The Ecology of our coastal area and some erosion problems

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, June 17th

Coastal ecology and erosian problems are discussed


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I welcome back to a special broadcast live today as we water marine little island. This decide the first Rick's cabaret acutely sporting goods speckled Trout and red fish rodeo and pretty well attended. Activities get a Beagle on late this afternoon you can come on you witnessed way and check out the rules like to get signed up for the next one. Them be happy to do that that we'll talk to Eric why did rectal bit later on giving you all the run them on the tournament destruction. I'm back with captain Jack being Jack who's talking about this rules so Cain guy off threat. Went down in Venice last week this earlier this week and they took us out in the march toward shoulders the devastation. It's very difficult to see down there because you know how. Russell Cain is stick it's like at Joseph Louis tall you really antsy beyond in what what happens is out edges. Don't seem to be effective oh look at that from the boat strayed across you'd think it's hopeful launch. Growth of also gains but it's not. You get into the into area it is the point it's all dead brown it's broken off you prop goes through it he ceded to it Cain float not know when you examine it closely. You've seen this what they call scale that is a mealy bug that. From China Japan. It gets into it it feels to me. This thing that it could possibly make it jumped in the sugar cane crops as you threat to the agriculture in Louisiana. It's an added 30 it's all mean also gain. It is very durable by storm surge protection because it knocks down the wave is so tall. It can grow in a variety of solidity to control of almost pressed watering controlling high salt water doesn't kill it 83 places itself we sought in the BP oil spills some of that stuff was confident all in the wallet still at all it was coming back against wrong. This mealy different story they don't know a lot of bonnet they've that they've accelerated the research they've got. Some botanists the only issue addicts that's actually. Testing at the controls situations they contacted China China's been deal was the years. Trying to get some tips in May be appliance some of the techniques they used to. Halt the spread. It's eradicated. But they said there's no get rid of it oh it's just the battle to keep it from spreading as best they can't talk about possible pesticides. On they've got a loss that is a natural credit. And the waffle EA EU on these mealy bugs but I don't know though loss is enough to control it does apparently doesn't seem to be. That was seeing it economist at spread. Was first identified weighed down river probably brought in ownership from China Japan. And then it got in dire in just like the wanna biases and nutrient firing incidents Albania. Once it gets it takes to buy water available ways day's news Louisiana. We've got to deal so far the areas that they've definitely identify and it is mostly Panama to remove the Venice area. Westwood misses a couple of isolated areas in rouge parish it was confirmed two weeks ago all was in the noticed it we shot some video they said yep definitely there. Not that as far as Winston on them count issue. And nothing nor does a slide bill on this area here which you tell me use in some of the net. Is very possibly an indication that it now here in sync and ought to. I would definitely say so mean I'm pretty. In I watched him garments look around check stuff out all its look at that come with though and I've noticed. I've noticed that came patches at all and it reports in March. We use the day they would just be grown and all the beautifully just like you said he has got little patches and agreeing grown and all the ground and why would it be dying to the gifts that rows of keys one party's. Plants we got around and it's definitely changes to try and and road I can see you go to the brown. Is 90% brown intends to sing green thumbs going home all the we right here. Well that there at wit's end trying to decide what to do with the pesticides. Bulwark for sure but that could be so expensive and in and what do you do to some of the other vegetation houses specifically to kill this particular. Merely warm and in not ill harm all the while life will birds. Seafood and fish nets out there that's a problem. I didn't really know but this three different species of rules came in Louisiana they've got a European they've got what they call the delta in the gulf strain. One of those seems to be resistant to this bug. So that's a possibility that may be planning or preserved and that in open battle spread. So that we'll have more resistant strain of are also came at these mile bugs won't be able to. Attacked and beat on the legal way. The other fear is in the meantime before king can replant each loss came. Elephant ears. Bolts on some of these other plants may emerge and already seen it take something's gotta fill in that void. Let me tell you that stuff is no wind here is durable as the row also came through also came as what we need it's the lifeblood of this march. And not only does it protect though waterfowl habitat provides fish habitat. A place for the small cramps two to become a breeding grounds and shrimp. It's also threatened in the agriculture because of the jumped to the issue McCain possibility. Oil and gas is threat they've got some wheel well heads that are going to be wide open exposed open water. Where before you had a solid wall McCain protected them. In addition to that you also look at that the ship and blades south fast southwest fassel's thin banks the line would roll also came. That goes away the banks not the novels all washed into the channel and they got a cast legal back and president. To allow for shipment this is so one of the most serious threats. I have seen in my lifetime and it's certainly is going to be a monkey wrench in the coastal master planners analysts goes. Yeah Eddie gotta also think about all animals that live and rose Hokies went high water comes up the rabbit run up and get up in the top to McCain's believe and I'd. Do that at all little birds that nest and McCain's demise the march threats everything out the canes or important everything it touches. Hold a march together its role ecosystem to all animals it. Use those Rosa cane so. Man who don't know it's it's think he's like a lot of those all the all right before lies enough. We try to do a lot of different things to make things better and you know sometimes you try to do things to make things better you make things worse would. We're gonna pay outs on because those rows of cane does so very important. For truth the whole ecosystem in general well you know I hate to see him try to put in some mandatory enforcement. You know not be enabled to pull the ball outlets is washed or it may be not transporting them vote amenable you know. Who knows what could result as a result of this. It could be another prominent. So many people build it back on that road looking that the state might have to say you know you can tell you all long ago in Iowa it's machete coach rose Hokies because we're trying to stable we got left and indeed you know all these. Potter is out there that wanna use the road though he's the blonde. I might be an. You can put on while he says he's gonna come up with. A plastic rolls so game. And he's gonna make a fortune is going to be that additional longer have to cut naturally you have. Artificial rose OK one of my amending get rich quick ideas on how curious that the group was this. In existence last year. Or assists for this boring terrorist Tom it was identify it was a whispering but it could have been them much longer they don't know how long it took manifest to the stage where it became very noticeable hurl on strong move. As well known name like she's cattle rancher for years he said now that keeps on levees down. He spends a lot of time in theory washes and he was the first one spot. In him when he brought it to the entomologists in the in the pot in his state quickly. Figured out what that was. It in now live work well we know what it is we deal. I think it's important to watch this winner antsy if it is any kind of reset button and that whites these things happen. If picnic comes back longer on boring well I'm a firm believers and non reinvent we will. Whatever they've done it was an outbreak of the in Europe and deal with the it's going on in China as we speak bid deal with a and in it for them to be able get together and work out what works there and applies here. I'm just worried about the sense of urgency to get to do something quickly enough because I heard the word here is that we have developed so that right. It's gonna take about two years to gated it will while you develop and you know economic compare this to. Say a spreading cancer if you got a patient as cancer spreading. I'd that you gonna say who do a lot of studies on it will tell you how we get cute too hesitant to advocate the etched on its too late to. And obviously apparent blow this thing so. Hopefully they say it's it's dynamic as they get into fry things and continue what works what doesn't work. And then it's always the big question. One. That's that that that all about the money in in. And that's probably why it is two years that's been their their look and it you know it takes off. Well Lynn Allen Neeson and that was scientific based. Aaron or form when you do things scientifically we can do things trial what works we keep don't. They don't do things like that it is a protocol a scientific methodologies and has to be applied appreciate that. When you got something that is urgent as the situation is supposed to go to school and do something. And hopefully they'll do something absolutely it would this one good thing about it. One of the areas that is really badly affected is that dealt the national wildlife. That is federal property. That gives them the justification to use federal money to come down because that's everyone's interest its own Obama. By the government and all the citizens United States does not somebody's private land. It's not state a parish inland it's everybody's so therefore in you'll see them when they do restoration project. The most money gets put on federal lands because they can justify. And maybe by doing on the federal land workable formula and apply it to the other areas we. If we do see it that's probably you're right that's probably where we'll see it solved right there. Jack what do you see as far as the. The future of food for Dallas pro as far as that habitat the environment. The diversions at talking about Clinton in you know a lot of people looked more on it now that comment backing up on it there's the coalition to restore coastal Louisiana. In this saying that may be these massive of fresh water diversions all at one time is not the best way to go. To control it when the rivers real high when it's Karen a lot of sediment you'll open a month but then you shut them down. Seasonally when the Rivet drops back down and doesn't have as much still to put it. Lament accuracy no effect of global Mona growth caught note about the point from the east since grew over at saw. You know it is the grass that's growing that was growing there was beautiful needle grass that was grown three pool Bob was tall. Help them launch together routes into the system into the earth. Full pop would branches though like eight foot from the planet though held everything together. All they grass is being replaced with full songs. Different although aquatic grasses blow for photographs the broad and none of that stuff is book. Is that is. Is is gonna work if we get problems won't because that we able salinity change fuel too much salt and and it kills Greg Anthony and exposed mud flats so. I see the freshwater diversions. That's a tough situation for me to talk about because lake unum on it or cut back into Wednesday's thought stilted and Dolan is to Annapolis. What did donuts killed with stories that what we still that's grown and it's beautiful and strong and hold things together. Could mean if you look at the map before Katrina. You know all of margin areas where they have won some money in their. Saw what aggressive grown we have with that that stuff fill out the door well put up his clothes what do fresh water is spoiled man. It's all changes not need to aggress him what do you tell the new. Fresh water grass is that a grown it really aren't too much for any thing. Put some things have benefited him and you gotta say the vast vision. As probably one of the biggest beneficiaries. Of having all this fresh water here it displaces the saltwater fish. Moves them further around and maybe the future of things to come is the big boats and the gas than you gonna have to go run fine officials. But when you go to bottom because once you get out in a wide open is only limited places the bill would actually able structure and award a lot of gold ring though black Bailey pulled and widowed rigs well let's go first ordered two balls a 1002 days ago. So law I don't understand all of the logic behind him because you know I always thought those crows lie agreed greatest actuaries left. Black male especially you know would always oyster fisheries and everything that they head down man. All of us what does kill those choices and any you know look at the trial you know trials almost insomnia. What that would have to get seventy degrees. All those thousand days of trial delay in a million day that they lay him. That water's salinity is not in its when he bought for thousands of all of these days don't float they sink in a muddy never beat you have a chance to become blows but Petro. So I mean like you said they can control of past water and keep it that in check you know is certain time leaded and would most out of its common man. I don't know that I got that black bay is very fresh because of the eagle on its point bought 1000 but drought aid pact. It's not happening out there anymore and I think that has a breakdown why Mississippi changed. Limits in Alabama and stuff like that. Because I think about basic in my he's great actuaries over this way migrated that way and you know. Opposition penalty is the only is going to be used to be bullet. Of course it I have a problem with them to go that way and act section is that they use to catch because. If that migrated away aren't going that far anymore and so all of it is not as many fish have an opportunity build at all because they now become an. Have can't become a speckled because they think in the mind nugget they trump who's a quote of the what do well. You know maybe we not given the fish enough credit maybe they can evolve maybe they can become better and residents of an area that changes as a habitat changes may be dale changed. And and you even mentioned earlier you think maybe is back. We'll try to become a much more accustomed to the fresher water below salinity I agree because like that with Coca compared to on and the captive missionaries that so when I was on board props though. Who really knows well I think galway and got it right survival of the fittest things evolve things change noses the bracket cherries if it doesn't change rat too rapidly. Maybe those Trout can evolve to where I guess one the ones that need high salinity and they don't reproduce the ones that can reproduce in a low salinity. We gonna have more awful maybe go like the road though pat is because there are cockpit now and have three different different speed Ahmed is still trying to catch until as long as they're around Isiah and I admit. I agree America. I would get a take a little short break and NBC sports update will be back with key plus you're also talked to Eric why none Tony pew listening and around here those two guys that put this event together for Sweetwater marina. It's also to benefit the wish to issue very worthwhile organization. It's kids vision gets him out gives in the equipment to gear in the instruction to do it. And somebody is gonna win 2500 dollars first place prize money for the three heaviest red fish in the biggest Beckel Trout and that'll be determined later on this afternoon and if you SOA client. Urban strayed Rick's cabaret tonight big a large part a half. Think CT Williams is going to be MC and then keep him out of trouble. I would be right back with a final hour about a four hour block of outdoor programming on more outdoor vigil listening to and on. 105 point three FM HD Ito and live streaming down the aisle to a guy that.