Chef John Folse With Documentary Plans

Ron and Chef John Folse talk about the upcoming documentary on the seven nations that came to become our creole nation.


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Hello everyone and welcome back to the food show my name is Ron and gourmet waiter. This is 105 point three Debbie get BL FM HD two it's the food channel and we have a special guest with us today shift John false. Good thank you so much yeah Iran and in the you know before going to throw at that thank the folks in new on and I mean this whole bit while whole region by. You know to support they've given us about revolution and its board debut we don't Mike Cook books to support to give us and cookbooks and all's well that allows all the great things there. Ever since 1978. And open around fraud. You know you know the law that people have shown for the work that we do and on another shifts into audience's support this city gives us as food. Professionals is incredible and I wouldn't wanna leave it and they went out sin. Thanks a million for those people who really support everything we do yes we are doing to break about now. About the mob ventured to bring in. To go globally to all of them that's happened nations that founded. That found at Louisiana. And I've been working wouldn't we can public broadcasting which of course is my PBS so she'll yet. And if I ask me to. To do. Us or at least to sort out the possibility. Of doing a documentary on each of the seven nations that founded Louisiana. To go to the country's. Traces the footsteps of the people it came to New Orleans and phenomena do the first one. Coming up in June of next year I took some leave and for frankly Germany. In the next however end of August okay and and we're gonna going in and do do preserving traditions. I see we have a caller on the line. This is mark. Mark and again. Shock jock. Two. It. It. Two. I. There. I. It. The our. Job to. Do. Did you let it let it weather what a great story well. I do hope he guided the gold glove and schooled but one of those cool but if you didn't he can always come and study gumbo with me now you don't. Oh and well where where does he live. Would you tell him it becomes a Louisiana please please please advise you know about a five Magellan my greatest pleasure. Would be the whole lot of details on pot could give him bad that left them on gumbo. You're good am I appreciate you calling thanks so much. I. But that but anyway I'm sorry didn't back to so some work we PBS now on the even for the Frankfurt Germany at the end of August. And ominous start in the footsteps of Los have a great grandfather you on Jacob falls. Element Trace his steps from the balcony where he came from this little Baylee dating Billy Joseph Todd in the Bay Area. And he had the Germans left there walked across the Rhine. Walked all the way across Strasburg in to the portal half to get on ships that come to Louisiana. So we've done all of the genealogy we've done all the research so we know. Where his sawmill was so we got us now wanna stand on that it's all meals bod. And we can research you do in the first of seven documentary is if I lived long enough. Two is traced to footsteps of the nations that came to Louisiana and travels to get here. A must start with Germany which is my grandfather. And ominous thought mouth and animate a goal but to champagne in. Where my grandmother's. The Morris my family who settled in my entry. They were. Brian. To fight with George Washington. And we think broad brandy with them to and a to the colonial forces so a lot of trees those food those two foot stamps. When I go to Germany and France and then on August to start writing a script for preserving traditions. In sore tomorrow creole roots as the name of C reassigned courage or bond to be on the lookout for. Okay we were talking about revolution earlier and you got a restaurant and New Orleans and also one in Jackson Mississippi where he revolution known. Well you know revel dined here for revolution always said new artist certainly didn't need another good drive from I mean this. So many aren't comic restaurant here in some grade a top chills of the world right here I mean if you wanna eat. Great food you become the new on the hospitality is unmatched in the world and you look on element of open graph from twelve countries. Unload hospitality in new loans and odd genuine people are. And I'll go to people we are very. I'm very constructive in narrow and Arab criticism on a conversation about food. And when I went somebody tells you about food in this city you know they would talk. So a new honest they'd need another. Good restaurant. But do on it really needed a restaurant. That is part of what I'll love to do preserve traditions and I wanted to show. Evolution of Louisiana food I want to show how we went from those cast on Ponce. Into more of the classic style of cooking we do today but still recognizable. So I'll win this announcement came to me many years ago figure we just celebrated fifth anniversary. Where it's at NASA came to me and I am asking if I would consider doing a restaurant farm. Mom median answer was no. Because I didn't think new laws to be great read it. Which let your mind well. More moral last year. Of me saying no and a year of them coming back and ask what what would it take and eventually outfit if you allow me. To design and build. And construct a restaurant just kind of move out of my way. And and let me do what I think New Orleans really you may want and that's a restaurant that showcases. All antique Louisiana food as it has grown over the years but people it's filtered down to a great combo. I'm may be willing to do it and suggesting that they had an agent the well at this and F there was generous enough to say OK good we really want you to do. And we're gonna get out you William that you do it and of course revolution was blown. And our our mission there is very very sample. And that is to look at the foods had me at Louisiana famous. And how if they continue to evolve. And how did he. Arrive at plea today and we went a few we lose a few years nobody at the end of the day. It's it's all about. About making sure that people can fit now reference from around the world. And really taste of foods as you solved in new laws and over 300 years and there's been very successful up and New Orleans was supporting us and we. And and and coming up it offered advice to those as well we'd take it by freely whale. OK we have another caller here it's Gregory on the line. Come on and Gregory. A broad view and do. Here. You'd order a great job that you should apple. According to Europe via via an you know very very. You've been an inspiration. You don't want that anybody from immoral one at an appearance like will be Purdue's Kory. It is an actual. On deal revolution. The location. To do. And how it could then go to Alberto. Cool and expecting orally and in the do the cooking segment. And mutilated shall be via a live and -- going to bet you haven't done. That you know what you would did did did you needed did do you need to monitor you know if you need to just come in. Hang out with not just loved lifted and you talk about all night where. A one day. A week we didn't we. We. Didn't make that happen out thank you so much I'll just say you know I'm just very sincere alliger assay and just how privileged to we aren't kind of light and. And look. At future or they've built this great oh great food great people will we can you always and sure like. Iowa you know it's hard it's what we do in and the people of Louisiana have supported us so god give them. It's. Don't grow and meet Cuban element and Greg read from my routes to market that's so I'm one bit but medal event. And did you know it looked great guys that permitted to speak to a. Little appreciate. It luck or. That's very also appreciated the thought. Good thank you so much I appreciate. I mean you know that that's what makes us go on just that your right arm in that. That's what we hear every day on streets and allow low of one economic feature that people yeah a lot of cars and Peja thank you for which you do it. And all I'm doing is what I'm loath to do it and I'm doing what dollars trained to do as a young boy at a local polls casts on popped in the camp to Louisiana. It's been and that's why I think it's so important to do the the documentaries it's hard to rock real roots. I want people to know where they come from and want people to know why we eat what we eat and I want to know why it's so important I handed down. Today children and grandchildren not to walk away. And think it's not important. That freely boggled since ours many people that killed a Louisiana Stewart says that finally says possible. Greg we've got another call here we've got Margaret come on in Margaret. I hit balls and Margaret are you doing. Doing well. Are you I'm doing good thank you. Well I'd like to tell you that I got it's pretty big cut production a couple of the other and I really liked him. And my favorite recipes are yeah are grilled pork tender line and I used well they say that and that he cheese sauce. And the Blackberry she's got. All of those those are great and and not where you get while more front. Well I am you know around Saint Francis. And we get them out there. But not that that's great I do a lot of while board cooking and just to know that now that you mention those two salts is a Blackberry eccentric. That those looks fabulous on wall board that's that really incredible really incredible. But they aren't mentioning. Want to tell you want to the thank you to death he. Where operate on patriots and bill and you work in a heart inviting me and my mother passed. It's after active. I'll I'll always probably doing a television show. I was probably doing some good for PBS. And and of course I'll love Saint Francis impact I was say just a minute ago. It's one of my favorite places and I'm done. PBS since 1988. And I'll never Donna see reason didn't bring me into Saint Francis deal of people by air. They just incredible ism is your mom I'm sure welcome to CNN. And in his corner most historical areas of our states ought to be able to go into that wonderful English countryside and Saint Francis veiled. Showcase our quiz CNN rub shoulders with the people there's just just wanted to also thank some mention him. Thank you thank you Margaret. Yeah you see that that that that just that's the kind of thing that just adds fuel to how far greed does yes sir. We're Ellison and of the food show. I'm Rhonda gourmet whiter got a special guest authorship John falls wearing one a five point three Debbie Debbie LF MHD two.