Comey is a LIAR!!!

Caller Gina is adamant that Dave Comey is lying about President Trump and Russia.


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Gina thanks for calling your on WWL what did you think. I think. Many people. In it's. Hard to. So. Meet again. Was quietly. At such an and he on. Child and which. Action. I mean that. People stand now and they're and a delight to have an Asian. So you couldn't do that. And each and eat in there. Do expect action and we want to meet people call. It. Would be call. An hour on an Asian. Routes to edge him out should shouldn't. And become. Conscious apparently now. Who are these people you refer to these people are Cora. Or you eagerly. At a happy heart and only. And political. Carl what a story. Out being illegal call and they are limited but it. How would you include president Ron you include president trumpet that number. He politicians here now putting that you're 1980s. I am. Going to be right now is illegal politicians that we don't play and you. You know we appreciate the call.