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Newell: Today is a day for healing

17 people were murdered in a school shooting in Florida on Wednesday. Ash Wednesday, Valentine's Day. Another 15 people were injured. In the coming days and weeks, there will be conversations about how best to keep our schools safe and prevent tragedies like this one from happening again. But today... Read More

Newell Normand: This is not acceptable behavior

There were three shootings in New Orleans on Mardi Gras, two of which were near parade routes. Newell Normand discussed the shootings with NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison and with Greg Probst, who witnessed one of the shootings. Check out some of Newell Normand's HOT TAKES : I’m angry; I’m... Read More

Newell Normand: California Immigration Craziness

California's Attorney General Xavier Becerra promised to crack down on…businesses and employers, who share information about illegal immigrant employees with federal immigration officers. Under a new California law employers, who do so, can face fines up to $10,000. Wait a minute? You get fined if... Read More

Newell Normand: Another politically divisive year?

Will 2018 be as nasty and divisive as 2017 was? Check out some of Newell Normand's HOT TAKES : 2018 is going to be a defining year for the Trump administration and Republicans in Congress. There are very important campaign promises that have yet to be delivered or even addressed. On top of that,... Read More

Newell Normand: The Sheriff and the Chief

NOPD Chief Michael Harrison stopped by the studio to chat. Check out some of Newell Normand's HOT TAKES: The NOPD recently had a round-up, picking up dozens of offenders, including some murderers. It's always good to hear about taking the impact criminals off the street, the ones who really have a... Read More

Newell and the Guv’nah - John Bel Edwards

Governor John Bel Edwards was nice enough to stop by our studio while he was in the neighborhood. Here are some of the highlights of our conversation. Newell: I'm as optimistic as I can be. I always try to start the year thinking the New Year will be better than the past year, and I think we've got... Read More

Newell Normand: New Orleans is days away from a defining moment

The New Orleans mayoral election is on Saturday, and the city will elect its first African-American mayor. Check out Newell Normand's HOT TAKES on this important election. We are just days away from a defining moment for this city. On Saturday, we will elect new leadership for the next 4 or 8 years... Read More

Newell Normand: Our mental health system is failing

The Texas church shooter escaped from a mental hospital in 2012. If mental health issues are behind many of these mass shootings, what is the state of the mental health system? Where are the cracks in the foundation? Check out Newell Normand's HOT TAKES: As you look at this shooter, you can check... Read More