Comey contradicted himself today!

Thursday, June 8th

Did James Comey contradict himself in his testimony today? One caller tells Scoot he did.


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Joseph here on WWL good afternoon. I guess I can expect good. Complacent I think right out of the bad team currently. Which China. At generating so and natural out. And all my eighty years of life I'm never afraid of an FBI director. Leaking information to friends so he could give a good newspaper. Yeah listen that was that was a stunning artisans. Add up fry yeah congressional hearing. They question him and asked him if any and it is associates an FBI heavily discrimination and he's dead now. And then you could spell that they are right there when he said he may get information. Did you there're there are aspects of police testimony that Tennessee to be contradictory. Right up party debt and we got to get a Pinocchio nose. The more I agree with Senator McCain needs. I think debt congressional hearing is although when Perry won it he's in charge. Our play it. Of whatever they. Alleged which made against him how crazy. Say we don't look former secretary of state Hillary and yet it's ongoing but the precedent to people about India. I just don't because trump allies how are we supposed to know if what you wrote him notes to correct. Definitely. I mean at this point chart at this point it's he said he sent.