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Scoot: Saints smelled the cheese – but didn’t bite!

For a game that had an early Drew Brees interception and with the Saints trailing by 15 points with less than 6 minutes left to play, you have to be impressed with the way the Saints beat the Washington Redskins yesterday. I was not at the game yesterday because I am in Portland, OR visiting my son... Read More

Scoot: Why the story about Roy Moore and teenage girls is so big

A post to my Facebook page – SOTA (Scoot On The Air) – mentioned that if I was spending so much time talking about the allegations of sexual misconduct against Alabama Republican senatorial candidate Roy Moore then it must mean it was a slow news day. That post reflects a fundamental... Read More

Scoot: Let the Saints finish the job before we celebrate

I hesitated to write this blog because of the criticism I will get from some Saints fans who say I am just being negative. But writing or saying something that might draw criticism has never stopped from expressing my true thoughts before and it won’t stop me now. As impressive as the Saints win... Read More

Jokes about Trump at the CMAs?

Criticism of political jokes at awards shows has always been prevalent, but the criticism seems to have ramped up since President Trump took office. The criticism of political jokes is based on the idea that entertainers should “entertain” and not use President Trump to get a laugh. Respect for the... Read More

Scoot: Church shooting – why?

As I sat in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Sunday watching the Saints dominate the Tampa Bay Bucs and thinking about opening the show Monday afternoon talking about another Saints win, I received a WWL text alert with the news that there had been a mass shooting at a small church in Texas. That... Read More

Scoot: Is Trump following in Obama’s footsteps?

President Obama was highly criticized for pandering to his base and failing to reach out and bring America together in the wake of challenging times. After major events, like the verdict in the Trayvon Martin/Geroge Zimmerman case and the violence in Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, MD, President Obama... Read More

Scoot: Tainted Halloween candy scare based on myth!

Every Halloween the public is warned about tainted candy and pins and razor blades embedded in apples, but is the threat to children as great as the widespread warnings indicate? Contrary to what we have all been led to believe, the fear of children being poisoned or injured by altered Halloween... Read More

Scoot: Rage in America is getting worse

Examples of a new rage in America are part of the daily news and while the rage is acknowledged, there appears to be no signs that the root problem is being addressed. Last night, in the NFL game between the Miami Dolphins and the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday Night Football , a vicious hit on... Read More