Big series ahead for LSU

WWL's Dave Cohen and Steve Geller discuss LSU baseball's big series against Mississippi State.


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David C radio on your radio what is your prediction on surfer what happens with the LSU tiger men's baseball team. Over the next three days as they take on the Mississippi State Bulldogs fighting for the SEC west. You know I really like what I've seen from the tigers coming down the stretch and SEC play you throw the mid week games out the window I don't really care about that. It's what they do in the conference and they want eight of the last nine SEC games on pulmonary made a comment saying. Well the last five times I've gone into stark bill. We've won the series so they're going in there were atomic confidence they know they can win there I see the tiger's taken this series easily and the SEC west. Idaho up or prediction on comes true and they do take the series easily. I don't need to be on the edge of my ego weekends on and congratulations to. Alice you running back Leonard format he just got eighteen million dollars in tax they gave him a signing bonus of eighteen million dollars he lived about. Hundred yards from where my daughter and I live last semester and Alice you look at. Big step up resisted it should have talent yet he is went from being just a regular old college Joseph live in the life of a college kid. Data eighteen million in cash while. And he's gonna make like 22 million a year yet it's pretty amazing and from everything I've heard of such a great team leader. I'm maybe they said the best LSU tiger in the locker room other than Patrick Peterson he's put on that high the panels the rank congratulations honored for that you earned it.