Chef John Folse From The Beginning

Ron The Gormet Waiter interviews Chef John Folse. They talk about his early days.


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Hello and welcome to the food show it 105 point three Debbie did the LF MHD two radio. Tom Fitzmorris is out of the show for the day in my name is -- on the Golan may waiter and I've financed by common Marianne take cumin and be the guest host and I'm proud to be here. Few familiar with the food channel you know how this works you can call in at 5042606368. Or two. 60. Menu. If you do call Lenin were talking about restaurants to do is one favor if you would. Don't mention the name of the restaurant must we ask that's especially important if you have had you haven't had a a positive. Experience. Anyway I won it again thank Tom and Marianne for letting me be on the show. A friend of mine asked me what I was gonna do when I was gonna come on the show and I told them I said I think what they do is do it the easy way we're gonna grab the bull by the horns. And I told her that I was gonna call the best chef in the United States and invite him to be on the show. And I'm proud to say that I have this person in the studio what is. He's the leading authority on cajun and creole cuisine and culture. In 1987 he was Louisiana rest rector of the year through the Louisiana restaurant association. In 1990 the American culinary federation named him national chef of the year. He's the author of many cookbooks. Many TV shows radio shows. I couldn't be prouder to have sitting right across from me chef John falls. Welcome Jeff hall. Well it's so nice to be here with you thanks so much it's agreed to be sitting across from him talk and what we love the talk about food so thank you so much for having me. You're welcome it's my pleasure. I'm like to do to get started to talk a little bit about growing up on the Mississippi reference saint James pare back. Well also those who know media. I know that I grew up in thinking you are right next oak Alley plantation to review. Ever they can ride on the river road from the sunshine bridge doled out almost right in the that ever. The good news is that we had to Mississippi River and now front door. And we had the swamps of Louisiana. And so everything that we put in town mount came out of one of goals to pantries. My mother died when I was eight years old. And my dad never remarried she left eight children behind the oldest was ten. The youngest who's twenty year old and I was right in the middle. And then every mired that we were lucky enough to have a wonderful. African American lady by the name of marry fresh show. I knock on solid door and and she told my diet she was here to help him raise these children. And what a speech he was she was a great cook. She was just a loving and all of a mile that we have a new actions matter for a show and I attributable to mop love of cooking and also many in my agreed issues. Or so growing up in that area. Where great cook certainly came from. And I have. The wealth of those two areas river and and that's all plans gave us a pantry that was on just indescribable. Slopes. That that's that's my that's. That's the spotlight grew up. Okay when. Did you realize that cooking was going to be your passion. Where you not think from a very early a huge I mean cooking in my area and a mock culture. Was a passion it's almost an innate. Passion I actually think you're born with it because my father was a French trappers that was when he did isn't even before my mother died. He trapped Faris files. And up trappers had to know how to cook at the daycare themselves in the small appliance. So I think very early on we were. Train you basically had that it took to cook and when it earlier I mean early hour minimum diet used to say if you can pick up a little paring knife. And cut the route soft and end of agreed and on him. You can cook or if you can wash the dirt off of turn up on top are potato. You could cook so I think we were always. Always every. Every minute we will we will learning something. And of course. I live I Iraq cooked there on line to love cooking and I'll learn to love cajun cooking Meyer. My first job came many years later and it wasn't in cooking Hyde two we got into a hotel business. And went into fraud office operations and hotel industry. But. I chef from Germany. Recognize. That I was always in the kitchen. And I was always cooking something far that cooks the crucial professional. I was cage and they love my two phase and they loved my gum balls and I loved my African players so they shift came to be one day and said. When you get this from. And I told when I got it from a got it from from the love of a fall than an African American cook. Who raised us. And he says you know you really ought to be in the kitchen. And it was that encouragement. From Fritz Bloomberg agreed chip from Munich Germany who it comes to run. Don't tell farce that enticed me to get into the kitchen and that was. In 1970 and I and men out cents okay you mentioned German influence. Here are German town right here at saint James parish. Could you tell us a little bit about the German influence. Well of course a false FO LSE was originally VO LTC. Still pronounce falls. In yield on Jacob falls was my seventh great grandfather who arrived in new on to 1725. In fact they were builders does so rankings came on that same ship. And Michael to rang was. The German builder who built the group the cathedral rebuilt the first earth salon com. And that was march 7 grade grant all the mom opus. So between the falters in his right things. I'm really. Absolutely. Loves not only to learn more about my German and services. But the fact that you were great builders and certainly if I'm scoop from but it Germans. Say of New Orleans from starvation twice in the first 510 years here. And at the same time they brought with them the gardens he brought with them a lot of this year considering all the while smokes hostages and beats. And out my dad's a grind all the must have a great grandfather false actually founded. What was known as false as well bosh ID which is a town of fashion weekend. Long march to columns I need a butcher shop on the form. And out. He was contract about a Spanish Korea's cattle on lake of the job honestly does ultimately does it all in my effort. Sort of town is named after after the fall has Boschetti. And we come from the Germans on the leak at the job honestly I'm and so cook in German living German. And appreciating what they brought here to Wii's yen and 72 when it is free to run it through my veins every day. I can tell I appreciate that thank you. Let's talk about black iron and what what was your first experience with a black iron. Well it was only cookware we have I'm. Have to say my dad was a trap Purcell certainly cast iron three legged cast on the actually went all vote would fires. Which certainly the first cast on we knew. And our cast on I'm always were tortured as error loom cookware because it's passed down from generation to generation. I got a great uncle by the name Paul Paul to rang we call him not pol in French. And not always that camp cook. If you went to the camp on common OC plantation where I grew up in saint James parish common those who by the way it was a native American. Indian word cup behind no same meaning. Clearing where Mallard ducks. Rules fit in the with the original name of saint just fires are common knows. And up so uncle Paul. Was defiantly cook and at gatherings and now camp in the swamps a weekend. And he treasured his cast on pot. He would teaches how to clean enemy with teachers Tom oil and he would teachers on heat them up. So it was a ritual and it wasn't just a piece that could acquire atlas and it was I who would I have it down from generation to generation. So I became a great lover. Of cast on. And I became not only a great lover it's the only can only cookware. That I cook out even today if you team up PBS show on coconut cast on. Because I just I absolutely love. OK if you're gonna tell us very briefly how to maintain or how to clean or season. A black iron pot or skillet Howard rigueur for those up America's and other there's a lot of black Aaron out there. Well you know that that's probably weren't great sacrilege is that we commit. In sand in Louisiana is improperly cleaning and storing gas somebody's got to be seasoned well for us. And always tell people whether you're getting a rosty. Piece of cast on it's been sitting on the front porch for twenty years without playing. It which a lot of people did just moved to cast on the report. It's still good I mean nothing wrong with the pot but always recommend is that to wash so it's it's a rustic part of even if it's peer. I'll wash it is best he can below bring along mills goes scratch my head in the iron. Drive it well over a fire. I like to barbecue pit to like to put up signed barbecue pit in my arm most of at all but I always tell them once it's dried. Just really well. Put about two tablespoons of oil in it. Rub it in really well in side note to make sure of the that aren't as well covered in oil but not dripping you wanna make sure it's coded. Turn it upside down on a cookie sheet or flat baking sheet. Put it in the 500 degree of an undo this night I'll put my part in the oven at like 10 o'clock at night 500 degrees for one hour. Turn the heat off don't open oven door and in the morning. It taken out he'll be perfectly c.s and then you just need to read it and he's point volatile start a round and and stored on storm on him just keep it warm temperature. So it's he's a group. It's easier to keep and it's easy to fix if you mess it up is not a big problem and I have all those directions on the week on my website if you go to jail falls dot com. In look at seasoning cast iron it's all gonna be right. Thank you. You're listening to the food show it 105 point three Debbie Debbie LF MHD two. I'm wrong on the gore may waiter I'm proud to have as my guest today and my wing man chef John falls.