Derek Lofland Fantasy Interview

Derek Lofland of joins the show to gives us fantasy advice for Week 3 of the NFL.


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Zero for authorities backed him politics on its innate Sony. Must go on epic ran here a few moments but first let's go to their Laughlin and Eric Laughlin on Twitter co owner. And write a fancy football maniacs dot com Derek how armament. Good good look. Wanted to get you on we too. In the books for fantasy owners and wanna talk about week three obviously gives them guys that maybe are liking their draft board or on their team and an opportunity that. Make some changes and can rectify their season. AJ green O'Dell Beckham junior first round picks struggling offenses if your owner of either of those two players are you holding a trying to sell. Point he wrote about the giants are one to their offense has looked miserable back at missed the first game was targeted by the last game. And basically at the same problem. And that of the saint bat ought to. Do now if you don't quite know their star player program or get equal value that it might make sense stop. To make a move that pretty hard to do that ought to passionately about that. I won those receivers at target target speak about why we are right now. If you don't own either of those two players are you look at the by. It depends. Where that you want to form I think those guys are going to. The batter that he handled properly AJ green. Probably do while Pittsburgh Baltimore in the division. But the bat on the schedule and not everybody's going to be less observant that it was mostly the ball most teams. Are going to be changing play call was a book like this week and maybe you shouldn't like all. But why. Are so we start we're used to be. Derek to share gains Russell Wilson hasn't looked too good at what. Do you do them into the fancy players on the sea hawks like Doug Baldwin Paul Richardson Chris Carson Thomas Rawls. I think Bobbitt one of the players all would otherwise it's one waste a lot of this op expressly. The world work so well and eight touchdown that. And the last night regulars he may have more slash what porch. Ten points or less on the road and commissioner what nine point credential is when her home. Good matchup and I would maybe streams some of those guys otherwise Baldwin. We'll be about it at wheels and market on the bad shop on the world games and charge shortly what matters. And I would Eric Laughlin had their loss and on Twitter co owner and writer for fantasy football maniacs dot com here on double coverage and Derek. Fremont the real deal. Now on he dog ate. The tally over 100 yards on the couch this year all goes. Well he's not news but. Andy Reid runs. Out last post op art currently do running back out of Russian people. On the Bob. Why. Wouldn't be surprised. It is urgent urgent touchdown this year he's just. One player in the league here. Talking about Alex Smith is a physical or by going for a reason. Here's this isn't going to be a shell out wide receiver or either we. With the merchant ivory jail Robert LE. On into much more games as that but. That your legacy games where he doesn't play as well so I look at. It in the more the quarterback juice or somebody play and that matchup but not much art. Beat it like. Our gimme a star one start wants Sid we three. All my heart beat Uruguay and running back in the air do law. He did very well I speak out on Monday night sentence he Jerry's where 86 yards although we. Burst. The yards a game since Reggie Bush won it or let us just there is that they actually a lot of receiving yards that such a strong and so I like it good you that we. And Derrick also on Twitter co owner and writer for fans of the bombing next dot com Derek Laughlin here gonna give you some fantasy advice for owners that maybe needs some help like me. What are some good streaming fancy defense is that may be available I cannot believe I drafted the saints defense cannot leave it like I'm totally stunned. He had yet. Well I mean there are under forty quarterback rating the court. This year go Bart incredible. Op art we're streaming BI and the government give to people Cleveland they're only only about 3% absolutely. The colts were horrible about that walk that direction ago and he only owned about 36%. Only. They play about jets' defense about to get all adding Green Bay where about eight degree from an earlier. In the they were much in the first. Burst into the from 1930 and Philadelphia Eagles to a cop out. Upbeat we're up 50%. If you start OM three in your league should use look to sell. The dump Safire Iowa. Now I'm here I think people. War is how good experience points against helped you are so app. That you played against Cory on that we want Michael Crabtree week to let out early. On certain weeks being. You can bury it seems that just played 33. When I won we won here. And I it was. Well at all remorse about mark to. Market and among your Morse was quiet was third among neighbors. The championship. And I decided that there was no way he'd be unlucky with the players and if you are difficulties. But you just happen like things are scored lawful. You can't understand why because you're three I think it's a three week as an honest evaluation and your roster what it used to. What your weakness and Antoine their. Bombs or fire a good team in the chest plate where a lot of. Derrick Morgan folks file to look him up. Fantasy football maniacs dot com. I've been actually outside we have are rightly or weak Greek. Operable to have religion PG ER I start share article they're waiver wire by and I about. I'd doubt that I do called the boat ship that's available on iTunes songs while. What we recap the action but we did a lot of a lot better. Derek Laughlin at Derek Laughlin colon and writer for physical ball maniacs dot com one of our favorites here on double coverage to stuff their. Absolutely to Dan O.