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Scoot: Will Sean Spicer survive Hitler comment?

Trump may not remove Spicer immediately, but replacing Spicer seems inevitable.

April 12, 2017 - 11:44 am

After opening the show yesterday with positive comments about White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s recent public performances, he made a comment about Hitler before our first hour ended.  

About 1:50 pm yesterday, I found out that Sean Spicer had essentially said that Syrian President Assad was even worse than Hitler because as “despicable” as Hitler was, Hitler never stooped so low as to use chemical weapons!  When I shared Spicer’s comment on the air it became the focus of the show.  First of all, Hitler most certainly used chemical weapons; and the premise that Assad was worse than Hitler almost seemed like a backhanded compliment of Hitler.

During the press conference, Spicer tried to explain what he meant; and after the press conference, he continued to explain what he really meant by the Hitler comment.  It wasn’t until his third try that Spicer apologized to everyone for making the comparison between Hitler and Assad.

Spicer went so far as the say the he let President Trump down by making the comment.  Spicer has been quick to defend even the controversial things he has said during his press briefings, but this time was different.  

He seemed contrite and gave a sincere apology to anyone he offended.  Even with his sincere apology, which we should accept, it appears now that Sean Spicer was not the right selection for press secretary.

President Trump is extremely loyal to those closest to him;and while it would be another embarrassment if he forces Spicer out, it seems that Spicer is much more of a liability than an asset.  Trump is also dealing with top aide Steve Bannon, who has fallen from grace.  

President Trump was forced to remove the head of his National Security Council Michael Flynn, and then Steve Bannon was removed from the NSC.  Now, the President is facing the challenge of defending or dismissing Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

Those in the media who have worked with Spicer over the years have said very positive things about him, personally and professionally; but the consensus has been that Spicer is no longer the man he used to be and has been shaped into the form of the person whose job it is to defend some controversial statements, tweets and actions from his boss, President Trump.

Over time, Spicer has become a weak link, like Kellyanne Conway, in the Trump Administration; and the comment about Hitler may have been a defining moment.  Trump may not remove Spicer immediately, but replacing Spicer seems inevitable.

There are shake-ups in the Trump White House and that should not be a surprise considering the President is a political neophyte.  Trump was elected because he was an outsider, but there is a downside to being an outsider.  Only time will tell whether the upside or the downside is greater for America.

The media is focusing an excessive amount of attention on the first 100 Days, which is a milestone by which presidents are judged.  However, President Trump should not feel pressure to get things done in his first 100 days to create a political legacy.  Do you remember President Obama or President Bush’s first 100 Days?  

Judging any president by his, or one day her, first 100 Days is more an urgent creation of the media than it is an important milestone.

Maybe President Trump will not do anything he doesn’t have to do in those first 100 Days, but he should disregard that moment and do what’s best for his administration and the country now!

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