Comey testimony recap with Dave Cohen

Join WWL's Dave Cohen as he recaps the highlights from the James Comey testimony.


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Welcome back to live coverage the testimony of former FBI director James coming today before the US Senate Intelligence Committee. On the matter of president Donald Trump and the investigation. In Q Russian interference into the US presidential election I'm Dave Cowan thank you for joining us. It has been an interest staying in several hours the testimony brought to light. Many things we did not know others rehashing things that we did know in the end. To be very very interesting to see where this information goes and how president trump responds to it Diaz yet. To say anything. About what that testimony contained. War how he felt about it. He is not weeded nor has he made a public statement saying his attorney would react to it afterwards but Donald Trump junior the president's son. Has been actively advocating on his father's behalf sending several tweets that we we have re tweeted on the WWL. Am and FM Twitter so if you wanna see what Donald Trump junior had to say. It's all there for you in a nutshell he was very supportive of this bother pointing out. Inconsistencies in Komi statements pointing out things that thome said that work to his father's benefit. And in general. Cheerleading for his father on Twitter today while his father who did not president Donald Trump restrained himself. From tweeting. Which is interest and we look for though to what he has to say the president does has a scheduled speech coming up in the next hour. And we will have that for you here on WWL letting you know what he says. And how he reacts. What do you think about what you just heard do you feel at this point that there's any doubt. That the Russians did it. Make efforts to infiltrate. The US election that they did in colonies estimation. Attempt to. And successfully. Influence the election not to the point where they changed votes. Where they hacked any voting systems got into any voting machines and actually changed any votes. But he said did. Actively work. And he called it a very big deal did actively work. To change the hearts and minds. And voting habits of Americans. And he says it's one thing. Form Merrick. And to do that it's a totally no other thing for a foreign government in this case the Russians to do that he also said that if if any American citizens. Colluded with it. Helped assist it had anything to do with the Russian intervention. That that. Was an even bigger deal. He did say at the time that he was speaking to president Donald Trump that the president was not. A suspect. In the probe into Russian interference in the US elections but he later made it clear. That that could change. That candidate trial being that head of the campaign. That if it was found that his campaign and officials with in his campaign worry in fact. Working with the Russians to influence the outcome of the election that he is the head of the campaign would have to be investigated to determine his. Involvement now wage. Or influence over those decisions. So candidate trump. May at some point he indicated. Be a subject of the investigation. Into Russian interference in the US elections but when president from asked him if he wore. Under investigation. He said at the time he honestly told him that president trump was indeed now. Under investigation. Kobe said he could not trust the president to tell on the repeatedly during his testimony said that when he met with the president in person when he spoke to the president on the phone. Even when he met with him before he was president when he was a candidate. That he got the impression. That he could not trust. Then candidate. And after that president Donald Trump on the truth and says that the president and his administration in fact have spread lies. Time and time again. He made it clear. That the reason he documented so thorough all of his interactions with the president was because he felt. The president Donald Trump is a wider. Is a human being who cannot be trusted to tell the true. He also said that he felt it was clear that the president was directing him do and the Flynn probe. Even though he didn't use those words. The president he said the economy hoped. That he could help lift the cloud. And make it go away. But never told him to actually lift that club never hold him to end the investigation is there a difference. If the president of the United States calls you and the Oval Office clears everyone else out of the room. And tells you he hopes. That this investigation goes away. Do you think you would interpret that as him telling you to make it go away. Do you think he was speaking in code. You think it would be your job then to read between the lines. Or do you think the president was merely sharing his opinion merely saying hey I hope this all goes away. And do you think that there's anything wrong with that do you think that the president was wrong. To meet one on one in private in the Oval Office and tell call me hoped. That the investigation would go away if in fact that's what happened these are cold these words. The White House says not everything companies that was accurate and is disputing. Several of his accounts of what happened. Are there tapes. That is a huge lingering questions that we do not have an answer to you at this point. Call me says he hopes there are. And you want to released. The White House the president has said he hopes that there are Toews. And he also. Wants them released. Someone's got to know of their tapes. If the director of the FBI doesn't know if he's being taped when he talks to the president United States. And the president doesn't appear to now if there are two who votes. The secrets of the it to our. National security. Who how can neither of these men narrow. Who would have been doing the tape that. If neither the president nor the now former FBI director note there were tapes. Who does now. And authority. Only toward he hopes there are today it's. Funny out of everything we heard today is one thing that's going on most viral. On Twitter. Is the use of the word lord. In the test and tell you something about social media that the things that people are climbing on Zuma sharing the most talking about the most at least one of them. Is the fact that he chose to use the word low forty. He says he hopes. That there are two I found one other thing in the coming and it's a very interesting when it comes down to the whole question of did president Donald Trump. Attempt Q. Interfere with the investigation. Hand it does that alleged attempted interference. Re used to the level. Of criminal activity. Homey said. That the president of the United States. Can't. Legally. Order the investigation of any individual. Or order any individual not be investigated. If that's true and that's what color resent under oath before the senate intelligence community. If that's true. Then what is the question here. If the president of the United States according to call me can't legally order the investigation of any. Individual. And can legally order any individual not to be investigated. Is there still illegal question then there must be because legal scholars are asking. But I found that very interest in the company had that to say obviously there are also moral ethical. And political questions that surround well this. But the key is going to be when you start using words lake. Illegal activity by the president of the United States when people start calling for impeachment. That's where the legal questions becomes so critical and so important. Let's think about it here in a think tank coming up after the news at the top of the hour we get caught up on all the latest reaction and what commie had to say. We're gonna be joined by a White House correspondent Steven Portnoy. To find out what president trump is up to now what the president has had to say or his administration as it's had to say if anything. In response to the coming testimony that's coming up next along with your calls at 504. 2601870. And your tax at 87870. After. Nearly three hours of testimony. By former FBI director James coming do you now feel more or less the president Donald Trump may or may not have. Broken the law. And should or should not be impeached. Or do you feel like it made it clear that president Donald Trump was doing what is within his legal rights to this. Let's talk about it and think about it here and the think tank on WWL I'm Dave go in. Thanks for listening will be back after the news on WWL. AM FM and doc.