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The data in. Bum bum. The AD you know I knew about being done. Bum bum bum bum bum put out by them. Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump up the. Then that the this is the seafood basket Boyce of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris and this is the food show on 105 point three. WW LF MH Dietz who. The HD two is of great importance. If you know heavier HD two in order. You may never hear our program again and then you will be too would deprive. Of all the possibilities. Of the all the stuff we have coming down the pipe. Five to make use of this new. The future bunnies really it's radio of the future that's that's what it is that we are partaking in here and when they told me about it. I said this is going to be perfect for the each show for the food show I'm decade and only remember the only met my own name of the place anyway. So like here we are and we're one of the benefits of its side benefits have even been thinking about. Is that because our call volume is a little lower because a lot of people haven't figured out where we are yet. We we have been getting a lot more interviews and then that I used to have because we were almost doing nothing but listener callers. And now we're getting in some you know really good people from the rest and this is why haven't talked to and along time and in a lot of cases never. And in fact that's the case today. Nick aspirin die eighties I don't think we've met at all have we don't arrest on May be. And no mention ghetto there he certainly never a father I don't we've met via popular now we got that figured. His restaurant is the the blue crab. Which opened with ticket guess at this. Seven years ago. Four years ago or July it just seemed like seven right that this is. Who would this that was the second I think what doesn't hardly matter. But when you think about West End. Or you think about seafood but especially when you think about seafood and west and together. The only thing that can possibly come your mind if you grew up here is all that great seafood that we used to have in the in the pre Katrina era. Where you would have your pick of about ten different restaurants all of which had a view of the lake. And the you know with so all the all the boiled seafood all the fried seafood that the the yeah. Baskets and they and the platters and all the rest of it. Was there then all in all went away immunity to scout wiped out by Katrina century you know I to me that was the greatest. The loss of the restaurant business. Of all listen losing really everything at west and part. Well. Into the breach. Come a some people who say we're gonna go through. What it's gonna take to get rest and opened here before and I've heard this from a number of people. And that basically the story is. The idea of having. A seafood restaurant. On the new base in canal which is where hero restaurant is. It's a great idea except that the corps of engineers shows up and they tell you what you can do this. You can't do that and he. Must do this other thing. And it winds up be in of a battle with those guys not that they're bad guys are anything but. This is a big thing to have a harassment again with a lake view and all the seafood at West End once again. Right four years ago. Readily it was about a two year ordeal getting the building built my father. And really jump through some hoops I'll bet that's what I've heard what hole so whose idea was it to do this who said 1 morning. What's gonna go to west and and put a restaurant in there. This is my father knew I guess birdies and his partner Jack Hannah here out sort of had this idea remember that we really need to bring this back mom. Like he said. It it was the enormous loss and losing all those restaurants and it was important my father to to try to get it back now. Well once again that we we have a record now anyone who looks at the record of what happened in New Orleans after the hurricane went away. We have built up past anything else we can before every neighborhood that you can think of that has a lot of that had a lot of restaurants in the before that the storm they either still have a lot of restaurants or they have even more. And that this could happen that way stand except that it's spread out maybe a little bit more this in little more in but town little more. Down two to your end of things to buy it on the Lakefront. It it almost when you when you when you walk onto the that's the second floor. Spot where you have all your your your table also a lot of them anyway. It feels like you're you're on a ship or something more on our on a blow to its except that it's not rocky who break down clearly if my wife. My wife loves dining out. Side completely he immediately if if you give her. A chance of a terrible restaurant with a great view an outdoor tables shall go for that instead of the best restaurant in the world. That doesn't outdoor tables. But that's got to be a huge thing for right we have that patio. That probably offers one of the best vantage points of the sunset in city. Yeah it's a great lacy. A I know I've I've certainly eat my share there I think I am getting close to a hundred oysters. Not not at one time although I have done that before but the but two to just go in there and yet that that was what told me first. We're in a place that's gonna do this right because they oyster situation was terrific from the get go. I mean they've always really nice size. Ice ice cold the above brought out on a tray of ice in fact which is a nice touch hardly anybody does. So up who's this who's the guy behind the kitchen who's in who's doing the food concepts. We we don't have is this shift person and a the kitchen the menu was put together by a number of people yeah. Who's. A lot of it is obvious you know you've you know can open up for rest but they are not have a seafood platter I mean that's well that's that's a given. But then you you have a lot of other things on the menu there that kind of surprised me that he get low more of adventuresome in them in what the ingredients are. Yeah I think the word this strong probably the strongest item in the menus the barbecue shrimp. Yeah which is we here guys are all the and we have the sharp increase its. You know I don't know if I believe in and out I don't know if I've ever had that and that sedition really love. In deep into we can you give me just at least a sketchy idea of what the recipe is for that. The issue of anger Tina yeah it's it it's a wish to share had the recipe. It's. It's got years. Catcher additional spices. A lot of water obviously. Yeah and black pepper which is you right out. Begin until the Worcestershire sauce is something interesting. And I don't remember that from any more than. It's a ten or fifteen years ago than it started becoming common and I see it they just about everywhere I go now but it would. It's that's that's a new wrinkle on that issue seems to me. But yeah yeah I mean just just that's that's my idea view of it because I have my own recipe for barbecue shrimp but you know I get the idea I have. You don't live logically enough. I compare every one I come into. Saito with that went. So it's it's it's a served just on the grits or side rights that we used cheese grits. Make. They're stone ground. We have. It churned that are sort of sort of pyramid. So they are pretty big list of they're they're very day peeled on. Head on head on field that's the life. It doesn't taste the same without the head on and actually rate in agony if it does a lot of fat that comes out of the head that just gets in the sauce and it's match right yeah it's good stuff. But I'll still have the teeth that you consider kind of a signature. My personal favorite Venus red snapper Atlanta voters sister kind of classic grilled fish. I. I am really surprised. By home many restaurants lately have been running. Red snapper was this were it was as red Fisher red snapper you red snapper red snapper. If you if prolonged time was of fishy didn't see really a lot. And lately everybody seems to have it all the time almost in. We duo is. They'll be a week or two know each year will no that's had a ton right that's inevitable but. It's pretty consistent. It's just the perfect fish in my opinion it's fully unleash its grade it's light. It's number two on my list my number one it's pompano by two you know way if you tell me you think it's the best in town wouldn't argue with you. We just got competent back on the menu we do have it for a long time that we have that back now. That's the two that's greedy but anyway getting back to the the red snapper what's what's in there when it what's what's the dish consist of we do a house seasoning mix them vacant house. To serve put them away grew it. And we. I've personally prefer learn better. With. In Asia gets out of Mac and cheese all well as everybody else does race days it's that's certainly become a popular lately. Very the but the the fish itself that sounds to me like this not really so much of those of sauces theories. Maybe rushing something. Is it is I mean I'm no racist mind. If you request a woman border or human year or almond Dina we do you you'll do it any idea anyway are not well that's good now. I had to they usually cook it what's is in them. In the grill or right grooved as those come on we do black and and we do fraud. And the fried really captures. It's it's incredible happens when you Friday fish now I don't think of that personally is of frying fish although on your say so I will try it's not like I'm right you're right it's not a traditional fried fish and it needs to wish him well I don't take your word for. So far so good. We're talking about the the blue crab. Very well named restaurant. Chris what's better than the crab meat from grabs out late and that's a blue crab all right. Hunts. You went through that. A few weeks there where the wildlife and fisheries shut down the crab meat for a while on a budget deal with that. It was a challenge can. It especially given our Nana. And yeah. But that's if these of that I think you should've gotten a special dispensation because it is your right how can you stop us from serving. A parade it was a challenge though we dealt with it but if these are the things we need to do to preserve. And sustain this resources we need it embraces an industry yup. I keep while wondering how can we figure out a way to keep people in Baltimore and Washington DC and others on the Chesapeake Bay which have the same grabs as we do. From taking all our crabs that there at ridiculous prices ridiculously high prices. There. I've heard also it's even though it is Al screw Moussa you know who else who moves is down and he was a guy who. Ran a big seafood join on us on broad street for a long time. And he was famous for his TV commercials that we he we get on there and sing his song that you. And I he but he he did crawfish. And he had an an idea that would slow down them the price increases of all this by it because so many other parts of the country love our our seafood they they take it but they pay high dollar on it knew which brings it up. Here too. Anyway he wanted to have a use tax place. On crawfish. But adelphia ever got it off the ground. But the right to do it I don't know we can do other than her along yeah like that. You know well could be. What else comics more things on the mini. We've got. The whole flounder. Via. That sells very well I'll bet I people. Have been calling me about that since that since the hurricane where can I find that that's a that's a very popular dish especially in that neighborhood. Right in and we have consistently. Yeah Heidi Coca. Most most people couldn't Fries and a bill fried or broiled. And so we do it the the best. Explanation this I have heard was a guy who ran Peru earnings were one time he was fifth generation mobile. The company in a minute I haven't seen him since about two weeks after Katrina. Anyway he. He told me. That. Whitney when they were you trying to come back. You know we've used Allenby about via about the flounder. And Howell. This that they also headed broiled but it was an interesting kind of broiler symbol what was it in what was different pieces will basically. It's we're frying it in Bonner. And I was the only difference it was a it was only a little bit grilled they would put it actually into the oven for a little while to finish it off but he thought. That's not a not a real big variation it. But that sounds great and oh yeah yeah it sure does he get nice big ones these days or is that have have we hit the season for that yet. Or so as pretty consistent they're they're pretty large you know. Via good it's the food show on top the forests. We are. We're talking with nick aspirin diabetes his family is Nicole Owens is set to set that we're aren't used. The blue. Crab which is. Right on low lake shore drive really is you're you're heading out towards. The they waterfront. Is that the the they're actually on the side of the new base and can now what's left of it that's. The new base in kanell used to come all the way to where the superdome is now but. That's a long time ago and that little stub of it is still there and it's a boats coming in and out it's really part of arena literally across from the arena. And we go to hear from you if you wanna bring something up about West End and about that may be that harassment in particular call us 26 so. 63682606368. Our program today is sponsored by calf face peace. Kept pace peace we're very proud to know that we finally found out who speed so wise or Soria we did. We found out that we don't know who we was or what he did he was probably in the business of running things on the in the harbor. On right on the riverfront there back in the eighteen hundreds this place has been opened since 1899. Anyway that is always that's always a matter of good discussion. And who who was it before in a hole who got it later well it was it was bought. By a Doctor Who was a gourmet and also he was a wind boss and he was. A socialize or is well I mean he was very well known in the community particularly in the arts community was big contributors to that. The silly opens this Rezko and in what used to be kind of like I hang out sort of a place. And rebuilt it in a very beautiful way since then since the hurricane they they re did and over again and it looks even better. The tables are mostly clustered up in the first room. Pretty close to where the bar is the bar though has been kind of squeezed around this way. I wish I could show you this on some sort of some sort of little diagram here but the I'll what is come out of this is a very handsome harassment and it is one that. I can do nothing about this because I'm very very married but if I were still dating and god help me I'm not. This would be a really great place to go on a date. Chris it's the lighting is load this sound is you can actually standing you can actually have a conversation without talking so loud that everybody else here issue. And the food is terrific it is. Contemporary creole cooking. With some real specialties one of them I like particularly the Trout. With the crab fingers in the east and the shrimp and crawfish this time a year. On top of it with with a little thicker sauce and usually seafood that. And plenty more where that came from don't all yet one other thing not to miss the a cap face piece of oysters those are brilliant usually to take on oysters Rockefeller but it's cook totally different. It's. Right there on the in in French market it the exact address is 1011 Decatur street that's a pretty close to saint Philip. Right across the street from the French market. They would love to have you come in for dinner. Wednesday through Sunday they are also there for Sunday brunch at. Idea cap face Isa. And we will come back but more the food show after first polices. But at the lake front open seven days a week I think are you. We're closed Monday close on Monday six days a week. Yes and reservations I don't think so we do reservations for you take them eight or more though. And the reason you might want one is that a lot of times we've been there in the place it was so on waiting list. Especially on a Friday or Saturday night it. Happens a lot right revenue reservations are definitely recommend. Already Saturdays and yeah okay. Anyway good place to go and seafood mostly give anything else on the on the menu that is in seafood. Why would you go there repeated when he seafood maybe that's both good read downs in grade -- assure ride around traditional. Ish. No mercy seat of your dominion yeah yeah. We were talking about the red snapper and and a couple other fish. Items to a got any other things that like appetizers and news something that stand out. Will we had a barbecue shrimp that massive. They excel there. Got Prescott fried barbecued shrimp app. Right to it's it's the same shrimp same recipe as the trip thinker it's just really with you know it's all crap and a lot of people. That probably sells more than the ship anchors. Really. Well people eating that way. These days I especially the how whole you may have masculine 3333. Year close enough Europe Moline Il. You're millennial too. Okay. My son and my daughter normally deals and what I have noticed about noble ideals is set that aside from the fact that they are all more or less the same age. They. Seemed to like their restaurants more and more casual with each passing day. And when you go to some of the rest sensitive caught on with that demographic. You find that. They like to order like two or three appetizers for the table. And then the all the waiter over again it's okay let's have one of these one of these one of these and we went split this went. And then they do it again on and then the next batch which used to drive rest but it's not so I guess it probably drive some of them Nazi instill. But there are a lot of restaurants in it to win that of two because these people you know they have the money and they. They're young and they use their spending it in there you are. And morals new places is really catering to that that group. And I as gonna mention that now actually that that entire menus designed around that concept exactly and and I think it works for what did they tell me it works really well and it I think it was. Whoever put that together was thinking about something. Analysts who works out great. It's pierce and a what else I'm just trying to explore things on your menu. I think I TY folks if you go there. And about the only reason you would not when to do this is if you didn't like oysters at all but the oyster bars really solid. And then you you've you've got grilled oysters to right we teach our group that yes. The roasters are now our our great they really being rates have very salty beyond. You know good time a year to get them. And you readership from the order of course and but that what I like is that they they send it out on this. Platter filled with a nice quote crushed ice and it. Point tuchman nice cold. Let's see when Nelson when those we do here I should gumbo we have one or two god knows we do receive food and it's gonna do gumbo yeah. We've got a reference. Prefer the chicken and doing via kind of it that smoky room and a smoky rue didn't used to play for the saints. No he was that he was a jazz singer nevermind that smoky grew. Right out somewhere evidently I'm we're gonna sell that to some guy that. Smoky room yeah ideal way. We need a blues singer who will who would take on that name smoky room. You put the you don't seem enthusiastic about the in two a smoky room voice okay knew that smoking roof east. Okay the fifth or that for a few minutes and we'll come back and check with you okay that's. I like it though it's we're we're getting somewhere with this. Where are people mostly like to sit indoors or outdoors. Outdoors outdoors is it ray and we do edits are draining. Got a great downstairs area you do as well you do it to determine you we don't have we don't too anything pride down there. It that's where it that's where you do the boiled seafood mostly we do a lot of boiled down there of cuts. We do. And project talk. That's really do we do shrimp tacos chili is. Burgers that kind of thing and reject taco he's another one. We'll put him down to he sees that he's the he's going to be horn guy for the for the for the vote but does he need deep voice. I don't know what I say save again everyday tackle. But nick said it here was his idea just to save say they say the name and project aka what do you think. Blue deep little deeper and okay cool so we'll go pull all this together and have some fun. Thank you 2606368. If you like to talk with either one of us would love to hear from you. 2606368. The the blue crab restaurant so out there in West End park. When that west and parts on the other side of Weston park rally which you have you know quite a good view there. On that the old the old. Lighthouses back up I think it's there yes that was a landmark everybody was crying deceived and on the ground that was kind of disembodied and somehow. Let's see who who's so Hoosier average customer you could see that's an interesting neighborhood uranium lake view. Pretty pretty good income group with the people on a very closest to the restaurant is especially so. And restaurants. Often over the years have catered to you know that high end kind of cuisine. This is that still going on or is it spread though. That's going on it's mostly. I would say twenty to 35 girls fans sort of Obama. It's mostly family that your as the customers. Especially downstairs its very. Kid friendly family friend and a them. Well that's where it's happened. Down there we were talking about the the boiled seafood. What's what's front and right now crawfish have been started early and I still run a pretty nice fine. We've crawfish and shrimp and we've fairly consistently Democrats lately. Oh that's good is that that's kind of the last thing that come around rate. It's waiting for the warm weather relate to what you wait for which had to play. There was this 85 degrees on my way over here. Well I think you know this is pretty strange it's peculiar. Well could be worse again as we could be in hurricane or something. Which we don't even want to think about it anymore. Now enough for us via special parking. Not the greatest. I mean especially when you're really really busy. Probably gonna do but that it is an issue and Horford is that there's really nothing we can do not and I can't imagine we've I always park on those. They actually have slots along lake shore drive from going in the little bitty thin and I just park over there will first place I find and walk back cuts for. But not like I don't need the exercise. And now right that's the best candidate really yeah and a when did things really get started on sale Friday night so you what you wanna be the crowd was timed ego. But 3530. Right and and by that time you're getting close to full. We Wear our weight by 630 yesterday. Let's talk to somebody out there in the big beyond its mark welcome to the food show. I'm doing great come on in. Yeah. Jaw. I should. Sure bet. Well. IA I didn't get that impression at all who what what I don't even though I'm not sure I understand which we even mean do you do you get that. I. Think he's just. Maybe it's odd to him there's there's not a designated shift from national. And you know that's. But believe it that is part of the history of the of the business. I remember when I first started writing about restaurants I often would ask you who you should happen and they don't have one. And and this was places like and once in gala Taurus they would say we don't have the ship we have cooks. So it's not the new. And it ended is still with it yeah we the legacy return continue for example you would never. Talk about a ship drownings. Or any any it is historically relevant restaurants that were on the late. Now what is there are a lot of. Right there but there are. By. This jury. Just. Yeah. Well again I tell you love for the longest time maybe we needed it but we seem to get along pretty well without it like that. The last two shifts and at Brennan's. Michael Roussel. He had a bit of work forum for almost fifty years it was just like I a year short of fifty years in the guy who took his place in his own. He was the same deal he had been there are some like 47 years. And he came up started as a dishwasher and by the time he was finished he had already published two cookbooks and had total credibility with me anyway. I don't and I it's an interesting point but. It's it isn't something that would change my decision about a restaurant. Which. Should. You. I. Yeah. Well you know it's all out there. What they took one. CO snafu which. I'm Tom Fitzmorris it's great to be here were you talking about food and restaurants and cooking in line. We'd love to do that with you give us call 2606368. Okay. The only. The blue crab. You open that what time by noon 11 o'clock 11 o'clock club go straight through in the afternoon good stricter close at nine. Close at ten. Fridays ago. Yes and and that's it and you view close at all on Monday to me close and localism closely and you think about changing that. It's been discussed yeah yeah it's been this. Yeah well yeah things change tree is the it is the volume what do you guys were looking at when I mean we were I'm sure you had some. Some ideas about what it would wind up being hasn't lived up to that. I think it's exceeded expect it would have been my guess too but I wanted to hear use it right. Where where it is usually at that we'd be out on. Weekends it's an institution amid. To having seafood on the lake front. If this is what could be more New Orleans of that getting married at Saint Louis cathedral maybe and a huge stuff like that where. And it certainly kind of feels like a privilege to continue that. And you are second generation now so well on its way. Well thanks for coming on in the spending some time witnesses. Good look at that in as we enter this summer this is the time a year to write a column for city business every. Every year at this time talking about the situation in the seafood. Places to eat around west and I've been doing this specs since the eighties. And it's amazing how much it has changed over the years but it is something that it's on everybody's mind and no it is on mind when that when we started getting close to spring time. I sort thinking about going west and just it's like an automatic you gotta be part of it. What thanks to stop an end and good luck in your hands in Asia yeah and the thing. All gosh almost gave you the old wrong. Wrong colors that we are 105 point three FM HD two. You wouldn't believe. The promotion where abut the come out with them but HD two we have. Managed to get a hold of a lot of HD radios. And it's very very attractive price election no when that happens. Our number is 26063. 682606368. Call right now you get right in we'd love to hear from you but there wherever it is you have been dining lightly. If you're trying to figure out how to cook something some this year. In interested in duplicating at home. Call me and I don't guarantee that I will no I don't who could possibly know every recipe in the world but. Between. Us. Us being mean you and go all the people who are listening to us right now will figure out one way or another don't think. Yeah probably sold 26063. 682606368. Caller right now you'll get right him. And Mary we will be. Nancy and until yesterday was its interest in or not. Can remember if it was. If if only I could remember what the place with secretary. The everything is shifting around now that lent is over. The steak houses are breathing a sigh of relief. Getting ready for. The prom season that is upon us. Be careful if you if you go to a restaurant. In the next to a month and a half or so. And you see that it has about fifty. Or more. Young people dressed up in tuxedos and and beautiful cocktail dresses. And you know it would be my inclination to ask well who are those people. And then saying listen I'm gonna come back on another day. I'm what you do give all your attention to those young people. A for two reasons first of all they do take up ball a lot of a lot of space and time which is their right quartz. About but secondly. I would want them to see the rest and at their best. And fortunately most of the restaurants have been Smart enough. To install. High on their menus. A special menus. That they do particularly for the prom nighters. To where they'll have like a complete dinner 430. Dollars or thereabouts and that's a seems to be a pretty common my out that it seemed. So they have that and then includes everything includes. You know the Ice-T obviously they're not going to be drinks. And and then they they then the the people involved don't have to worry about tipping or anything to say put that. Put at all in the in the price that works out great. So. Which you go in your problem. That's that's always. The question we're thinking about again. We went to detainees you went to Denny's you're cute I mean we need better script that. That's lately that straw just but everybody ticket as did everybody hear that it would suggest me. Ron our producer said that he went to Denny's. On. For for the prom yet what school nobody. Of their behavior. Well. In FO known that we would attempt at that at Ellis can't beat the palace cafe yulia that would have been a good. And enjoy it's it's conceivable that you might go on to a chain restaurant and spent more than you if you went to elect a realist but that's that's the tragedy of it so. Don't let that happen parents. I don't get involved in it too much it's you know at that age young people do not want other people telling them what to do. The ought to get him to pick that is just as much as they can. Just the the waited like 2606360. Closeup. Let us know what you've been cooking lately would love to hear about that from you let anything anything at all we will do. Recipes will to if you have been to a restaurant lately I would certainly like to hear about it listen. That the place you go to your favorite restaurant whatever it is. It is probably very good oral she would like it that much but most of the people who live in our city. Have never heard of that restaurant believe it or not I know to you it is very. Front and center. And no really great place to eat and it may well Obi. But. It could be that you are among a small group of people that know about it and know what to get there. And that being the case it would be just really appreciated by everybody involved. Especially the other people who hear about it if you would tell us about this restaurant instead of just saying. Nobody would care about by places or everybody knows about that they don't know what they want they would love to hear from you and so would I commit to Aaliyah. That's. Something and you know I spend all my day looking for stuff to 606368. Days are numbered. I almost never. All the New Orleans menu daily it's been coming out since. 1985. Or thereabouts. And I I always have about five reviews a five articles in it then does a roof always a restaurant reviews of recipe for something there is. Some just general news about who's doing what where in the restaurant is. And all of that there and eighties available to you for not than. Go to no menu dot com you click on the button that says home and one of the selections is subscribe free. He ought to do that. Because if you do. You will find out about all our each club dinners and and all the other special things that we do. But more important than that is that through our newsletter. You can find what you need to do so you can listen to our station again there are a lot of people who still. And it's funny you know Chris I wish I could get through to you Richard it you the fact that you can't hear it. Is. Creating the situation that you can't hear it and who's gonna multiplies on itself but our phone number is the same ones. So. Call us up and I'll tell you what you need to do to get to a an HD radio exit at this they're not expensive. There they're all much cheaper than most of the restaurants I tell you do to try. So that's no big deal and you know you're not gonna buy new a new radio very often in your life. And that it's probably been a long time since you've bought the one you have now though this one in my kitchen. That I bought. From ma all Doumit Alterman audio like remember it well when they were uptown. And I think I spent. Thirteen dollars for it. Had a big speaker it was him who is and alarm clock to and I still have it and it's still works. Since what 1975. I think it once. So you know it you may as well because. HD is the radio of the future locating it the sound quality is fantastic but even more interesting to me. Is that. You can hear it from a long distance away into the big problem we always had on thirteen fifty is set after dark. The station may as well go dark because it's. It it skits so much static from all the other interference it's out there especially at night. That really it's it's irritating and it doesn't sound that good to begin with. So we fix that and here it is there are many ways you can get it without having a special radio you can go to WWL dot com. And then there's some button in there just look forward you'll see it sooner or later it's just says HD two. Click on it and you have a streaming audio connection with. Without what we're doing right now. And the sound quality is fantastic ski you know you don't have to mean you don't need any further special equipment and just. Play on your computer or you can run it into something else that will distribute the audio some other way but is that that's all you need to do. And we'd love to hear from you again and no I miss a lot of our listeners. Who have not yet. I've managed to figure out how to make the jump to HD. If you need some help with that call me and I will let you know one way or another how to how to do this. Right I'd much rather talk about food than that though so I'm I'm hoping that we. We get this done soon but would you it's coming along better than I thought it to a 606368. Our program today. He sponsored by furious. Furious is a little restaurant. Much smaller than you think it's going to be for all the talk it generates you viewed date people talked to about it all the time. And there you go there if Europe. Into getting a nice seafood. Platter of some kind now if you want a fancy like Trout on Indian something that they got it they do what they do it routinely everyday social crabs. Bunch of different sausage net you wanna just plain fried they got it he wanted broiled think about it. No problem it's on the menu you don't have to beg them to do it as you would in some of the best. And beyond that. In addition to all the seafood stuff they also run want to good daily specials of the I foresee what's today today's Thursday. I think they do stuff bell peppers today. On Tuesday they have liver and onions if you don't like liver and onions forget I even mentioned it. And though what else you know they always have which are conditioned to a couple of field issues all the prices are very affordable. It's right across the highway from Dora next supermarket it's easy to find too. But ups parking space right to right there. At its fury is a few are wise they are open Monday through Friday straight through all day long. Lunch through till dinner and they are also. There. On a Saturday night they have just dinner on Saturday closed on Sunday. Fury says few are wise. 26063. 68 you need to break. Yeah will be back with more of the food show after first please that's. Dude dude dude that doesn't non. 260636. Say this our telephone number this is the food show. If you buy had a great dinner anytime lately call me and tell me about it which is 26063. 6826 of 6360. Let's see where I've been this week. On Wednesday night it was a knows Tuesday Tuesday night. I went over to love. Though Reese the run they Phillippe bowl a restaurant that I hadn't been to in a while. Man up if I don't even have a good reason why am I haven't but it's been months and months may be. Almost a year even if it's a little tiny restaurant. On west Napoleon avenue that is just south of BI ten if you are on causeway boulevard heading north towards the causeway. There's a bunch of traffic signals right before you get to the I ten and you turn off there. And if you do that as you're heading north you'll see the rest and immediately it's going to be about a block ahead of you see the sign varies week ago. It is a little tougher to actually get there is yet to be careful where you're driving but city you they have a parking lot and everything it's just it looks. But easier to get to that and actually is but you'll you'll get there sooner and and they I have a few additions on their menu that I just I'm nuts to buy one of them. They call a Tim don't think even have a particular name for yup oysters are Reagan not to. Which said to me that it had a lot of oregano on that but it I don't think it had any effect or might have a little bit. And it's basically. Italian style oysters. In a in a baking dish and they put it in the oven with some bread crumbs and parmesan cheese and and they had an exceptionally large Joyce's I would say they were actually a little hoop. For that dish Kassim you when you bake waste uses a lot. Of a lot of water that comes out of oysters its estimate nature of the beast literally. So. Anyway as stark as head that had a some. Tomato basal soup which I'd really love most places and it's the thinking man's. For answers to. Dictate so I know the two. Artichoke and spinach dip to me which is so marker a marker dish for a I restaurant. Change. But kind of in a way tomato basal soup you could almost say about that but it's just a wonderful. Soup it's not fattening particularly it's got a great flavor so anyway I had that have little house salad and then they had this pasta dish. That sounded to me like posh to board a lay spoke with some wine and some shrimp stock. In the in the X loss. And I asked them to leave off the shrimp and leave off. Of the complicated part of the sausage is presented that way and I I got it that way and it was really good it was everything I was hoping for. Hoping it'd mind twisting not a manual that. A win Philippe Bo himself Philip by gangly you know when he came out he told me OK I I don't have the chick and the the chicken though when they called it the spit Dini which means it's on obscure. They make this chicken dish that's kind of wrapped with the same stuff that was on on on the in the ways to dish with the oysters. Become a wrap it around the skewers so to hold it together. This is one of the most delicious chicken dishes I've had but for some maddening reason every time I go there. It's not available I don't understand why. Other than that. A love the place the service is very personal to small respite to begin with so they know everybody there and have a lot of regular customers. And I was there on Tuesday night the head. Exactly the kind of meal I was expecting yet which was to safe you know quite quick so there it is sets. However our bodies over there at Reese the run they Filippo they spell it within half instead of with a PH PP itself. FILL. Melissa's to two wells are one the leap bode one L. FO I know I PP. Yeah Philippe bill oh there we go. You'll see it. Good little place alike and I think a Moshood you don't like a little rest its 2606368. We're creeping up on the news right now but we'll come back we have another whole hour live here on the food show. On no one of five point three FM in fact that's us 1043105. Point three. WWL FM HD two. Kennard New Orleans. But the news is next over most of these same frequencies. From CBS the Columbia broadcasting system and then we have more the food chose to follow that. Co less would you we'd love to hear from you about where you've been eating and then what's been what's been delicious. Stay tuned. They Q.