lot of town this year to try to eat these rules you know also with Sodom and has Glassman those I don't know. That's supposedly pro number one child. Though food and that's what I've been told over you than isn't. So I used that may need to know when I see the little minute jump a normal on animal I have a lot of successful though that cult those two colas. And what do you see as the biggest mistake people that come he has this new decision and Allen crow. What do you think did do the ball well of the most common thing UC they they hit. They pull up those but they fish for five minutes they boat. As you knew both the way I guess drought and a brand new cool about it on the Taiwan era. They wanna get reported up but tomorrow and now and in new blues cruise detail and then just leave benefits hopefully give them a chance the so bag and in delegates and applaud those spot. They'll watch and hope that their five minutes but why but kids around and around a vote next thing you know as well and and he. Pay it off again. It is just set this sit there wait a mile that that some of the biggest play. Jack up. This on in the birds is that important how much does that play a role in immunity going out just look at from birds or room in the last from office is we specifically went down the canal Allen is opened up and minutes seem like we're Jason birds all day that that told us with a when the trial where how much does that play a role there. Very efficient back when our first thought and green about ten years ago it was late. A very successful they've unified unified a bird you gonna catch you know he's undersized draw huge child. You know keep the trial but now seems like it's gonna like hit a missile on all owner birds would. Never it never pass him up and begin just you know come up a flight of birds won't they wanna do is try to get down when. But the wind pushed into the bird you don't want role and I would to Mota. Troll mode everybody thinks the official always get a troll mode but believe me if you can float and went to win. You know did you go look ahead SP with a little tail tail tail wind behind it had been told. It's all work on that that seems to be keel vision of bears but I guess that if you fonts emerged. I would try to vision in the home. You know sometimes you can get cops on heads. In don't know what thunderbird but if you got opportunities officially in my LaMont does so he won't go to stop right date is. You can turn. I started it took great quick trip. We'll talk with captain Jack pain at Sweetwater marina in Della crow we have for the Rick's cabaret and keep the sporting goods first of them show won't be the last though rodeo for red fish and speckled Trout. 8% of the proceeds go to the winners and 20% go to wish decision very worthwhile organization. Jack you know you gonna get her reputation down here from becoming kayak friendly marina. What are some of the things you often because a lot of people that just starting out kayak fishing is the fastest growing. Segment of the fishing industry. In an order to accommodate those people what do you do as a marine to do an audit to help the kayak fisherman. Well fortunately we set the bowl wardrobe with a good. You know. Not skid surface so when you walk you kayak down all our ramp you know you don't have to worry about what slip and on Islam Boston bucket into the boat. Put us fought cut kayak remedies fortunately you can just how a few hundred dollars and marinas are efficient and is this great vision you know like you see some of these guys at fifty bass sermons they don't go fought they just they write about a Maria any thought Michigan everybody like I was talking about earlier they got these beautiful boats donated one. Bookie when you can do is go right across the by you and set up and you know stories and polls Bustamante jumped fishing grass lawns over data points and had some beautiful red vision. You know it is for the guys we taught them how that a kayak we have limited talking as we order. People complain about that would you know. We try to be fair you know until it it's a short quake rattled from mama marina we not trying to gouge people would just you know we have limited space in. The people that that's a rough situation on its people gotten aggravated animal which audience and olive wood. You know. 101000 get cute you wanna stay tuned days only a kayak is still only gonna cost you ten dollars and way can you go the 101000 unlimited. Not that many places but. Nobody you write down and it has become a tremendous thing and it's a lot of funds on my body's it's a visually and above that when you begin a boat meanwhile I wanna do is diet. Yeah well like the stay in a bow on the op battles of fish too and that's. The fund that is something special about I guess get up close and personal and catch in those fish from a guy gagged and it's not going away that's for sure more more people get into it and more more Marines are starting to accommodate those people in the special needs that they can. It's great that you put on hosted his rodeo. Somebody wants to have a rodeo. Tell them what you could do phone ms. Morrison now. What we do what we do put a rodeo there that you wanna have a rodeo he need to call office switches off Bobble 4342236. That he. And give it didn't touch because it was such open date when you trying to host a tournament and non event. And almost sounded off boy with we have picnic tables underneath the lodged everybody sets that's where they set up you know. The tables as though it is that you stay out the shape of the sun in the shape pretty emotional day. And do no work with it and now we haven't been limited we don't charge to set up an event here. You know we just went to consummate the launch their boats nearby the bay from Astaire and all that's pretty much we were. I welcome back into more outdoors keep lectured to on Monday mr. Don Dubuque and mr. Jack pain owner of Sweetwater marina here in in Delhi crow we're at the Rick's cabaret fishing rodeo. What a beautiful day Don over that overcast skies. Light winds. Night neck quite sort of along that time range but looks like we're gonna have a lot of fish brought in tonight now think it's going to be much better today than it was yesterday a lot of people talked about. You know try. Two illegal two pounds I don't think that's kennel club. Now now when definitely gonna see some more this coming and am look forward scenes and some boats coming back in the and in some more. Ways. Eric lights out right here he's the directive for the event we gonna get him on a few minutes but back to Jack paying. Jack hopeful we broke you know as far as the amenities that she got if the people lodging people who wanna come spent a couple of days. Fish cleaning service's one else you have to offer besides the back down in the tips. I got an app I was very important for. I give people led inside information and now. Tom guys get mad and the bullet you know. I distraught I just want people comment in injury come out poem everything and that is plays so I've been working on them of the ten years I've built a great facility. We've come down and things people we do it I just try to help mall. You know fished although it plays and when I came over his brainstorm wanted to open marina. I'm not sure why did it now but I'm. How did it I'm happy. And you know I'd I'd just like to see smiles on people's faze of head I don't know Albany is probably fifty hugs from wise and came back if I can't think you know this is the first time we have one round is vote. And actually caught fish. You know he told his way to go how to do that we did it and we just had a wonderful trip. Yeah that's invaluable information that comes along was awesome finish cleaning up somebody clean efficient and want that we have guys on that that when you give back in if you want to throw red fish fly around of cheap red flags from bass and heavy cause on the and we can do it they taught you know I think that the sentence but a couple of house for red fish dependent on us. And on the initiative comprises the was arrested him. We don't have. Yep but we got a nice food trailer that we have and service that works Friday Saturday Sunday we cogo. From Bravo 11 AM through robo poppy element. We served them about our usual level put it mildly guarantee they take both the summer berries you pay fifteen doubtful an old. You've always stays dead and in the outdoors is no doubt about that this is no accident. Jacqueline talk about the winter season efficient. You get outs that the level all in Munich at some night speckled Trout that totally different situation and what happens with the trial thought it feels cold on the gold among those strokes put shipments that enter though it. That's among. Most magical Tom Downey you know you don't have the wrong with fifty minutes from raining you can catch them beautiful but which road you know this league guys Ono. That's that's that's one reason though open not the marina is like you talk among all he can catch this year which is not many places and our great state that you can still do that would. Fortunately go pro is one of the places that you can still do I'm sure you Ceylon the customs that the only time you'd really see them is in the wintertime is a fish and other areas but then in this spot dry up in the win. NN is dealt the Osce. Though he did so like I said it's so magical and women come come about them first week October fished on movement and and it just gets better and better and better of me you get a big cold fronts of the Asia the way to few days for the war clarity get back. Being clear but deficient goes right back to being spectacular again. Jack and that the fishes year round but what we're transition what happens here grow going from suffering it that's what it was the main things to look for. Go on from spring mr. Obama as like I I used to this used to be my. Way up or efficiently and oh Christ the fish to interior Delacroix first opened a marine always helped to fall Tuesday and now. After all these days seem like you know he has struggled on out the stone found out you know and out edges are rigs and stuff. But you know the last couple years old you know it is it's gotten early Italy has so moods but little bit further I guess I don't know but because of a virtual no I would say that into the virtual book. You know he can still catch a good amount officially inside to follow that they even now. He does you catch a different variety and kitchen drone can rid fears but which you know you have a mix box of the beautiful fish but. I'm I'm not really sure what. What to say about that it's still a great vibe even when he got Toronto outside its only point two miles from here the stone island then on went to get out that way it's vote. Been really good. Jack duck hunting waterfall running Dan is very popular and velcro always has been phenomenal steal money to get their share of big ducks here too. And good duck hunting leases of the common horror in order to fund. Well what are the prospects for somebody be enable it to make constant. If you don't have police now is there anything that you could help of Lipton Fonda. Lease on May be go with some of the guys that have at least you know that might be the unions to. It about the best answer right all violent act Keating getting we and look at all the people I've known minutes Rauf and talk. One darkly good Doug pleases ought to give because it's everything's so blown open wound open. And but we still have tremendous Buckland here at all like he fit to deal on some of the best of a theme but. You know you just can't comment Dallack grow in bring appear organ a boat just thought dot com because mine he filed with and everything man is probably property and you know he did you'll get in the world which all the initial opens the adult content because. They're all like you just said there are awesome review though wanna dock on Danny and every little nook and at least. And you know guys this thing you know it's. Economic and dock and you can Nagin. Their feelings hurt once they show all the leafy upon them out there around the mall on melanomas and become to be a squabble of the book. You know. Did the best I can tell you if you wanna dot com. There's places close to hit it province while property you know you have the launch of Britain's them Marino and go that way to go on north but all they have. The Biloxi when it was Aussie well. And that's really great dot com book you know that's secrets I'm mountain is a lot of guys that don't know what it is though. You know the like Don that I think about and do it didn't touch remain in Iraq and turn you on some of the guys that do indicted on them and have some terrific leases and issued a lot of ducks and that's about the best road to go on the dock on analysts you've got a couple of guys that you work with you yeah it calls for cap and Christa cast and all of us and that's attacked. Agreed on you know he does well pretty much all the sponsors successful. He has a great all agree thought you know it's got beautiful boat on that you know he takes my beautiful dog some problems over the outcome. He he of the good you know people always happy within his services and all. You know he did donuts he's been down here open ten years may you know all working hard despite myself trying to. Do something great for everybody and he's that he's good he's a good dude non you know people that hot when involve the home waiting. Yeah and the good thing about Zelikow is cast and last time increases one of the best that it means you get up early eagle she should adopt them back in grab luncheon. What kind of wintertime fish you can find enough. And are deficient we would just talk about that early deficient and Owen at times so great you know negotiated his team back from on 10 o'clock 9 o'clock loads of people all they grab some food and load up to go wild fish. Schedule lemon on. Limited child and some days he's got a afternoon trip be running guns him you don't have to stop and the way have the noon troop. And I can't get a dock on an ad today happening dribble coming off fishing trip but Leo. He works on edit them he had a lot of success within most of his clients always happy. Oh yeah take a break we come back want to tell us what you think is ahead to future at this areas on you know we got a lot of diversions coming in this coastal restoration programs. We got a rules so keen threat fortunately I don't think any in located here in the bill crow aerial Reggio but. It could become and I would how to prepare for that I would disagree on I was looking at the McCain matches out there and all like I just thought this tile with maturity and Roger in a room ensuring that's both. Maybe I'm pretty sure we need to stop and look at it as well I was down in Venice. Earlier this week and they showed us how to identify and it's a steel look at stuff that is a mealy bug it's and it. Turns brown breaks off and it did in. It is a real serious situation because that's the lifeblood of our culture. I agree on reports and I mean I I thought it special on the news a few weeks back and I outlook that it moon. And as I saw that show on TV sort of looking at the patches come down here you know and and I green interest like they should be right now so I actually pull over and look for the ball a global scale on a plan. Little I can pretty shall something's going on like that because these Cain should be green and lush and growing tall and you know what. That is based on it you know they. Not only and I grown and at feet tall and it and even now further out of law show notes impacted. The throws OK if you grow to sound Millen no way out and be green and beautiful then they and I updates on don't own initiative. OK we'll be back and talk more about it if you wanna join the conversation bibles were 2606368. Point and shoot us a text message at 8787. Field literally going to be talking to Eric why did he didn't get the chance to participate. In the Rick's cabaret acutely sporting goods rich nation from rodeo on they'll be another one next year another shot that talked him about it. The prospects of that coming back right after the Nationalists in the more outdoors. A 105 point three FM HD two and live streaming it down the Al those guys that.