4/20/17 8:10pm Double Coverage: What's your reaction to the Saints 2017 schedule?

When do they play the Patriots, Falcons, and Packers?  How many prime time games did they get?  Find our during our special NFL schedule release show! 


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Giving thing yet New Orleans. Hello to the gulf south. And hell are you listening across the world yet. Seth Dunlap Kristian garic with art saints' schedule. Release specially at a saints' schedule has been released. And were gonna talk about it today happy for twenty everybody. As well all of my West Coast friends the entire West Coast of the United States descends into one. Giant smoke cloud today are waiting for practically have a special report. About that later but yesterday we talked about it being candlelight Christmas Eve for NFL fans. So I suppose overnight. And jolly round fellow commissioner Roger Goodell descended down the chimney he is left a sixteen presents wrapped up under our off season three. Osment suspicion rikers nano Wallace the aperture. I mean no doubt about it and with any particular would go through it to the nuts and bolts of the schedule and instrument that quirks and twists and turns etc. but now is it's a day that I think the NFL has recognized. Gets a lot of attention. From its fan base and from from media outlets from us etc. so there there. I find inching the gonna release a week before the draft at strategic on I was a little surprised by the opener. Yeah it's Minnesota Vikings on the road. Yeah there's so tonight we there's a lot of surprises in this. The good the bad the ugly wrote an article that that would get into that but here's here's the thing Christian right so it's like we get this overwhelming sense of joy and anticipation kind of like when kids in your first seated about two presents. Under the tree for the surfers time can't wait to open them I was overdue on night that we open that week Onebox rattled. It's. Game. So holy smokes it's glorious it's going to be an amazing year but kind vote like all those infamous use stories like the Sox from. That's kind of what happened today again which are opening more saints boxes right and the more Mora. We open them the more our optimism dissipated into deep pool of saints three the first four. Brutal on the road. Week two years here at home against them that against the defending civil champions but. Here's the thing about the schedule that the ring that he can out of my head it is the fact that for the first time excluding the Katrina season at 2005. For the first time in seventeen seasons the saints don't have home primetime game. A whole primetime game. They have won for the first time at seventeen c.s they just. Have to prime time games period and remember you're guaranteed one so outside of that week fourteen game. Against Atlanta you've only out one of the prime time game yeah that's in the opener. So I guess that's one of the highlights the schedule from me in the opener is going to be great it's going to be on September 11 obviously. I'm gonna be very special day after football fans in this country saints will be there Monday night. In Minnesota by the way it really tough placed played with their struggles last year we found out that that's going to be one of the toughest places to play in the louder long line noise and you like you said really rough opening the first four weeks here by. The back half of the schedule. Really favorable so I'm looking for a bright spot in the schedule via the back cap is loaded with really winnable games. Yeah army look. If you if you goal is to split with the that your division rivals right in the back and it final quarter of the season got on the road at Atlanta on Thursday night football here one of two primetime games. They get the New York Jets who are still looking for quarterback now likely could be starting a rookie at their quarterback spot maybe Jay Cutler for but you get the point Atlanta Falcons again on Christmas Eve at Tampa Bay Buccaneers of Rihanna last four divisional gains but also. Teams that you feel like he split with there if you run the table for what group with four wins and you don't pretty well for yourself. So that's that's it right the first four games you've gotta tread water. You've got to tread water and somehow gets that more favorable part of the schedule but we've you've we've just seen this play out the last two season especially. And the seven and nine campaigns that they just bury them so they bury themselves that first month and the NFL schedule makers here didn't do me no I didn't. And you know like we mentioned three out of the first four on the road you bye week comes early you gotta stretch there against the line to Green Bay Packers to playoff teams from a year ago. You get new England and and in the mix there yet for playoff teams in the first six games for playoff teams in the first six games. Now the Atlanta Falcons are also -- on that's definitely exclude them we come up playoff teams but it that that first sixteens which we talk about quarter posts you know we bring in big games in the you know. The first four middle of season back for third quarter. Fourth quarter Sutter but the first six. Look really company gets a little. Light draft that only one where they did in the state to favor was one potential for really nasty are cold weather. It's a Buffalo Bills in week 109 is cynical that up there but they you know going to Green Bay in October. Should be too bad so the Super Bowl odds were updated by Vegas beat consensus sports book odds now for the saints after the scheduled release Christian. They say yes yeah it did not in the positive direction for the saints the saints are now a hundred to one. In this year's Super Bowl and that puts them. Seventh worst in the league and last in the division the bucks or 25 to one. The falcons are fourteen to one and the Panthers 31 I'm gonna put on her books on those odds I'd actually you know what I was looking at that in its. It's not yet figured that means one out of every hundred years you have to win to break you via thinks about the ones who rule with the team that composed now I think that's. And I think that's doable. Or prosecuted and I'll NBA playoffs throughout the show tonight's couple games underway right now Indiana trying to get their first win against Cleveland they have in 9693. Lead in the fourth quarter. And at halftime Milwaukee all over Toronto. If the seven to thirty and you're really excited about the isn't it well look out on to beyond that if I'm not excited about it but I've been neck deep in NFL schedule released the last 24 hours doing various things but did you know. You know it would work people is. You know April. A month for of the year notes national digging month. Its nationals the month quarter of the Kate again about you. If you miss that that might be our moment is and and it's and the show. It beat UMass that I'm gonna put this article up tomorrow. I do admit I you have everybody is joining us from sports doctors and play this clip about ninety times in the last four. Or shortened four but I thought it was funny it was and it was I here's the weird thing right and if he shouldn't be able to understand. Bobby. Who do you actually understood what he was trying to say a lie and I understood we was trying to say. But I tell you didn't sound like he was saying and he is my point we I polyps though now we got to play a reality and hi we have acknowledged it on the other sad I got a break here or break up. Breakdown the same schedules three ways that I did in my article that the WW dot com right now the good the bad and the ugly of the schedule started off electrician still here to be optimistic with my man. In the house for one of the few times this week off with a good. Coming up next and this is your show everybody we want to know your reaction. To the saints' schedule released. And that's separate jaguar opinion poll what is your reaction excited disappointed worried angrier apathetic log on to WW dot com to cast your vote by. Taking your calls throughout the show your reaction we want to hear you heard our reaction the last 34 hours but your reaction now open lines Bible for 260. 187 units 504260. One the seventy back after this with the good from the same schedule. Hey I'm still an RN. Four point little sportsline they've always AFL. PA announced that drug testing starts the day events of the law enforcement via as a coincidence that now on it's your show deny your show. Open lines all show long reaction to the saints' schedule released we know when. Where and who they claim all seventeen weeks this seasonal lines 504260170. Also hit us on the text line at 87870. The schedules on WW dol dot com right now but a few highlights from this from week one Monday night. App Minnesota. You've got the week for game in London against the dolphins they play the patriots in week two of the Packers in week seven. The falcons games are sandwiched in a three week span it. Between December 7 and December 24. And then again for the fourth consecutive season. May in the game on the road. And it's Tampa Bay fourth consecutive year the Emmys season on the road. This is the second time in this four years they go to Tampa Bay but. When what kind of focus on the good here this segment Christians so what's what are you pull out of this to say okay silver linings from the schedule I think the majority of people out there. Our little pessimistic a little bit down after the released letters what some good night. A good nuggets and it's honestly. It's its first off. That that that this rosters incomplete so we don't totally know uh oh another draft you know ultimately what it's gonna who it is it's sweetie please be playing dangerously and Rossum and at. I guess where he. Either find it's a silver linings. I think in the fact that year old acclaim potentially one really cold weather game. And that's we let us and we Tenet and against the Buffalo Bills. The Washington Redskins are coming year finally to New Orleans and he got Carolina late double it late in the year here and that thing if there if I'm being really optimistic if you're gonna get New England if you gonna beat New England. It's better to you your chance or better early opposed to late has made it that. Do we know how historically November and December at team can just turn it on and get red hot so perhaps with some moving parts the patriots go through policy transition but. Having along suitable how long season shortened offseason because of the Super Bowl. You know there's a Chancy you feel better in particular did you adamant home. So if you get them in week two it's better than getting them saying we fourteen when their role pretty you know week thirteen when the role pretty good traditional. I've got like a few bullet points I suppose that are good not for this month money I'm well well agreement apple ball for speaks great right that's that's going to be awesome kick it off. There's also Christian only won two game road trip this entire season which is amazing to me and by the way. The second half of that two game road trip as London so it's not even a true road game as well so that's a real bright spot on the schedule. The buyer is early but the many by his late that might help not to get that many buy it against Atlanta in week fourteen after that game. Also know a lot of primetime news of the departed. Opposite of that is a dozen new starts so body clocks to be on point for these guys and that back after that schedule like we talked the last segment is really favorable. Couple lines open here 5042601870. Taken your reaction from Nestle go to Brian. Who wants to talk about the same schedule Brian you're on WW. And it. I am rarely concerned about the beginning of the cities that you know. Expect builds and builds confidence. We're about it yet but the fact the equipment to schedule. You know. You're right look at the they talk so much about getting off to a fast start will be as scheduled isn't one that is favorable for a fast. Now. That's going to be some K art. Jamaica differences here. And get back chemistry orderly. Or it it really. Worry about what you're site he's going to be an error. You know I think it could be optimistic that they weren't that he bit the Apatow the game. Agreed Brian I think if you if the saints come out of those first four games two in two. I think that is a that's a positive outcome that is you could be staring in a face a 13 start here again which would just be. I say a season Ender assessment teams come back from one and treatment that is they that's holding me out of a huge children yeah look. They got to the had a stretch there. In there and symington New England playoff team. Miami playoff team. Minnesota was on the cusp. Right assist Rihanna for the Panthers are gonna have a rebound year have you seen the panthers' schedule Lotto and gather in front of me here. This favorable mandate a stared six who wanted to face. They've got us through their first three at home and yet their opening. Three 49ers have been bills' home season on the be favored in each of those and then by the way they also get. Three of their final four at home Packers vikings Bucs all at home to finish in the it's look is nothing to with this schedule at seven and 93 straight years that's. A byproduct of not having home games in the world home home primetime games in the world's only on the prime times these two times I mean deuce rattled off there's. I think eighteen with five or more a five prime time games that common theme at all on they had winning teams only one. And and winning records a year ago only one at Philadelphia Eagles. Didn't and that's because it Carson wins and that's why teams that's why the network was a couple phone lines open for a 5042601878. Taking your calls after this update. Chris and Derrick doing full half commode on Twitter. Hey since I have I have a very. Strong belief that if you leave your social media. Signed in. On your asking for so that's what happened to. A formal. I can't I can't disagree here I can't disagree I am I am fully on board this act it is dealing this is an encouragement your current encouraging it I'm funding it that's true you are. You're gonna give me some and speaking of funds we mentioned earlier right now few bets ten dollars on the saints winning the super bully can win at thousands there hundred to one. Dogs I guess right now that's their odds to win the Super Bowl down at. From. Before the schedule ores are released they were 81 so apparently Vegas think the schedule boom. Is that armed with a its chances are taking your calls now on the same schedule gone through the good the bad and the ugly this hour let's check in with Robert in Slidell your on WW. God our. Oh. Yeah because we. I. Mean well obviously. Look at this. Year. It completely equal. I like it. We got here on he capital. Group. You. It's. At the bottom line is it's the opener right so there I agree reduce that reduce property pretty valid point really valid point actually. That being on the road in week one he thinks is a bit of a benefit for the seat because. For young roster it makes you buckle a little bit more focus on the details perhaps Loeb more so. Mean is there they're their focus will be a little higher. If you super positive there's one but I agree with that opener that's that's no easy game for the saints and all that is no easy games and if they'll at all but it's not the ideal open that's for sure. Let's check in with nick in Memphis and WW. Mark Altman piggyback off of you all ought. Christians something you touched on earlier. I don't know at the end of again but it is more able. And there's another. First four games for the plane and looking at anything. Over one theory authorities as. When you look like Obama you drive ins they feared to be here this is beat tiger. Now. Oh a hole that you see now that I've column. Christian. What am I only had one Thursday night. And they started. Then you know let's. That was two years ago when they got the falcons and oh yeah you know he I think he might be right I know this I think. All on the road for it and it's always against Atlanta. It's always easily or you know working on yeah you're right yeah I understand who don't believe. This schedule. I don't know bomb ready to buy into the you know where I stand on conspiracies. I'm not ready to buy and do all that the unit is an axe to grind this is a way to stick it to the saints. But it sure looks that way. It sure looks that way. Thanks for the call when they removed before that you know he he left the I'll just Obama I want to see a once if Philip can now decide what Bobby was who is trying to say. That feeling of I don't like you know you're not let OK do that next yet we're up against the break here. It's Christians and with them he says this hour talking about the saints' schedule and over the good parts that are if you believe that we're over the bad and the ugly next plus. Open lines this hour they're lighten up too closely yet to open lines left to ones left 5042601870. Austin, Texas and 87870. Christian I promised he would play that clip next. On WW. Oh you literally there with Bob Marley. That's were sportsline man. I don't need four point. I don't need that. When about. Larry Bird my knees imports when he Larry legend looking dejected as is pacers blown twenty point lead Cleveland on top of Indiana 1151. On Nash and with 47 seconds left LeBron James going off tonight 39 points twelve rebounds twelve assists as he looks to take the cavaliers to a three nothing lead. Taking a called your Tex Tex coming in at 87870. From the 95 says that Monday night game against Minnesota going to be after seeing if eight Peter Peterson becomes a saints. So tweets are round projected record and sixty. That's not a bad projection. Let's go to the phone lines again here before talking about the bad of this schedule Waltz. That pursuit John John and Baton Rouge undated. Ray Durham out there. Court course or just check out is here but what did you also opt and we got the London yeah we it. Grew a little bit under dental is currently go to the reopening. All of Sunday or Monday. And zero for the first time seventeen seasons. Excluding the remark. And gain in parliament on our schedule and not one prop up. Now one in New Orleans. Well here and sent order. To be in it look if it could get flexed and John. It's good point and I think that act was water for. Oh. Now it's it's announced room now it's true ands. I guess when you've gone seven and 93 consecutive Bewkes. I mean it's as the national at all and end. What the broadcast partners. The media outlets that put the games on fox NBC CBS. They're they decide to primetime games what they this public if the saints were nationally relevant may not that it eyeballs on the West Coast in the northeast in the upper midwest would tune in on the seats replaying you can bet. They were put the saints on prime time and it is something that's gonna happen look that's why now. I'm not fully buying into this conspiracy theory that the NFL president for the for the saints by not giving a prime time gains by being rough on the schedule because in 2010 Napoli who was. The F anyone possible they had like the Macs a lot of primetime games you could possibly have and if you're upset. Be upset the fact VE got 79 team for three straight years and it's if you want that the if you want the prime time games in new Orleans back well. Hey the saints got to where that's at that debt the bottom line Elvis. Some other bad that from the NFL schedule released. The dreaded early by we've talked about that in week number five brutal opening for a week's only one home game in the first five weeks of the season. And what's weird and I think it's a little bit bad as well because your back loaning me since it happened some time not this affect only one divisional game in the first eight weeks. Usually have those final three weeks you of their three divisional gained a final four weeks but how odd. You know why that it's just hard to get the fans I think really pumped up when your plane teams like the bills. Blossoming apple and also here and also a key issue. From being able to the rest your starters. So it makes scheme makes those gains a little more relevant having three out the last four to battle. Out of three in that stretch. Against the Atlanta palace I don't like that part when he do stuff like that make the schedule these two out of three weeks and head these division games. So close together I like them kind of spaced out a little bit but because of this format this formula they use. Now to progress prevent teams from. Getting down that getting down the stretch and resting some other starters they can't afford to do that his divisional games and carry so much week. A texts. It's from 87870 from the 337 says dudes play the Amer clap okay I you are set this up for a. Yeah. Thank so yesterday I did and on and on sports talk all week so. Deuce was in here body isn't here and he's he's got to do alive commercial read. And com. It's about national it's safe digging month and it just didn't sound. Like digging. What will want more time because you get here from cancer so. He's trying to say digging. He's trying to say digging and it didn't so I. This cell like digging you. I told you it was a weird my cursor was like guys is digging but now I hear what you year because I can't I'm here at what to tell me what you thought you heard here. And I'll be honest look I've been did happen over 24 hours ago not many of the pathetic loser here may have just silly Juba now. But I have playing this I had more cut and now I am playing this on my phone and for the last 24 hours just sporadically. I probably heard that clip now. 200 times and make it funny year every time I hear it. I know is it tears earlier laughing about. Go to the phone alliance couple of them opened Bible for 2601870. Again your show your reaction to the saints' schedule that was released tonight from the NFL let's go to Phillip in Mississippi your Honda VW. I don't do such. I had just wanna and it that could hear mideast ally he said digging. Accretion alone well. No that's great that I'm the men. Again I deal. That's appropriate little zigzag heavily in Portland Oregon Ohio State upon go at they'll. OK I'm that they met in week two inner OK we can't depleted and that bit and won our game and go. Fourteen that there that game against him right. Our plan lab and a delicate interestingly you know that when that would become available. And I am looking at and we can't say well could be possibilities had a top. You know we get on Iran independent you don't they can expecting. You know Sunday evening game played up crap I have three. There is tell a thirteen in dissent know we got to go on a real there isn't. Now look at it and August but not at that you're not right I'm gonna do okay. I can't look at the other night game of the Eagles and feel bad in had to you know the game they would have to. Be an Alice in Seattle they just don't move games out of Seattle because they began massive ratings whenever they socio not to mention and I and you answer they'll collect your own question Philip because that happened a couple of years ago when Sean Payton went a little bizarre after they played. The Green Bay Packers here at home on Sunday night and it had to travel to Charlotte to face the Panthers on Thursday night basically you gave the guys the team. Two days of rest and I know you talk about the difference of handful hours. But that it. It pushes everything back when you play at 730 feet off opposed to a new kick off eight and I think the NFL changed the rule basically. You're not gonna be flexed to a Sunday night game if you got the Thursday nighter that week Ricky in Algiers go ahead here on WW. Yeah correct in look at the saints' schedule man. In I they Murray because mentality that we take them. Where winning it really matter. Matters. Now. Let them in Egypt by everything you'd put in you know figuring wrote Rubin. Cook. And trying to bring Butler and this is. In compliance. You know he's got to go for you know in Eagle Lake effect inflation on the it lately re entry where he finished is that is that I am much trauma trouble. Governor. Really. There remote. That. They checked it secular. When it comes city and it notre cannery and then. Rubin folks still fit. And it is that great selection. And obviously he might even be users tree. Or so ago view of fifteen to eleven. Still get off of the your little. They. Are right and there at. Go one get somewhat caught it dramatic. Junior partner. I mean ancient. I don't think it got hammered it. Well he's a lot of stuff to cover here he existed on the golf. Yeah enjoy a nice salad you certainly are. But. I don't know it's. He can get along when did there's some remember the talk something and I wanted to jump in on. To escape me right now but to neglect tweet about common come back in the world with Washington as it tournament any mobile roster now. No I don't think so Rubin Foster though a look at. Broom and postured for me. Celebs seem I really would this whatever this whole thing that came out today and we'll talk about it later when he. He tested positive but they said it wasn't actually a positive test it was like a deluded sample. That counts as a pod right accounts the positive tests and here's why here's while soldiers who was the interchange there's two things though. I don't know if you don't junior year and in Utah I'd eat my hat you'll be taking the lottery and it'll eat you know the cup you know the cubs behind they're gonna they're gonna drug testing but he. Won't get into his response later in the hour announcing an answer to leave them because that's what everybody's gonna say is that he basically was drinking fluids it's just two things just to think two things our power to make you concerned about Rubin boss or your team that you know he's a top five talent he's gonna slide out of that top. Picture and look I agree that's Michael Tilley said. During sports stuff when you host an earlier tonight it's your show tonight your reaction to the saints' schedule gives call 504260187. The warrior calls next here on WW. Here's the text from a 504 covenants as. The VW all apparently has a lot of listeners the celebrated forcefully today. A couple of them all on line. We're judging by any stress also from the Bible war. Bobby would make a great spokesman for Dick's Sporting Goods on the yeah yeah. He would. Lower move and Bernanke bluntly we will hold talk about the good the bad nearly the same as the next hour of these phone lines to. They just too hot man let's check in. With the lead in saint rose on WW. Occurs there. Are 20. I mean every year every. Jewish. Or. Re glad you caught yourself but. He's robbed. Or. You'll. I called call back in you got a little too close there had to dump via a secular Karl in Canada you're on WW. Carl. Ari Ari outdoor. Very you know does this conspiracy theory and focusing on 20 Braylon it's not traditionally we've. Lot Jules should be beat seeing sure there are equity focus on. Stripping condition and in development players that we have. I mean we have a charm of will try to injuries very rarely are peppers you know when he focus on. For this next here look at the right Carl that's been a big issue for the saints the past cup actually not even the past he'll please go back to Jimmy Graham yours. Right when he was off injures last couple years in New Orleans is well he had just think that is the way he played in the shots that he took. An engine in Seattle so yeah. Maybe so but I mean Amelie played played through a lot of injuries that coupled held some guys up Aussie set all right Christine Gary keys out since five hours ago at radio work man take care. Or it's not the good the bad the ugly of this same schedules next hour and like we said he is your show open lines all show long until 11 o'clock you'd call 504260. Point seven we want your reaction to this saint schedule only two primetime games. Only one home game before October 15 let's man.