Taking a summer vacation? Many say they won't be going on a trip

Jim Hanzo
June 19, 2017 - 12:23 pm

Are you planning a trip this summer?   It turns out many Americans say they can't afford to take that vacation.  

Nearly half of Americans - 43 percent say they won't be taking a vacation this summer, according to an AP poll, about half of those citing the cost.
Triple A's Don Redman says they're not seeing that. 

It certainly has been our findings that in recent years, that we've seen more people getting out to travel," Redman said. 

He's calling this travel season 'robust.'

"We find that most cases, people will still go on their vacations, depending on the economy but sometimes it may be a shorter trip because they don't have the finances, or they give the state parks or camping grounds a try."  

And many more seem to be hitting the road in their cars.  

"It's definitely more economical to travel by your vehicle, and so people may be traveling more by vehicle as well as shortening their stays," Redman added.   

Besides the 43 percent who said they won't be taking a vacation, 11 percent say they are opting out because they just can’t take the time off of work.

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