4-20 5pm What the Saints will face in 2017 and talking with Coach O

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Thursday, April 20th

Deuce & Kristian continue to analyze the Saints' 2017 schedule as it leaks out and talk with LSU football coach Ed Orgeron about the Tigers' upcoming spring game.


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Often run an hour to sports talk here on WWL I anathema dot com Deuce McAllister. Crushing Garrity an alien. And if they'll schedule set to be released officially at 7 o'clock tonight. So much for waiting now we at the holding out. We won. The Minnesota Vikings Monday Night Football that we are patriots in week two at home. Two straight road games. In weeks 34. At the Carolina Panthers mini travel to London take on the Miami dolphins'. Bye week in week five weeks six. And Oleg it's the Detroit Lions to go to Lambeau Field in week seven take on their riders in the Green Bay Packers. The Chicago Bears coming to New Orleans on October 29 week eight Tampa Bay coming to New Orleans there's two straight home games in week nine. They go on the road to the Buffalo Bills. In chilly November we before Thanksgiving week ten that chilly it's going to be its chemicals that are. Washington Redskins come home to New Orleans or come here to New Orleans to face the New Orleans Saints in week eleven. And a black and goal at the road again to fly out to Los Angeles with a battle rams on November 26. We thirteen at home against the Carolina Panthers. Week fourteen on the road Thursday night football against the dirty birds in Atlanta Falcons returning home. We before Christmas against the New York Jets in week 15 December 24 home game Christmas Eve against the Atlanta Falcons December 31 act Tampa Bay they wrap up the season. On New Year's Eve. In Tampa Bay for the second straight year on the road to in the season. On New Year's team so that's been New Year's Eve this year in. In Tampa Bay but. You are talking about we team in November 2 up in buffalo man you you heard el Nina. Nor'easter. That means it's can be hiding OB hole. Yes this. Event this so Michael whether. And his uncle of the guy that'd mean that it on its LB el Nino we've got to nor'easter or some comment through a news. I was war at least mute fifties. Hope I hope you'll be a Booth and you Jeremy does that and if that window open I mean that in yoga place would be a girl would that we and how and then. This community and Robert carols and agency he needed a man he called Le golf. It looks like as we don't know if that week thirteen matchup against the Carolina Panthers at home. They have enough released at times. So Whittle it looks like no hole primetime games that we'll could be a Sunday night as of now no. We you know you could give clinics. Right into primetime games about it. The only one right now that may be a primetime game is a decent there at home demeanor outside of that. You don't have it. And which would be very very surprising you know if the if the networks have decided you know this kid today we have or at least the the league schedule that we have. As far as outbreaks. Aysu broke down the first quarter deuce of the schedule Minnesota Vikings a LaRue three of their first four on the road by a week in week five. New York she's in Detroit Lions at home act Green Bay at home in Chicago and Tampa saloon mercenary got three and you're next four after your bye week. I'm at home. And it's against the NFC north so. I'm against NFC north you have take care of business alliance green Bay's Chicago Chicago has a new quarterback Detroit and Green Bay are both will be tough opponents. Emporia. Tampa Bay obviously a divisional opponent did it now via telephone for you as well but. When you look at that second half of as far as his schedule is concerned that's where you have to be able to go for no at least three in one. They'll look at that after the Tim may Buccaneers and we talked about. All the road November 12. In buffalo Washington Redskins in week 1112. Los Angeles rams and week thirteen and home against the Carolina panther seat on a flip flop on home away home and away there so that schedule that part of the schedule as the Redskins team that. You know. Which if in the playoffs a year ago. In looking at some of the some of the team that already in the playoffs and in particular the divisional opponents you know that but how do you like that third quarter of the schedule. That's probably where you gotta make today as well mean because you still talking about Carolina will be the toughest opponent for you Washington and you get them at home. They losses on Jackson really. Didn't feel that the law Pierre appear goes on to. 49ers as well so they they they didn't help themselves as far as adding a lot of pieces. Or free agencies there will be interest and see what they do. Via the draft they they also don't have a consistent running game as far as right in back is concerned. No they were planned nicknamed. From here from Tulane he really was the leading rusher form. A little bit so that that Redskins game should be wanted to take care of business we talked about the buffalo situation with. Tyrod and and according. The rams the rams rule have a news. New head coach new. A lot of the same players by that time view you should count understand in no way they are bowl record wise soul. In time to go to LA it's going to be a smaller stadiums and venues costs and to. About a pink it's about 30000. Maybe I'll give him Assad 40000 that's that's the chargers. And hopefully. On on and on dumb thing about San Diego thing about was always bad call cost it the rams the rams are if via coliseum yet there at the coliseum. But you know they they want revenge even go to different staff. Those players a lot of players still there they will won't work for eons ago. The lines open a 504260187. You'll break down the aisle last quarter of the season with saint color analyst whose accounts are Kristian garic here on sports talk WWL IMF and the daka. I welcome back sports talk here on WWL. And he wins DC in the same schedule as we see it right now as we. Look at it in our hands right now it's online for Ed W google.com the unofficial schedule. It's leaked out at the Minnesota vikings' week one Monday Night Football. New England Wii two at home. Riady first four on the road with weeks three and four at the Panthers and then against Miami Dolphins in London week five is the bye week for the saints. Alliance and home in week six. We seven on the road at Lambeau against the Packers Aaron Rodgers and company Chicago Bears in week eight visit New Orleans Tampa Bay comes in the world as the week nights at two straight home games there on the road again and we ten. At the buffalo bills' home game against Washington were Redskins in week eleven. We twelve on the road against the Los Angeles rams and returning home December 3 against the Carolina Panthers and then a third tonight short contests short turnaround. December 7 against Atlanta Falcons Thursday night football. The New York Jets week fifteen weeks sixteen Atlanta Falcons Christmas Eve here in the world ends December 31. New Year's Eve. They wrap up week seventeen on the road to get to Tampa Bay Buccaneers two out of last three years saints have. Opened on the road last year they opening its raiders at home the before it was the cardinals. And of course this year it's gonna be in Minnesota Vikings and took second straight year they closed down rodeo news. Rescinded I hear you write about adhered to. I mean. We use do you see the ninth yeah that the lead to sixteen and oh baby what he's talking about sixteen and no. I would love that. It's six to you know maybe in any of the question. If any of the draft these other dramas and look at his schedule that yep that's a win and that's the sixteen you know. Like obviate. Sixteen and though you Bobby. I mean it's sixteen and now. I feel good about saying there. As he has a wry smile. You know I'm here but we got a text at 8787 in. So the united saying you know sixteen you know but c'mon now now really now really thought I really don't tell me they'll. That's it about I mean this is. It's favorable and it's and it's. It won't be easy he had just our fans. Three for four and wrote it is not easy in any manner. There's the streets were. From week to two weeks six united and whole you know you do them about weakening we by. It's going to be a tall task but it's alternates Tuesday. 956. Excellent excellent eleven wins. Look the schedule compared at least begin in terms. The team you're playing the quality teams right now. Much more favorable I think in a year ago that schedule last year was pretty tough coming out I mean all the route it an Alley playoff teams to allow. This year at the page it's been a suitable champions. Green Bay Packers. Redskins were not and it Panthers obviously one minute the tokens. So you got one. To the site from your divisional news out W divisional opponents you have to two teams. Slash am and six yeah so from that standpoint it looks it looks much more favorable. Ineptly as many playoff teams. We'll I think it goes and how is the schedule shakes you'll love to have a lot from reality at home starting at home. But I think it's good for the same star on the road not placed it well. They have to cut out all the BS you know they have to have the mentality of its votes against the world when Nagle road games. Minnesota and so. For them to go in there they have to be sharp they understand and they noticed and so if they're not ready to play early on they need to seeded virulent. And so. I think Sean prepares them to know. If we wanna start how we wanna start the and we have to go out and take care of the football and and we have to get there for a quarterback. You you look at it now that that that Minnesota defense before they got banged up. It was only really really views and they're really really good defensively soul. Offensively you know you're gonna have to be ready to roll. You know you're gonna have to be greater role would you can't tell me day camp Jordan and company can't get after the quarterback as well. All right so we'll sort some changes yes taints your question 87 meets an -- X line to the intensely C divisional games into the season yet something it. They'd started adopt about three or four years ago to have to prevent teams from ultimately resting their starters in a playoff push. Down the stretch stretch because divisional games. Carry so much more week so it's been popular it's been it's been almost been mandatory week sixteen and seventeen. You're going to face when you divisional opponents and that's the case this year with the Atlanta Falcons a Christmas even wrapping up against Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Greg excuse me rock in a plot here on W ago. You darn dark. I'll call it. Are you believe from what I hear with the schedule is able. Little old thing. Coming out really they need to be been grow. And I think league bowling league come in down here to go I think we can beat them because so you don't increase the law. It would not be able with the global chip in its. This went. Yeah. And that we we we had talked about it we have played them really well at home. Yes flies in the dome. But how how much does this change the Malcolm Butler. Trade talks you know those are two of the sites in play in the and so early publicist saying that that. That asking price from them now. You need to really. Are we do our secret I don't think we need. And it could not are between these great career he's great I think it's perfect at New England but here. I think we have what we need we have to you know. Rot and I really. A big risk rock big risk that time we get a player right woods Obama sits sits and again. Coming era. Here aren't we believe we can do it it would booted in. And you hit it recorder. We can probably pick it but leave it there and it would probably to somebody like ala copy. Trauma having keen that the hour. Yeah no yeah news though it opens up immediately out. He eat he uses his old guy camera. An era. It in the say you don't need them I would disagree the saints beat any back in help and any pass rushing help they can get. Right now and it's like we talked about the other day I think. On Wednesday when you are Tuesday crafts but. You can potentially get an all pro second team. All pro and I just be does breed trouble I only need to be all prone to write a Pro Bowl type player you know that. Yeah that's all pro mr. Nolan not that not knighted no. No I mean you there are some good prospects but it as far as. Put into quarterbacks this guy steps in and and it he gives you a true. 12 combination and in would sterling Moore you can slide him inside and he could be a nickel and now the guys that got hurt last year you're not forcing him to be Avis stepping in it and and have to play edit NFL caliber level. A bomb like you were really hoping they would of this. Last year fourth straight season the saints have finished on the road haven't finished at home since when he thirteen against the box. Pretty bad imbalance by the National Football League. And elbow away as we stand as it stands right now no. Prime time home games in the world's. Hot. It's goes to show you though we go 793 straight years how that can impact. The schedule at 504260187. Text 8787 talk about the NFL schedule. Also got Ellis you have football coach and O drawn. And about five minutes here on W ago. I tiger fans LSU Kentucky baseball he's been moved because they're expecting bad weather Kentucky so. Here's total work to tiger baseball games tomorrow instead of one to get your game one on our sister station hot one of three point seven FM. Or on thirteen 50 AM pregame at 1 o'clock one and in first pitch at 130 here game two right here on W dwell at 5 o'clock with pregame coverage starting and in. And allows us to bring you Ellis spring football Saturday night pregame six point five kick off at 705 right here. On WW LL a she spring game we got LSU head football coach on allows right now and who has drawn coach I don't. And click. On a blog go to your voice. One. They're so. Well. I like the student day pass saw some pictures of that Alley. Q just talk about that and how that kind of manifest had a group. Of course won't blow artwork to break you heart to tell. Us until. It was students. It. Video. Out. At. Laurel and. A coach just talked about the development of what's so far you know particularly on the offensive side of the ball out of Canada and just how how how you seen. Your gas progress up to this point. The ball. And exciting coach. It equipment to implement it since. It. Of street papers. It is an important. Day. Creature or gold. To this query when all. Were able to side and multiple world. Opal well. Treat people world shall. We are all Mottola as well. It would it would hurt the in patterns. So local scene just. There's a pre. Right now you know like or what are you able. Ankle against that's where my next question was born to be. Now excite or what you anticipation of the forest and that you have coming and and in just talk about how Gainey has grown you know dealt with in his office. The report to capitol that would. Article and so what I've looked through war world. What. They shouldn't be a little girl was to keep but it opened the the drop by. Quote excellent was sort of what actual you know the preacher in radical war and the public. Alison affable coach and those on here on sports Adobe Google Deuce McAllister pershing Derek you know him. Coach if you talk about. That Candida I heard our common basement where he he's got back it's in my it's at his office in and he runs won't work in the SEC excellent though. A thought on that we hear slicing its office is in working SEC what will what are your thoughts. What part deployment. Does it. The more because well and so it is TP bit more. Coach Joseph what are you looking accomplice Saturday in the spring game. You know war war. Game prep. Atmosphere of the club better player Whipple. Arms a little Google employee who will be OPEC quota. It. I'm considerably quicker ball berth it will be a couple out of your own people to products are on. And the people we don't agree that we won't talk or break old include senator. He moved the spring game. Tonight which it's usually done during the day is that because you guys off the and then now it's become a. Yeah it's nice. Both programs that. Lebanon are pretty but it certainly. It sort it all we wouldn't have cynical yes coaches. Well so alt to break all public. School. Or interpret the problem commitment. Ellison had the ball coach and those around here on W that rule coach a big week. Next Thursday Friday and Saturday for LSU tigers enter. The draft you been in the NFL. You've you've coached these guys coming NFL. On to talk about illegal to have mostly you watch your your tigers got them off the border don't LT and go to Google on up to you go on up to Philadelphia as well right. It's been pretty well in particular or. The total opposite. Court and go. And port agreement. People don't believe the that the group will. Very little rhetorical or poke the ball pretty satirical and recurrent problems. Q talk about duke Riley for a minute for Tina might give him what will a couple of Nagin. They get a grip and we'll alternate a couple of people people are so economical. And every day. Which do you want to beat duke is that comic book all battery our goal. Welcome doctor. Who'll. You know great core capital. And coach I know you can't talk about names but so far house of recruiting goal line. Float coming tiger and and guys it is going after. So long or will. We doing well we. Wouldn't want. We woke up but more. So it'll. Greatly rule people go. Out. Ruled Wednesday in which. Yeah. So we're we're gonna collapse longest. Hitter. It's. Difficult. And and and and one more thing I know some legislation was Francis has to be proven one of the angels and need to coach unofficial coach. Adding one of those guys and in the possibility of having early signing date which we are all on gold rose. I'll put it go abroad and medical week again all. We shall. What happened obviously. Quote quick and as great as it was but he then or now. Article. It needs more. Treatment at these but it. So that we. Or go to Internet bestseller centered. LSU coach and lose on one team one heart beat. Can they sue that article or what goes I can only help beat three yards and me coaches three yards and alien open over the top. Reporter. 000. At. Coach Joseph have fun Saturday LB get some work and thanks for joining us I. Belichick football coach and those drawn. Men. Spring game no he can't glean a whole lot out of it but for Ellis shoot gigs he questions questions that this in terms of Mac Canada's new. You'll offensive scheme. Gay guys to Cary street cares and sit him down you know let him take over and sign autographs. You know not not the stated he is the key. To that team but obviously I think that he he he legitimately makes him. Eight win nine win team I know that. There's a really really good defense of player that they have to have back as well they had participated. The sprained. But he he gets himself together then I mean we we know what it's gonna come down to who's gonna come down to the Alabama game. And if they can go out and feed him. Excuse a couple passes throws make some plays. And you've got a shot. Forgot it's closely tied to build this program as you are and he was adult this obviously is a football coach there. Where did win a nickel wrong I'm curious note he years from your bent forward and it within a week. We we we didn't have the numbers. As far as your athletes that he was accustomed to having an SE or even you know you talk about when he was up at Tennessee. You know and when he was up at Tennessee as far as as an assistant. Oh boy games and an assistant at Miami Aminu and so you get accustomed to have and 6780. Just real here. Adults and that's ballplayers you know it Ole miss we probably had about thirty to forty. Guys that can really play so it was more about scheming and now those numbers have come up. But you know. Coach old didn't wouldn't allow his assistants coach. He wanted to go in the coach the quarterbacks like he would coach it decent to lie and as he's learned you know from being hit coats. He's got to let those assistants coast now he'll still get in and motivate them. And I still have a lot of respect and low form a name because. Our year to give their New Orleans and in just followed his career from. Different schools are these cabinet. He he he's tanks and you know I'm very happy and pleased that he's didn't show it as a targeted coats. One team one of our great heart beat LSU 645 pre game for the spring game. And senate 705 will have kick off right here on tiger radio WW well. So are kind of obstacle at it from. A clip bows listened to yesterday from body's at its. And I'm in it it and overtime. Overtook Q were you by the news bitterly downturn rate in over here on me. You don't choke up moment. Of we replay is all there we couldn't I'm Noah. And Bob is this is Sears is dogged out to. Graphic column title you ought to beat the. And and Ali and just listen over like Charles this should be. Personally have been failures. In the outline college action. Do not favor out Morton plant there. Great night of wonder where you are about out from right you can reduce. You this year in. The two about him jets spoke and he spoke to them Trenton family and we do appreciate you probably. You do Greg. Deciding. It's been the site property producer. Is at school Hispanic here's. What we've played a patriot and how without him being global south somewhere where we had a plan element powers night. That's probably would understand we will be hopeful with no besides. Four hours. They'll get one game the first couple we should all that one. Good to ask you start. That's an open maybe a little bit. Public is to get out of the start but. You'd that the media get to enjoy that he has been. Gregor there's you know we we we. Fool you on official schedule in Ellis out of his schedule Majid you're talking about. September 17 week two you have the new new pages and out of that. United home again until October 15 you know as far as the anger among the damning unity Euro on the road literally. Until October 15 as far as a game is concerned so. You know what it tells you also. You don't enjoy training camp here but I would not be surprise whatsoever for them to go. I don't know where but I wouldn't be surprised them go for weaker to owner wrote training camp lies and says hey look let's pack our bags because we're gonna be unrolled a lot. Early on in a scheduled Los Angeles for the chargers he's he's to the charges you know they went to California for cobol days want to forest camp when Kim was still only in so. I would be surprised to see them do something of that nature knowing that you only play one game at home. The unofficial. NFL schedule saints' schedule online Fauria at WWL dot com is the sports talk here on WW.