Saints FA: Wants, Needs, and Musts

Kristian Garic
March 06, 2017 - 2:00 am
Every off-season Saints coach Sean Payton and General Manager Mickey Loomis sit down and carve a simple but complext list of Wants, Needs, and Musts:  What they want to get done in free agency/Draft; What they need to get done; Musts that have to get done.  

The duo never discloses the list to the public or the media, but we can all come up with our own lists of wants, needs, and musts for the Saints.  Here is my list.
Wants:  Some of these items will get repeated throughout this article.  A want is simple, what does the team want, but might not be able to accomplish.  Well, the Saints have said repeatedly they want a pass rusher, and a cornerback as two of the top needs.  I think you could also throw a safety in that want category as well.  The team parted ways with veteran Jairus Byrd last week.  I think the team also wants a highly skilled returner to give the special teams some juice.   I also think that could come in the form of a running back selected at some point during the draft. 
Needs:  Pardon the redundancy here, but the team needs a pass rusher and offensive lineman.  I don't know that they need a corner back, but they want one for sure.  In other words, pass rusher and offensive line are the two pressing needs for the Saints.  Finding a pass rusher in free agency is really difficult, but the offensive line has some names that are intriguing and could fill the need for New Orleans.  
Musts:  The Saints must, absolutely must find a pass rusher this off-season.  I don't know if that will be in free agency or the draf.  I'm thinking more likely the draft.  The Saints also must fortify the offensive line at guard on the right side.  Jahri Evans was a nice stop gap replacement but isn't the long term solution at this stage of his career.  I also think the Saints must address the quarterback of the future.  Garret Grayson was drafted two years ago and doesn't look like next guy behind Brees. 
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