4/20/17 9:10pm Double Coverage: What's your reaction to the Saints 2017 schedule?

The NFL schedule releases tonight!  We'll have live reaction and breakdowns from Saints insiders including Jeff Duncan


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It's our showed double coverage welcome on in net. Here in New Orleans across the gulf south and across. The country and the world broadcasting live on WW dot com. And the WWL radio apt well it's saints released special here on double coverage in this are gonna go over the good the bad and the ugly. Of the saints' schedule an open lines until 11 o'clock in network taking your reactions really good calls tonight the phone lines have been absolutely lit. At final 4260. 1870. The good of this schedule we went over the previous hour the money a football game in the opening week. Only 12 game road trip the entire season and it happens early and happens in week two. And week. Number three when you go through to me we three quick for many of the Panthers and then the dolphins and actually the second game of that two game coaches any minute true road it's over and one and Serena pulling. In Miami. And then only one game road trip stressed the seasons that's definitely a positive you're not gonna be away from home very much towards the middle part in part of the year. The many by insulates. That helps but after I guess it is disappointment of having the early time it's in week five. And it doesn't games starting at noon central sort of your body clocks going to be on point if your saints player. And the back half of the schedule really really favorable he talked about games against the bills. Washington. The rams the jets. The Buccaneers. Couple games against the falcons going to be tough but a lot of winnable games on the back after that schedule so that's the good part. Of this saints' schedule. Now as we open these presents. They are wrapped up under this tree on this Christmas Day if you will for saints fans who started opening them. And after we opened a box number one that was too good this first box it's it's funny affable. It's. On September 11 it's in Minnesota this can be really cool man I can't wait to open all these other presents. Well. Then we started opening the eyes reopened week two we solid defending champion patriots. In there and we kept opening boxes. And can't even find the second home game until we open box six. Only weeks X that's the second home game against the lions October 15. Only one home game before then. On home quicken going on the first part of between seventeen season for the saints. More disappointment you open box fourteen. And wrap that it's a Thursday night short week game on the road again this time against and it seems to be a perennial issue for the saints. Only one. Home game on the east Thursday night gains in memory. Wentz on the road last year to Carolina they go on the road this year. To Atlanta so it ActiveX federal runners up going on the road against armies Thursday night games. And then. Darn it for the fourth straight year we get to that very last box were opened some changes open box seventeen team to salvage anything. Note for the fourth consecutive year that last box week seventeen. It's another road game. It's been since 2013. Since the saints have had a home game in the final week of the season. Ridiculous rate. Now all the disappointment after all via the optimism and the hope when he got before he took a look at the schedule they kind of dissipating oil. So the bad of this schedule there's a lot of it. But the ball point bad throw me in the form big ones that stick out there early back. Just in week five the research on this a little bit more sparse the Boston Globe did a study few years ago that. Actually didn't find much impact that was real short study only four years not a lot of data. But almost unanimously. You talk to coaches and players. Around the league and there else say they prefer a late buying that they had their choice is the way to recharge for the final stretch of play outputs. Opening for weeks. Absolutely. Brutal the saints' backs it could be underdogs and every single game. At the vikings. Patriots at home who probably going to be dogs there even at home and get to the Panthers are going to be a dog there in the last. You have I guess maybe to beat the patriots lead before it might not but probably going to be a dog at the Panthers and then a game in one inning as the dolphins maybe your favorite band name and on I don't know the could be starting off four straight as dogs underdogs the first or straight weeks. Only one home game we said that the first bye weeks of the season. And something else it's interesting to me. Only one divisional game the first eight weeks of the season. And I thought about this I'd love how they they make the end of the regular season important. As they stack up the divisional games I think the final two weeks of the season. All divisional games across the league most teams play and divisional games the third final week of the regular season as well he stack those up of the yen and you get more and more impact. Teams can make up a couple of games and divisional standings towards the end of the season if things sort out the right way but at least something like this we only get one divisional game. The first eight weeks. Of the season. And that's only in week three and it's at the Panthers so it's hard to get fans here I think excited about playing teams like. The dolphins the lions the bears. Maybe I'm wrong on that moves in the older I'm much. Camera. While Donna WWL dot com and cast your vote in our pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight what is your reaction. To the saints 2017 schedule are you excited disappointed worried angering. Apathetic. Cast your vote now Tim's emerald Gibson updates on that poll. Later in the hour. Phone lines are open for a 504260187. You'll get your calls on the other side of this break but remember tiger fans tomorrow. LSU they're gonna kick off their series against Kentucky I guess pickup in the rights. Present that as anyways. The first two games will be tomorrow double header because of bad weather you can hear game one on our sister station hot 103 point seven FM moron thirteen 58 am. Pregame 1 o'clock first pitch 130. And they can hear the second game right here on WW Alton early on though. Starting at 5 o'clock. Game three will be Sundays and no game Saturday game three Sunday. First pitch at high noon so again no LSU baseball Saturday night. Board bring you the LSU football spring game pre game 645 kick off at 705. That's right here on tiger radio. WW. Out your calls your tax and acts as we go through this same schedule. The Bob Marley trying to calm us down sued us a little bit here on 420. As are all little worked up about this saints' schedule and we're asking your reaction at WW dot com property jaguar opinion poll what's your reaction to the saints' schedule worried excited. Disappointed apathetic or angry. 33%. Are saying worried an equal amount saying excited. They say and their anger 0% yet. Olympus and apathetic when he to present disappointed when I wanna know is why why are you feeling those things about this schedule. Give us a call 504260187. Also online at WW dol dot com right now I have an article. The good the bad the ugly from the saints 2017. Schedule. Highlighting some of the things were talking about here tonight on this program and why I see the saints. Getting a little bit of a rotten deal from the NFL especially when it comes. To a couple issues towards the end of the season also online right now it WW all dot com. In article detailing Eli Manning's trials and tribulations here is he's involved in this. Member believe it suit if Yemen paid attention. Eli Manning was sued by Eric. In the burden of short hills. Four. Allegedly engaging in a scam to sell fake game worn equipment for profit. And today Eli Manning insisted. Through a spokesman he did absolutely nothing wrong. In this memorabilia suit this is a civil case. Not a criminal case that if you read some of the testimony read some of the documents behind this. It looks like they've got some pretty incriminating evidence against Eli Manning that he was directly involved in this so it doesn't look good for Eli. And there are some tax that went back and forth that Eli gave basically yeah go ahead take this helmet. And make it look like it was deemed Warren give it to the memorabilia dealer not good. Not good that's online right now. At WWL. Dot com. Given the track of the NBA playoff games tonight as well one game filed a Cleveland Cavaliers they're up 30 now on the Indiana Pacers 119114. They beat the pacers man award LeBron James goes off. 41 points. Thirteen rebounds twelve assists a couple blocks there as well fourteen of 27 from the four and six of twelve. From behind me are actually on fire it's probably finished third in the MVP race at all. Note Matt's voice differs battle in the media that's going on right now between him Westbrook and James Harden. Couple games in progress Milwaukee on top of Toronto in 9363. And Memphis in the second quarter has a lead on San Antonio. Thirty to Tony the spurs up two nothing. In that series. However minor but it's tomorrow you can actually come in Simi alive out of the cots solution store in Metairie their opening up this really cool new store. At 4852. Veterans boulevard it's right next to the bonefish grill out there in Metairie. I'll be there along with the pelicans. Dance team and hear the pelican about surprises food at. Beverages as well and the first hundred customers are gonna get a 320. Dollar gift card a lot of fun with this that's between 3 and 5 o'clock tomorrow. Why have out there at the Cox solution store in Metairie machine come out there come on see him say I mean. Meet that your the pelican meet pelicans dance team and pick up some surprises maybe is a can be fun three to five. Tomorrow. Talking about the ugly now of this saints' schedule. Or enemy with the talk to Jeff Duncan here in about fifteen minutes and ask him his thoughts. On the same schedule to stay tuned for that about season. 935. Austin I'm 31 attempt I'm 31 so it's about five minutes later so. Some ugly parts of this scheduled for the saints without factoring in possible flex scheduling and so could change. The saints are pretty much absence outside the opening week. From the national spotlight this year the only other game they're playing on national TV is no mandatory Thursday night game typically week fourteen. At Atlanta against the falcons. And in the games on the road. Decrees it works out things just gotten a raw and fielder on this Thursday night games recently. Says it's just that it's not the league makes these decisions by the way on prime time games have a little bit and put. But this is the network partners the broadcast partners fox. CBS. ESPN. And NBC all getting together and deciding who they think's gonna move the needle ratings wise. And it should tell you something about the scene the perception of the saints nationally that. The network partners is don't want any part of the saints they're really don't especially here in oil as they do not think. That the same it'll bring eyeballs to those TV screens. Seats are ruining that'll change you can play some games and some notable ones in the mid season that could get some attention you've got the game on the 22 and October against the Packers. Could possibly move to prime time it's week seven game. Both teams the Buccaneers in the saints a competitive in the NFC south may be week nine game there. To sentencing no home game here. For the saints. On prime time this year interest. Some other ugly stuff the saints are told to finishing on the road for the fourth. Consecutive. Year I don't understand how in full schedule makers make this happen does not since 2013. On the play the Buccaneers in the final week. If it actually finish the game and it's a finished the season on the super. Do you think the saints have a diagnosis. The streak was broken today it was scheduled Italy's. Before this year the Cincinnati Bengals will have opened the season seven consecutive years. On the road seven straight years the Bengals opened the season on the road and is easy. Yeah they are on the seriously got broken that's street got broken. Men is that imbalances little things that you would think would be kind of checked off boxes is they go through this schedule. And the four people that are in charges this that went yesterday Howard Katz is the league yet. I don't know I just don't see how you can send the saints. At the end of the season and playoff races winding down force straight years divisional games yes. Man I'd system yet. The fourth time enormous gonna play at Minnesota on opening day about it. The first time that the saints have opened their season up in prime time since 20111. Actually. Sixth time overall. And the second time they open on Monday Night Football you know when the first time they open Amman and affable Tim. Reborn in Tahiti or born yet you won there. September 10 1990. Against the Joseph Montana at San Francisco 49ers are believed that was Montana's last year and this. It was last year. Now I'm excited for Alan I'm really excited for that opener against Minnesota is going to be great. Going to be a tough place to play as Minnesota approved last year I kind of fell apart towards the second half of the season. They proved anything last year it's that place is all now lord. Allow and it will be one of the toughest places to play for the next. 2030 years only believe. Truly. Centex coming on the tax line at 87 B 87 in the final four saying I feel very seven and nine about the schedule. That happens will be the fourth consecutive season you probably see a new coaching staff may be general manager next offseason as well. No detection in the final for the NFL must think Adrian Peterson is coming to the saints for them to put. The them in prime time in week one PG. Yeah maybe. Could happen she could have an Adrian Peterson reunion in Minnesota and and the second week. Definitely gonna have Brandt cuts coming back and playing in the superdome. And maybe maybe Malcolm Butler playing at his former team and the patriots as well. Interesting story lines the first couple weeks of the season per share. After the CBS news break we're coming right back and socket that Jeff Duncan. No luck on the ties to keep them out this saints' schedule that's in one minute right here on WW. A good boy coming on its excellent from the 504 wondering why the saints for the fourth consecutive year finishing on the road. He says it's a game the very next day called the Sugar Bowl field Camby used them before folks are doubles that I'm Wyman and thought about that it's a point. Definitely a factor. On whining and for the fourth street here in the summer let's go and bring in Jeff Duncan now saints and NFL columnist for Noah dot com in the times Picayune Jeff I've got to wake up super early tomorrow. Five Emerson and and I'm I appreciate it. Yeah no prompt equipment at the been busy day busy night against. Yeah exactly as what do you think what do you think about the same schedule we're getting nothing the hates a lot of disappointed that worried fans calling in our show the last couple hours what's your take on. Well you know. Opening part of the schedule is brutal mean there is no other way around it. And I think it's unfortunate for the saint you you know Sean Payton as tall. That only the last couple years about. How important it is or who can get off to a good start and he's just look at. History when they start Korean ones in the first quarter better and usually leads to a winning season and they do all electric vehicle after years. Started one in three. Usually end up on the wrong the win loss column and so. Oh the Alec and they can get out that first six week any better than three in Korea just trying to be realistic. Ya know why I agreed to Stephen looking at the first four weeks for that buyer I'd think. Two in two. You did pretty promise promise to start that sincere I don't know it's just too brutal just absolutely Brooke I guess I am excited I don't know if you are about that open though. On the September 11 money apple ball spin what since 1990s that they were open on Monday night. Yeah I'm in your bank stadium. And news saying the good old Super Bowl next year so they have Nubian optimistic. Think get a preview maybe you and where they might have been the year if it were to go that far but I mean this is that new stadium and you know they'll local. Play in Mercedes-Benz stadium and Atlanta and anxious for the two new stadiums. Where things stand it they plan to go on the rules to be tricky game to the. Speaking up. A Syed speaking of the the stadium over the Atlanta deuce was saying earlier that you don't know if that's. Actually gonna be ready by mid season this next here you think about that Mercedes incident and. I think if the ladle. I'm pretty sure it's going to be reality it's a hundred ago and that that's one of these that they. Always wait for the second year before they commit to do. Super Bowl because it's just that instant food. Potentially being construction delay like that but the next two Super Bowl would be in a Minneapolis and Atlanta both both stadiums on the links travel here. A preview maybe I got to ask you about the absence from the national spotlight this year. Other than the opener on Monday night you've got me mandatory game on Thursday no games here in New Orleans every color and texture that we've gone tonight. Are up in arms about that but I what else to expect this after 379 seasons aren't. Right that but you know usually they get all game and look good network executive. In the production teams they love to come in the world but everybody feel so you leak more one of those man. Let's just personal reason and it's shocking first time in seventeen years. That they've not had a game scheduled at home. In prime time that's a little indicative I think of where the program is right now and they did it's shocking to be mostly because of the they build them a prime company. If nothing else I mean think clay. And entertaining style football and may not win all the games the players are entertaining and ago all think quarterback. It's surprising to open games on the road this year propped up made it ain't what. Later in the year and propped up by the duo. I ended Jeff Duncan NFL on saints columnist for no without comment I speak you and him a follow on Twitter acts Jeff Duncan underscore. First couple weeks in another tough. I guess guess only storyline though the Peterson deal may or may not happen if that happens only returning and then we'd soon. The defending Super Bowl champs cooks comes back here maybe Butler faces his old team I'm circle and now one on my calendar. But what what you got need highlights in the schedule of the most against. Well look obviously the patriot games Hughes is the first term being played here and you know in a regular season games and bowl seasons when Drew Brees said that. Just remarkable performance and a topic I have ever seen the ability. Team handled with the intent of that game. But the thing actually unique about the that the package yet complete to week what is that like. Week fourteen both for the play the falcons they plan to three weeks. Let alone sound enough to say you know these are our troubles. Who knows how long either team will be at that point in the India in itself race than in the other game I think it's always fun. Seeing and what the treble the Lambeau. Think it not been very good to it and I think in life time in Lambeau Field but. Two weeks seven play in Green Bay Packers former saint welcomed coordinator Mike McCarthy. Really close on patent battle in game. Only one missing and a divisional games usually one divisional game the first eight weeks of the season saying earlier I loved that they in the back of the scheduled division has been. Do you think that fans they'd. It's hard to draw interest early in the season for the fans and playing teams like the dolphins and of the lions in the banners and people that frankly the casual fan doesn't care. Yeah I know figure there's probably a little Lou healthy mix there. Sprinkle him I think it was unique schedule in that regard because you leave the crap we've seen them play more divisional games and first apple season. There are doing right now and particularly with this division. I don't think it would surprise anybody at YouTube fourteens. Were to win the division next year we seemed only have a surprise team and then he felt. But I think it's that competitive. And we'll wait have they been rebuilding. You've got to figure that. Carolina's gonna bounce back I think all of those divisional game two going to be very very. I was looking speaking at a Tampa Bay we are looking at the updated Super Bowl odds earlier this is host scheduled release. I don't Tampa's all the way up for the 25 to one there in the top fifty in Atlanta fourteen to one. The states after the soap reschedule released there eighty to one now they're a 101. And in the bottom step hub teams. Expected to win next years of rule that's a pretty good deal to me I mean I'll expect the states on visceral and hop mogul. Yeah hunger to want to lie and he looked Serb. Quietly. Very confident this year and you know the biblical around that almost 2009. Tight. You know would if you remember back since the game also so an anatomy you can no one really knows. Predicting. This needs to do anything that year. And they could do about it thirteen no. I have one of the best seasons in the recent medical history. I don't know what we can get on that. But at the offense can find under the play maker replaced Brandon cooks seek you got a development is going to be it will generate points again. Yeah now is our seems like under shock and were asking our audience today to describe kind of their emotions. With this wants and feelings how what what are you feeling with this saints does is worried disappointed news. What does that. Bob this surprise you know I'm surprised that it's that so well. Well off the bat you know lacking particularly. More difficult opening a real one but that compared to epic have been the two kickoff classic when they Tibet go to. Green Bay a few years ago when Indianapolis Peyton Manning. Those looking horrible impossible win early in the season everybody healthy you're playing on primetime. And the vikings got a good team and either they were neat that you look at their schedule and they put a lot of input the same group very close. I think it's going to be difficult for the team. To do any good. Like two and two in the first four games they do they start to go into the risk they're. A really good start consider the competition. Now agreed to be gone through with a with a pencil and markdown wins and losses on the schedule yet gotten to a final number. Haven't been yeah you know it's funny. Jim happily say diplomacy code you write about it. You know win you play a team. Is is almost more important than just the fact that you play on I mean we claimed in the season. He kept on like yell at the look at there your opponent schedule because. The political such a roller coaster sometimes kept it seemed right at that they'd gone on the road somewhere and they get along West Coast trip or. Played very physical game barber emotional victory. You Capcom a let down game I like to look at the other teams scheduled to impede the saints might be kept thinking the right. And you can get in the trap game you know I'm talking about little things like that that play into the kids don't really look at the opponent scheduled but is this girl. Yeah are indeed one of the best weeks of NFL season for us fans are what audible guy we look forward to from you on all the dot com advance figure in the next Vickers. I'm writing a column right now as we speak on the upcoming draft enrollees. I think it's going to be really exciting draft it will repeat the stretch we had recent memory. And I think it is all years for the thinks could be in the market would trumpet players. You get so many great defensive prospects in this draft you might be on starting caliber players in the foreground of the trap that felt deep it is. Somebody else we can. That whether they're tightening in the need before the lead because of needy. Awesome stuff as always that's Jeff Duncan and it's an NFL columnist for all dot com at times Picayune and follow on Twitter. Jeff Duncan underscore extra tickets I'm really really truly appreciate and you're really busy next hour. Are chipped and just knowledge. The tower now the citadel knowledge. Isn't it. That he's. I guess he's as pessimistic as we are about is opening three weeks. It got to tweets. To me at set to lap on Twitter from Brad LaSalle saying how can the saints avoid a one in three or on force starts and that's what we did two years and around the schedule a schedule is rough early. I won in three is likely to end to. Would be very promising. Taking your calls next item up for us before 2601 point seven what do you think about the sync schedule. On WW well. Welcome back. Bob Marley before swine. Shut outs are West Coast keeps the giant smoke clouded his. Descended upon the entire West Coast of the United States are waiting for that to dissipate NORAD has been called. So they'll have been near fly and so did you follow ons formats at the elaborate conversation with everybody. On Twitter tonight and it seems to come back to the first four games of the season and the saints make it out of that brutal four game stretch heading into the by. Above water at least treading water at the vikings. Home against the patriots and at the Panthers and the dolphins in London. Attacks and a 787 need comes in not sure aware of the wind comes from. But if it's Miami think again the tougher than they look I agree they're tough for the middle they're coming off a playoff appearance. Play the Steelers lost it memorized handle towards the end of the season he got a little banged up. And they were giving it New England at least a little bit of around for their money towards beat the latter part of the season last year not that minimums in any danger of losing that division. I still think 130s the most likely scenario coming out of this too into the saints go to ensue. That's really promising because the back half of the schedule. Looks. Really winnable for the saints and I'll just on paper. You can ever do this on paper because you always get two or three really surprise teams. That you thinker just going to be wins on paper that proves to be really tough teams teams might make the playoffs. But you've got Washington at home you get the bills of the rams the jets. The box she finished with them we do have a couple of games against the falcons win those games are always close. So I think giving gets the second half of the season. 500 maybe game above 500. Some like that I think you've ourselves shot. Really do but the schedule makers apps saluted saints no favors. At the beginning of the season game two against the patriots by the way not only will it be the return of Brandon cooks to New Orleans and possibly reunion of Malcolm Butler the quarterback at that trade happens to. New England but. It'll be. Of course hall Berrian saw Famer Tom Brady against Drew Brees. And those who have combined 427693. Passing yards so almost a 130000. Passing yards between those two. 921. Touchdown passes in the story and a poker. Patriots do in an all time series. Nine suit for most of that coming. In the in the top radio as well. A vortex city it 7870 good question for the team this year is can they when the closest games the team that has lost nearly 24 close games by a touchdown over the last. Five seasons natural it's all about winning close games in the NFL. Some analysis and image analytic shows that it's kind of a coin flip. It's really comes down to lock teams that win games decided by three points or less split the saints have certainly been on the short end of that stick. Over the last couple seasons maybe they turnaround this year. When her mind yet next week he it's drafts fess we're talking three days of amazing. Football and I promise you I promise you. It's better than neck were covered you're gonna wanna listen to us here right on WWL. Obviate bear the big chief Deke Bellavia NFL analyst Mike Tilly. Joined by inducing Christian as well at saints' headquarters. Coverage starts Thursday at 4 o'clock with our saint strapped preview hosted by the voice of the saints Jim Henderson and Deuce McAllister. Minutes don't miss radio at six when the NFL draft is begins and so does our black gold party at central city barbecue area organ out their last central city twelve. 01 south the rampart street at Leo. So is gonna go till midnight that night live until midnight. On NFL draft Thursday it was in the last picks is they happen instant analysis plus player interviews and Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis press conferences. Friday we pick it up began at 4 o'clock until midnight Christian ado live from motor sports bar and grill. In Slidell on Gaza boulevard and then Saturday we go live at nine A and and eleven hammonds north Cyprus fitness sixteen a six south magnolia street so three days of wall to wall draft coverage next week. On WWL. Back at them on or give you an update on the NBA playoff games are in progress on WW. Of one of the religious and trees and doing a night show like this other bio it. And a lot of radio guys they don't like to work at night. Do I love it one of the reasons we get to. Watch all these games live in progress in coming in via analysis and and updates on them sock in NBA games tonight Cleveland earlier tonight they won they beat Indiana one night team to 114 LeBron James and 4112. And twelve. Believable clip and the Rio and there at halftime in Memphis and how about this the grizzlies. Have a 5046. Lead over San Antonia trying to at least salvage a game of that series spurs up to go. Milwaukee. They have just gone finally defeated Toronto 104 to 77. Just. Blitzed them. Milwaukee at 21 in that series lost and a the year this week. Milwaukee you believe it's the only series that throttle and that the team is trailing in a series is actually wanna game. Tim's Amber's got a good stat force him about the Heisman Trophy quarterbacks in number one draft. Fix the saints in a phase three Heisman Trophy quarterback looks at least this year and potentially nine quarterbacks are like the first round if you wanna include possibly the jets taking a quarterback and offers them. Diana first Olympics at the Heisman Trophy winners again it's not nice that next hour we'll talk about Eli Manning the memorabilia. Scandal continues. Cardinal Hayes was sentenced and you belittle spring game preview as coach he joined sports talk earlier.