Bad Boys

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, August 12th

Bad shrimpers, bad shrimpers.


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Well Louisiana department wallets and fisheries agents and a gang of them sergeant Hillary Reggio sergeant all stone Ortega. Koppel's Gary peers and Brett neighbors senior agents blame Wagner Austin Landry and Jules Kroll and agents Jonathan Boudreau and Thomas forehand. Cited nine people in five separate votes for alleged stripping violations. Tuesday and Wednesday and occupants in saint and on paris'. A total of 3422. Pounds of shrimp was seized from all the vessels involved. It was sold to the highest bidder. Both sold wanna too close and will not reopen till August the eighteenth. Using spammers and a close season carries and 950. Dollar fine. And a possible 120 days in jail and forfeiture of many things he's plus relocation or suspension of the crawl the scam. The butterfly you know licenses for a full year from the conviction. And during that time they can only be present on a boat that. Possesses a trawl skim or aboard a flying net only if the vessel has an employs an operating. Vessel monitoring system which is accessible. The department wallet and fisheries. In addition to violate the Mann also have to perform forty hours of compute community. Service and facing these fines and penalties are. Fifty year old Robert M purest of Venice 49 year old Carrie O'Neil of bureaus. 57 year old Jeffrey bureaus of hazel Harris Mississippi. Philip Downey junior fifteen and Joseph bill got 56 of Marrero Jeffrey billion junior twenty nominal loss. Derek Perez 39 of love to eat. And also 77 year old in the low ball off of Saint Bernard and an award. Perez junior 51 of violent. A full nine men starting lineup. Bad boys of the outdoors.