Fishing and Father's Day

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, June 17th

Father's Day fishing stories


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And keep flashes here with a still been here since 5 AM this won't have a great Thomas we want a real learning a lot of stuff talking a lot of folks and the rodeo way it's gonna be on all of that literal wrap up at 2 o'clock here. That it moves on down Rick's cabaret for the awards presentation of the passing objects and maybe things. Kate a Father's Day weekend and on your website channel but the discussion going on about Father's Day in fish and I think that to really. Oh absolutely and promote votes if you're on news that you know it to its efficient. And you know you have vivid memories of back back when you know with his vision. It means that it meant. Different things back and you used to do anything it fit put them on in have a hard time manager and that meant. A while and just want. But Michael Brian is that is a member of my sign in. He beat both settled a little thing about it than that my dad would take me at city park for a little perk here Noah and you've been it and city market where. Spent some -- days at tech and it is six or seven and a burst fancy ebersol. Is dead caught on a cream war remember the cream war and the little stand alone with a double and double books with a little better. And I remember that vividly as we fished all along Latin nexus city avenue. After fishing it was off the bugs broiler in the triangle. Particularly since these are from that moment I was hooked it do you live I'm still trying to get my fill of both. Yeah is this oh it's all right there. I Kagan Nolan Floyd Holton Lexus for me as we report my dad worked shift work. That we never had more than. And what was necessary to sustain us in the mid sixties started collecting material to build a house that when we went around digging up underground propane tanks for Lou expert from years. When he had enough. Pollutes he collected them and he built a house vote with those as the floats he met Nat. That he would hurt Dirk sick at this lines scramble off the sides win have a good time every chance to. He never knew what and all the winner on the road vacation one in the says he never missed after giving out alone accounted dripped away from this thing. Never had a time after a forced retirement pick it up again here I am. And at one more really good stuff yeah yeah. The look on the stylus for pot go from the website so on this times. Was when my step dad would remic camp on lake pond to train for the fourth of July public ought to train was much different from Ella grow and oak dale so. I'll always look forward to. They're going there swelling was much better we didn't have to stand in them huddling down here through all experience that. You know Israel in the same camp every year. And a right when you cross the twin span than their big deal billboards. And he is and as vivid memories of catching sharks on the lights pretty. Pretty common to catch art and satellite if you've never been out there. Typically small piece of white shroud what they cut out an innate. He says the you'll never forget and can't wait this kid can grow up in in units thing for them. Talking about memories that go way way back you know that was real popular some application Norman buff than we used to do it. Out there what they called little woods was eastern shoreline Lake Pontchartrain that was just rose and rose to ten runs out there. And I got to tell you that was the greatest thing for a kid in the summit town that biblical opted to have any air conditioned. And you had fans in you know it was like the door was a revolving door somebody from the family would pop in for one day and they go with somebody else would come visit. In the hole someday you'll crab and fuel efficient it was women in the one we used to rent was called shady rest and remember that. And some of the best times I've ever had remembered as a kid would be enough the only spot trying to run program that some fission. All Latin and you know Katrina came along and most of those that stop me in Renton years ago people bought them and they kept them for private use but it was the big business back in the sixties and even the fifties people would you rent those candidate oldham. In in red amount every week a new family would come in great great town. Crab and fish in them I remembered in the camp looked beaten and remember. We have credit lines even tried to strip cast nets across the waters trying to be like that the butterfly net. On it's that same time and can't get enough we had a hard hit rodeo yet had a hard red rodeo well I think he. There can be some beef export that out there if you put big bees the Beno. But all vivienne now at the time. You know realize that you got a memory you know remember this the rescue alive and and like in Micah spoke of earlier when we take our kids now we know we know now with with you know what's gonna happen in practice with they're trying to catch it if it is. This is going to be permanently in in the air in and memory you remember you first. I do not remember efforts that affluent. Probably no room for a point. It. I have pictures and act against that that was my first. I was in the water early early early. Your middle any grudge with the heat in along a cable. Two of my earliest memories get to pitch in places you wonder what's she'll be. A lot of people realize this but she'll be etched ample read it used to be on the other side of the mystic go early. If you could drive all the way to the shoreline of lake. And in fact if you going through by elude true opinion handed out to lake Bourne if you look on your right you'll actually you'll wrote it is still there. They cut the road in the half when they brought the mystical. But prior to that you could drive all the way to the shoreline of lake wanted to tips. And that's well with fish which goes David camp on his right in the July lean more on that video. All grainy Kodak video you have tape that's been in regenerate it and put on it's actually digitize now. Of me I guess 67 years old catching fish off of that ball kid write them shall only born which. Danny Dan noble. The other one was believe it or not that was my first fishing competitions. I've fished in them asked vision rodeo. Jefferson downs racetrack in Metairie which is now laughing yeah park that was at Jefferson downs racetrack. And it was in walking distance of my house in it was a racetrack in the middle track was pot. In the track the horses ran around the pond wall when tolerant mean I want to say it was Betsy. Is this might have been Betsy you may be Camille. It destroyed. Knock it down. They let it go he grew up in now that play was a problem was still in there and became look. And that became law hunting and fishing paradise. I used to trap. Hunt with a BB guns in that efficiently. And before it was destroyed there actually had acute vision O'Neal. And my uncle took me there and compete for you catch him and bass and mental patient rodeo that was the first competition minimum. But the years I went in there and entrap him on top app Pittston. You know feasted it was the suburbs but it was all contained it and nobody knew go on there. Then one dale Dan Niles is being purchased in the converted to what is now lap but it form which by the way it's. Some pretty good position I was in new one day last year. And now watched it I was leaving and something on that meeting was somewhat. And don't get rid of plodding guy walked that was sufficient cause we just see what goes on you. In this proceeded to one after another I mean some really nice that he can keep that image released the ball back and we heard about it. It yet you find anywhere or does know this and pressure in those Michigan say there are so fresh and they have the means I don't think it's that much and I know they do stock. Because some of the bass clubs when they have these kids vision and still bring with the kitchen there is at least now you bring up old fish internment what are some because I know you pro competitive as as a kid and you learn an academic physician can win trophies trophies where everything in the onion thing but when you win this collect them. What are some old fish Prodi's such remember our I can call member of the holy name of marrying Christian rodeo was on the West Bank it and vaguely. Is that Brecht L park I won. With a minor. But I got that base. No now I'm on it probably is sort I had asked the BioWare that that is the ban no bad Lleyton and one with that though. You bring up that none the rodeo the unit and a I think it's important that the kids issue wrote Ian yeah. If all all wrote deals and unfortunately it is a lot of them all the way we've seen some new ones like this economy all the change. But you know union in Indy they went side business. Somebody needs. Pocket remember I think I still haven't. You was about 1988. LA Nixon actually printed small publication with issue rodeo in the state. It dates categories. Contact information and opened up in just went started the first ones that war around maybe day. It will always into the middle block told him it was one week. A lot of them not around anymore. But somebody needs to come and now with the Vietnam that the technology we've got in an easy would it be that it's easy. But on my part. I happen and the information to know what to vote on of these tournaments they just get so comfortable with their their goal retained and it's like no doubt though if you don't know it becomes a job to Google sign yet. You get them to respond to provide the information is it L email me but. The north to a bad here's what I set out in the east this week congress North Shore and fishing and adults are. On any kid can can can compete and compete in the adults. But as far as that that goes I've created four or short bass fishing because we you have to ask tournament. Five or six communicate with me. And these guys know. The response on them my website it. Then they they come to me and they they make sure they give you the results and they give me the upcoming. Tournament when it's coming up two weeks or months or however they figured so they're pretty related. Everything. You wanna do with term it beginning to turn it. Everything is reflective on how you communicate with me. They need it you you'd be Dujail it due diligence team information to us we'll hear for it's just. Everything reflects the effort the the guy who runs the organization. Well. Maybe we need to work with that. Association. At some entities that would become. Because it really neat because what happens conflicting events. Taken place listening to if you look at it with you look in the organized. Audio. Space of weeks. He I don't or sure that east east pearl both launched a popular destination and if you EU. Three tournaments on the same day. He and they have been picked one among his formal way in the register with a mall but then most on the island and it's. I am and that's kind of bigger. So they lose so to stay coordinated it it's very you know they get and that launch on itself. Everybody confident launches dedicated to you war. Her. If anybody's got a is on certainly welcome to contact me it on my website on the out those guys that I'm used to contact button them should be welcome any input. That's for getting the summation on events on particularly on the nor shall. Actually we have Chad hearts on email me any. He he's the one you really stays we at running gating information to us and personally asked me. Yeah as the kids liars and lockers and he runs the liars and lockers turn meant that they do you do it kids turn them. And that seventeenth annual services single for seventeen years they do it at lock one in pearl river. And this is for kids three to twelve years of age completely free no excuses get kids out there. Trophies. As has given away on again for different categories of mass catfish for him. And other now that's interesting when you get kids and you put in other division. You don't need it. Backing its interest in Fisher from the bank her vote foods and drinks provided. Casting contest door prizes and that's always good because he did. You know you don't win you can still have Max opens though and that's from safe flight until eleven. And now for more that's that's actually next Muncie got some that excuse me. That's the nuts coming on June 25 actually. You're more information contact and heart song 9855 owed to her 32. You know while we're talking about deals I have probably talked. More people out of view anybody else Youkilis. Of the you know they'll. Rodeo on illegal to. A lot of times after it is talking to. They decide to do something else you know strictly as a raise money. It's an award for very little and 5% on 99. Cent of the emails or calls like it warning that the water rodeo. All like I'll help you this much he can as far as advertising. By. It intuitive it is a lot of work you've got to they never hear from a lot of volunteers it's a fun. And they see so many illnesses it must be make a whole lot of money I tell him do something with food. Everybody fished him but he.