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Thursday, April 20th

Deuce & Kristian talk NFL Draft with Mike Detillier.


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Not exactly but close enough welcome in third hour of sports talk Deuce McAllister saints color analyst. Here within along with crushing Garrick in for the B chief Deke Bellavia pullen drove a final four to 60187. Mike it's the day in here in a few moments. Talk about the draft and get his thoughts on the schedule as well. The saints schedules on officially online for act WW all icon weeks one through seventeen got a ball by a week in week five. The close out. At Tampa Bay in the open on the road at Minnesota with New England. In week two the squeeze through local police phone calls bubbly. In a they'll PA announced today on four point that. Drug testing starts today the interesting timing. Aren't you glad to be silly you want to at that and he like you that's not just circumstance I'm sure it was planned. I pay you good MB silly you won't yeah. For twenty. You know losses against speaking of Rubin fostered dial diluted urine sample Alabama lot line back we'll talk like today fun and it is how it impacts his drafts you know that that that's an. Automatic. That's like a strike soul he automatically goes into the program so he will get tested more frequently. As soon as he is drafted by whomever whichever team. Not so much now home but he's automatically in a program until. Once he's drafted he he wanted to sit probably have to four to five times a week. So. Has in his into the lead he's going to be in that and gamma and and that's and. Those four a lot of teams have to strike you know and so. They're always in question openings. Often feel the Kagan play. The kid is no question about him playing. He had surgery flavor from the Eagles labor into air force shoulder. So he was dealing with that but you know off to feel more and more stuff is popping up. And you're traumatic data was top team in top eleven top twelve pick. That possibly now is gonna drop 510. Spots you know I think you'll still be a first round pick but I don't think that you'll be a top team and like you want to will. We'll get a schedule for the saints obviously opening on the roads difficult but do feels like it could be a bit of a plus one to make them focus little more but. Week two against New England not always of the defending Super Bowl champions but they're going to be on ten days' rest. Because they're play there open in the season on Thursday night football so they'll have a bye week to prepare for you. I'm in a you don't need the dome be loud and I mean that's that that's going to be the positive thing commit to have to go into that than the dome has to be electric for you in. Knowledge because it's defending Super Bowl champion but it's because it's the first home game so it's really the only home game for. About another four weeks is so so I mean. People have to come out of support. To. These caution. In the world you're on W ago Scioscia excuse me young W duo. It Scioscia. I. She's not on tobacco hold we might today and here in a few moments to 601878. X 8787 he's seen a lot of reaction on Twitter not text on a particular. There's not too happy with the way the schedule laid out for new world. Can't do anything about it. I mean he'd get a gold plating and you you would prefer that there was more for you will fortieth would give this sample and like we talked about it earlier. To be honest Jolie playing two teams that qualified outside the division for the playoffs. That's a New England Patriots in Mets the to do was Green Bay. You know on obviously Atlanta but there in your division so you're talking about two teams that qualified. For the playoffs that you give you playing against. Other than that you've got an opportunity to win some games you play. 222 teams that will have first your quarterbacks and no Tampa. Is one of one of those teams and you feel of the rams will go ahead and give the reins to their young first rounder but you know what with the jets do with their quarterback situation so. Bears mentioning is a dynamics there opportunities for. The attacks a month personal phone from reminded me Alonso. He said. I hate the fact that army primetime games away again on Thursday pats on four action days of rest will here's the thing if you write about though prime time games. That's what happens when you're 79 recently have you got to win. You gotta win to get in that position. Mike today at might say for the entire hour here Mike what do you think men on the schedule not very favorable in the first quarter of. Brutal the first leg gates does not we brought. And you don't show it always made this comment. And you know Bob and I've talked about that until Monday night because he repeated. That when you don't get all that that quick start. Ending you'd fight back. It uses so much you'd seen synergy. To get some kind of putting. To come back from band that that difficult of all I'm telling you is that the way that schedule is the start the season is really really tough. And and you know when you look at Minnesota. You know on and Sam Bradford I know we got that high percentage past India but. He's built to meet gunslinger god. App and Bradford Tom Brady can't do Ryan Danny -- Matt Stafford. Aaron Rodgers. That's the sport this season before you clip them in the box in the bills so meant that the typical Puerto that now at their debt. Late. You've got the opportunity here because the party in late November when you played. Into played at camp is again. Then you guys. He note to the next three games falcons. We know on that is an indigent and and but again. That that's a little bit more break. The matter release schedule and all of delegates as a threatening to do autonomy those first six games the longest football team. If you start now. You know rough with veins like it happened last year's. Show on himself at all about the amount. Energy used up all of a football team to try to fight back. NFL analyst might it say at might get to the day. On Twitter also does great job with the him in the draft report will step away comeback dive in the some of the prospects or draft a week from today. Schedule coming out and about 45 minutes it's already been leaked we got the on official schedule online at W google.com sports talk rolls on here on W well. I welcome back. Doocy Krishna you know Mike it's chilly day at my detail on Twitter and they'll draft for a if they'll draft analyst we'll get to Daylon Biloxi and a few moments he's got a couple questions I think one question for Mike also. It in before you go to Michael wanna correct myself I was wrong we are playing more playoff teams alliance and I think it was the Miami Dolphins both made the playoffs. And so. I asked incorrect we did have a pictured it. 47 knighted too. Remind me on the dolphins and you had one on the lions but both have been out of the playoffs alone loses like they weren't there. Yet that's. Can I don't think of them as the perennial powers Mike to commit today coming out about Rubin Foster Alabama linebacker having a diluted samples urine sample at the com BioWare with where's he fallen now. Like cut from the million cuts with dale. Would be you know it you know almost every week there's another cut. And I think one thing. I think 32 coaches would take him and or be when you watch simply keep it dynamic football player. All of when former saints coach and now back in the league. He told me when I looked at all of these guys come now he would beat one guy. That emit a couple of wars. Need named maybe Jamal but they could do with. That from a big that's beside the standpoint he could step right in India instead order from the first time you put on helmet and a pair cleats. Regulatory. You know quote multiple times in the plains. Also with Belichick they've been no match he told me a favor please draft class from Austin. Coaches love. But apparently like that pulled you gotta look Woodson side. Has been a lot of that about Ruben. You know at this point he's coming off shoulder injury. The issue had become blind. And can put some minor issue. And that's an if you gonna. Knock everybody out that. Diluted sample everything else you'd shortening up your roster pretty good. But I think what all these cut its slide among the top ten I felt that away a week ago uphill putts on Redick had made it move. Into being a top ten pick. And ought to at its gonna fly out of there and we've seen it each and every year it happened happened last year with counsell everybody did get top spot. He called the thirteen. Oh man what happened the year before. You think about it when oil Collins in the situation that was out of his control and not to do that. Completely undrafted. Someone else rated naked plate you back once then situation. He slides in the draft so it. Man Greg Randy. It was into the that so what are we seeing constantly happen. Willie fault you know what people youth ball deep into the draft. You know the public. Thing that happened. I don't think he gets the first round. I think I'd say as we get into that thing not thought about 1718. You know what happens something will say you know. He wanted to cut technical bulletin board one of the top obviously got on the board on your board if you look at it. Just from a ratings standpoint he's one of the top five of six. It's the value at that point. Wow you got a team thing you know we've got to do what will pull a trick will get him so not gonna have a really good team fundamentally that way up to try to get. Ruben fought the depth. Take all of these little cut all Puerto. Has that residue that'll get him out and we see every year. Somebody needs the Roland we talked about it last year at this time that is what would make the run he was that means pick up that he was seventeen or eighteen put me. And at what I could hear a couple of beats a double like watching news saying bull finished the race you know somebody's gonna do. Any get picked. But they add they traded up that with Tampa Bay getting in. Are you here Redick this saying man I'd do it and when that happens somebody's lights out just like uncles live out. The top five of six about it that Danny what the thirteenth. I think you feed off of you thought would be you know in that range of six that it and now gonna fall back into the later reported that keen. Mike what's interesting here is that saint eleven. Do you still like you know he'll he'll meet its election eleven for form of boss throughout. But. Could date that you see in trade back the fifteenth sixteenth in Putin's some value and ample Pulitzer. What are the saints kick. Early. A guy wit issues. Now I know people are Puget Williams beat him that there. Are so you know bet that not happen if he would do and that. Into that and I do think you know I was sensitive and it took it that much more than probable fall and for religious reasons. Like a situation which is due with what happened with Julie Nixon and sometimes from being. Oh. I don't believe that it's difficult. Of for me to believe that he's going to be a top twelve pick at this point despite the fact. I think on basically every board he's going to be one of the top opposite names on that board he's got good. And we all know one thing coaches' all Big Dig out the field. I can't make any problem any situation anywhere I can handle but eventually. That full goes got to be slid to the you know any slides into the only this is gonna pick and they would say it would this this is you want to pick in round one with these issues. And that's the issue is we know about. We're here. What about issues really built I think all of this is minor but it's just again Kabul pile up more and more and more on Foster and you can hear. That train out of the top ten has failed. Might it CA NFL analyst college football analyst here on sports slogan for the entire hour if you. Ask Mike a question 878 Sevilla tech's final scene calls at 260. 187 about a minute away from going to. News headlines here in FL schedule is also out are least. An unofficial copy of it for the saints is out its own line Fauria at WW well like on the Minnesota Vikings. On the road week on Monday Night Football the New England Patriots in week two at home here in the superdome the first quarter of a schedule pretty tough for new world got their first four. Are on the road at Carolina in week three at. Are in London against the Miami Dolphins in week for the rest of the schedule aligned we at W could well account for Sri years the saints close out the season. On the road. Against him a Buccaneers in week 17 December 31 and do play on Christmas Eve. And it's Atlanta Falcons. On December 24 sweet sixteen full schedule like I said on line for had to Google com we'll continue our conversation with NFL draft analyst Mike today here on W dwell. Sports talk Deuce McAllister crushing Derek might its Ilya day. NFL draft analysts on lawless right now at my detail on Twitter also might TA dot com I'm in the draft report looking at a right now in a four net on the call were. Some at Thomas Lola Tory Jackson. You know order that it W to go excuse me might TA dot com Mike every draft you usually talk about maybe. And every draft has a centerpiece a player that that if you didn't go to certain spot can come Thor on black would that be here. Maine at this spot I date. What happens that five. I think it's going to be. Dead domino it because she concede where miles Garrett. Solomon Thomas. To a mall allow items Jonathan Allen. And back or assumed there. Hey you know you can't comment the that that is starting to comment settle a little bit what happens that's flawed. The titans aren't gonna pick live at four net not with that back field Vega. But Johnnie Robbins and is looking to trade. And I'm just telling you that is where I'd take a lot of things could happen a lot of different ways. Bet there are a lot of rule especially from the what these agents that make that the Eagles will try to make a bowl. To the pot spot. The try to get minutes for net. When you think about it but it GM name one more. That would be a big pop. It may consider where the draft he has. All limits Ornette would be Eagles at that spot and I know one thing of course that would quarterback needs in Italy and France normal. So. What happened that slide. Is going to be critical. That's a lot of different variances there. If the titans keep that here. Tuesday would be eagles' offense wouldn't OG hollow words. Would be go to defense with a Marcus Lattimore. Or I think that all of top picks that's the bubbles lightly could be traded. And that should come up on the board. And it's already been talked about Cleveland possibly moving. To try to get there hands on Mitchell Robiskie the jets fall back. It and I think it jets would want a quarterback and an enemy we well we shall Watson on the fallback pick. So what happens that five and six. I think is where you'd go distort the Eagles dominos may be hit a little bit different ways. But I think those four guys for. When you think about Gary Solomon Thomas normal items Jonathan Allen. That was pretty solid. What the titans DeWitt flaws and I didn't vote on Robinson is would be looking to trade back if you could does he want to collect pick in this draft class. That is where you can start to see. Things get up a little bit maybe out of lack. My day today at my detail on 1201. Asked about the safety at a Connecticut Obey what Mel Watt. And ill thought Melo fond who I think a lot yet they pronounces. Play this kind of was of the forty test and out of his mind at the com line. The he's taken visits with the saints he's taking visits with Seattle the 49ers. Latter stages of round want perhaps 32 for the saints. One final thing to think about 32 would make. So. I don't think he's that guy in play and not let that fool I think there probably 22. Which would call legitimate first round picks I mean strong guys in this draft class. Where it really starts to. To become. Interesting draft lies as from twenty read aiding the rapid rate is so close. And people in that category of late first early second round pick. I mean the united dabbled with that fact of maybe Jamal last Adams maybe they can they can grab will be real early round two. But you know great aptly. Mean he had unbelievable game is actually mean he was like one man wrecking crew in there. He still rough around the edges as a player he's a better that we did in a player. But man he's a big man who could run the field he's a good matchup guy in intraday spate game of the NFL. Where say he's look like linebackers linebackers looked like safeties. And I don't think this type in class will change the NFL world. When you look at all the the athletic tight ends coming out you've got to be able app people that can matchup. That model model linebackers in this week to data can match up with a tight ends in the in the lead today. Now you got a young group put kids aided and on the agony it is going to be a nightmare. I think more bored you can see with the cardinals then put some time we use a lot of things doing your Google other teams do. Take a linebacker out go to reshape the alignment Gregg Williams spoke about that many years ago that that was going to be that you be free and Indiana fell. That more and more teens who got to go to that because the linebackers that naked couple well he was big. Actually right on that you see it today. Linebacker struggling to cover you idiots are running back or tight game coming out of the backfield and they put the tide in in the slot today. So now. You've got you know smaller. Corners sometimes trying to match up against the six with three tight end that plays and that's why. Of it he becomes a very interesting player at the end around one. Mike no a couple of ticks that we've got they wanna know. Here you are and it's probably. Two part question. Well yeah I do think that the vehicles down or draft on. Two to confront it and because he was legitimate signature. He knew exactly. It is done that it could easily waited till may twentieth. And sign. To get waited longer than he knew that the timing was to get it done now so they can get in view them both for the draft. Because. He's Smart enough and his agents Morton you know in this era that there would be 1718 defensive back in the first two rounds unprecedented. At eleven dollar Ornette Ali I'm not to open up the courts. Wrote it. That took quite some time and I think that when you watched him play his body work his effort. He is production at University of Tennessee. And people could name of the think guys. Schemes to try to block you know in front at the camp come up out of gains. And yet he was productive. All three years doubled did. Tackles for losses and also quarterback sacks. Yelled out so pinnacle would point. But I do think that the book would you get done before drastic. And so that's where we disagree on a little bit a Coke on the article Cologne I think it happens during the draft. And not not before the draft. A I'd make some wagers here. Mike it's AA will still love that I don't know which along. A yet has yet in the middle of the show it. They might borrow that gonna save you so that add meat and mean dues cracking up earlier somebody said. That will play later on by us agency you'll you'll love it. Dale Phillips at tight what you are talking might as well Mike it's AM I detail on Twitter this is sports talk on W duo. Do is Christian and might it CAA here on sports talk Debian well NFN dot com. My detail on Twitter. Mike let's get to police phone calls sort listeners have some questions for its so let's go. Who would Daylon Biloxi impatiently waiting on WW up. And my game delegates apportioned just a bit towards use as well talent. Looking at the operator running backs that they could become an out east and Europe. The skills so they kind of seems to be open bears like pass protection. How do you go about evaluating that when you haven't seen off for an error could fuel a lot in college and that you know is it just feels that that has the BP developed under fire as as you learn like an OJ deepening work. And maybe produced at what point in your career. He'd you feel comfortable knowing that it's the down and distance where. You can isn't gonna bring out saying that you're getting your panel. Do you want me to Cooper and like yeah I think it's all about effort in all about. Picking up things you know I talked to limit this summer. It is partly till I would work on that pass protection that would cabinet muted much of anything you know it's. But he did you know it he killed that I've got to do because. I know Indian gullible that they're going to be coming from different angles and a lot of it is from the opening. And exchange with a lot of pressure was coming from the edge now is doing all kind of different sets to come up the middle and depicts that. He gave you quarterback some time and also the ability to step up in their pocket to make that throw. It's a difficult. Because not a problem about the do it. And so it's all about how much effort they gonna do that some technical things in ball also tune mentally. Finding now vision wise quote pick up in different sects. I think so you'll end up for when the guys that the do it more than anything. Of how well he can do them because a lot of time in college there and acted too much of it today. One bill just to follow after mighty. Ethics is an effort in Yemen. It's. It's not a 100% effort I'm gonna put it probably at about 90% effort I mean because if you are willing to give up your body. And a quarterback can help you out and then you also the offensive line to me up throughout. Defecation won't be too bad on those guys. But are they willing to give of the bodies in the hand as they learn Indy Indy really good coach running back coach can help to teach them the tricks of the trade. I mean because at some point you wanna be like and offered to mom and where you can use your pain demean him make it a hand game. You know given away Rohm and and an aunt and squat and and and Chris cleaned it and bridge praise for not that that's my time to show off my Beatrice and so. Whether it's a whether it's a decent sabbatical whether it's another linebacker. That's where you use some of those deals by. All of those guys should be fine as far as picking up the blitz because it's more effort than anything. Thanks a vocal dale. Fill up and then matches you on W to go like Philip. Do Chris Wright who yet Beirut. My. Hand and now Ahmad and his. He. Ran pay the engine room of the day. Yeah. The personnel there. Shula. Ain't coming at it thing. Need to make it. Might make a move. In the I doubt that. I mean you don't have a lot to give won't at this stage to move to get to that three spot and I'll be honest with you. Mitt in this draft the more pics I've got the better off by him. And the fatal one player away you've got numerous spot here that you have to feel not only as a pass structure or at cornerback. You need depth at running back you'd need a guy attic and pick up belittled in cactus standpoint even if it's that wide receiver tight end for Brandon cooks. You need outside linebacker help in depth at safety. I hate so popular and up all these picks to get to that three spot. That's not gonna help me one bit. Outside an idle pickup and multiple entry draft with Mickey and shall I think it. A year in the trade back. This is it. I think that this may well be the year that you get an interest in all four at eleven and it may be quarterback. It may be somebody that somewhat humble little bit because of need out it would be about that later in the board out of bullets aren't talking. They pick in the best player on the board of the biggest needs spot. That that's what teams do. I wouldn't be surprised this team for what put a part time with movements and patent. Getting interesting offered to trade back at eleven. 5042601. A semi tech's 878 having got Mike today for just a couple more minutes here let's see. Dale a Metairie Iran W go ideal. Except. It can question. It anomaly or log. Out might. Are you equally. There you know Alan and I. I'll. Get boys and nobody. Talking about is when things happened. To hopefully all this field. It's like what happened to lay out not that he can control couldn't control situation at all but. You know what from a first round pick that being undrafted. And we need it every year. And you know all this deal happens to a player and it affects his draft stock. It's not the same as what happened we have Rubin Foster. But. Look look at the curtain with life you know just. Of that. The hill and completely out of the process. How I would equated more to alarm it's on I mean to slick new alarm it's arousal. Where it will with a bong and win it you know would that would debt situation brake and right before a draft. He was at one point you know before the trade for the quarterbacks he was it expected be the first pick and so definitely a top five people a day in what want audit broke. He automatically just like grew on fox to win into the drug program of the NFL a man Gregory that's exactly right to know that that's really what he was an equation to. It might today due to rest mental. Will you and you'll be busy east come next Thursday we present. It present in my and I FL schedule. Set to be released. Officially. About five minutes here on W Google commitment.