Andy Cannizaro: LSU baseball should win it all

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June 17, 2017 - 3:07 pm

LSU returns to Omaha and the College World Series, and their first match-up is against Florida State.  The Tigers aren't the only SEC team in Omaha, however, with the Florida Gators and the Texas A&M Aggies also trying their luck.

Deke Bellavia and Deuce McAllister spoke with a man who has coached against all three SEC teams there, Andy Cannizaro of the Mississippi State Bulldogs.  Cannizaro is also a former Tiger assistant.

Only one other conference, the ACC, has more than one team; and the ACC has just two teams.  Cannizaro believes the toughness of the SEC just makes teams stronger.

“It speaks volumes to how tough the SEC is.  You play 30 regular season games in the SEC, and it just makes you postseason and battle-tested.”

He raved about LSU and how they got hot at just the right time.

“LSU is an outstanding club, and they are extremely talented. They're playing their best baseball at the right time of the year...LSU is clicking on all cylinders.”

What exactly does Cannizaro like about the Tigers?

“The biggest thing that separates this LSU team from everybody else in the tournament is that they're so diversified.  They've got starting pitching.  They've got a first round pick on the mound in Alex Lang. Their bullpen is outstanding.  They're the second highest fielding percentage team in the SEC.  Offensively, they're the most dynamic team in the country...their lineup can beat you so many ways.

Cannizaro also broke down the other two SEC teams in the tournament, highlighting their defensive strengths.

“Texas A&M is built for the postseason.  They are outstanding on the mound.  Most of their pitchers are big and strong and physical.”

And how about the Gators?

“Florida's got outstanding starting pitching that really do a good job of keeping the score down.  They make it really difficult on an offense to score.”

While Cannizaro acknowledged how talented Texas A&M and Florida are, he made a prediction that will certainly leave LSU fans happy.

“I think they're the best team in the country, and I think they should go there and win the national championship.”


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